Georgia Gun Range Invites Children To Take Pictures With Santa As He Holds Assault Rifle


A gun club in Georgia is taking gun fetishism and worship to a whole new level as they have scheduled an event for Saturday where children can pose for pictures with Santa Claus while he holds the assault rifle of their choice. WSB in Atlanta first reported Thursday that the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range is hosting the event for families. Per the range, children under 18 will not be allowed to hold firearms in the photos and any guns displayed while posing with Santa will be unloaded. The club owners also state that children under 12 will be restricted to the lobby of the range.

Of course, the organizers claim that they are totally not sending any kind of pro-gun message with this event. One of the owners of the club, Robyn Workman Marzullo, said she just wanted to do “something different” for the holidays and “give back to the community.” The club is holding this event under the auspices of a canned food drive. However, it seems apparent that they just want to play to their ammosexual base and give some gun nut families the opportunity to further indoctrinate their kids.

After WSB first ran the story Thursday afternoon, the channel’s Facebook page was inundated with comments from viewers. Some of those responding offered support for the idea, but many wrote of their disgust with it. One Facebook user wondered, “What kind of parent would you have to be to want your child to pose for a picture with a Santa with a gun?” As of Friday morning, the station’s Facebook post had been shared over 400 times and had nearly 300 comments.

Below is the Facebook post:



I just have to ask. What exactly does a gun-toting Santa have to do with Christmas? Isn’t it supposed to be the season of peace and giving? Isn’t Santa Claus supposed to be seen as a symbol of goodness for young children? What kind of message are these parents sending to their kids if they want them to sit on Santa’s lap while he’s strapped with an assault rifle? It just boggles the mind what is going through the heads of the organizers and parents who think this is a cute and fun idea.

Of course, those who work at or frequent the range don’t really see anything wrong with it. They just figure guns are a flashpoint issue and you’re going to see opinions come from all sides, but it’s all for a good cause so why the fuss? I mean, seriously, they’re collecting canned goods. It obviously makes it totally about charity now.

“Firearms are such a hotly debated item that you’re going to have people on both sides of the fence and you’re going to have opinions flying,” said Casey Retterer, who works at the gun range.

One gun club member defended the idea.

“It’s for a good cause. It’s for charity so I don’t see any problem with it whatsoever. If somebody doesn’t want to bring their kid here, just don’t,” said Bret Ciaranella.

Below is video of WSB’s segment on the event:



Image via WSB

24 Replies to “Georgia Gun Range Invites Children To Take Pictures With Santa As He Holds Assault Rifle”

  1. There is no other explanation for these people tan the FACT that they are completely and irrevocably INSANE!! If you were to take away their proxy penises they would melt into a puddle of protoplasm. That wood and steel are their spines, they are scum!!!

  2. You better watch out
    You better not cry
    Better not pout
    I’m telling you why
    Santa Claus is packing a gun
    He’s making a hit list
    Checking it twice;
    Gonna take out those socialist lice
    Santa Claus is packing a gun
    He fears you when you’re sleeping
    and hates when you’re awake
    He decides if you’ve been bad or good
    Better bribe him with some cake
    O! You better watch out!
    You better lay low
    Better not shout
    or the blood’s ‘gonna flow
    Santa Claus is packing a gun
    Santa Claus is packing a gun

  3. Doesn’t every kid want to unwrap their own AR-15 on Christmas day? We are becoming Somalia, these A-Holes want every swinging dick armed to the teeth and itching for a fight. This is giving back to the community? Why are they comfortable with 12,000 gun deaths, 18,000 firearm suicides and 100,000 firearm woundings (which, but for better aim would be another death) a year? How do you justify that kind of Third World carnage and still think you’re worthy of celebrating Christmas? Torture is ok, guns are everywhere, racism is flourishing, Wall St owns everything (and wants more) and these people can somehow still sleep at night. Damn them all to hell…

  4. High income mostly white town that incorporated back in 2005-2006 and then outsourced their service to private contractors.

    Average income over 160k yet 7.9 % live in poverty.

  5. Shoot comet
    Frag Cupid
    Strafe Donner
    Fill Blitzen full of lead

    I never knew Y’All Quaeda gave hollow points as a Christmas present.

  6. Is it not child engdangerment when you willingly expose your children to crazy people brandishing deadly weapons? What planet are these beings from?

  7. Does this event include crayon coloring targets with images of undesirable politicians and POTUS for the kids to stay busy while waiting their turn?

    It must be some form of child abuse.
    An when disaster happens, people wonder why children go on rampages and shoot their parents and their communities.

    This is so uncivilized…

  8. Sure, have pictures taken with a Santa who holds an AK47 rifle, Then give a toy replica. The kid goes out to play in the nearest play ground and gets shot at point blank range by a Policeman.. Makes perfect sense? :(

  9. ONLY if that child is black gsb! White kids with guns are good patriotic little minions while innocent black children are suspect at birth. This is what The Goebbels channel and god fearin’ Christians think. Only when the NRA,KKK GOP are banned from ANY politics or media will we be truly one nation.

  10. I can see the headlines in southern papers…Family forgets cookies and milk for Santa and pays the consequences..WWSS?….Who would Santa Shoot?

  11. just gotta say that santa claus holding an assault rifle is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and PERVERTS all that is right and good with santa and christmas. what is wrong with these parents? maybe if the children were of adequate age, but this is ridiculous. its like jesus with a ground to air missile launcher or something. very poor taste and very LOW CLASS!!! those righties embarrass this country every damn day.

  12. Man….the only thing that an armed Santa says to me… that if it “ain’t” safe in fantasy land and that Santa has to be armed, not sure I want to believe in this silly Christianity stuff.

  13. Keep in mind I do not own a single gun. I do how ever stick up for the constitution, and if a parent who is into guns wants there child to be into the who would I be to say they should not or try to stop them. We can only hope and pray for all there sanity that none are ever killed or injured by one. After all if the terrorists ever get there way no one but them will have one, enough said.

  14. “Truly one nation” after he has muzzled the KKK,NRA,GOP. Let’s dissect the stupidity of this citizen. KKK was AFTER the Civil War was fought. I did not read about a lot of unity between the Southern states, and the Army of Northern Agression before the KKK. The NRA was chartered in 1871 in New York State. Once again after the most divided war Americans ever fought,and in a state that ultimately has stomped and spit on the Constitution concerning gun rights. GOP, or Grand Old Party, which was the former Radical Republicans who were radically anti-slave at the time. They persecuted anyone from the South, taking away property rights and other civil liberties. They then saw the error of their ways, and became what they are today….sane. The Demoncratic Party now embraces theology and tactics of the Radical Republicans…once more during the time of a divided nation. Now….tell us how removing the 1st Amendment right of ANY citizen will help join us together, and still make us American…

  15. And Faux accuses Obama of killing Christmas, religious hypocrites. Guns breed hate and violence, not peace on Earth!

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