Rush Limbaugh Falls Apart On Fox News After Being Confronted With Reality

rush limbaugh fox news sunday

Rush Limbaugh showed the cowardly conspiracy-laden core beneath the right-wing hero facade during a meltdown on Fox News Sunday.


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace confronted Limbaugh about his calls for a new government shutdown.

Wallace triggered a meltdown from Limbaugh by pointing out that Republicans won in 2014 despite shutting down the government. Limbaugh quickly went from anger at being challenged to full blown conspiracy theorist.

Limbaugh said,

Does that not matter? You keep talking polls to me, and I’ve got the. The essence of a poll is an election, and I’ve got two of them. And we would have won the White House in 2012 if four million Republicans hadn’t have stayed home.

What does it matter? They won. The point is that this is a trick. I think the shutdown is a trick. Here is what it really means, Chris. The Republicans want what Obama wants on immigration, and they are using the government shutdown as an excuse to not stop him. Because the truth of the matter is they agree with it. Romney agrees with it. Jeb Bush agrees with it. Chamber of Commerce agrees with it. Obviously, the Republican establishment doesn’t want to stop Obama on comprehensive immigration reform….And very conveniently, here’s this government shutdown. Oh, we can’t act. We can’t act because they’ll blame us for shutting down the government. They’ll blame us for shutting down the government.

I think it’s absurd. I think it’s ridiculous, and the American people are being let down here. They’re voting. They’re expressing their desires. They want this stuff stopped, and the Republican Party’s not listening.

The Fox News interview, which was as gentle as it gets, revealed why Limbaugh doesn’t do television interviews outside of the right-wing bubble. The man can’t handle reality in any way, shape or form. He went on a conspiracy bender as soon as Chris Wallace pointed out that last year’s Republican caused government shutdown was a bad thing.

Limbaugh has taken the Fox News brand of paranoia and unleashed on the Republican Party. In Rush Limbaugh’s warped view, the Republican Party is working with Obama.

To anyone outside of the Republican media bubble, Rush Limbaugh sounded crazy. The only factual statement in the entire segment was that Republicans won the 2014 election. Everything else that came out of Limbaugh’s mouth was combination of borderline mental illness and fantasy.

Rush Limbaugh couldn’t handle the softballs that Fox News tossed to him without falling apart. Rush Limbaugh isn’t strong icon. He is the dying voice of an aging white male conservative movement that is fading away.

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  1. Limpy is the same bile-spewing bloviating PIG he has always been; just older and uglier. Out of touch with everyone and everything.

    If 4 million Democrats had voted in 2010, 2012, and 2014, Nancy would still be Speaker, Reid the Majority Leader and the REPIGS would be gone with their EvangeliBagging comrades NEVER winning any election.

  2. Remember his listening audience are the RW HATERS…….so:
    The extreme RW agree with Rush. Their strategy is don’t let the President have his way and hating the “illegal’s”. It’s more about winning the game. His point is so what if it’s unpopular, it doesn’t affect elections.
    And of course he’s going to try and minimize Hillary!

  3. If Republicans waste us another $125 BILLION this time while refusing to create jobs, cut every safety net, send all our boys overseas and then give them a cardboard box to live in when they return, education only for the rich, hospitals only for the rich (eventually they will make a rule that you can’t be treated at ER)

    What happens if they win with this strategy in 2016? Can anyone actually believe that over 10 Million people would vote and reward them for this major crime against humanity?

    If Republicans are rewarded in 2016, who will investigate what’s in the water which would have the 99% say take my job, take my home, throw me to the street and yes I want you for the job so you can continue to NOT create jobs and please take more money out of my wallet and food from my family’s mouth.

    Limbaugh is the devil who is full of hate, has no ideas that helps anyone but himself.

  4. Leave Rush alone–the man speaks the truth–he feels the republicans habitually betray their own-which they do. What Rush wants as do I and millions of others–for the Republicans to develop some backbone. We gave them majorities in both houses and expect results–when will we get those results?

