President Obama Speaks The Truth: Racism Is Deeply Rooted In American Society

obama racism deeply rooted in american society

In an interview with BET, President Obama spoke to the one truth that Republicans always avoid. The president said that racism is deeply rooted in American society.


In a clip from an upcoming interview that will air on Monday, December 8 at 6PM ET on BET, President Obama spoke the truth about racism, “When you are dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism in any society. You gotta have vigilance, but you also have to recognize that it is going to take some time and you just have to be steady.”

The president later said, “This is something that’s deeply rooted in our society, deeply rooted in our history. But the two things that will allow us to solve it: Number one: Is the understanding that we have made progress and so it’s important to recognize that as painful as these instances our, we can’t equate what’s happening now with what was happening 50 years ago. If you talk to your parents, grandparents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better.”

It can be difficult to practice the kind vigilance that the president stressed. Progress comes in many forms. After the killings by police officers in Ferguson, MO and New York City, the nation is discussing the issue of racism and violence.

The president spoke the truth when he said that racism is deeply rooted in American society. The conservative position has long been that racism is no longer an issue. The conservative majority on the Supreme Court used this exact justification in their decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act.

The election of the first African-American president brought many of these racial issues back to the surface. Republicans, especially in the South, have been using raced based politics to fan the flames of opposition to this president.

The reaction by many white conservatives to the fact that an African-American man is president is proof that racism is alive and well in this country. It is important for the president to openly state the great unspoken truth about our society.

Racial divides have never gone away. Obama has been the target of, not the cause of, worsened race relations. The deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are the latest chapters in America’s ugly racial saga.

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  1. C’mon.

    Clearly, a White, Supreme Court justice, has the true pulse of racism, in our “post-racial” society, right!

    Wasn’t this declared from Silver Springs, or something?

  2. Finally! This is being brought into the open, this ugly racism simmering just beneath American society.

    For too long, written articles by both sides have feverishly denounced this cold, hard fact in order to empower those very racists to continue to act out on their racism with impunity.

    The more we air out this ugly mindset embedded in our social psyche, the better we’ll be able to deal with it and curb it and, hopefully one day, eradicate it to the point that no one will feel as comfortable as they do now publicly espousing racially-tinged remarks disguised as free speech.

  3. Just got back from spending a week with my somewhat estranged brother, who lives in the Colorado wilderness. He’s a deputy sheriff (think Barney Fife with a full clip) and we got to talking about Michael Brown, who my brother called “a thug” because “he wears his hat sideways.” He also stated, quite robotically, that “I’ve never seen the country so racially divided because of Obama.” After I stopped laughing and pointing out what a rote FOX talking point that was, I challenged him to back that statement up. After 10 minutes and multiple attempts from me, I pointed out to him that he hadn’t even been able to begin a sentence to defend his “opinion.” When I asked, he admitted to watching FOX and viewing World Net Daily, and was perplexed that I knew he did simply by the way he talked. In his world, everyone talks like that. My point here is that FOX and friends have so overtly provided an outlet for latent racism that we are reminded daily of it’s curse. Merry fucking Christm…

  4. I hope you’re right, that exposure will help eradicate racism. But…the sad truth is that people hate to hear criticism of their long-held beliefs and prejudices. Human beings NEED to feel superior to others around them. Sometimes it money (who has the biggest house, the fanciest car etc.). All too often it’s “I’m white and therefore I’m better than those who are not my skin colour”. Same goes for the fundies who want everyone to believe as they do, and especially horrendous is their desire for THEIR beliefs to be embedded in U.S. laws.
    Frankly, I fear free speech is doing more harm to the U.S. than the institution of hate laws. Speaking as your northern neighbour, I’m grateful that my government won’t allow insidious media such as Fox News and far right-wing radio to dirty our airwaves.
    We can expect the rightwing to vilify the President’s truths, but I know there are the majority of fair-minded and kind Americans who WILL stand up for him and against all the hatre…

