John Boehner Is Getting Buzz Sawed By Elizabeth Warren In Government Funding Bill Fight



Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is the leading the fight that Democrats are currently winning against the pro-Wall Street government funding bill.

According to The Hill, House and Senate liberals are aligning with Warren as she leads the fight against the government funding bill.


On the Senate floor, Sen. Warren urged conservatives to join with her in opposing the roll back of financial protections in the government funding bill.

Warren said,

I’m here today to ask my Republican colleagues – who don’t want to see another Wall Street bailout – to join our efforts to strip this Wall Street giveaway from the bill.

This is not about partisanship. This is about fairness. This is about accountability and responsibility. This is about preventing another financial collapse that could again wipe out millions of jobs and take down our whole economy.

If big Wall Street banks want to gamble with their own money, so be it. Let them take their risks – with their own money – and let them live with the consequences of those risks. That’s how markets are supposed to work. But they shouldn’t get to gamble with government money, and they shouldn’t get to run to the government if the deal goes sour.

Opposition to government bailouts of Wall Street is not a liberal or a conservative issue.


If you believe in smaller government, how can you support a provision that would expand a government insurance program and put taxpayers on the hook for the riskiest private activities? If you thought the Ex-Im bank exposed taxpayers to risk – even though it has never cost taxpayers a dime – how can you support repealing a provision to prevent another calamity like the one that cost taxpayers billions just six years ago?


To Republican leaders in the House, I would ask this. You say you’re against bailouts to Wall Street. I’ve heard you say that again and again for five years. So why in the world are you spending your time and energy fighting for a provision, written by Citigroup lobbyists, that would increase the chance of future bailouts? Why, in the last minute as you head out the door and a spending bill must be passed, are you making it a priority to do Wall Street’s bidding? Who do you work for-Wall Street or the American people?

The liberals in the House are winning this fight because they are sticking to their principles. It is Sen. Elizabeth Warren who is leading the charge and upholding the values that supporters believe they are voting for when they elect Democrats.

Sen. Warren is showing that she is a growing force in Congress. Frankly, John Boehner doesn’t stand a chance against the combination of Warren and Nancy Pelosi. The White House gave what could be deemed the most tepid statement of support for the government funding bill ever.

The White House has given congressional Democrats lots of room to oppose the bill. Sen. Warren has taken that space and mounted a full-scale campaign against the gift for Wall Street in the government funding bill.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a figure on the rise. She along with Bernie Sanders and Rep. Pelosi have been leading the charge against this bill. House Republicans are reeling, and are being buzz sawed by the liberal voices who won’t be blackmailed into supporting this bill.

16 Replies to “John Boehner Is Getting Buzz Sawed By Elizabeth Warren In Government Funding Bill Fight”

  1. I love it! she is calling the Republicans out on their hypocrisy, and it’s about time, too. Why do the females have more balls than the men? Warren is needed in the Senate, not the WH. GO ELIZABETH!!

  2. When the hell did we elect any lobbyist. But yet they can write provisions ? This is a big problem in Washington and one of reasons this country is so screwed up, letting anyone without a title such as a (lobbyist) write laws and provisions.

  3. Come on baggers, you know she is right. I give you some slack when you said you wasn’t formed because of a blah President. I will take your word that you were against the bailouts of the big banks. So prove it.

  4. This could be a mini turning point for some conservatives.

    Now we will see who the tea party is really working for

    The cry for Warren as president will be to the roof this time

  5. Well we do know who they are working for. The Kochs but their followers don’t seem to grasp that fact so we shall see

  6. I agree, Maxie. I have received emails encouraging Senator Warren to run for POTUS. She is much more effective in the Senate. There is no force like her in today’s political scene.

  7. It isn’t just the Kochs, its all the banks and lending institution that caused the great depression, including foreign institutions with investments/partnerships in this country.

    If they think the taxpayers are on the hook for their failures, the next time it won’t be a recession, it will be a total collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a picnic.

    And if you think about it, it also leads the way for them to grab Social Security to play with.

  8. No I think you had it right. When was the last time republicans had this much power in government? 1929. Ring a bell

  9. Just thinking a bit outside the box here….if they want to leave in the bail-out provision for the big banks, perhaps they could just extend it to the rest of us as well and let us invest in creative financial schemes with borrowed money in a manner whereby we keep any gains/profits and with any losses being covered by someone else. What could possibly go wrong with that?

  10. Not only does Elizabeth Warren have the balls, but she has the brains to back them up. A brilliant woman, one of the smartest on the Hill, I’m sure. Unlike most of her male counterparts, she’s not beholden to any special interests. She has one mission in mind — to serve the American people to the best of her ability and look out for us regular folks over the super rich. Long may she serve!

  11. Go Elizabeth!!!!!! FINALLY a voice for everyday people!!!! A breath of fresh air!
    Truth… feels soooo good to hear it!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Give em hell Elizabeth!!! I say Elizabeth Warren for President 2016!!! She’ll clean that White House up..just like she’s cleaning house!!! Today I felt pretty glum…thought we were doomed…now I feel we have hope! God Bless you Elizabeth…thank you for going to bat for us…let em have it!

  13. This is what Dems in Congress should have been doing for the pass 6 years, fighting the republicon criminals in Congress and protecting the American people. This is good for the country…..Shows we’re not going to just roll over and become the slaves of the 1%.

  14. “If big Wall Street banks want to gamble with their own money, so be it. Let them take their risks – with their own money – and let them live with the consequences of those risks.”

    Considering how much conservatives claim they love capitalism and how badly they want Americans to keep as much of their tax money as possible, it’s a wee bit strange that they aren’t the ones pushing this idea the hardest.

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