  5. :)…they really do not get it! Are the under hypnosis or are half the population in America sheep?
    The Republicans have mastered the art of manipulation and salesmanship to a gullible public. Therefore, getting away with lying…..

  6. Weak minded liberals fear people like Palin,Limbaugh, and cruz. They have admitted of their dire concern for Palin’s popularity and even intellect.
    Again liberals will personally attack someone with no way of intellectually proving their opposition to be wrong or inferior.
    So instead of course they twist words and lie on their opponents.
    The key here is to maintain and keep the narrative distorted and in order to do that the far left socialites need MSM to further lie and defame for them.
    Rush Limbaugh has converted plenty of left wingers into patriotic conservative Americans.
    Limbaugh has around 20 million listeners because this guy simply speaks the truth.

  7. common industry shorthand to determine the actual size of a radio audience at any given moment is to cut the cume figure down by a factor of 10, which would mean Limbaugh’s 20 million becomes 2 million. Or, if you take the more modest cume number of 14 million, which some inside the industry have used to judge the talker’s audience, Limbaugh’s rating becomes 1.4 million, which is roughly the same size audience that Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann get each night on cable TV.”

    Read more:
    Another dumbass who is stuck on stupid. Palin, intellect? You need to go to rehab and stop with the Meth.

  8. LOL! There is no fear of those people. They are quite insane and we all know it. Palin sucks money out of morons and then laughs at them. You support it.

    Your whole post is word for word what you are supposed to say so you dont feel stupid.

    Rush has spoken the truth since his first microphone. He makes a living attacking liberals. Does that make him a liberal? You are too funny for words!

  9. So I guess the recent shellacking never happened huh?
    As for your attempt to de legitimize Rush and his audience we were the ones who gave the socialites a shellacking last elections.

  10. Shellacking? 36% voted. 19% voted for republicans. 18% of Americans has an mental illness. Do the math dumbass
    The result, as of 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, was a total of 22,524,388 votes cast for Republicans and 19,594,164. Thus, based on our preliminary figures, just under 3 million more Americans voted for a Republican Senate candidate in the 2014 cycle than voted for a Democrat.

  11. Oh you mean like Obamacare and the guy who called Americans too stupid know what’s best for them?
    The guy even admitted that Obamacare wouldn’t have past if people knew how corrupt the bill was.
    Do you think the latest shellacking the left underwent had anything to do with Obamacare or any of his policies for that matter?
    After all you accuse Palin of fraud yet you won’t even admit how much of a fraud the left is.

  12. Here is the simple truth: Had Romney said he was opposed to any form of amnesty for illegal aliens, he would have won. If the Republican Party continues along this amnesty path they are finished. America is over this invasion and take over by a foreign population and will not tolerate any more. That is the ONLY reason they won in the midterms. Fox News and the Republican Party are aiding the liberals in the destruction of America. It has to stop and there are millions of Americans willing to make certain that it is stopped in spite of liberals that want votes and the Chamber of Commerce that wants slave labor!

  13. Obamacare is a great success. Millions are insured and the providers are not raising costs up to 3 times a year. No matter what anyone says. Words and opinions dont change the success.

    The left shellacked on 36% of the registered people voting? And Dems not voting?

    Palin robs you fools blind.

  14. ANd the funny part is the major corporations will not allow the flow of people(that now has slowed to a crawl) to be stopped.

    If you knew anything about Romney, you wouldnt want him as your president

  15. Shellacking? You are truly ignorant. 36% voter turnout which means only 10% of the voters voted republican. 10% is not a shellacking. 2016 when more than 50% of the voters turn out to vote you will see a shellacking as the republicans suffer devastating losses.

    When people vote republicans lose.

  16. Gabriel,
    Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
    I’m sorry but you are letting people like the ones you speak of take advantage of you all in the name of GREED. They feed on your inner fear, mistrust, intolerance of differences, then turn it into hatred toward your fellow peoples! One day you will wake up and finally see.

