Bobby Jindal Threatens America with a Rick Perry ‘The Response’ Redux


Remember back in 2012 when Rick Perry tried to rally the Religious Right to his particular crazy rain with his prayer rally, The Response, held at Reliant Stadium in Houston? This was a cataclysmic collision of fake-Christian militants and Republican politics where hypocrisy and lies took center stage. We the People met God’s plan at The Response – and lost.

Perry had every lunatic fringer and extremist who could be found crammed into that place, including self-proclaimed prophets and apostles. And he lost the election. Disastrously. I mean, screw up in a debate or two and God will kick you under a bus faster than…well, faster than Rick Perry can figure out where he is or what he’s going to say next.

Rick Perry wasn’t the one. Will it be…Morning Joe’s man-crush, Bobby Jindal? Got it in one! That torch has passed to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is going to have a response of his own. In the only place not only striving to be dumber than Texas, but succeeding: Louisiana.

So coming our way next January is “The Response: Louisiana” yay. What Bobby J wants from you, America, is to “turn back to God” and “light the spark that starts a spiritual revival that will put these United States of America back on the right path.”

No. Not “on” the right path, but “in” it, I think. Presumably, so we can get run over by a car driven by Ted Cruz, assuming he doesn’t steer straight for the ditch, that is.

No thanks, Bobby J! You are not going to walk into the White House like a boss. Not on my watch.

Check out Bobby J’s appeal courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

You know as many of us survey our country today, we’re worried about what we see. We see a weak economy. Many of us worry about whether our children will inherit the same opportunities we inherited from our parents. We worry about whether they will be able to pursue the American dream. Too many think if we just elect the right politician, pass the right law, pass the right policies, that will fix all that ails America. But what we really need in these United States is a spiritual revival. Winston Churchill once said about the American people, ‘you can trust the Americans to do the right thing – after they have exhausted all the alternatives.’ Well we have exhausted the alternatives. It is time to turn back to God. That is why I am so excited to invite you to come in January, come to The Response here in the Pete Maravich Center on the LSU campus in Baton Rouge. It will be a time of prayer of fasting, of repentance, of celebration. It is time to light the spark that starts a spiritual revival that will put these United States of America back on the right path.


So basically, what Jindal is telling us is this: The economy the GOP destroyed, and keep trying to destroy, is weak, and that because of this, and because they don’t want Obama to fix it, as he has undeniably been doing, “we have exhausted the alternatives. It is time to turn back to God.”

Apparently, the alternatives don’t include a Democrat fixing what a Republican destroyed.

The last time all the religious fanatics got together, good mojo did not result. Rick Perry did not come out looking like Jesus of Nazareth. Heck, he didn’t even look like Pontius Pilate…or King Herod. A morality play it was not, unless it was one where God’s message gets completely lost.

Rick Perry chose the dark side. Given Bobby Jindal has already chosen the dark side as well, is there any need for this farce to go forward?

We are beset with would-be messiahs, each more flawed than the last. And Bobby isn’t even fighting the ghost of Rick Perry, but his own.

So this response had better be better than his last response:

That response was bad. We don’t want a Republican version of Mr. Rogers as president. That’s just creepy. I am sure the rest of the world feels the same way.

So if you want a bunch of really creepy, corrupt, religious freedom-hating illiterates who think the earth is 6,000 years old trying to sneak a peek up your wife’s, mother’s, girlfriend’s, daughter’s vagina, before they go out to stone your gay brother and teach your kids that slavery was great for black folks, fine: go ahead and choose Bobby Jindal. Because that’s what you’ll get.

If you want an America at least resembling the one the Founding Fathers intended, don’t do that. We’ve never exhausted our alternatives. The economy is improving despite every roadblock the Republicans can put up, and if God can’t lower the price of gasoline back down to a buck a gallon, well, I don’t think he can “save” America either.

