Obama Shames Greedy Corporations By Giving Federal Workers The Day After Christmas Off



President Obama showed greedy corporations how workers should be treated by responding to a We The People petition by federal employees with an executive order giving workers the day after Christmas off.

President Obama showed greedy corporations how workers should be treated by responding to a We The People petition by federal employees with an executive order giving workers the day after Christmas off.


The federal workers argued that they have dealt with three years of pay freezes and furloughs due to the sequesters, so they would like the day after Christmas off, so that they can have a four day weekend.

The petition stated,

Federal Employees have dealt with pay freezes and furloughs over the past few years. Giving federal employees an extra holiday on Dec. 26th, 2014 would be a good gesture to improve morale of the federal workforce. Some bases are forcing their employees to take leave or LWOP because of base shut-downs on this day. This is also consistent with past practice. President Obama provided a full-day Monday Dec. 24, 2012 and a half-day off on Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009. President George W. Bush provided a half-day holiday on Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2002, as well as several full days off the day before or after Christmas: Tuesday, December 24, 2001, Thursday, December 26, 2003, Tuesday, December 24, 2007, and Thursday, December 26, 2008. We urge President Obama to issue an executive order.

The president responded by issuing an executive order giving federal workers the day after Christmas off. It was a nice gesture for workers who have been yanked around for years by the sequester and government shutdown.

This executive order doesn’t help the 25% of American workers who will have to go to work on Christmas and the day after. With income inequality at a historic high, the concept of holidays off has vanished for millions of workers. Millions of workers aren’t given the option to work or spend the day with their families.

It was nice that the president was able to do make sure that federal workers get a few family days over Christmas. What would be even better is if more companies put aside their greed for a day, and followed the president’s lead.

Workers are devalued in American culture. People tout the value of hard work without ever acknowledging the plight of those who are working hard, but barely getting by.

Our culture must change. If the nation values families and communities it collectively must stop rewarding greedy corporate behavior that puts profit ahead of families. Workers deserve a living wage and a chance at a decent life. The United States has returned to a Gilded Age level of income inequality and poverty.

In order for change to come the American people must stop accepting the unacceptable, and stop rewarding the greed of the few at the top that has fostered a family destroying epidemic of inequality and poverty.

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  1. The small gesture of kindness…
    More Christ-like than all the bible-thumping, finger-wagging, JeeeZusss-bleating Hallelujahs the Mormon TableVomit Choir and its lesser voices can sound in a century of oily slitherings.


  2. December 26 (Boxing Day) in Canada has been a federal holiday, just as December 25 is) for years! We Canucks also value our pregnant workers by ensuring they receive unemployment benefits for their gestational period (or time following the birth — their choosing). And they are assured of returning to the same job. I’m always amazed at how undervalued women STILL are in the U.S. workplace. December 26 holiday is a good thing, but it should be only the beginning.

  3. Nice… He has raised the minimum wage of Government Contractors… given the day after Christmas off. Now: How about capping the wages and benefits of Executives of Government Contracts. We know there is a direct relationship to low pay and unlimited high pay. And while you are at it, figure out a way to rain money on 90% of the people left out of profits of the last 6 years without Congressional approval.

  4. The reason workers are exploited here in the US and they vote against their own interest?
    ‘Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.’ -John Steinbeck

  5. Republicans will BITCH about this. Wanna bet? That Party is definately FULL of Grinches.

  6. You just know they will! Regarding stories like this, I can’t help but think that many of these workers, presumably, vote for the very same people who will complain about this action by PBO.

  7. The Day after Christmas and the day after Thanksgiving Should be automatically considered for “day after Holliday” Day off. And maybe, the day after New Years day too. ;) These are days for traveling back to home, and for decompressing (mental and physical) so why Not have that extra day off? I take it anyway (as part of my allowed vacation days) But it should be a “free” day for All of us. I understand that there are people that have to work on those days, just by the nature of their profession and type of work, i.e. Police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Bus drivers, train operators, restaurant workers, Commercial airline pilots, etc.
    What do you think? Oh, by the way…We should have ELECTION DAY as a Holliday too. Everybody OFF—go vote at your leisure. Let’s start a petition for THAT. ELECTION DAY Holliday. Hmmmmm. I like that. What do you think? ;)

  8. I used to work for a company that gave employees much time off for the holiday. Christmas Eve to the second week of the year. One year I didn’t go back to work until January 7th.

    They were bought by a bigger fish and the bigger fish shut down the facility and I was out of a job.

    I’m glad the President did this. It is important for him to lead by example and send a message. Whether the corporations out there follow suit or not is another matter.

    Still, the President took a stand and did a good thing. I applaud his efforts to show corporations how they should treat their people.

    We’re not just “resources” to be used up and thrown away when we’re not needed. We are people.

  9. Ok people, we all know what a savior Ronald Reagan and the super job he done for us. My hide still scraped though regarding his generosity to the country, regarding his most precious gift(s) to we as Americans. I’m still stopped up from the butter & cheese giveaway to us takers. Been taking castor oil ever since. Gee, thanks uncle Ronnie!

  10. This is great for government workers, but sucks for government contractors who work in government offices. Contractors will be forced to either take a day of leave or a day without pay.

    Not saying federal workers shouldn’t get the day off—they deserve it very much! But please remember the contractors, who work side-by-side with their government counterparts for less money and worse benefits.

  11. Nice for him to do that but the heartless right will find something wrong with. Mostly by the politicians who have unlimited sick leave, and so way to any weeks off for vacation time and only work 2-3 days a week when in session. They deserves stockings filled with turds,coal is too precious and the workers will have to work to retrieve it.

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