  17. Gabriel-I used to be a liberal. Obama cured me of that! I can’t say I’m a Republican because the leadership has no backbone. I’m at a point that I can’t listen to Fox News because they are just as bad as MSNBC. The media hasn’t a clue what is going on in America! The Democrats lost the midterms because we want Obama stopped. We want his policies stopped including immigration, healthcare and education. He has lied repeatedly to the American People and ALL media have covered for him depending on the issue and the media slant. It’s sickening!

  18. Hey Donald, I’m still waiting for the republicans in Congress to give me the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections! So shove your phoney outrage.

  19. The dems lost the midterms because the Dems didnt vote. The people love healthcare and want it bigger.

    The gop has voted to gut education everywhere. I can see why you would approve of that

  20. *starts laughing like a hyena*

    Dude, Rush and brilliant is like oil and water: Those two don’t mix nor should ever be mixed.

    What this interview proved is what most of us have already figured out: He’s a blowhard, a coward, and IMHO an absolute worthless piece of garbage who is nothing more then a traitor.

    His constant whining, bitching and moaning personally makes me sick. He’s no patriot.. he’s scum of the earth and deserves the treatment of such.

  21. Donald and Gabrial, I don’t know what it will take to make you guys see the truth. But fox has not helped you two. Its incredible to me how you can sit back and watch YOUR GOP LEADERS do nothing but lie/makes deficits for the US everytime they’ve have had the WH. Oh yes. You folks don’t believe in facts. Then how about this. Do you have a job? Oh yeah the senates been sitting on 300 jobs bills…its Dems fault not the GOP ..AGAIN! But those bills are FULL OF POISON PILLS from the GOP–your part! First agenda on the list. Are you paying attention? Cut tax credit for low income families (who are starving already!) and a 400 BILLION TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH!!. No offense but I didn’t see either of your names on that agenda. See how you lie??? To yourselves??? Just for the GOP??? All you have is lies to justify your REPUBLICAN CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES because that’s all they are. And you two are pathetic lying AH’s who don’t even know what your voting for. Against your OWN interests…

  22. omg are truly a lost soul..poor thing. I can’t believe you can believe a bloviating idiot like Limbaugh. However it does show your level of intellect. Wow just wow! I guess the GOP does train their base well … narrow minded..hear nothing but fox..or any gop.hear nothing else. and don’t go to school heaven forbid you might find out the truth. Sheeze! It just doesn’t get any worse than Gabriel and the “Former Democrat” yeah right..good try ..trying to make us hate the intellectual one and follow the morons? Never happen. We are not idiots like you people on the right.

  23. Dummy what money? Oh you mean this much money?
    $520,000: The average tax cut received by the top 0.1 percent of Americans, those making more than $3 million a year. That is over 450 times the tax cut received by an average middle-class family.
    The middle 20 percent of wage earners (making between $40,000 and $70,000) received less than 11 percent of the total Bush -era tax cuts.
    The bottom 20 percent (making less than $20,000) received only a 1 percent share of the Bush tax cuts; 75 percent of these low-income families saw no tax benefit at all
    I wonder which bracket you were in

  24. It amazes me that people actually get their information from this bloated, drug addicted,draft-dodger, married 4 time loser. He should just get another suitcase of Viagra and go back to his Costa Rican sex traffickers. Its people like him ruining and dividing America. Stupid people believe him.

  25. Ok I’m not going to attack you because I’m just not that kind of person.
    So tell me how socialism will make America prosper and be more free. Explain to me how borrowing more money will help pay off the huge 18 trillion debt we’ve doubled under Obama.
    Explain to me how Obamacare is free and how all Americans is going to save more on Obamacare.
    Please explain to me how legal Americans will be able to work whenever illegals will have to compete with legal citizens?
    Explain to me why Obama wouldn’t discriminate against one party or one race in order to please other ethnic groups?
    There is a balance to this and Obama has knocked everything out of place.
    Remember Obamas shovel ready jobs program is dead.
    The 40 hour work week because of Obamacare will be cut back.
    Tell me how adding over five million illegals to our system is going to help an already stressed system.

