Obama Obliterates Republicans Bent On Destroying Obamcare By Getting Them To Fund The Law


obama republicans funded obamacare

President Obama rubbed salt in the Republican wounds today by pointing out that the government funding bill that they passed funds Obamacare for another year.



The president said,

Let me start by saying a few words about the bill that was passed last night to keep the government open and make sure that our agencies are funded until the fall of next year.

This, by definition, was a compromise bill. This is what’s produced when we have the divided government that the American people voted for. There are a bunch of provisions in this bill that I really do not like. On the other hand, there are provisions in this bill and the basic funding within this bill that allows us to make sure that we continue on the progress in providing health insurance to all Americans; make sure that we continue with our efforts to combat climate change; that we’re able to expand early childhood education that is making a meaningful difference in communities all across the country; that allows us to expand our manufacturing hubs that are contributing to the growth of jobs and the progress that we’ve seen in our economy over the last couple of years.

And so, over all, this legislation allows us to build on the economic progress and the national security progress that is important. Had I been able to draft my own legislation and get it passed without any Republican votes I suspect it would be slightly different. That is not the circumstance we find ourselves in. And I think what the American people very much are looking for is some practical governance and the willingness to compromise, and that’s what this really reflects. So I’m glad it passed the House and am hopeful that it will pass the Senate.

Republicans didn’t only vote to keep the government funded through September 2015. They also voted to fund Obamacare. The same Republicans who have been telling the people who support them for years that their number one mission is to destroy the Affordable Care Act. These are the same Republicans who also vowed to stop the president’s immigration executive orders, and they didn’t do that either.

The media is obsessed with the “split” between Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but an even bigger story is that Republicans were forced to fund the very thing that they were handed the congressional majority in order to destroy. The bill is far from perfect, but as much as it irritates some liberals, it isn’t nearly as bad as what Republicans did to their own base. Obama scored at least one big win in the government funding bill. The ACA is funded for another year, and the president didn’t hesitate to rub salt in the Republican wound.

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  1. 24 hours remain to STOP THE WALL STREET LEGISLATION NOW. Wall Street tells Republicans to delay to the last minute so you don’t see how horrible, destructive and unconstitutional the 1600 page legislation is. Practical Democrats think they are doing the right thing to stop a Government Shutdown. Last Shutdown cost the American people $24 billion, if passed this legislation will cost us trillions and let the banks take away our pensions and our savings. Economists say if the elected officials don’t start raining money on the people we will have another recession and this one will do America in. HERE IS WHERE WE NEED TO STAND.
    Call your Senators now: No Deal http://vbx.campaignforamericasfuture.org/wall_street/
    EMAIL YOUR Senators Contact: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
    Petition: URGENT! Let’s put an end to the globalist billionaires’ attempt to seize our democracy! http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/lets-put-an-end-to-the.fb50?sourc

  2. If only the President was a good communicator..

    Yes, he gives good speeches.

    But, his communication and marketing of successes, is as sharp as Michelle Bachman’s sense of irony…

  3. I don’t like it not one Damon bit! Excuse my French, but I am mad as all out shell! The banks wrote this #!/! bill! It benefits THEM, not US!!! I wrote Obama a scathing letter, that’s how peeved I am! Roll back Dodd-Frank? Are you !#/=? kidding me??!!!
    I hope every voter and those who didn’t vote goes to ##!!#/ themselves and then go straight to f*****g hell
    This is outrageous! I gotta go before they block me from ever posting again

  4. Thanks for this article Jason. I have been venting m frustrations for the last couple of days trying to deal with all that has happened since November fourth.

    I wish we could always get everything we want, but that is not reality. I have been reading other articles on other websites, and have started to realize that things could have been worse.

    I am not saying that I don’t want to rein in the banks, or limit campaign funding or any of the other worthy Progressive ideals, but I am willing to stay the course and see how things play out.

    The next two years are going to be interesting to say the least and I will be paying close attention to what all of our representatives do during that time. Hopefully 2016 will align for Progressives and we can get down to the serious business of eliminating as many right-wingers from our government as is possible.

  5. Jason, I often agree with you. And I appreciate that you’re taking the time to write and post your articles. But, please – please – you have to be more careful of grammar and typos. You lose so much credibility when you make those kind of mistakes.

  6. I guess he wanted to gloss over the fact that Citibank owns part of the house and himself. What he will do to the country is vastly worse then what the republicans did to themselves.

  7. What are you talking about Anne? I’ve read articles that did have their share of mistakes, but I need you to point them out to me on this one. I went through four years of college and never got less than a A on any paper I wrote, so I know about writing. Just would like to know what you find so egregious as to make this comment.

  8. I’ll tell you things will turn out…the Big Banks will take incredible risks with your money and when it all blows up, we will end up bailing them out. Sound familiar?

  9. Too late, it’s over. Jamie Diamond and the White house petitioned the Democrats to vote yes, for the easing of regulation on Wall Street. Additionally the Street can manipulate guaranteed pensions “the fix is in” … and we get to wonder how in the world anyone can think this is good or fair .n the mean time the Roberts Five will continue finding for business, repeal voters rights(States rights)The IRS is down 150 million in this years budget. Now these are the people that collect our money ,right? I don’t get it ,we don’t want to collect our money or we don’t want to scrutinize 501C4’s etc.

  10. If they do go bust there should be such a hue and cry that they will end up not getting any tax payer protection. It is up to us to tell them that while they may think their rears are covered, that will not be so. We need to threaten a revolt. As a matter of fact, I’m glad I don’t have money in any of those banks, and if I did, I would go put it into a credit union or another bank that is conservative and knows the way to treat their client’s money.
    Maybe if they start losing depositors it will sink in.