  5. I read yesterday that a member of the KKK hung himself when he learned he had African blood coursing through his veins! I’m sure Satan has had a spot for his homecoming waiting for him.
    The problem with white America is exemplified by the man who hung himself. There is no such thing as a “pure” race. If you go back far enough, everybody is going to find African blood in their veins! For over 400 years Europe-Americans have bought the lie that they are “pure,” when they are not.
    Like it or not, we are all related. That man committed suicide because he believed all the lies and stereotypes that have permeated about African-Americans for 400 years. He hated himself more than he realized.
    European-Americans have set race relations back 1,000 because it benefits them in every way possible. Denying, lying, and stereotyping has given European-Americand the power base they have continued to enjoy in this country for generations. And will do whatever it takes, to keep the power s…

  6. The real problem here is “racism” is built into every society and every person. From poorly known tribes in the Brazilian jungles who try to kill off other tribes, and muslim sects who kill off other sects. Its not just color on color, morality on morality, ideology on ideology, religion on religion and anything else you can think of.

    In fact its embedded in almost any part of our environment no matter where it is.

    And its based purely on fear. Fear the “other ” may be better, a threat, that you may become like the other. And people push the fear buttons. They know which ones and they know which way to bend the fear.

    And the only ones who can stop them are the people. The people who are carrying the fear

  7. All the more reason then to keep up the criticism, if someone hates having their weaknesses called out then keep doing it. Everything in life is a battle, with hundreds building careers on hatred, corruption and evil.

    There’s a good chance neither of us will live to see the end of racism, but that should be an incentive to fight it, not a discouragement.

  8. I am SO SICK of Republicans & Fox
    telling America we are delusional
    if we think there is any such thing
    as Racism! They become APOPLECTIC
    at the suggestion that Racism even
    exists. Who are they trying to
    convince? Surely their audience
    are looking at each other & laughing!
    OF COURSE there’s Racism…
    My own theory:
    I am willing to bet that we ALL know
    AT LEAST one Racist. If I’m correct,
    if this is true, that’s ALOTTA F’n
    I just don’t know who is more ignorant,
    the Racists themselves OR those who would
    deny Racism even exists …..


  9. Obama isn’t just African-American. For a lot of these ignorant racist crackers, a mixed-race man is worse than a “pure” African American man, because it means (horror of horrors) that his father was a black man DARED to have sex with a white woman. They REALLY hate THAT idea!

  10. Come on. This President is too diplomatic. Things are not better than they were 50 years ago. Whites still want to exert supremacy over Blacks hence their violence. The only way to combat racism is for Blacks to react the same way to Whites. Seems to me that violence is the only language that Whites understand. This is why ISIS is standing up to them. Going round and terrorizing the world for 1000 years is what Whites have done. Why should this evil continue to be acceptable? People around the world are over your bullshit. Psychopaths.

  11. Conservatives/Republicans embraced all of the worms that came out from under their rocks like there had been a hard rain when President Obama was elected in 2008. People who probably had never given a second thought to politics until then. They discovered a whole new cadre of voters to manipulate and exploit, not just against Obama though he was the main target, but to muddy the Democrat brand entirely. It was the only ‘hook’ they had. They have made the most of it in consort with their media mouthpiece, FOX News channel and far-right conservative websites and radio talk shows. I’ve watched it unfold from the beginning. Having been born and raised in the south and having been around for quite a few Presidents, I instinctively know bigotry when I see or hear it. It’s been blatant, vile, disgusting and painful, like a boil that has been brought to a head. All of this attention is like lancing that boil and let the healing begin…again.

  12. Evidently you are not old enough to have lived in the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and even the 70’s. I hate to be the one to tell you, but things were worst decades ago. Hell, they were still lynching black folks in the 30’s and 40’s. I remember places in Washington DC that were off limits to blacks. I remember when cops had almost total carte blanche to do what the pleased. Until the SCOTUS ruled in 1985 (I believe)that cops could not shoot a fleeing suspect it happened frequently.

    So President Obama is speaking the truth. Things are bad now, but believe me they have been worse.