    Put it this way taxes are going up right along with debt and not enough jobs. We are stressing our system …

  26. Do you know how dependant the US is on immigrant labor?

    How many states economies are dependant on immigrant labor?

    You’d starve to death without immigrant labor?

    Many business would collapse without immigrant labor?

    Don’t you like healthcare?

    Immigrant labor comes from many countries not just south of the border.

    Your newly found white sheet suits you.

  27. They have us trained to see everything as a sports competition. The only goal is winning. Sportsmanship is for suckers. Winning is all you need.

    And they have come to believe it. Thus, the out-of-bubble meltdowns and ignorant pontificating. Hunger Game mentality.

  28. To be very blunt Gab You talk of Palin, well she has you by the little standup penis of yours, we all know it….she excites you, makes you feel like a man all the while taking your money to the bank, Laughing all the way. Sucker!!!!

  29. Sounds like a lot of personal attacking here with little to no intellectual content… But love to see how Limbaugh causes the left to show how right Gruber was about his voting base….

  30. I watched the re-run of that interview just awhile ago. Took a quick peek in between watching my football game (Seattle vs. Philadelphia) BTW…I am rooting for Philadelphia. Ok, here’s my take away from that Interview with FOX’s Chris Wallace. Chris was deferrential to Limbaugh, as though he was interviewing some sacred Republican icon. Chris apologized to Limbaugh, just before hitting him with a “hardball” question. Chris actually said: Rush, You are my friend…I know you a long time, blah, blah, blah, but…….(question came after the bowing and kissing of Rush’s face). Yuk! The Rush, being Rush went on his maniacal rant. Chris Wallace looked, oh so pleased with Rush’s answers and gave him more openings to continue. In other words, Rush is revered more so than the POPE by the FOX flacks! His word is gospel, Rush’s viewpoints are accepted and NOT refuted 100% only with feeble brushbacks by Chris Wallace I determined that yes, Rush Limbaugh is their Guru.

  31. “Explain to me how Obamacare is free and how all Americans is going to save more on Obamacare.”

    No one EVER said Obamacare was free to everyone however, why don’t you stretch your mind a bit if it is not too painful and read some facts instead of gossip.

    Explain to me why Obama wouldn’t discriminate against one party or one race in order to please other ethnic groups?

    Your operative word here is “wouldn’t”. do you know that he has?

    Remember Obamas shovel ready jobs program is dead.

    Yep! Do you remember who killed it?

    The 40 hour work week because of Obamacare will be cut back.

    Yep! Because employer are too greedy and don’t want to have to insure their employees. It saves them lots of bucks to line their own pockets. Just like paying minimum wages.

    Anything more?

  32. AND a liar. Were you aware that he PROMISED if Obamacare passed he was moving to Costa Rica? Why is he still here?

  33. If Chris Wallace could have gotten away with it he would have unzipped Limbaugh’s fly and given him a loving blow job on the air.

  34. By the way I’m Hispanic and I am here legally. I am what you consider a minority. I am leaning more right because the more I listen to Dems the more disgusted i become.
    I made a few comments trying to get others perspectives and in return I’m called a racist right winger.
    I voted republican last election because I’m just sick of how the Left abuses the system and treats it’s voter base like shite.
    I asked how can socialism work and in return no answer just more personal attacks.
    I’m no longer leaning left due to the sheer diss regard and lack of respect from the left.
    By the way I get my news from left and right networks. I even get my news from eastern news networks.
    I am opened minded but I see that the left will never change and will never attempt to actually work with the other side.
    I do work and I am a middle class American. The reason I am putting this out there is because I want to debunk this myth by the left that all minorities vote democrat.

