Former Tea Party Congressman Says Americans Should Be Proud We Engage In Torture

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Former Republican Congressman and current conservative radio host Joe Walsh appeared on CNN Wednesday morning to discuss his tweets and comments in the aftermath of the release of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s use of torture. Walsh, who has a history of making inflammatory and offensive comments, especially regarding Muslims, sent out a series of tweets Tuesday calling Muslims “animals” and saying he was happy the report was released because America should use torture against others, specifically radical Islamists.

Below are a handful of Walsh’s tweets after the release of the report.


That is just a sampling of what Walsh was throwing around Tuesday regarding the use of torture. The takeaway from Walsh, other than he is a disgusting bigot who only thinks on a binary level, is that he feels America is justified to use torture on Muslims (he doesn’t differentiate between Islamic terrorists and Muslims) because they hate America and are animals. He doesn’t defend it as a way to get meaningful intelligence. No. He just thinks that if other people in the world dislike America then they deserve to be treated harshly and inhumanely.

CNN’s Carol Costello challenged Walsh on his line of thinking. Walsh did not back off of his tweets, instead expanding on them and making sure everyone who was watching knew he was a downright horrible person. At one point in his conversation with Costello, he said it was part of an American hero’s “job description” to use torture techniques like rectal feeding and waterboarding. When Costello seemed taken aback, Walsh reiterated that Muslims are “animals” who behead and exterminate people. Costello then asked, “So we should be animals?” Walsh responded that sometimes you have to act like an animal to defeat one.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Raw Story:



Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Walsh has never served a day in the military. He is no longer in Congress because he faced off against Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran, in 2012. During his campaign, he said that Duckworth, who lost both legs and part of an arm in Iraq after the Black Hawk helicopter she was piloting was hit with a rocket, was not a “true hero” because she had the gall to bring up her service during the election. It is apparent that Walsh is nothing more than a bedwetting chickenhawk who loves to talk tough.


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23 Replies to “Former Tea Party Congressman Says Americans Should Be Proud We Engage In Torture”

  1. Heh! Thought I had heard the last of this Tea Party miscreant. Last I heard, he was still $150,000 behind in child support. Guess torturing his ex and children isn’t off limits either.

  2. Someone needs to ask him if another nation invaded the USA and started torturing his children to get information from him, would he still find it acceptable ?

  3. You might want to re-think your question.

    This (cough) man does not care one iota for his children, thus being decades behind in child support. Actually, he is the model RepubliCON. Make ’em, bake ’em, fugetabout’em.

  4. Ever since 9/11, we’ve been looking at the normalization of torture, the normalization of trialless detention (though that began in 1981, and I was there), the normalization of summary execution at the hands of the police. It’s being normalized by the meme that it only happens to “those people “– people who deserve it. Thus, anyone to whom it happens will become “those people”– until, one day, we’ll find we all are “those people”.

  5. This guy is the typical tea party idiot – shoot off your mouth before educating yourself with facts. Not a single tea party politician could ever represent America in a global theater because of their inability to actually create any kind of responsible policy. You have to actually govern, not just piss and moan about everything like spoiled brats.

  6. Oh!!! Dcbos, you must remember this is an xtian, teaparty, fiscal conservative, hypocrite talking you must not judge him.

    He is just following, Dr. Dobson’s, rules on child rearing about: spare the rod,(or any support in Walsh’s mind) spoils the child. LOL They have no shame.

  7. Joe Walsh is being asked his opinion about this? Why? I guess Rudolph, Frosty, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, Abenezer Scrooge and Santa will be next. Wo gives what starts with a f and ends in k what this kkown and dead beat dad has to say? Why are the political group responsible being asked their opinion when they are the guilty party?
    Walsh’s opinion is irrelevant, as he is not (thank God), an elected official.

  8. It makes my skin crawl to think this asshole,Nazi,deadbeat dad,drunk,talking ass was my Congress man at one time. Thank goodness Tammy Duckworth beat him. She is a Real American hero.

  9. the media is as much to blame for giving this petty blowhard airtime. Instead of a few minutes of rational analysis, the public is force fed more hysterical reactionary b.s. It is a tape-loop of idiocy that does little more than prove that this is a nation suffering from an induced psychosis–a fact most of the world beyond our borders is all too aware of.

  10. I’d like to ask why men like this get any time, at all?
    Had a father that did not support his children. Reason I went to Lab school. Because My Father would not help me or my Sister. We both(in years before finances were available)borrowed our money for school. When I graduated, helped my Sister as much as possible, while paying back my own loan. Years latter, my Father wanted to visit with my children, Thought LONG and hard about if, I should let him. Finally did, but I never saw him in all those preceding years. So, men like this, do begin to think about what they have done, but the damage is done and some times can not be repaired.

  11. This idiot wants everyone to do the torturing but wouldn’t have the guts to do it himself or subject himself to the techniques they use. Just another right wing blabberer who only knows a fe talking points. The dumber they are the more they fit in.

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