  11. You mean those KINDS of mistakes, don’t you, Anne?

    What the Republicans did to themselves only hurts their overinflated, patriarchal egos. THIS, on the other hand, HURTS children, the aging, struggling women, the poor, the mentally ill, the disenfranchised, and pretty much all the rest of us too! Some of those people will become ill from this and all the Obamacare in the world won’t help them. Some of them will die.

    I’m hoping the president is thinking of how it can change in the future so it won’t be drawn out to kill more and more people.

    It’s getting disgustingly tedious watching people treat others like garbage out of a false sense of superiority. That’s what I see the thug-wing of our government doing, and that includes those gurgling patriarchs sitting on the Supreme Court. I HATE what these people are doing to this country!

  12. Didn’t Bush just exclude parts of legislation he didn’t like? Something of line item veto. When the final bill goes for signature, will the president do a “bush” job on it?

  13. It’s the same in good old Ireland Linda. It’s all about “do gooders, do nothing”. They’re always banging on about what the poor, the elderly and infirm need, yet this government are disastrously punitive to the most vulnerable in Irish society. They have stripped allowances for carers, shut hospitals down, the younger generation, are leaving Ireland in droves (if they can afford to go)Everything is a mess, and it’s all down to pure unadulterated greed. Greed from corporations and the politicians, who are so out of touch. I used to think America was a great country, but every country is becoming the same worldwide. There is no humanity any more, despite all the advantages and progress we have. A homeless man died in a doorway near the government buildings, and I can bet that most of these politician stepped over him many times, but something is happening here, many people are taking to the streets and protesting against “austerity” (an old excuse to keep people under cont…

  14. ” In approximately 800 cases, President Bush has both signed a bill and declared his intent to disregard provisions he believes are unconstitutional, the equivalent of a line-item veto. For instance, he signed the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 prohibiting torture while issuing a signing statement declaring his intent to ignore the law in order to gather military or foreign intelligence. “

  15. John L. I’m wondering the same thing. Seems as if this may be another…well? An Obama special? Exclusively for the Roaches? I mean,

  16. I feel it world wide too Annie. All of the natives are restless. Very , very close to, “Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

    I have written and called more senators and representatives in the last three weeks than I have in my entire voting life.

    And I am not done yet.

  17. Actually you are incorrect on the amount we are losing due to underfunding of the IRS. We are losing to the tune of 385 billion dollars a year. The right-wing knows exactly what they are doing.

    Add the 3 trillion dollars worth of legal tax breaks the wealthy get, then you are starting to approach reality.

  18. Step down off the horse.Read and breathe.


    You may want to consider sending the President an apology letter at some point, because once again,someone around here will have egg all over their face, and it won’t be him. Some people NEVER LEARN.

    You want to rage at someone, rage at the millions that whine and complain and don’t vote.THOSE are the people you should be raging at. Not the President.

  19. Terry F, I am going to say that I agree with you. After a long weekend of serious thinking about this whole thing I guess I have calmed down a bit after hearing what the results were and that the bill was passed.

    Now that i have calmed down and I have listened to the president and now that I have read his analysis of the whole thing, and the fact that Obamacare will be funded for the next year, and also his immigration orders will be left intact, I guess I can swallow hard and go along with it.

    We have got to keep the course and make sure that just as Senator Warren is doing, we keep a very very staunch eye on these Republicans who would sell us out. We also have to make sure that we keep our eyes on the ball and make sure that the banks and Wall Street do not blow this derivative market.

    As President Reagan once said, TRUST BUT VERIFY, We have two years in which to gather our forces together and show that we are dead serious about this country come next election.

  20. The public discourse is good to see, it means people are paying attention to the ways in which Our Government is working. In recent history going back to George Bush, we learned that the language of Immigration was still not ready to applaud Amnesty. Instead it sat on the back burner with literally millions of people protesting worrying about their status, still meant less than coming out in numbers to say, “we exist”. The immigrants learned to stay in the shadows knowing “we the American people” needed them. The many stories that came out of the immigrants shared one horror story after another, bear in mind how crucial a citizenship is that has laws that are enforced. Many people that are desperate do desperate things, “We the People” Thankfully do not live by such extremes. Think Sierra Leone or sub-cultures that supposedly no one knows or cares is a more truer word, but a group of school girls are kidnapped a quite common occurrence, for the people that live in these zones.

  21. Additional info:


    From retiring Rep. Jim Moran:
    In 20 years of being on the appropriations bill, I haven’t seen a better compromise in terms of Democratic priorities. Implementing the Affordable Care Act, there’s a lot more money for early-childhood development — the only priority that got cut was the EPA but we gave them more money than the administration asked for….There were 26 riders that were extreme and would have devastated the Environmental Protection Agency in terms of the Clean Water and Clean Air Act administration; all of those were dropped. There were only two that were kept and they wouldn’t have been implemented this fiscal year. So, we got virtually everything that the Democrats tried to get.

    The President shares his thoughts at the link…and reminds us this compromise is what happens with divided govt. THAT WE VOTED FOR!

  22. Anne? There are no typos. Jason’s piece is flawless. However,the grammar in your post needs polishing.

    Jason, I often agree with you. And I appreciate that you’re taking the time to write and post your articles. But, please – please – you have to be more careful of grammar and typos. You lose so much credibility when you make those kind of mistakes.

    It should be:

    “Jason, I often agree with you, and I appreciate that you’re taking the time to write and post your articles, but please, please, you have to be more careful of grammar and typos.”

    Periods act like STOP signs while commas act like Yield signs.

    Use commas in place of periods for any parenthetical/added element in a sentence. A parenthetical/added element is a part of a sentence that can be removed, and the sentence will still work.
    Source: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/commas.htm

    Also, avoid using “and” and “but” to start a sentence.

    Hope that helps.

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