  13. While race based killing is stage center in protests now, I hope that some day gender based killing could generate the protest, the marching in the streets as well. 4 women per day are being killed supposedly by the men that “love” them. The essential inequality that proceeds all others is the inequality of women in society. It is still so entrenched that fewer women are willing to see it or admit and many outright embrace their own enslavement while others fear to acknowledge it. If white men protect and defend their feelings of superiority and power over people of color, too many men of color see nothing wrong in asserting their presumed superiority and power over women. And this assertion of power includes the entire spectrum of horrors from humiliation to physical and sexual assault to killing. And Sweden’s gender equality? 1 out of 3 women report being raped before adulthood. “Sweden has the highest sexual assault rate in Europe, and among the lowest conviction rates.”

  14. Never mind that almost every single black American has white blood from the “master” forcing themselves on their black slaves. White men dont mind the “mixing” as long as they are the ones doing it.

  15. And these insane, racist, cowardly bigots are going to tear this country apart. They would rather burn the house down then to accept a black man in the White House or believe that the lives of people of color matter.

  16. Of course or President couldn’t put the exact finer point on this statement because he has class and respect for America. The REAL truth is that it’s not all of “American society” It is factually the Christian Right Wing Conservative American Society that is racist to the core. I know not a SINGLE Democrat personally or a SINGLE Atheist that is racist or homophobic. And EVERY Republican or Conservative I know personally IS a racist And a homophobe.

  17. It’s no secret…the world knows it: Racism is as American as the proverbial “Apple Pie” and baseball. It’s ingrained into the DNA of a certain class of American who live in the country, from coast to coast, north to south, concentrating mostly in the “Confederate States” of the South. Who use racism as a protective blanket and as a personal comfort zone, i.e. my race is better, none other should be equal therefore, falsely thought, I am unique. And most importantly it hides their shortfall as human beings and their low standing in the socio-economic strata. This deep seated overt racism is manifested mostly among the poor,-bottom of the rung Whites.

  18. While of course the GOP/TP will continue to call him the Divider in Chief, because it’s so much easier to blame others then take responsibility, as well as preach it then practice it that the GOP/TP do so much of.

  19. Fireman, you are spot on.

    I have 2 interracial cousins. They are now adults, born in the 60s. Mom is white, dad is black

    The reactions they have encountered is just painful, not just the kids, but the parents.

  20. Maxie, the fact that at one time we were all from Africa is what makes these Bible Thumpers hate the FACT of Evolution so much. Because they cannot and will not accept the fact that they came from that continent.

  21. Agree with you. However there are more and more mixed marriages, sooner or later this will make a difference don’t you think?
    I know a family that has just this sort of family. The Son went away to school, met and married a black girl. I know the grandparents and they seem to have accepted the situation well. Saw the Great grandmother just the other day and she had to show me the latest picture of their Grand child. very proudly. I agreed.

  22. By making a difference, do you mean more people will come to accept it? I certainly hope so. There will always be those that just can’t move past the issue.

    I personally think it’s great! Cultural differences are dynamic. I have traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, and I have to say that Americans are suppressed, obsessed, critical, and stagnated in social issues than any place I’ve seen.

    Both of my cousins are educated, have great jobs, and productive people. I am very proud of them and their parents.

  23. This election is included in this deeply racist institutional structure. Under this President’s administration, the healthcare law was passed to ensure more people to be covered with health insurance. Congress passed the stimulus bill with President Obama’s signature to prevent a another great depression. Cash for clunkers along with the student loan reform that has benefited me along with others. Yet, this election proved that the majority of the American people are ungrateful by voting republican or even worse, not voting at all. The republican party is just too fudging crazy. This president has taken so much hatred, yet he is calm and respectful to the nation. I admire President Obama. I’m glad he is discussing the important issues that are affecting minority groups. Racism is a venom that makes the society putrid. I’m currently reading “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by Paulo Freire and really admire those who fight for justice and combating institutionalized discrimination.

  24. You are so add to it, If the US Supreme Court had not issued the reaction that there is “NO racism in America”..then followed through with taking away voting rights ,redistricting, Citizens United, Corporations are people too. The problem isn’t with America, its with the Supreme Court.Time for term limits on them as well.

  25. You should send your article to the Boston Globe and all newspapers that well print it..its very good and so true…good for you

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