On the other hand, by the GOP’s own estimation, President Obama has lowered the price of gas. I think that tells us pretty much all we need to know. Americans CAN do anything, and will. The GOP can either join us, or get out of the way. And that includes YOU, Bobby Jindal, and whatever god you’re pretending to worship.

32 Replies to “Bobby Jindal Threatens America with a Rick Perry ‘The Response’ Redux”

  1. Bobby is a fool. I am not crazy about his being the governor of my state and I sure the hell don’t want him being the President of our country.

  2. The economy is improving despite every roadblock the Republicans can put up…

    This is surely one of the most remarkable achievements of the Obama presidency. Despite the smarmy, seditious, petulant obstructionism of the GOP, Obama has managed to check that scatological, coke-addled Bush kid’s tanking of Economy, Finance, Real Estate, Retirement Security, etc, and put us on a solid path to solvency and growth.

    Obama receives virtually no credit for this stunning record.
    I can think of only one reason for this…
    An utterly irresponsible Shiny-object Press.

  3. I’ve been watching Republican politicians for years and simply do not believe that they believe in that fairy tale nonsense. They’ve got to be smarter than that, they are just playing to the ignorant people that will vote for their brand of politics however misguided it is.

  4. The problem is that the idiots who vote Republican think the economy is still in the tank. Republicans live in their bubble and they don’t allow any information contrary to their warped view of the world to get in.

    I tell Republicans that I know of the good things happening in the country and they are truly clueless, they ask, where did you get that information from, that’s a lie, it isn’t true.

    I still keep posting all sorts of news about what is happening with the economy and what the right-wing leadership is trying to do on my Facebook page where those who haven’t unfollowed or unfriended me can see it. I don’t know how much good it does, but at least some have to see it.

    Republicans give a whole new meaning to the phrase keeping your head in the sand. We have severe messaging problems due to a corporate owned, and for profit media. We also have a problem because we have Democrats who are afraid to be Democrats and Republicans who lie as naturally as the rest of us br…

  5. I try to explain that to friends and family members who call themselves Christians, but they just don’t believe it. You have to realize that the ability to believe in 3000 year old campfire stories as the absolute truth already demonstrates a severe detachment from reality.

  6. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. You fail to realize that Ben Carson is the Tea Party’s “see we can vote for a brown guy too, snicker, snicker” choice for the next primary cycle. The candidates’ clown car won’t have room for another. But unleashing a hellfire “going back to gawd” speech is a nice try.

  7. Really? Do we really need another one of these shows that basically show what we know about these people?

  8. For a Christian, going “back to God”, obviously means embracing the values of Jesus Christ as shown in the Bible.

    Welcome the sinners and the poor.
    Feed the hungry.
    Fight the Righteous.
    Warn about how difficult it is for the wealthy to enter the Kingdom of God.

    In other words, reject the values of the Religious Right.

  9. You are right in your article… but I think we need to be honest. We haven’t exhausted the alternatives, and alternatives that the right wing will support. Right wing is saying Americans are screwed.. they are right. We are screwed when 4000 multimillionaires and 492 billionaires DO NOT pay FEDERAL TAXES that support all of us. We are screwed when the elected officials from all sides vote over and over again to give $3 trillion to the rich and corporations and leave us only with $1 trillion to run the government. The $3 Trillion giveaway is twice as much as Social Security and Medicare. We are screwed when it is our elected officials that are BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDERS, letting Americans suffer and die needlessly. Stop denying that we are in bad shape.. stand up and say yes and here is why. End of soap box.

  10. you can bet that none of the top people at the response will be fasting or be repentant. After all they are already Jesus in their own minds.

    Why do these people never tell us when America was a godly country? It hasn’t been a godly country in my lifetime of 64 years. During the founders time, America was a pretty mean place to live if you are religious.

