Editorial Cartoon: A Lesson



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  1. I spent a good portion of last night screaming at my TV. All I keep seeing is the cops talking about how they are going to teach officers new ways to deal with the public, race relations, pr bullspit. I can’t help but to yell “Teach them not to murder! It’s that f@*#!ing simple!”

  2. I have had to stop watching the news and reading most of my favorite news sites lately.

    It seems like Conservatives have flocked to Liberal sites lately and feel the need to shout their ignorance at everyone.

  3. Richard Pryor Knew All About Police Brutality
    Here’s the text, if you’re too lazy to watch:

    Police got a chokehold they use out here though, man. They choke niggers to death! That mean you be dead when they’re through. Did you know that? Niggers go, “Yeah, we know!” Whites go, “No! I had no idea!” Two grab your legs, one grabs your head and go SNAP! “Oh shit, he broke. Can you break a nigger? Is it okay? Let’s check the manual. Yep, page 8: You can break a nigger. Right there, see?”

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