The White House Blasts House Republican Bill To Roll Back Obama Immigration Action


The White House unloaded on the House Republican bill that would roll back President Obama’s immigration executive orders calling it unfair, and predicting that it will die in the Senate.

According to The Hill,

The White House on Wednesday blasted a bill offered by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) that would roll back the president’s executive action on immigration, calling the bill “unfair” and “bad policy.”

Press secretary Josh Earnest said the legislation would “exacerbate flaws in our broken immigration system” and distract “limited enforcement resources” from targeting criminals for deportation.


But while Earnest admitted that he would “be surprised” if the bill progressed through Congress — predicting no support from Senate Democrats — he still unloaded on the legislation as “inconsistent with the values of the vast majority of the people in this country.”

The House bill is dead as a doornail. Everybody knows it, which is why Speaker Boehner is having so much trouble trying to drum up interest in his plan. It is an empty plan that gives the president everything that he wants. The bill is going to pass the House and promptly die a quick death in the Senate.

The White House blasted the bill because it gave them a chance to press their advantage on the immigration issue. Republicans are only digging themselves in deeper by trying to stop the president’s executive orders.

If the government ends up shutdown either in December or early in 2015, it will be because Republican members of Congress are being guided by the anti-immigration radicals in their party.

What was supposed to be a time of defeat for Democrats has turned into a political thrashing of dysfunctional Republicans who can’t get their act together.

4 Replies to “The White House Blasts House Republican Bill To Roll Back Obama Immigration Action”

  1. The GOP have made it clear, the only immigrants they like are those of European ancestry. Everybody else, not so much. This bill is Dead on Arrival and a waste of time!

  2. Sedition comes to mind as done Domestic Terrorism. The Republican held Congress (House) is guilty of both and if not all members the several key figures who boss and bully the others around. And at the very least these “gentlemen” (?) should be brought before the Board of Ethics and be forced to resign.Some could even be guilty of treason for all the underhanded and spiteful ways in which they have continued to plot against the President.

    Of course, this is only one woman’s opinion, but I must also say they are getting a lot closer to being guilty of these behaviors. Do really really need to allow them to completely cross the line before sanctioning begins?

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