GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Thinks Release Of CIA Torture Report “Politically Motivated”


On Tuesday, after Senate Democrats released a detailed report showing the CIA’s use of torture was both ineffective and far more expansive than previously acknowledged, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) released a statement where he said that the release of the report was “politically motivated.” He didn’t go into details about what the political motivation was for the report, but one can assume he was discussing the appearance of so-called Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday before a House committee.

“The timing of the release is problematic given the growing threats we face. Terrorism is on the rise, and our enemies will seize upon this report at a critical time. Simply put, this is not the time to release the report.

“I believe its release at this time is politically motivated. I have no doubts that it will create problems for our country and the men and women serving our nation around the globe.”

Elsewhere in his statement, Graham not only claimed that there were ulterior motives for releasing the report, he also found a way to paint the Obama Administration as soft on terror. While claiming he doesn’t condone the use of terror, Graham attacked President Obama for providing basic civil and human rights to suspected terrorists and supposed “enemy combatants.”

“We have now gone from one extreme to the other. We’ve gone from waterboarding to reading Miranda Rights and providing taxpayer funded lawyers to foreign terror suspects within days of capture. In addition, we no longer hold and lawfully interrogate High Value Targets who can provide valuable intelligence to prevent future attacks.

“The policies the Obama Administration has employed treats terrorists as common criminals, not enemy combatants. I’m convinced their criminalization of the war is causing our nation to lose valued intelligence which can help protect our nation.”

First off, when dealing with the “politically motivated” timing of the report’s release, Democrats have been wanting more detailed information about the CIA’s use of torture for at least a decade now. Once the report was complete, Senate Democrats were going to release it, no matter what was going on that particular day on Capitol Hill. Considering that Republicans have one made-up scandal after another that they’re chasing, they can pretty much claim any release of important and vital information is a distraction to the Republican scandal du jour. In this instance, conservatives are trying to make hay out of an economist’s inelegant comments and are upset that real news is trumping another witch hunt.

As far as whining about Obama being soft on terrorists, it seems Graham and other Republicans want to find a way to distance themselves from the CIA’s inhumane tactics while still endorsing them. Notice how Graham carefully uses his words in his statement to demonize Obama while suggesting that we should still, you know, maybe kind of torture the bad guys.

Graham wasn’t the only one who was upset by the release of the report. Soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) co-released a statement with outgoing Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) criticizing the public release. They complained that our national security would somehow be harmed by the report’s release.

The following is from their statement, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:

“As we have both stated before, we are opposed to this study and believe it will present serious consequences for U.S. national security. Regardless of what one’s opinions may be on these issues, the study by Senate Democrats is an ideologically motivated and distorted recounting of historical events. The fact that the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation program developed significant intelligence that helped us identify and capture important al-Qa’ida terrorists, disrupt their ongoing plotting, and take down Usama Bin Ladin is incontrovertible. Claims included in this report that assert the contrary are simply wrong.”

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  1. Well, if he thinks torture works, why don’t we start by using it… oh, I don’t know, with him.

    See how he likes being on the receiving end of half of the crap our country did. You wouldn’t like it either.

  2. Yes, it was politically motivated. If the Dems had not issued it before the Republican takeover in January, it would have been lost to history forever. I salute the Democratic Senate for what it did.

  3. Dude, drop the dead horse, OK?

    The report proved that everything was a false lie made up to smear the White House because, let’s face it, Republicans can’t do anything anymore without trying to smear Democrats.

    So, go back to your corner, turn around and stay there.

  4. The timing? Just AFTER the mid terms is not exactly a sign of being politically motivated as was the use of Ebola and ISIS by the GOP….which has since been pretty silent on those issues…

  5. So, Sen. Lindsay Graham, AKA “the little jerk,” as penned but his big “bud” Sen. McCain, is going to appear on the Sunday talk shows this coming weekend am sure of that so he can spew his little rant in the faces of the American people.
    OMG, now that his buddy McCain has a new job in Washington, we will never hear the end of these two.

    Aside…Rumor has it that Sarah Palin who lives part time in AZ may run for McCain’s office in AZ next time if McCain decides to run again. What a thought.

  6. Ms. Lindsey go have a mint Julip and STFU!! Yes it was politically motivated by the need to come clean with the truth that the Repubs HATE! Like I’ve said before, It’s not Democrats Vs. Republicans anymore…It’s AMERICANS vs. Republicans!!!

