Republican Media Is Responsible For Muslim Child and African Americans Being Murdered

With good reason, the increasing incidences of African Americans murdered by law enforcement are starting to get the national attention it deserves. Of course, the main stream media has done its due diligence on behalf of conservative racists portraying African Americans, murder victims and protestors alike, as dirty criminal thugs as an excuse for what can only be labeled open season on African Americans. However, African Americans are not the only victims of media incitement to murder as was borne out on Thursday in Missouri as a sign of the success of Republican media’s successful 13-year fear mongering campaign.

The victim was a 15-year-old child who was intentionally struck with an automobile driven by a man in his 30s who hates Muslims. The child, Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein, was leaving the Somalia Center of Kansas City with a classmate when the driver slammed his car into the boys because of their adherence to the Muslim faith. When the car struck the boys getting into a parked vehicle it severed both of the victims’ legs and despite being rushed to a hospital, the child perished from massive blood loss. The second boy was not as seriously injured in the attack, and the victim was reportedly the son of the current head of the Somalia Center.

A spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department said, “It became pretty clear that this was not an accidental crash, there is a considerable amount of evidence that it was intentional. He tried to leave the scene but couldn’t get anywhere in the vehicle, so he bailed out of it, started running eastbound and was apprehended by officers.” The man has been charged with murder, but that is no consolation to the boy’s family or the Muslim community.

The victim’s aunt, Khadra Diri, said “Our family is very destroyed at what happened. He’s a sweet, loving kid. He doesn’t deserve this. I’m pretty sure it’s a hate crime from things I’ve been hearing. I hope that someone brings him to justice. He can exercise his First Amendment, but him actually come and try to run over kids, that’s just ridiculous. Like who does that?” Seriously? In America? Who does that? Only every non-Muslim who has heard from Republicans, Fox News, and Christian fanatics from Rick Perry to Louis Gohmert to Duck Dynasty’s patriarch warning for years that Muslims are monsters and the only solution is convert them or kill them. Obviously the driver of the car has been paying close attention to anti-Muslim hate mongers and was convinced that after months of threats and no conversion, killing them was the only solution.

The boy’s family and several others with the Somali Center reported that the suspect has been issuing violent threats at them for months, going so far as waving a gun at some of the Muslims attending the Center and warning them he was going to kill them for being Muslim. According to a man who knew the deceased child, “a month or two ago he (the assailant) came to the Somali mall, two blocks from here. Things got bad and he pulled a gun.”  A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations confirmed that the murderer has been threatening the boy’s family and Somali Muslims for months, even writing an anti-Islamic message, “the Quran is worse than Ebola” on his SUV.

Zulfiqar Malik of the Heartland Muslim Council says he is shocked and saddened by the crime and related that, “Most of the Somali community are immigrants. They have arrived in Kansas City to escape hatred and now they are here in Kansas City facing hate and that is bad. With hate mongering we say usually it’s just words and they can’t hurt us, but sometimes it gets violent. If we cannot love each other we can at least try not to hate each other.” No; not in America, and for that Muslims, like unarmed African Americans, can thank racist and religious conservatives and their hate-mongering Republican media enablers. And, for Muslims, after 13 years of anti-Muslim rhetoric from the religious extremists and conservative media, religious-motivated murder is likely not going away.

Even though there is outrage among a significant segment of the population at acts of violence toward “minority groups,” whether they are Somali or any other Muslims, or unarmed African American boys and men, there is just as significant number of Americans cheering the acts of violence. No American should wonder why, for example, conservative media refers to unarmed victims of police violence as “thugs;” a term that has been extended to any African American speaking out against the spate of innocent Black boys and men being murdered by racist cops. In fact, the five St. Louis Ram football players, the Rams’ organization, and the National Football League were all labeled thugs or thug supporters, as were demonstrators around the country, for either being African American or protesting their murders by exercising their First Amendment rights.

President Obama has been accused for years of inviting “thugs” into the White House by the likes of Republican Karl Rove on Fox News, and so-called follower of Christ Mike Huckabee; among many, many others. It is exactly the same situation with Muslims across America who are all portrayed as terrorists seeking to impose Sharia Law or more recently, to destroy America for the impending ISIS invasion and conquest. Most of the anti-Muslim fear mongering and hate originates with some iteration of fundamentalist Christians, and it really highlights the groups’ rejection of their namesake, Jesus Christ’s primary commandment to “love your neighbor.”

In answer to the Somali Muslim that wondered aloud, “If we cannot love each other we can at least try not to hate each other?” The answer is still a resounding no because conservatives, particularly religious conservatives, and their Republican-media have absolutely no intention to stop inspiring hatred towards African Americans and non-Christians. All Americans should just get used to cops killing unarmed African Americans and Muslim children being targeted for murder. This is, after all, what Republicans, teabaggers, and conservatives have promised when they said they want to take their country back; back to the Dark Age with 21st Century media empowering their crusade.

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  • Whatever happened to respecting one another?

    So what if this person is Muslim? That doesn't mean he's a terrorist that hates America. We ought to look past the freaking stereotypes and see people for what they really are and not for what the Right wants to them to be.

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to this kid, but I can only hope that one day, we can look at people of Muslim faith and African-Americans and see that just because they are different from us doesn't mean they're "thugs" or terrorists.

    They are human beings. Like you, like me, like everyone else on this planet. We're all human beings, and no Right Wing hate filled scribe can take that away from us.

