Obama Smacks Republicans Right Between The Eyes With The Facts On His Record Job Growth


obama best job creator since Clinton

President Obama hit Republicans with the cold hard facts about his job creation record, which Republicans can only dream of matching.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus responded to the news of historic Obama job creation by saying, “Creating 300,000 jobs in one month shouldn’t be a new high; it should be the minimum we expect. Today’s jobs report shouldn’t be an aberration; it should be the norm. Sadly, it’s not.”


The president responded to the Republican criticism with a dose of reality.


The president said,

Last month, America’s businesses created more than 300,000 jobs. This keeps a pace so far this year that we have not seen since the 1990s. So far this year, over the first 11 months of 2014, our economy has created 2.65 million jobs. That’s more than in any entire year since the 1990s. Our businesses have now created 10.9 million jobs over the past 57 months in a row. And that’s the longest streak of private sector job growth on record.

We also know that the pickup in the pace of job growth this year has been in industries with higher wages. And overall, wages are rising — a very welcome sign for millions of Americans. So we’ve got an opportunity to keep up this progress if Congress is willing to keep our government open, avoid self-inflicted wounds, and work together to invest in the things that support faster job growth in high-paying jobs. That means exports, infrastructure, streamlining our tax code, immigration reform, giving minimum wage workers a raise.

President Obama’s economy created over 300,000 jobs in a month, whereas George W. Bush averaged 58,000 jobs created per month during his presidency. Priebus said that the economy should at minimum create 300,000 jobs per month, but during the Bush years job growth only grew by 300,000 or more six times. George W. Bush also lost 300,000 or more jobs six times during his presidency.

The president delivered a dose of hardcore reality by highlighting the fact that he is doing something that Republican Party failed to do. Republicans created the Great Recession, while this president has dug the country out of the depths of economic despair.

Obama has accomplished this feat while being saddled with a Republican controlled House that has spent their days trying to devise ways to wreck the economy. Beyond the basic job creation numbers, President Obama has overcome Republican obstruction and gotten the economy back on the right foot.

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  1. yes, but….Obama has had a huge advantage in this whole thing because of all the work Bush did in digging a very deep pit for the economy to climb out of. If Bush hadn’t knocked things down so far, they wouldn’t have had as much room to come back up. Obama should credit Bush with that, but he’ll most likely just take all the credit for himself.

  2. You’re joking right? Bush damn near destroyed this nation with 2 unfunded wars, one of those wars we were lied in to. Bush had a budget surplus when he stole the office of POTUS, and left the budget, and the nation’s economy in shambles. If you hate our nation this much you should consider leaving it.

  3. It’s very simple. But GOP loves to make anything everything that might be good for America and its citizens just impossible. No JOBs No Hope with the GOP. What boggles the mind is it stands to reason once we got the healthcare going that more people would be covered, more people could receive care, more people wouldn’t go broke or lose their home over a stupid medical bill. There would be a need for more doctors, nurses, techs, etc. The old way was denying 90% of care without EXTRA COST. What is it with RW people that seeing jobs created because of the health care more people are feeling better about it. But the GOP is doing everything in its power to GET RID OF IT. And their RW based cheers them on! So republicans what is it exactly that you DO want for the people? Can someone just ask them that one question. Are you telling me the RW base isn’t taking advantage of this healthcare? And instead choosing to pay more $$ for less medical care? No coverage for their kids??? WTF???

  4. The hypocrisy is on the GOP side. Didn’t they just block a jobs bill a few days ago. The President has to keep it classy, I don’t. I’d tell Priebus to kiss my half black A-$-$, and after that, go further south than South America for a tan 24/7.

  5. Hey, “jwkjwk”…..WTF are you TALKING about? !!! Incoherent Jibberish.

    Put it together so we can understand your point or NO point. Geeeze.

  6. Would be a good idea for every Democrat to shout this every day, every speech, every media appearance, even if not asked.

    Also, trumpet the shrinking deficit.

  7. Oh, you must be the guy in charge. Sorry about that. I thought when the folks who run this site put the winky thing down there it meant that snark was allowed. Guess not, eh? Maybe you ought to let them no this should be a snark free zone and to nuke the winky thingie.

    Here’s a non-snark version of the post which seems to have really upset you.

    Obama will never get credit for anything from the righties. Today’s job news was pretty darn good as is the record length of steady job growth. They can’t give Obama credit for that, so perhaps their response to it will be to say that Bush should get credit for giving Obama so much room for improvement.


  8. Thanks! ….and I was about 98% sure that the post was so over the top snarky that most folks would get that. Guess not.

  9. If Republicans knew that the Bush administration was a failure, why did they not partner with the White House to bring the country from the Recession. But no, they wasted time blocking the president and doing nothing but trying to impeach President Obama. They could not stomach a black president. Obama showed them statesmanship and a productive presidency. Repubs, you lost again.

  10. Exactly! And throw in some related facts: that $11 trillion of the $16 trillion debt is due to the last three republican presidents. That federal spending and federal taxes are at 60 yr lows. And that repubs ran on “jobs jobs jobs” in 2010 midterms, and have yet to introduce a clean Jobs bill.

  11. iwk:

    Republicans in particular and conservatives in general, are intellectually incapable of understanding snarkiness or irony. It has to be spelled out to them in one syllable words, and even then they usually don’t get it.


  12. And even after it was obvious the economy was improving earlier in the year president Obama got no credit or love from the electorate. Seems what used to be good news for a sitting president and his party is no longer important to voting Americans. Sadly the conservatives will get the credit from this much improved economy and labor market you watch. What more can this president accomplish before his approval ratings jump up? If you would have told me last year at this time just how improved the labor market would be in 2014 as it has been I would have bet anything democrats kept the senate and win some house seats.

  13. Presidents seem to get great blame and great credit for the job rate and other economic indicators.

    But presidents don’t hire. Presidents don’t tax and spend. According to the Constitution presidents shouldn’t be able to wage war (However, Congress has ceded that expensive task).

  14. In this day and age of extreme hyperbole and agitprop presented in all due seriousness (Bachman,Cruze Limbaugh, Fox News, Beck, Palin, etc) of course snark is impossible to discern.

  15. It’s great that all these new jobs are out there, but they seem to be lacking in some areas. Will we see any kind of growth in rural areas? My husband and son are still on the search, and the opportunities in our little Florida town are very limited. When will it all open up for everyone?

  16. Their “jobs bills” are so full of pork that no wonder Harry won’t allow votes on them. They have never passed a clean bill on anything during this POTUS’ (elected twice)presidency, and Bush STOLE his second term and probably his first.

  17. Republicans are lucky the public is not holding their refusal to help our economy by passing a four-year-old Jobs Bill against them, hurting US (the American people) to make him look bad, go’s completely against their job description of helping the American people! to quote a cat it’s downright Despicable!

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