CBS’s Face The Nation Demolishes The Republican Claim That Obama Has Made Racism Worse

president obama on face the nation

A panel on CBS’s Face The Nation debunked the Republican claim that President Obama has made race relations and racism worse since he took office.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

SCHIEFFER: Well, Charles, let me — I want to get back to this — this first finding here, that relational — race relations are worse under a Black president than they were under a white president.

What — what do you make of that?

CHARLES BLOW, “NEW YORK TIMES”: Well, I mean they…

SCHIEFFER: Or at least they’re saying that’s what people say — are saying.

BLOW: Right. So — but you have to figure — ask yourself, is it a causal relationship, right?

Is it because of him and something that he has done or is it a reaction to him actually being the president, which is — which is not really about him, but about us, right?

And — and I think that is the bigger question, that is a bigger philosophical question as to how do we respond to people who do not look like us?

Do we believe that they have our interests at heart?

Do we believe that we can — we can identify and — and empathize with that person?

And — and if we cannot, then there’s — we kind of exacerbate something that may already exist in terms of bias, in terms of how we see race relations in this country.

And I think that’s a real question that we have to ask ourselves about who we are and whether or not things were, in fact, better before this president and — and just were kind of underneath the — kind of under the surface.

SCHIEFFER: David, what do you — and I don’t mean to suggest that it’s Barack Obama’s fault.

BLOW: Right.

SCHIEFFER: But I mean I found that stunning, that this would be the finding that a lot of people say that things are worse now than they were.

DAVID IGNATIUS, “WASHINGTON POST”: Sociologists sometimes talk about a revolution of rising expectations, where because of changes, the election of the first African-American president, having Eric Holder, an African-American as our — as our attorney general, people expect things are changing.

And then when they see evidence in these cases where young unarmed black men are being shot and they’re — they’re not — the people who shoot them are not being indicted, there’s a special anger because people thought things were getting better. They thought with this African-American president that it would be different six years on.

And I think that’s part of what’s behind it, is a sense of disappointment. You know, America has had race issues. This is our original sin. And it’s a continuum in our national story.

But I wonder if the explosion of anger now doesn’t have something to do with people saying it should have been better because of the changes we thought the country had made in electing Barack Obama.

SCHIEFFER: And — and it’s not.

IGNATIUS: And it’s not…


IGNATIUS: Here’s this problem that — I mean how many years have we heard about driving while black as an experience that African- Americans have?

You know, white people hear this, but do we really react?

Do we really take it in and then say, OK, if that’s true, if so many people say that, what do you do different about it?

Republicans like Rep. Peter King (R-NY) blamed Obama for Ferguson. Fox News blamed Obama for racism and racist cops. Conservative Ben Stein recently called Obama the most racist president in American history.

Given this context, it was good to see Face The Nation have a serious discussion about the subject. Host Bob Schieffer repeatedly said that he wasn’t blaming the president for the results of the poll, and the panel debunked the Republican idea that Obama is somehow responsible for the racial issues in the country.

The sort of racial divides have existed in polling for decades. The most famous example is the divide between whites and African-Americans on the question of O.J. Simpson’s guilt or innocence.

The racial divisions in this country existed long before President Obama came into office. The idea that Obama is to blame for the events in Ferguson, and New York City is an invention of the president’s critics on the right.

The reaction to Barack Obama’s presidency is a symptom of a larger disease which has violently manifested itself in violent incidents across the country.

It was nice to see at least one mainstream media program avoid the Fox News trap and discuss this issue intelligently without blaming President Obama.

39 Replies to “CBS’s Face The Nation Demolishes The Republican Claim That Obama Has Made Racism Worse”

  1. White denial. Racism has existed in this country every since the first uninvited illegal immigrants arrived and gave birth to “anchor babies.” It is not leaving anytime soon, it benefits the dominant racial group too much for it to be dismantled.

  2. Obama is the “excuse” that this is happening, not the “reason”, which means that if not him, then it would have been someone or something else to bring the GOP/TP’s intolorance into overdrive.

  3. Republicans and other simple-minded thinkers have been claiming since Obama’s first year as president that he has divided the country when in fact it is those who cannot accept him as president who are responsible for the division and blaming him for their antagonism and any division—but they just aren’t educated enough to see that basic fact and nuance.

  4. Well, it can be argued that Obama being President has made latent racism on the Right a hell of a lot more obvious. Maybe that is what they are seeing.