  • America is becoming a very ugly place. I do not want the America that the right is trying to bring about. I was very happy when President Obama was elected and I, like many others, thought we had truly turned a corner in this country, obviously we haven't. If anything, things have gotten much worse and the right-wing has been emboldened to the point of barely hiding their obvious hatred for different others. I am a white male and I have lost friends and am at odds with family members over their hatred of our President, as I said, it is getting ugly out here.

    • America is not becoming a very ugly place; America has always been a very ugly place. Like sexual assault & family violence, technology is spotlighting what has long been swept under the rug. America was born a thief and a murderer that perverts Scripture and bastardizes Christ in justification. Based on historic realities, change in America is not a restoration project; it's a reconstruction project.

      • Well to be sure, sexual assault & family violence have been with us since cave man days. Its just published more today

    • ROFLOL The haters laid claim to Christmas a thousand years ago; believe it was Constantine that usurped the Pagan holy day and crowned himself christ. Religious manipulation is among the oldest tools in the imperialist's box.

    • You know, Paul... that makes so much sense. How can they be Christians when they completely throw nearly every good thing that doesn't fit into their narrow world view away.

      It doesn't make sense. I wonder what's going to come if, in 2016, they get all three parts of the Government. You think what they're doing is bad now? Just imagine what it could be.

    • American Christians are actually Euro-Christians.

      Every American religious image, every text, is rooted in Europe, not the Mid-East. That is why Americans think Jesus was white. The images are of a euro-Jesus.

      The whole 10 commandment thing is always presented in 17th century English.
      "thou shalt not..." Yahweh did not speak to Moses channeling Queen Elizabeth I.

      Europe has abandoned euro-Jesus as too vindictive and selfish. America has, too, but the euro-Jesus white male priesthood is in denial.

  • Very sad and troubling but not surprised. Just look at their web sites and see their hate filled posts. Ijreview, tpnn news, Breitbart, The blaze, The Drudge Report to name a few.

    • Have gone to a few of these garbage pits at one time, don't ANY MORE began to feel like I was smelling like filled with hate and revenge just could not read them, even to know what they are thinking.

  • Murdoch is our Göbbels; Limbaugh, our Streicher; our mainstream presstitute corps is almost completely co-opted. Our scapegoat groups have already been picked out for us, and increasingly, they are being denied access to the justice system. It remains only to be seen who is supposed to be der...

    • They will NEVER be satisfied until there is what will be passed off as a war here in the United States. The victims will be throwing rocks and trying to shield themselves behind protest signs while the police will have military grade weapons. The people behind it are never allowed to even be mentioned aloud, or in print. But it is easy enough to see the results and easy enough to see who is really behind it if you look. The brainwashing and the results of buying the government every day.
      Remember the police force is a very good paying job in most places. And it isn't a job the best and brightest are attracted to. The naive that goes into it thinking they can make a difference soon learn the real police forces bears absolutely NO resemblence to a script played out on TV. The smarter, honest ones don't stay long. They quit or are forced out if they speak up. We are seeing what is left. Truth hurts, people should understand, we ain't seen nothing yet.

  • The right wing is fond of making Hitler comparisons, I was on this earth during the Hitler regime, he became a force in Germany after making the many hate speeches about jews, minorities and anyone not white and
    blue eyed. His hate was the force behind the persecution of other races, and his message was that white people were the master race, I am terrified at what I see now that the right wing are cloning him.

    • @Joan,

      I was born in '46 but am old enough to remember the hatred and anti-semitism of the 50's. I am now watching America deteriorate from my lair in South America and must explain almost daily the power of Murdoch and Kochs, the ammo-sexuals running the streets armed to the teeth and the state sanctioned assassinations of racial and religious minorities.

      The rest of the world is patiently awaiting our collapse. The threat to America doesn't come from IS or any other terrorist group - it comes from within, the Rick Perrys and Rush Limbaughs, the right wing press and their religious fanatic followers, all awaiting the rapture. They'll do anything to phuck America if they believe it serves their true God, the almighty dollar.

      There is nothing remotely Christian about the American brand of Christianity.

      • Thanks for your well-articulated post.

        I, too, remember WWII, the hate, racism and antisemitism promulgated by Hitler, as if it just happened. In fact the entire war is still vivid in my mind as I remember many details. The actions today by the extremists remind me every day of this time in history.

        You are correct when you state "...There is nothing remotely Christian about the American brand of Christianity..." because it isn't! These are Right Wing extremists, NOT the "American brand of Christianity..." who live in fear.

        They forget that people of color are the majority in the world and "whites" are the minority.

        I am a follower of Jesus -- a Christian and not one of these "homegrown terrorists." As a little girl my mom taught me to "remember we are all children of God -- brothers and sisters." I never forgot her words and at my age (late 70s) continue to live by this precept. She was a Roman Catholic who followed Jesus.

        Thanks again for your wise words.


    • Not to mention based on the American pseudo-science Eugenics and financed by Henry Ford & his cronies allegedly including one Prescott Bush.

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  • the republican media will never admit they are at fought. if I were my child, i'd sue every last one responsible. freedom of speech has responsibility

    • Ahhh,Joe that "slight problem" that you are trying to hit people here with is a BIG problem. The fact that a Somolian hit another Somolian makes it even worse because it the SAME as an American killing another American because of their religious beliefs, just like in this nation every day. How could you miss that? Unless you're a Conservative and then your missing the point and using a false point to make your point is par for the course.

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