rush limbaugh fox news sunday

Rush Limbaugh Falls Apart On Fox News After Being Confronted With Reality

Last updated on April 10th, 2018 at 08:37 am

rush limbaugh fox news sunday

Rush Limbaugh showed the cowardly conspiracy-laden core beneath the right-wing hero facade during a meltdown on Fox News Sunday.


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Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace confronted Limbaugh about his calls for a new government shutdown.

Wallace triggered a meltdown from Limbaugh by pointing out that Republicans won in 2014 despite shutting down the government. Limbaugh quickly went from anger at being challenged to full blown conspiracy theorist.

Limbaugh said,

Does that not matter? You keep talking polls to me, and I’ve got the. The essence of a poll is an election, and I’ve got two of them. And we would have won the White House in 2012 if four million Republicans hadn’t have stayed home.

What does it matter? They won. The point is that this is a trick. I think the shutdown is a trick. Here is what it really means, Chris. The Republicans want what Obama wants on immigration, and they are using the government shutdown as an excuse to not stop him. Because the truth of the matter is they agree with it. Romney agrees with it. Jeb Bush agrees with it. Chamber of Commerce agrees with it. Obviously, the Republican establishment doesn’t want to stop Obama on comprehensive immigration reform….And very conveniently, here’s this government shutdown. Oh, we can’t act. We can’t act because they’ll blame us for shutting down the government. They’ll blame us for shutting down the government.

I think it’s absurd. I think it’s ridiculous, and the American people are being let down here. They’re voting. They’re expressing their desires. They want this stuff stopped, and the Republican Party’s not listening.

The Fox News interview, which was as gentle as it gets, revealed why Limbaugh doesn’t do television interviews outside of the right-wing bubble. The man can’t handle reality in any way, shape or form. He went on a conspiracy bender as soon as Chris Wallace pointed out that last year’s Republican caused government shutdown was a bad thing.

Limbaugh has taken the Fox News brand of paranoia and unleashed on the Republican Party. In Rush Limbaugh’s warped view, the Republican Party is working with Obama.

To anyone outside of the Republican media bubble, Rush Limbaugh sounded crazy. The only factual statement in the entire segment was that Republicans won the 2014 election. Everything else that came out of Limbaugh’s mouth was combination of borderline mental illness and fantasy.

Rush Limbaugh couldn’t handle the softballs that Fox News tossed to him without falling apart. Rush Limbaugh isn’t strong icon. He is the dying voice of an aging white male conservative movement that is fading away.

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