  7. In other words, war is my hobby from behind the lines and we must hide everything. The peons should never know.

    The lady doth protest too much. She needs to go talk to John McCain who gave an impassioned speech on favor of the release

  8. Another nutcase who went ballistic over the release is Nicole Wallace – Palin’s former babysitter and current host on The View. She made a spectacle of herself on Morning Joe.

  9. Lindsey honey, go sit down and take a rest. You know how your blood pressure goes up when you think.

  10. If it were truly “politically motivated”, it would have been released before the election last month.

  11. The Convention Against Torture signed by Reagan and ratified by congress in 1994 mandates each signatory to take legal action when evidence of torture exists.

    Article 2 of the Convention states:

    Each State Party shall take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction. No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat or war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.

    What Reagan Signed

  12. Bush, Cheney and all of the minions knew it was happening – and Bush didn’t even want to WHERE it was happening. They are guilty, guilty, guilty!!!

  13. You might want to read McCain’s floor statement on the torture report before you link him with Graham on this one, he is definitely not in agreement with lil’ Lindsey on this. McCain isn’t going to be very popular on the right when they hear what he said.

  14. What a chucklehead. Not even his blood brother McCain agrees with him regarding the timing issue. And particularly since he has made a living out of politically motivated ginned up national security controversies, Lindsey has some nerve hurling this particular accusation. He showed how unpatriotic and unfit for his office he was when he started bashing the executive in the middle of the Ukraine crisis. So much for ‘the water’s edge.’ What a dirty creep.

  15. The GOP has a network dedicated to combat these unfitting leaks of “truth” … after all you gonna believe your eyes or my lies?

  16. If you ever wanted to know the truth about the horrific impact of torture, see the documentary, “Taxi to the Dark Side”. It came out January 2009 and told the story of one hapless victim, a total innocent who was named by another victim of torture. He was a taxi driver, nothing more, who died because of torture when he was guilty of NOTHING. It is the most heartwrenching story of US power run amok.

    Torture has nothing to do with finding ‘truth’. It is ‘shock and awe’ at the power of the bully. Under Bush and Cheney, that was this nation employing Nazi and Tsarist tactics to terrify people into submission. Torture asserts the power of the sovereign, period. It cares nothing for fact. It cares nothing for the people it harms. President Obama ended this horrific practice, and his willingness to issue the report is historically astonishing. Never underestimate how world changing this is.

  17. Posted in an earlier thread
    All day long I have been reading the redacted version in bits and pieces and I have to say in this condensed version we should be ashamed as a country and I am only about a third through it.

    It makes one wonder what’s in the 5000 pages they didn’t release? We are no better than the Japanese Imperial Army, the Gestapo, the North Korean People’s Army, and the KGB in our moral depravity.

    But it brings everything in focus on being a real American. Murder by the state of unarmed citizens. Racism. The treatment of women etc… We are a nation of torturers. That is who we are. Because even if we didn’t agree we went along and that makes us just as guilty.

    So anyone who still believes there’s a “debate” over whether or not the United States approved torture is an idiot, coward and I have no time for them. There is no debate. We all are guilty

  18. They hate us because we are a free nation. No they hate us because we invade, and bomb their countries, kill innocent people, steal from them and endlessly imprison and torture. I hope people remember it’s the conservatives who want endless wars,lies, hate, and greed is what they base everything they do on.

  19. Is letting us know some of what our government (which should be working for us) does – what he is complaining about? Politics shouldn’t include us?

    Or is it the timing – when *should* the report have been released.

    I’d be willing to give up all of my privacy rights as a very unpleasant cost of having my governments do the same thing.

  20. He was just being kind to that ignorant harpy, John could out debate Nicole Wall-ass if he was half asleep and hung over. My finger hovered over the mute button ready to smite her spiteful ignorance.

  21. Oh, my!!! When the GOPers from Day one of Obama’s takeover of the Presidency, said they would do everything possible not to pass any of his recommendations,,,,POLITICALLy MOTIVATED Turn about is fair play and what goes around comes around,

  22. I saw a clip yesterday of Senator Lindsey Graham denouncing torture. I guess it was from the last decade when we were debating whether or not we should do it in the first place. The clip may have been from 2006 or 2007, when the wheels began to come off the Bush Administration and what they were doing in our name. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Ashcroft, Powell, the CIA leadership, and CIA agents who did this torturing, justified it, did it, participated in it; didn’t complain, and didn’t resign should all be tried for this torture. If we’re not willing to do it, we should turn them over to the International Criminal Court at the Hague. The CIA should be fired, scapped, and disbanded. We could start over from scratch, and we’re at it, we need need to repeal the Patriot Act and FISA. . . .

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