Republican Congressman Peter King Says Eric Garner Is To Blame For His Own Death

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On the same day a grand jury decided to not indict a NYPD police officer in the death of Staten Island man Eric Garner, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) decided to show his complete lack of empathy or compassion by blaming Garner for his own death. NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo was informed Wednesday afternoon that a grand jury had returned ‘no true bill’ and he would not be charged for killing Garner.

This occurred despite the medical examiner ruling Garner’s death a homicide and there being clear video evidence that Pantaleo used a chokehold on Garner during an arrest. An arrest, I remind you, for selling loose cigarettes on the street.  The NYPD had banned officers from using chokeholds in 1993. The medical examiner stated that Garner’s death was caused by a compression of the neck from a chokehold.

King was interviewed on CNN hours after the grand jury announced its decision. In a moment that can only be described as disgustingly crass, King claimed that the police officer was “just doing his job” and that Garner is dead because of his weight and his bad health, not from anything the cop did. King said,  “If he had not had asthma, and a heart condition, and was so obese, he would not have died from this.” King even insinuated that Garner was lying when he repeatedly stated “I can’t breathe,” since if someone can talk, they can breathe.

Below is video of King on CNN, courtesy of Think Progress:



I mean, really, that is just jaw-droppingly cruel and insensitive. Sometimes, when you think you’ve seen the worst parts of human nature, someone comes along and shows you just how awful a person really can be. Before showing up on CNN to show the world just how terrible he is, King sent out a tweet right after the Staten Island grand jury came forward with its decision.



Too bad Keith Olbermann is back on ESPN and no longer on MSNBC. The combination of King’s interview and tweet would definitely qualify him for Keith’s ‘Worst Person in the World.’

38 Replies to “Republican Congressman Peter King Says Eric Garner Is To Blame For His Own Death”

  1. Steve King deserves to be the asshole of the day award in an overcrowded GOP field of them. What is he doing autitioning for a Fox News spot?

  2. fat blowhard who probably doesn’t believe in medical physiology because he isn’t a medical doctor making ignorant statements…

    asthma is a chronic condition that you don’t have a choice about having or not having… it can often be set off by exertion such as exercise or stress…

    hey Pete… looks like you could choose to lose a few pounds yourself…

  3. It didn’t even take a day for the media and the GOP to blame Garner for his own homicide! WOW America! What good will take place with expensive cameras? They will either say they were not on, they were broken, or you’re just not seeing what actually just happened!

  4. Peter King is a truly authentically evil and loathsome human being. I guess he’s a human being. I do know this. He’s an asshole, A BIG ONE.

  5. That’s Peter King, the obnoxious bigoted conservative from New York. Steve King is the obnoxious bigoted conservative from Iowa.

    I know – hard to tell them apart LOL

  6. King is certainly taking the political road here. It appears that any crime, no matter how small is punishable by death in the street

  7. The American Justice System Is Not Broken
    The murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Sam Shepherd, and countless thousands of others at the hands of American law enforcement are not aberrations, or betrayals, or departures. The acquittals of their killers are not mistakes. There is no virtuous innermost America, sullied or besmirched or shaded by these murders. This is America. It is not broken. It is doing what it does.
    Read More

  8. Happy I don’t live in the District of Morons in NY that vote stunned, stupid, racist morons like this into office.

    Every once in a while King speak with some small bits of intelligence which tells me he goes off his meds more often than he takes them

    Amazing for all the union busting ReTHUGlicans do – they walk lockstep with the PIG Union. ReTHUGlicans want their cake and eat it too.

  9. A medical examiner ruled Garner’s death homicide in part resulting from the chokehold, a restraining move banned by the NYPD in 1993.

  10. As a NY’er I apologize for this fool’s utter stupidity-we’re not all like this

    On a side note, I ESPECIALLY apologize for Donald Trump…

  11. Well seeing that ol crazy eyes Bachmann was on there just goes to show the idiocy of the teahadist party

  12. Now we have ex Police Chiefs and others being courted by right & left shows now explaining and justifying there are different forms of chokeholds.

    Call that what it is: BS.

    The ‘Shield protects other Shields’. They’ll lie for each other time and time again as it’s so rare to see a cop charged you could count in on one hand.

  13. What Does it Take?

    I don’t have much to add to the Garner debate, but I do have a question. What exactly has to happen for a cop to be indicted by a grand jury? What is the line that has to be crossed that a prosecutor won’t throw the case and a grand jury won’t balk?