  35. It certainly makes sense that you would vote for the party that wants nothing to do with you.

    Move along with your BS.

  36. Hey John…You know that that “agree” 1st one is from me, ok. Ha! So true. What does Limbaugh have over the Right wing? He speaks their language, he says it the way they want it to be said. So, they are all as F-ed up as Rush! And frankly speaking, there is not much we can do about it. But continue to refute their points of view, and continue to embarrass them into submission. I don’t think we ever will. The CULT mentality is strong and hard to break. Same with the Republican Party—they are cult like. Zombies, and scary. Yikes! ;)

  37. Gabriel: Andale! Estas con los Republicanos….Si? Okay, ask any Republican what he thinks about you (you know what I mean) then if you walk away with the Real answer thrown in your face…please don’t look for sympathy from the Party that is ACTUALLY doing something for Hispanics. The Republicans could care less about your well being, if they could,, Republicans deny you that fact Amigo. They are pissed that General Santa Anna won at the Alamo, don’t you get it amigo? If it was up to Republicans, you will ALL be barred from being called Americans. Especially Latinos from the South-West, who are more connected to that part of America than most Central and South American Latinos….So maybe you are from Mexico. Sounds so. No problema….Open your eyes and be with the Party that is really FOR YOU!

  38. Gabe…hmm
    So I’ve live in several states and have a diverse friend population. The only Hispanic republican friends I have are of Cuban descent. They switched parties during the Elian Gonzalez debacle…strictly a emotional decision, not based on economics, immigration. So if you are telling the truth….99% of YOUR chosen party looks down their nose at you simply because you are brown….FACT!

  39. Otra cosa….Marco Rubio thinks like you, and look at how the Republican Party treats him: Like $hit! Okay. So, go figure and keep kissing their A$$es like the Stockholm Syndrome hostage you sound like. Look up “Stockholm Syndrome” on Google. You will see what I mean.

  40. He isnt hispanic, he was never a dem and he is probably paid or convinced to post that garbage. ANyone can tell he is lying

  41. I’m more of a libertarian at heart and no I moved from Spain to Italy then moved to the states. My parents own a small business.
    My family is friends with a lot of conservative people. The only reason we were moderate in our political views was for the fact we thought by being moderate we would become well balanced in our views.
    That’s not the case now and what was once a good thing is now turned into extremism.
    If I disagree with gay marriage then I’m classified as a hater and a dangerous person.
    If I disagree with Illegal immigration then I’m called a racist and I’m Hispanic. So that can’t be true because I’m a minority.
    If I disagree with Obama’s policies then I’m racist.
    I believe in the constitution and individual rights. I’ve found out that the tea party and I have more in common than I do with even moderates in the democrat party.
    I listen to conservatives and I get more logical responses from them than I do left wingers.

  42. I listen to conservatives and I get more logical responses from them than I do left wingers.
    That explains everything that you wrote is either a lie, falsehood and just plain stupidity.

  43. You are a libertarian? Do you go to sleep with a picture of Ayn Rand?
    Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer
    Her works are treated as gospel by right-wing powerhouses like Alan Greenspan and Clarence Thomas, but Ayn Rand found early inspiration in 1920’s murderer William Hickman.

    You cant make this shit up

  44. LOL! Now there’s more of the RWNJ screed. If I say this I am that. What a victim

    The tea party is now pushing religious force. The people of the tea party still think they are after small government

    I am sorry, but you are either so stupid your mother is typng for you, or you are a paid liar. You are mouthing everything the paod posters do.

  45. @ Former Democrat…

    “The Democrats lost the midterms because we want Obama stopped. We want his policies stopped including immigration, healthcare and education.”

    Who is this “WE” you speak of. Perhaps you should speak for yourself and leave the rest of us to do the same.

