Republicans May Cause Government Shutdown Over Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program

GOP Crying Baby

You’d thought you’d seen it all. And then the Republicans got power over the government…

Last year when Republicans threw yet another poutfest and refused to do their job of funding the government, it was at least allegedly over something remotely related to a policy they hated, though a policy that was passed legally into law after months and months of “debate” (aka, conservative terrorism).

This year, Republicans are going for the full monty of childish behavior. Gone are the real policy complaints. Now they stand naked before the nation demanding cuts to Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch program.

The school lunches get it or else!

Jonathan Weisman and Ashley Parker at The New York Times reported that Republicans claim the school lunch program is “overzealous” (this as they demand an out for contraception coverage in return for funding the government, speaking of “overzealous”):

Congress prepared on Monday to scale back Michelle Obama’s school-lunch nutrition mandates and curtail some clean water regulations in a $1 trillion spending bill that would avert a government shutdown this week but extract a policy price from Democrats.

“Nobody here is disagreeing on nutrition in school lunches,” said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a Republican on the House Appropriations Committee. “It’s just that sometimes people carrying out your wishes are so overzealous they go beyond what you were asking.”

Republicans maintain that efforts by the first lady and congressional Democrats to improve school nutrition by reducing the sodium content and increasing the percentage of whole grains in school lunches have become onerous for beleaguered school cafeterias. The eased school lunch standards are “about pace and flexibility,” Mr. Cole said.

Yes. Republicans can’t even pass a simple funding bill. The Republican demand for changes to school lunches is just one of one hundred policy riders that Republicans have added to the government funding bill. The one hundred Republican demands are the reason the government has no funding in place with only two days left to go before the government shutdown deadline.

Ebola and national security are at stake. Remember just a few weeks ago when Republicans were hysterically warning you that Ebola was coming for you? Remember their ISIS panic? Well, now that the election is over, Republicans would rather shut down funding to those programs than let Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program go on without a stage kick. Republicans will fight allegedly overzealous nutrition or else shut down all the government, like the totally rational people they are.

Eat some crap or the country gets it, kids. Love, the GOP.

Republicans have been unable to do their one job, coming up with a budget and passing it. So instead they use every crisis manufactured by their own incompetency as a hostage taking moment. It’s like a kid not doing their homework and then demanding $100,000.00 for doing half of it, late. Normally, the people who can’t do their job wouldn’t consider themselves in a position to make demands as silly and ridiculous as less nutrition in school lunches lest Michelle Obama actually address childhood obesity.

This is the hill they want to die on: Too much nutrition in school lunches.

Republicans are threatening to shutdown the government in order to feed your kids junk food, because this is America! Media Matters reminds us that most Americans actually want schools to address childhood obesity, “Pew polling has found that a majority of Americans agree that “the government should play a significant role in reducing obesity among children.” So Republicans can’t even honestly claim they are doing this for “the people”. This is why they are making vague mentions of cafeteria efficiency. Republicans will possibly shutdown government in order to address an allegedly bogged down school cafeteria. Totally rational.

And once again, Republicans will have to scramble at the last minute to throw some red meat together to show their base that they are giving it to Democrats. So we will have yet another short term funding bill full of holes.

NO MORE HEALTHY FOOD OR AIR, or the country gets it. Republicans know what they were sent to DC to do.

13 Replies to “Republicans May Cause Government Shutdown Over Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program”

  1. Good nutrition for our children?

    The horror….the horror……

    Only in the Alice In Wonderland world of the Reichwing, Neo-Confederacy.

  2. I suspect the current Republican hierarchy believes that if mere public schoolchildren are provided with too nourishing a lunch, that will make them think they’re entitled to “stuff”, like food, clothing, shelter, and a basic education, and that’ll make them grow up uppity*

    *Uppity: pretending you’re as good as anyone else, when you should admit you’re inferior.

  3. Next, they’ll demand that kids shouldn’t exercise in school, since it’s too difficult for the overweight kids eating the junk food republicans are forcing on them with “relaxed” nutrition standards.

  4. If successful, this will affect the Poorest children among us. Many families on SNAP ( food stamps ) depend on the schools healthy lunch program to feed their children and is the only time these children get healthy food……..mainly the southern states!

  5. I suppose the next thing they will demand is that every woman getting public assistance should undergo tubal ligation or a hysterectomy. Let’s keep these poor people from reproducing!

  6. Well, the Confederates lived off of fatback, jowl bacon, beans and lard with lots of salt, deer venison and deer jerky. They just think kids should eat all that sodium and saturated fat.

  7. As a high school senior, these are the reasons why the school lunch program needs to be changed:
    1) Yes, children are losing weight, but that’s only because we are throwing away more food than ever before.
    2) Because of the wasted food (and students’ refusal to even buy it), America has already thrown away $1 trillion (look it up)
    3) In high school specifically, one cannot expect a student to be prepared for the real world if a couple of weeks ago, the student did not even have the ability to choose his own meal.
    3) There are bulky (as in muscle, not fat) football players who walk around campus eating egg and cheese burritos the size of a baby’s shoe. How can they play on that?
    4) Instead of eating school lunch, students go out and spend their meager change on other food instead.
    I’m not saying that we need to shutdown the government just to get what we want (that’s just idiotic) or that we should eat junk, but America does need a compromise. Aren’t democrats about choice? …

  8. Yes, and they made the choice for better foods. Its up to the parents to feed them good food as well and make them have good eating habits.

    Stop hating children

    They refuse food because they eat garbage at home and have thighs bigger then oak trees.

  9. This isnt about Democrats or Republicans. This isnt about welfare, or what we as parents should be feeding our kids at home. This is about how the guidelines on what our children can and cant eat have gotten so strict that our children are starving themselves or looking for other venues all in the name of health. How is this helping kids if they are choosing to not eat at all? The funding to go with these new guidelines is so limited it leaves for an almost uneatable menu. This is another “freedom” that the government has taken away from us, the freedom to choose whether to pack a lunch or pay for them at school. Our childrens freedom to choose what they will eat. Wake up America! How many more freedoms will we allow them to take?

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