  5. Barack Obama And The Death Of Normal
    But the country is changing. And this may be the last election in which anyone but a fool tries to play — on a national level, at least — the cards of racial exclusion, of immigrant fear, of the patronization of women and hegemony over their bodies, of self-righteous discrimination against homosexuals. Some in the Republican party and among the teabagged fringe will continue to play such losing hands for some time to come; this shit worked well in its day and distracted many from addressing any of our essential national issues. But again, if they play that weak-ass game past this point, they are fools.
    Read More

  6. It’s simple. When he was first elected, it brought out into the open those ‘minds’ that heretofore probably never gave politics a second thought. It was ‘crunch time’ when the first black President was elected. The right embraced this new cadre of voters and have been ‘feeding’ and manipulating them ever since. I was born and raised in the south. I know what I see/hear in this arena. There is more to their strategy than simply “disenfranchising” the first black President. It is to discourage any further attempts by minorities to aspire to the job and to muddy the Democrat brand in the process. They’ve had to lean extremely far right which mean adopting a nationalist position. That ideology hides a multitude of ‘sins.’ Frankly, it’s a bit terrifying.

  7. When Barak Obama was elected President of our United States, every bible thumping, gun toting, white supremacist, hypocrite in the country went nuts. And it only got worse when he was elected the second time. Racism was pushed to the background after the Civil Rights Act, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there in full force.
    It’s the right wing crazies who made it worse when Obama was elected. And every hateful racist in the country, including much of law enforcement was determined to put anyone of color in their place.
    God forbid we feel proud to have a young, good looking, extremely intelligent black man holding the highest office office in the land.
    I voted for him twice and I’m proud of it!

  8. I can not wait for this country to self destruct because it’s coming. What’s been shocking to me even more is how AA and other minorities have been letting white America slap them around in their faces and daring them to do something. One of these days someone is going to poke the sleeping bear and enough will be enough. Ever since this President has been elected it’s like the racists no longer feel the need to wear their white hoods. They are out in full force and getting elected. Beware. If a race war is what some are looking for it won’t be a pretty picture when it’s all said and done. The first thing AA and other minorities need to do is get out of the armed forces and let white America fight their own wars. Let’s see how well that goes.

  9. It isn’t about blank vs white. It is about
    those who take personal responsiblity for their actions and those that don’t.
    The “gimme’s” are the problem.

  10. The republicans brought this about, knowing full well and probably hoping this would be the outcome. After 6 years of the bashing him at every turn, publicly disrespecting him and deligitizing him, calling him names, questioning his citizenship, encouraging their vicious base to threaten his life. It’s no wonder it has devolved to this.

    It’s the republicans that are to blame for inflaming this crap.

  11. I am so afraid of a civil war right here in America. The KKK is really flexing their muscles since they changed from wearing the hoods into suits. The nasty racist comments on the internet are appalling and ugly. President Obama is not the problem. The problem is that some white GOP members are angry because they feel like they have lost their power, that no black man is suppose to be better educated and smarter then they are. They do not appreciate this smart educated black man making decisions, They feel so entitled. President Obama has brought out the ugly side of Some Americans., who have never excepted the fact that slavery no longer exist. They feel that we are stepping out of our bounds. Until the old gray headed white man dies. Racism will continue.



  14. It’s FEAR that drove what happened in the past and drives what is happening today, and the ignorance / refusal to accept the reality that the white race is the MINORITY race in the world.

  15. I would add, in my opinion, nothing has changed since Rodney king but for the deep felt hate and anger that’s always been there but a black president puts these racists over the edge to a world of horror and fear (like we fear now with repubs in control. Difference is their fear never came true and our nightmare is just beginning) Faux news tells their viewer what they want to hear. The black president has it out for all our guns all our rights etc shoot, he even hates America. That’s what they “knew” he would do and by God he has, I know because my news show tells me so. I keep going back to the Dixie chicks who were embarrassed that W. was from Texas. And folks wanted them deported. I’ve never seen such disrespect for the position of president the nastiness that is spewed embarrassment to me. It’s Cruz Palin Bachmann and the likes that make us look week and like a bunch of high schoolers. Sorry to offend the high schoolers

  16. Is it possible, even remotely, for someone to have a problem with this administration and it’s not racism at all, just a different viewpoint? Is every last thing they do perfect and pure as the driven snow? I think the racism is out there but not everything is racially based. The president did spend his youth in Asia, but I’m not calling for the euthanasia of the president. Where’s the Peace Prize fighter when it came time to defuse the tension in the Brown case? He tells the rioters to stay the course. Great way to calm things down. Black lives matter? Not to the 67% of the 1.2 million women who choose abortions each year. Nice job Miss Sanger! Planned Parenthood is working great! And it’s really good Pres. Clinton got us an EXTRA 100,000 cops to be racist haters too.LMFAO you folks are all so twisted up in your spewing you can’t see you got it all over yourselves. And I’m still a Democrat that thinks the party has been taken over by fools and haters. Now call me names you hate…

  17. While that sounds pretty. That is not what is being said. It is not a case of shining the light on the dark demon in the corner, they refer to. They literally think Obama is that demon.

  18. Your screen name did it for us.BTW If you cant recognize the President accomplishments then you are an idiot
    Updated! A List of 274 President Obama Accomplishments so far… With Proof!