  46. Gabriel, there is soooo much one can gather from your revelation as to who you are and what you believe in.
    First. Numero Uno #1: You are by no means a Liberterian. Coming from Spain tells me so. Spain by no means have Libertarian tendencies. Franco made sure of that, and it is part of the fabric. Sounds to me you are and is part of the oligarchy, spawned in Spain, developed in Italy and now settled into the 1% of America, therefore I THINK you identify with Conservative Right Wing 1%ers. Your Family owns a business, ok. no problem, but which party allows it to flourish? Unless your business is part of the 500 fortune companies, Democrats is the Party that give your company latitude to be successful without restrictions. Ok? Republicans talk the talk, but restrict growth of small companies. Look it up! Secondly: No, I would not consider you a hater or racist because you object to Obama’s policies, Immigration and Gay rights, what I consider you is: A phony, hypocrite and a snob…

  47. Gabe, you must be a masochist.
    Anyway, A lot of people in the US vote against their own interest.
    Why would you be against Health Care for the Poor and Middle Class. I am positive that you call yourself a CHRISTIAN.

  48. Gabriel sounds like the Oligarchy Cubans who are Republicans because they believe in suppressing the poor and middle class to keep their status-quo. In Cuba, Batista was a de-facto Republican type. The 1% so to speak who brainwashed a certain group of ignorant followers to do their biding, while screwing their well being. Sounds familiar? Look at the rich Cubans in Florida….they are most 100% likely to be Republicans, the rest, middle class Cubans MAY be Democrats, but you never know, just like the poor in Appalchia who vote for Republicans who gives them $hit, those Cubans in Florida may be brainwashed like them. Lawd, this is so confusing! ;)

  49. Gabe, what personal attacks? The truth hurts. Facts got you to scream out OUCH! Typical Republican / Conservative: Throws out trash talk and mud and a whole lot of bile, then when the pushback come—Hollers No Mas! Or yells: NOT FAIR! or some other talking points from your survival book on how to counter Democratic back-lash. Deal with IT! Or, depart the frying pan. Kappish?

  50. Shiva…I do believe Gabe (Gabriel) has left the building. Ha! Too much heat from us. His attitude was Snobbish as far as I could gather. He apparently wants to be with the Republicans because it / they fit his outlook: Which is namely, SCREW THEM! I got mine, let them get theirs. I saw trough his or her comments. Called himself a Libertarian. ??? Really? Did not make his case, as far as I am concerned.


  52. Rush was Brilliant!???? Are you for real? !!!! Your bar is soooo low you can’t see what real brilliance is and have to accept Rush’s BS as brilliance. Tsk, Tsk…..

    Mussolini was thought to be as brilliant too…what happened to him and his country?

    Joe McCarthy was thought to be brilliant…what happened to him? Ted Cruz, your Joe McCarthy wannabe, will also be discredited and humiliated in time. So, Brilliance in your eyes is a FLAW.

  53. I can only assume that Costa Rica wanted nothing to do with him.

    Which is good because it’s one less country who has to deal with this worthless coward.

  54. I was going to comment but I see Shiva played

    Qxf7# on Gabriel and dj is already mad at me.

    I think I’m just going to grab the bourbon

    instead and go out and sit on the curb.

  55. G, you need to Google socialism…you clearly have no idea what it is and it certainly does not exist in American in any shape or form.

  56. Rash Slimebaugh sucks. He’s nothing but a druggie, so you don’t expect any meaningful thing from him.

  57. I heard rushit on the radio in Sacramento many years ago and he trashtalked all of the people he now is puppetmaster of. He ridiculed the people of Rio Linda CA because they had acreage, horses ,RVs or weren’t very educated. If you don’t believe me ask anyone who lived in Rio Linda back then. Rush believed himself to be far more intelligent than anyone else and ridiculed the “intelligentsia”, since he was obviously smarter (yah right). I thought he was an uneducated buffoon then and I still do. The amazing thing is he has convinced the very people he hates that he is their muse/leader.