    I think we can call this what it is, he is just grasping at everything that everyone else has failed at. he knows he is in the self, he knows all you have to do is mention religion, and he knows that you have to invite the top oppressive and repressive religious leaders possible.

    sorry, not interested in your God. Especially the one that helped you cut education in your state. A state that is near the bottom in education to start with

  11. It is surreal to see him talk with a southern accent. Just another dime a dozen that use christianity to get in office.

  12. It’s way past time for the blanket term “christian” not be be challenged and scrutinized more closely when it is tossed over an organization to hide what it is really up to.

    “The Response” is an answer to “The Call” by Lou Engle, a self-appointed, self-anointed apostles of the New Apostolic Reformation. (NAR).

    “The Response” prayer rally is, if nothing else, revealing the growing political influence of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) evangelists.

    These are people who believe they have supernatural powers and the divine authority to rule over “the nations.” The prayer rally is a snippet of a widespread, well-organized movement.

    The NAR evangelists embrace “seven mountains dominionist theology,” a belief that Christians must dominate seven “mountains” of culture which include church/religion, family, education, arts and entertainment, business/finance, media and government.

  13. “… a bunch of really creepy, corrupt, religious freedom-hating illiterates who think the earth is 6,000 years old”

    Believing the earth is only 6,000 years old is one thing, the problem for me is their belief that it’s not going to get any older, at least not in this format and not before going through the tribulations of the final days, the casting to eternal hell fire for all non-“properly”-believing souls, and after the rapture – the restoration of the righteous to their eternal, exalted, eternal place in the new heaven on earth.

    They really do believe it, and they really do have no limit to their funding as long as they remain aligned with the goals of various billionaires starting with the Kochs.

  14. The creepy people of the GOP do not have to believe all the religious stuff they burp, it is just their blanket to cover their real intentions and to fool the naive ignorant believers.

    The “sheep” in their flock trust them as they pretend to be on theirside, while the leadership only uses the fools to enrich themselves. Bobby needs to look in the mirror and look at that black face, he is fooling himself, pretending to be white, he’ll be disappointed when he discovers that he is not really welcome, and may not survive the street scene and a police stop.

  15. For a euro-Christians, it means traveling great distances to kill people you don’t know in order to steal real estate you don’t own.

    For Louisiana’s King Bobby, it means cozening the peasants into living on scraps and prayers. We sure don’t have healthcare, education or infrastructure here.

  16. I followed the link you provided. Interesting stuff.

    Ted Cruz’s father is a follower of the dominionist cult and Cruz Jr. was anointed by a group of dominionist pastor as a “king”.

    After reading this information I think that this is what is pushing Cruz to try to become president.

    In this case Jindal can forget even trying to run in the Republican primary. He hasn’t been anointed.

  17. The ‘gawd’ these jokers are selling is a construct of European monks and kings. Yahweh never talked like queen Elizabeth I. ‘Thou’s and ‘shalt not’s are 17th century English, compliments of King James the Poisoner. White euro-Jesus is a product of European artists and scholars.

    The disconnects between ‘Sermon on the Mount’ Jesus and euro-Jesus are a result of European interpretations of a Byzantine political tool.

    Euro-Jesus promotes the notion of skin color as a birth right, not genetics and luck. Handy notion, if you are a barbarian.

  18. ‘Big spending Government’ is a right-wing construct.
    They would like you to believe that it is the role of government to grovel to any private entity claiming to create jobs.

    The role of government is to provide the infrastructure – education, peace keeping, transportation systems, healthcare – that free us to create our own economy.

    Not stock broker, not lifestyle coach. Property managers.

  19. Churchill’s quote about Americans doing the right thing was meant as a back-handed “compliment”. Jindal is thinking it is a positive thing, just like Reagan wanting to use “Born in the USA” as a campaign song. The right can’t see the forest for the trees!

  20. What we dont need is anymore hypocrite republicans. They talk alot about being Christian but dont live it. Sick of em. Phonies like Mitt Romney (liar i chief)is a scumbag.

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