Islamophobic Teacher Who Wanted Obama To Die From Ebola Resigns With Three Months’ Pay

angela box

Angela Box, a third-grade teacher of mostly minority children in Houston, has resigned and will receive three months’ pay after she made controversial and bigoted remarks in November about Muslims and President Obama. Box is a regular guest on ‘Tommy’s Garage,’  a late-night conservative political talk show in the Houston area. The former teacher blamed community activists and The New Black Panthers, among others, for her having to resign.

During one broadcast of the show, Box said that “goat f***ing Muslims, and oh, boy f***ing Muslims, are the evil of the world. She also asked during the broadcast, “Can’t Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?” Muslims and Obama weren’t the only ones that she targeted. She also said she was wearing a Mexican flag as a thong.

Below is video of Box’s remarks from the show, courtesy of YouTube user Egberto Willies. There is some profanity included.



When her remarks first came to light in mid-November, Box denied that she is a racist or bigot, an assertion she reiterated on Thursday when she announced her resignation. She also said that she would be seeking action against Quanell X, a community activist who helped sound the alarm bells regarding her comments.

“As I have said before, opposing President Obama and sounding the alarm about radical Islam does not make me a racist. I am considering all my legal options regarding the conduct from Mr. X and others. I expect to have an announcement as early as next Monday regarding my future steps.”

Last month, when a local news station asked her about the anti-Muslim comments she made claiming that they fornicate with goats, she said she saw a video of some of them doing it, so you know, that covers that.

“Yes, I am a very good role model for children I’m a great teacher my students adore me and I adore them,” said Box.

When asked about her reference to Muslims fornicating with goats Box’s response was unapologetic.

“Did I say that on the air? Well, I saw a video one day and I’ve seen a few of them and I think it was Israeli surveillance and that kind of looked like what was going on,” said Box.

Asked whether the videos were sufficient evidence to suggest widespread bestiality among Muslims Box said, “No. The fact that I have to say that is ludicrous. Of course not,” she added.

Here’s the thing, The tape doesn’t lie. She said some very inflammatory and offensive things about Muslims on the program. To add to that, she also said she wanted the President of the United States to die. She said those things in a public forum and rightly got called out for them. Her free speech rights weren’t harmed. No one prevented her from making those statements and she is allowed to hold those views.

However, she is extremely naive if she thinks there weren’t going to be repercussions for saying extremely bigoted public remarks or wishing death upon POTUS. People have the right to free speech in this country, but that doesn’t mean they are free from consequences of their statements. As a teacher of young children, Ms. Box should have realized that making controversial and offensive comments publicly could potentially impact her employment, especially when parents got word of her actions.

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  1. I reviled the war criminal, Bush, who could easily be out-thought by a sea slug, but I never wished for his death….

    A difference between Humanists of the Left and the Christians of the Reich?

  2. So the school board compensated her with three months pay? It’s like she’s getting a reward for her vileness. She should have been fired, but instead they gave her the option to retire with three months’ pay. This is outrageous!

  3. Ignorant and Stupid Americans. How else can you explain why they keep electing even dumber (i.e. M. Bachman)Republicans.

  4. Ms. Box seems to have firsthand and intimate knowledge of goat fu…ng. I wonder how that is? Maybe she slips over the border to TJ to work the “donkey” shows so she knows of what she speaks.

  5. Where she no doubt will be placed on a Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in either the House or Senate.

  6. I love that she sounds drunk but probably isn’t. And I especially love that she said the Muslim world has been at war with “us” since the sixth century. “Us” who?! The native Americans?!! LOL

  7. She’s from Texas, probably related to Lou Gohmert, from the looks of things. Let the door hit your ass, if it can find it, on the way out!

  8. Ms.Box confuses “goat-fu*king” Muslim with “JeeeZusss”-bleating Christian. It is an easy mistake to make, being in either case a simple manifestation of the same mental illness.

  9. Goat and boy fucking Muslims are the evil of the world, but dog-fucking hillbillies and child-raping clergy are the shining city on the hill, and the envy of the entire civilized world.

  10. In conservative circles, they call her “klassy”…

    The New Black Panthers, huh? All TWO of them? She sure is giving herself way too much importance…

  11. She is a teacher, obviously at least slightly educated and she blames others for her having to quit?

    She isnt properly paranoid, she is insane

  12. It’s outrageous people like her who feed crazy people like the right wing nut in Missouri who ran down and killed a Muslim teen recently.

    What is wrong with these horrible people?

  13. The Black panther didn’t teacher her to use the filthy language I’m not talking about the cussing; she a worthless piece of screet.

  14. Her next gig should be in porn film. She can do bimbo bestiality. And maybe then her mouth would be occupied with something other than the useless drivel coming from it now. She’s just ate up with stupid.

  15. What kind of drugs was this woman on anyway? I guess this was her 15 minutes of fame,and she certainly screwed it up. People keep saying that women will save this world……..

  16. Her last name is Box! I wish she’d crawl back in it.
    And I can’t say what I was really thinking because the have rules about that here.

  17. Being from Texas you’d think she might have heard of the term ‘stump-broke cows’ and the cowboys who fuck them. [WINK]

  18. These teabagging racists need to understand that freedom of speech doesn’t shield you from being fired from your job because of your offensive remarks! She has no business teaching children and truly deserves her position in the unemployment line!

  19. Fox news driving human nature. Just think of the profit they will make when they finally stir the lowest among us to try to start a war.

  20. Angela Box should NOT be given any severance pay but be fired WITHOUT pay.

    LePage, (the one who calls himself governor of Maine) is a tea bagger, rude, crude, nasty and downright disrespectful to President Obama. I fail to understand why the local radio station continues to show him when he continues his many disgusting remarks instead of bleeping his words.

    As with other states, Dems did not come out to vote and now we’re stuck with him another four years, Sen. Collins another six years (4th term) and Poliquin (who won by a few votes) in the House of Reps. These three are disgraceful and don’t represent the people at all, just their anti-American agenda.

    Those who voted inflicted us with these three.

  21. Russ, I’m NOT ignorant, nor am I stupid, and I don’t elect anything like that. BUT, I AM a proud American!

  22. Not all of us.. please don’t generalize. There are lots of sane people who happen to live in Texas, who shake their head right along with everybody else in the country, as we watch the people we voted for, get sidelined for the lame brains that the low brows put in office. We suffer the most from such insanity .. common sense and intellect, is not a gift, it is a curse. As you must suffer the actions of fools, who have neither.

  23. “Yes, I am a very good role model for children.”
    Ah, yes, of course! Because being a grade A waste of matter is a great thing to teach your children. [WINK]

  24. If they fired her, she could have collected unemployment for months and months, easily up to a year. If she resigns, she is not eligible for unemployment under any circumstances. This way, she’s got a limit, 3 months of a salary already earmarked for her, no additional tax payer money – and district still ends up saving, certainly her contract ran through the end of the school year. I would imagine, financially, she would have loved to have been be fired – this was a win for the good guys :)

  25. The sad truth about bigotry is that most bigots either don’t realize they are bigots, or convince themselves that their bigotry is perfectly justified. Wayne Gerard Trotman.

    I am willing to bet though she starred in many of them goat sex videos and many other videos of farm animals….no, that is not bigotry on my part, just making an observation of what she said and just throwing her crap back into her face.

  26. Yeah we here in NH are quite amazed that LePage and others can get away with what they are saying. We got some nutbags here too in NH…but LePage? Wow he is just so far out there….and people in Maine re-elected him. Wow…simply wow.

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