  58. President received 65.9 million votes in 2012. In 2014 GOP candidates received 37.4 million votes.
    In 2014 40 million Democrats nonvoting, and 20 million nonvoting Republicans.
    Same thing happened in 2010. Democrats stayed home.
    Republicans wouldn’t ever have a chance if Democrats came out in the midterms.

  59. Mr. Former Democrat, first that’s a lie you’re a Repub, you need to take your argumentative ass on and catch up with your hateful crowd.

  60. And Mr Gabriel, you are a troll, I am not going to debate with you and wish others would ignore you, you’re talking and saying nothing you live for debate. Why don’t you tuck your tail between your legs and leave. What are you running for? Airhead of the year?. You don’t read just
    argue, this kind of BS keeps everybody who answers it, you think off kilter. You’re just another backstabber, yes I said it, and why the hell are you here? Go Away…New Day..

  61. What is the issue with this? That the GOP is also for open borders? Of course they are. Bush was an open borders guy. Indeed, Obama’s record on deportations is better and so was Clinton’s. Both parties are tripping over each other to cater to Mexican citizens at a time Americans have no jobs. Its all about votes, all about power and Hispanics are a bigger and bigger part of the population. Both parties are disgusting. They don’t want the best for the country. It’s all about getting reelected and staying in power. Country be damned. In 20 years, we will be like Greece.

  62. Bipartisan Destruction

    And because Dems didn’t vote they gave more power to insane paranoid people like limpball. So, the demiss of this country will not only be the fault of the actions of the republican party but also the fault of the inaction of the Democratic party.

  63. It absolutely does exist here, and it’s a good thing – don’t let the trolls set the definitions of words that they fear, seeking to use them against anyone who disagrees with them. Many “socialist” programs are and have been for many decades very popular in this country (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The Postal System, VA Healthcare, US Congressional Healthcare, at al) – it would be more correct to call them “social democracy” programs. Those who think that this country is a true “democracy” need to spend more time with a dictionary, and get over being frightened by words that they mis-define.

  64. “If I disagree with Illegal immigration then I’m called a racist and I’m Hispanic. So that can’t be true because I’m a minority”.

    Help me out here – do you think that you cannot be a racist because you are Hispanic, or because you consider yourself a minority? Only “white” people can be racists?
    Merely disagreeing with a concept such as illegal immigration or gay marriage does not make one a racist or a bigot, but taking it beyond disagreement to the point of agreeing with the hateful and hurtful spew of people like Limbaugh and Palin does.

  65. You asked for it Gab!!!!
    You came here to this site with all your far right crap, garbage and lies. You say you never say things that insults? I’d say Gab you are just what your being called…
    Don’t expect this crowd to swallow the shovel full of rethug sound bites. We, are smarter then that. Rush Palin, Cruz, and all other rethugs have been revealed to any thinking person a long time ago. Sooo please go back to what you love and long for.

  66. The Dems have political PTSD and the repubs have a huge group of voters who are brainwashed and propagandized. (I love that those repubs are old and leaving the planet daily)

    The rest of the voters are not tied to a political party. They are sorely lacking in political thinking skills and knowledge. The Dems lack a massive message machine like the repubs. Where are the rich left leaners to provide the seed money? It’s now or never.

  67. Shows you how desperate the left is. To consider this a “meltdown” just shows they are trying to nibble up and try to exaggerate any tidbit they can. There was no meltdown here ladies and gents, it simply does not exist. Nice try though (well, not really.)

  68. it’s not a meltdown if you believe everything that Rush says. If you believe in Rush then you cannot see what he did. If you could stand outside and actually take a look at what he said you would see the meltdown.. But we do not expect that if you because you are conditioned not to see

  69. Your comment is by far the funniest I’ve ever seen. Take your meds like a good boy, they should help eliminate your delusions. Bless your heart, thanks for the laugh.