    I guess you cant deal with the economic success of this President but then again why should you, people like you hate success and reward incompetence. So tell us again what do you have against success other than a BLACKMAN IS WAY SMARTER THAN YOU

  19. Who are you referring to when you speak of the “gimme”s? The 1% who pay no taxes, yet bankrupt our country? The churches who pay no taxes, yet feel the need to put their nose in politics and government? The businesses who claim great success but see no need to pass that success on to the ones who broke their backs to put them there?
    Who are the gimmes? I sure hope your answer isn’t something to do with food stamps and welfare because you will show your ignorance in bright glaring colors, if it is.

  20. The sanger thing is propaganda. Has nothing to do with fact. Had you researched it you would know.
    The preisident never told the rioters to continue. You of course did not listen to him, just took what others said as gospel.
    Planned parenthood saved untold lives from cancer, but you want them to die of cancer. Says a lot for you
    The president spent time in Asia up to 10 years old. Thats not his youth.

    You are not a democrat, you are not capable of being one.

  21. Connie was never told that many on welfare are the working poor, not just people who set home in their underwear all day

  22. Our image of the very very rich — MacMansions, only scaled up; nice cars, only pricier; like us, but with more toys — is very very wrong. … They never ride first class because they never fly commercial … they own airplanes. They don’t own homes, they own estates — so many of them in fact that not one is “home” in the normal sense. Now extend that — for most of these people, not one country is home either. … Real Money lives in the world, everywhere, all of it. And most are loyal to none of it. …

    [Yet they] control most aspects of public life. Whether you live poorly or well, you work so they can be richer. You’re fired when they want you fired. You’re killed — in their wars; by their poisons; by their unaffordable health care system; by your poverty; by their police — when they want you to die.

    Like fish in water, you live with their greed every day. You watch their propaganda (we call it “entertainment”). You vote for their candidates. Their touch and reach is everywhere, yet they’re invisible to us. The key to their destruction is to expose their lives to view.

  23. Actually Obama’s Presidency has divided the nation, it has divided Real Americans from Conservative occupants of this nation. It has divided intelligent people from the stupid people, it has divided Racists from Human, it has divided brave people from gun nuts, and those who uphold the Constitution and defend the Bill Of Rights from those who despise the Constitution and seek to destroy and Replace the Bill of Rights with a Theocratic Demand of Compliance. I am incredibly PROUD to stand beside Mr. Obama against those who would seek to usurp control and subject us all to an America where the brave are not the free.

  24. In other words Vernon an America Free From Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Baggers, Christian Militia’s, the KKK, the NRA!!! FOX NEWS!!!! Rush Limbaugh!! etc.etc.etc.

  25. Connie, by the “gimmee’s you mean Corporate Conervatives, wanting tax breaks AND tax dollars!!Evangelical/Fundamentalist cults wanting tax breaks and tax dollars. Wallstreet brokers wanting and getting tax breaks and offshore banking profits..need I go on Connie. Just ONE Connie ONE of those groups of people I mentioned here gets MORE in our tax dollars than ALL of the poor combined in any form.

  26. With Obama around, things can’t go on as usual–out of sight and out of mind.

    Ignoring that the population is shifting, of course.

  27. Besides ISIS, racist white people are the most despicable human beings on earth. God will deal with both in due time. Just saying.

  28. Racism is cultural engineering by proxy. The KKK, White Patriot Party, Tea Party and the likes, is just the gasoline that continues to runs the engine of racism made by racists behind the scene. Since the Civil War, a certain type of not so intellectual (bight) White is continued to be bred and fed this racist belief that born white is the only right of things. The white intellectuals that always remain in the shadows knew that they could not be out front no matter what. Not good business sense so invent the aforementioned groups. The Tea Party was not by happen stance. It sole purpose was just in case this nation would elect a Black POTUS. The problems these shadow racists did never gander are their choices of the not so bright whites these day. It was once said that one can train some white human not to be racists, but, there are going to be some that not matter what cultural engineering done, the more a racist white they will become. This fits well here with the Tea Party of today.

  29. Republicans are desperate liars who can only win elections by disenfranchising black people and manipulating the irrational religious sensibilities of the willfully ignorant.

  30. I went to school, worked with, and befriended many minorities during my life. One of my best friends is black.
    But since President Obama interjected his opinions into all the black white issues, I have not seen my black friend. The last time we got together, he was so angry about the shootings, that he projected that anger on me, simple because I’m white. It is sad, as we had a lot of good memories together. But I am not going to feel guilty about what some policeman, politician, or racist person does. I try to live my life treating others as I would like them to treat me. It is sad that there or those in this administration that want to stir up not just protest, but racial animosity, anarchy, and police hatred.

  31. Please point to one statement that the President or anyone in his administration said to stir up racial hatred. If you cant then your friend saw you for what you are. A closet Klansman

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