Desperate Republican Are Stumbling Into Repeating Their Bush Mistake

Jeb bush

Points of Light Chairman Neil Bush thinks his brother Jeb Bush should run for President in 2016 now that mom Barbara Bush is on board.

Watch here courtesy of Bloomberg:

While she had objected in the past, Neil Bush told Bloomberg’s Trish Regan on Street Smart that “many people have come up to her” to say that he should run because “this country needs leadership” and “he can bring the country together.”

“So,” Neil Bush says, “Even my mom is starting to swing a little bit.”

Yeah, it’s totally unifying to suggest the country doesn’t have leadership right now, just because the person in the White House is from the other party. LOL forever Republicans. By “bringing the country together” they must mean The Country for Old White Men, because currently everyone is together except for the bitter, raging dinosaurs from the GOP/Fox News.

If there is one thing the Bushes aren’t remembered for, it’s the unity W wrought after 9/11, Katrina and the Bush market crash of 2008. So it’s going to be bizarre for the Bush family dynasty to run on UNITY so soon. Unity, as in, hey, let’s invade a sovereign nation on a lie and then accuse anyone who questions us of not loving their country. That’s the Bush brand of unity. You’re either with us or you belong in Gitmo. It’s very simple when there’s a “decider”; aka, “leadership”.

Neil Bush had a caveat for his brother, the former Governor of Florida, though. Jeb Bush will need to decide if he can enter the campaign fray “with joy”. Otherwise, you know, it’s totally not worth it. This is called putting feelers out there. If anecdotal middle America stories offer any gauge, I was sitting next to a woman from a very conservative town in the middle of white Republicanville when this idea was first being pushed on TV last week, and she pursed her lips and announced, “It’s too soon.” No one disagreed with her.

Meanwhile the frothing right hates Jeb Bush because they still believe that any shred of human decency shown to undocumented workers is “amnesty”, and they are totally against amnesty, like Jesus would have been. Amnesty is only for the white people who own Christmas and run this country from their version of the Bible like it’s supposed to be.

Former President George W. Bush has already weighed in, sharing his delusion that Jeb Bush could totally beat Hillary Clinton were she to run.

The only person beating Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican primary polls right now is… recent presidential loser Mitt Romney. That tells you more about the state of the modern day GOP than words ever could. Oh, sure, it’s early days. But when they’re pinning hopes on a guy who was already massively rejected and the younger brother to the guy who ran the country into the deepest recession since the Great Depression, things are not rosy for the GOP when it comes to winning the White House.

It seems the only people who don’t realize IT’S TOO SOON FOR ANOTHER BUSH are the Bushes, the Republican party, and the Republican base. Other than that, it’s all good. Oh, except for the Koch brothers who are cooking up their own party in all but name. They might prefer better circus performer like Ted Cruz. Only time will tell.

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  1. The new info surfacing today about much-worse-than-expected CIA torture prior to 9/11 isn’t going to help the Bushies, nor would the history of the Bush family if it were made known to the multitudes. W is just the latest, dumbest example of that hideous clan.

  2. What could be funnier then the gop thinking rommey is a choice for president. But then again the guy couldn’t talk without lying, maybe he is thew very essence of a republican.

    Bush will not be the man in office he is now. He will be owned like W, pushed into wars for religion and pushed to drop taxes on all the rich

    BTW millionaires, you arnt included in the tax drop

  3. Yeah that’s exactly what we need after 8 years of George “War Criminal” Bush, Jeb “Stand your Ground” Bush

    I won’t even vote for someone with the last name starting with a B because of his brother, I’m exaggerating, but that’s how horrible of a President his brother was

    Now I definitely know Republicans have lost their damn minds

  4. The torture report is bringing W out of the Texas hinterland and back into the spotlight to play defense. Jeb doesn’t stand a chance if people start recalling the Cheney years.

  5. After the midterm election results, I have to say this and I do not mean to offend, but whites are likely to vote for Jeb Bush. They think George W. did a great job, so why not another Bush? He won’t win, but Fix News has diluted all common sense from these people to the point that they think a Bush in office is a great idea!

  6. Yet shrub insists that his brother could totally beat Hillary Clinton if she decides to run.

    Jeb Bush, the man that pretty much gave the election to G. W.

    I don’t know if anybody remembers this, but when the Florida was going thru the recounts and the Republicans filed a suit in the Supreme Court to have the recounts stopped, Jeb said he didn’t care which way the Court decided, he was going to call the Legislature into session and make sure every representative selected for the Electoral College would vote for G. W.

    Yep, this is just the guy we would want as president.

  7. “Even my mom is starting to swing a little bit.”

    There is not enough Viagra on the planet for that to ever happen, even doggie style…

  8. “… currently everyone is together except for the bitter, raging dinosaurs from the GOP/Fox News.”

    As the recent election returns amply demonstrated. Oh wait…

  9. Yeah, let’s take advice from Neil Bush, the man behind the largest theft in the history of the world, costing US taxpayers $1.4 TRILLION dollars: the Savings and Loan Scandal.

  10. For Dumya’s first term he was APPOINTED president NOT elected.
    The chad incident happened in FL where Jeb so happened to be gov, coincidence…..NOPE it was planned.

  11. If this country goes for another Bush the world ought to consider us all, complete idiots! If this country goes for another Bush it will not be a win with out some sort of management from the *(holy honest)* rethugs…

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