    I asked on twitter last night, and someone said “field dress the corpse,” and at this point, I don’t think that is too far off. Seriously, what does it take for a grand jury to indict cops?

  14. Many English and Northern Irish citizens
    were slaughtered by IRA bombs that King raised money in NY to buy, he has the blood of innocents on his hands, they bombed a service at a war memorial at a military remembrance day, they slaughtered guardsmen
    and their horses in a London park, many playing music for tourists at the bandstand, I could go on and on, they bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton! Kings bloody fingers were all over that!

  15. You are so right and I never thought of this before – the backgrounds of many (but they are growing old) in fundraising in the ’70s and 80’s for the IRA – who had long become a terrorist organization (the Brits were too, to be sure)
    I live in Boston and, for years, there was both public and underground fundraising. A boat was stopped that was carrying a cargo full of illegal guns and ammunition from Boston to Ireland (the Valhalla)
    Many people of Irish descent would have nothing to do with it – but a lot did. There were politicians at that time that made no secret of their involvement. God, Peter King is a jerk.

  16. Lmao…..”crazy eyes”, so true! Another crazy…..and the world laughs how stupid the RW extremist are.

  17. I have a brother that recently had a double lung transplant. Ten years before that transplant I would get a call and rush to the hospital, he would be gasping for breath saying ” I can’t breathe”. This is how I know King is a racist dumbass.

  18. While it wasn’t necessary for Eric to die, I’m trying to put myself in the cop’s shoes. With an obese man, exceeding 300lbs, how would I be able to arrest him as he continues to resist arrest? Would I have to resort to an illegal training tactic taught at the Policy Academy? What if it just so happened that him not being able to breathe was just a lie he would use to set himself free and try to escape? I agree that we can’t blame Eric Garner’s obesity for his death. However, I do partially blame his resistance to be arrested for his death. Why didn’t he didn’t just turn himself in instead of resisting arrest? He knew why undercover cops would be approaching him because this certainly isn’t the 1st or 2nd time he’s arrested. The events that ensued wouldn’t have occurred if he just turned himself in. At the end of the day, different people take the blame. Eric killed himself cause he resisted arrest. The cop should be fired. Cops need updated training on moves they can and can….

  19. What a bunch of BS! You do realize there were 7 other cops on the scene? Give me a freaking break about resisting arrest. Eric killed himself?? WTF are you smoking? Oh wait I’m sure you will come back and say you are a ‘Christian”.

  20. I agree with you Gary. I at one time in my life was being crushed by a tractor on my chest. Farmall (farm) tractor. While this tractor was crushing me, I remember saying “get this thing off me” I can’t breath” and finally I am dying” This was when something miraculous happened, that I will not even write about. Because no one would believe anyway. But the tractor was lifted off and was taken to the hospital. Had broken ribs (all) one side, broken bones in back and neck pelvic bone cracked. But I still talked. was at the age of 32 I am now 81. Mr. Garner was plain and simply murdered.

  21. Lisaq, yes Mr. Garner was a big man. BUT, he was UNARMED selling cig’s one at a time with out a LICENSE. THAT was reason to choke him? A reason he should die? These cops, attacked him like a bunch of wild animals ready for the feast. Thought I was watching wild Kingdom.

  22. Ok LisaQ lets use your logic…Rodney King beat himself up there were no police present! Michael Brown shot himself not the COWARD in uniform! Mr. Garner put the choke hold(Illegal) on himself! The black man sodomized and beaten nearly to death in New York in 1997 did those things to himself! Thanks LisaQ for setting us straight! What would we ever do without that crystal clear Conservative Logic…

  23. It’s like the GOP/TP are saying that decent law-abiding black people are the kind that stay at home and never “ever” leave…. until of course those crazy cops end up thinking they broke into that house.

  24. King is just a product of the Republican cold hearted, Lying Party: Notice how they have blamed Obama for everything under the sun, while not giving him credit for NOTHING! Now as we can see, here is this feckless Republican saying (suggesting) that Garner killed himself! How crude and callous is that? Their shameless rhetoric knows no bounds. Spoken from the gutter.

  25. Sucks that the conservatives have a super majority in the house, I am still scratching my head over how the GOP pulled this off. All this means A-holes like King will be in powerful house positions for a long time. Best case scenario for democrats is to pick off as many seats as possible in 2016-2018 to set up a possible majority take back in 2020. 2020 is so key because its a Census year, can you say redraw gerrymandered districts?

  26. What is this moron doing in office anyway. I’d like to see what he says when someone chokes him.

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