  70. I don’t believe that the person who wrote this article watched the show. I am a democrat and we should be worried that the Republicans look much smarter than the president and democrats we elected. The democrats didn’t lose because they were doing their jobs.

  71. How does one look smarter? By putting on glasses? This right here is the problem. Looks smarter!! Hey I have a radical idea. How about just being smart for a change. SMDH

  72. And murdering the citizenry and decimating the republic as they go. Attrition is a good thing, but they know that too and they’re willing to take the whole country with them. This is not the time to be passive.

  73. We dont worry about the republicans looking smart. Its not in their genetic makeup
    You are not a democrat

  74. What? Did Rush quote Hillary’s Benghazi comment, “WHAT DOES IT MATTER”? There’s some truth to that…the operative poll is on election day. The shutdown really only served to alienate us from Cruz and provide some cable TV drama for a few weeks.

    Actually it was a pretty decent intv.. they made their points. Rush just isn’t used to him NOT being in the drivers seat, but he was mindful who’s show it was anyway.

    Hope Fox has him on more often. I like to see him being pushed a little and also made to be more succinct.

  75. borderline? Rush crossed that border long ago. (I know what borderline means in psychology terms, just wanted to get this snark into the thread)

  76. you people blow my mind you know that big money runs this country but you have to blame the puppets how you see in public, it is not there fault what is made law in government the country was turned over to big money years ago, so look behind the government to see where the money is going like Obama favors insurance co. look and keep your eyes open.

  77. Yeah… I see you dropped your tinfoil hat there. I stepped on it by accident. Sorry.

    Here, have it back. It looks better all crushed up and messy then it does on your head.

  78. Did you miss the classic moment when Wallace interrupted, apologetically, saying he “loves to hear” Rush talk, to which, without a beat, Rush responds: “I do, too, I really do.”

  79. You are kidding right? The Tea Party has no clue what the US Constitution says. They haven’t read it. They only rant about our President violating it because Faux News says so. If they were to read it, they’d find out there is more to it than the Second Amendment in it. They’d actually see the parts about the general welfare of the people (not just the rich 1%) and that it is the Republicans who tend to ignore the parts of the Constitution that they don’t like. Read it and realize who you are backing.

  80. Shutting Down “our” government is against the law “the US Constitution”.

    U.S. Code› Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2384
    18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
    Current through Pub. L. 113-185. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    US Code
    Notes prev | next
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both

  81. Thank God for American heroes like Rush, Levin, Savage et al. And to hell with America haters like you.

  82. This headline and text is a fine example of Leftist denial and self-delusion (cf, Google “drsanity” – a retired Prof of Clinical Psychiatry at the Uiversity of Michigan School of Medicine – for more authoritative diagnoses of the Left v Right’s comparative psychologies).

    In 2010, Republicans won a victory not seen since the Roosevelt years (1938, I believe). This year, the Pubbie won a victory not seen since the 1920s. in other words, NO Democrat has see mid-term election defeats of this extreme degree since there were 48 states for the first time, ie, about century.

    Those are historic facts. Wallace’ preaching to the polls tells you how completely out of touch the Beltway crowd is today. (PS – I haven’t voted since 2008 at all.)

  83. Victorys are relative. With few voters voting, is a victory a victory?

    However, your post has nothing to do with Rush Limpballs falling apart. Please remain on topic

  84. It’s amazing to see a pig in a suit jacket, doing a radio show. Our little oxicontin snorting piggy boy subhuman scum. Some day he will be caught bangin little boys at hotel pederast in the Dominican Republic. If I had the cash, I would offer a huge reward $$$ for the pictures on the cover of the STAR, at the Grocery store, Next to Oprah’s Weight gain tragedy, and Jennifer Lopez butt implants. There he would be all greasey, with the massive rolls of pig fat rolling around in debauchery snorting his filthy drugs off the butt of a 12 year old, as the paparazzi, and the police break down the door, and beat him senseless, which would barely take a slap.

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