Republican Nightmares Come True As Bernie Sanders Gets A Big Promotion In The Senate

bernie sanders budget committee

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will be a major thorn in Mitch McConnell’s side after it was announced that he has been promoted to the position of ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee.

The promotion is big for Sen. Sanders, and it also means that he is going to have a high profile seat from which to launch his 2016 challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

In a statement, Sanders made it clear that he is going to be battling the Koch billionaires, Wall Street, and bringing attention to the growing problem of income inequality, “I want to thank Sen. Reid and the Democratic caucus for the opportunity to serve as the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee. At a time when the middle class is disappearing and the gap between the rich and everybody else is growing wider, we need a budget which reflects the needs of working families and not Wall Street and the top 1 percent. I look forward to working with Democrats and Republicans on the committee to craft a budget that is fair to all Americans, not just the powerful special interests.”

Sanders has already announced that he will be voting against the government funding bill that the Senate is currently debating, but from his leadership position on the Budget Committee, the Vermont Independent will have the power to give a voice to the 99% of Americans who aren’t wealthy enough to buy access to our political leaders with campaign contributions.

The fact that Sen. Sanders has been promoted to such an important position is another sign of the growing power of liberals within the Senate Democratic caucus. Bernie Sanders will now be in a position to be a major pain in the neck to the Koch brothers and the Republicans that they fund.

Democrats may have lost their Senate majority, but the promotion of Bernie Sanders is another sign that the left is gearing up for a fight.

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  1. Great news. I really think a wave is building and Bernie and Elizabeth’s voices are desperately needed. With both of them in positions that will give them media coverage, the left views will finally begin to see the light of day.

  2. I don’t have a lot to say except that I would love to see Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren run for PRESIDENT. Annie

  3. It’s too bad it took a midterm trouncing (albeit with a lot of help from the Kochs, gerrymandering, and flat-out cheating) to light a fire under the progressives. But, this should be very interesting.

  4. I like this, but I do wonder if this is a core few in the party trying to keep certain popular Senators (Warren/Sanders) busy while the party rolls out the red carpet for a Hillary run. Not that that would be an awful thing; she’s got the experience, but does this help a potential Sanders ticket or is it promoting people to a half-step-up position to keep them from jumping for the the big chair? Obviously Liz isn’t running, no amount of grassroots is going to change her mind this late in the game, but Bernie seems to want it. His recent TV spots show how bad of an actor everyone is at pretending his exploratory committee hasn’t screamed at him to run already.

  5. The political pendulum has got to again swing Left in order to moderate American sensibilities. If it swings any further Right, it will become a theocratic Kockhead, fascist state.

  6. How can he launch a challenge for the Democratic nomination against someone who hasn’t even said they’re running yet? I personally don’t think she will.

  7. …and Sherrod Brown as ranking member of the Banking committee.

    That’s THREE oddball promotions so far. Hmmm…

  8. If Bernie Sanders is the Democrat candidate, I will certainly vote for him.
    I would not vote for Hillary, and I would not vote for Romney or another Bush. In fact Bernie is the only one I would vote FOR.

  9. I am glad there are people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, perhaps a glimmer of hope, maybe.

    I am so perturbed over this budget passing, that I am taking some days off from all news. I really can’t stand much more of watching our country fall into the hands of greedy bastards; and I am totally sick of the religious right extremists and their never ending toxicity, so I will see you, my friends, in after some days have passed.

    I really feel totally bull shitted by the Dems, as I’m sure many others feel.

    Keep the comments going, will check back after a rest from it all.

  10. If anything this will get Hillary to lean farther left. I’m not a big fan of Hillary anymore with her being the darling of Wall St.. Staying home and not voting will only insure a Republican White House and then we’re really screwed. If Hillary does win the nomination, then I will vote for her. Not voting is the same as voting Teapublican and Hillary is still better then what they have planned.

  11. I am agreeing with you, provided that by your statement of liberals being “oddballs”, meaning that it is very unusual for three liberals to be placed in three high ranking political positions where it is going to give the 1% bought and paid for McConnell’s Mandate of Republicans headaches in their attempts to place budget policies and procedures over the 99% voices of out national electoates.
    They being Liberals; Senator Warren, Senator Sanders and Senator Sherrod Brown.

  12. I think if you had watched Elizabeth Warrens speech tonight you would have been filled with hope! The budget has not passed in the Senate yet. Hold on to hope until the “lady in the room sings”.

  13. Rockin John! Progressive Democrats of America is organizing Run Bernie Run teams across the country. Have you joined your local yet?

  14. He would make the best leader of the Democrats in the senate Minority at this time; he would match their lies with truth every time they lied. He’d be on TV everyday.

  15. If you look at historical trends, we have always had swings from conservative to liberal in this country. We are way overdue for a Progressive swing, let’s hope that the time is now.

  16. Because everybody knows that Hillary is the default candidate as of today. We need someone who will challenge the corporocrats. We have to let them know that we are fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  17. If Hillary was the candidate, I would definitely vote for her because I would never not vote and give the Rep a yes.

  18. Oh’ Damn! The GOP/TP might as well cancel their victory party because by now their winning spirits just got flushed down the toilet.

  19. There will be a massive shift in the future to the left– its just not going to happen just yet. The American public is still dreaming and searching for that ‘Shining City on the Hill’ circa Ronald Reagan in 1984. Hillary Clinton comes from the late 20th century corporatist Democrat mindset of center to right ideology. The big change is when climate change really begins to adversely effect our culture, and then begins to tear down the fabric of this society, taking the economy with it. Time frame? Another 15-20 years for that real shift to take place. Meanwhile the conservative movement and their dummie public is reaching their plateau after 25 years- in 15 years it will be over for them

  20. we need to fill congress with people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,its the only chance the middle class has of even surviving

  21. This has nothing to do with “liberals”.
    It’s a simple question of common decency.
    The word, “liberal” is actually a positive word, but its normal usage is confusing, since it is rightly used by conservative opponents to imply a weak-minded tolerance of everything in society which should not be tolerated.
    Opposing the gross theft of the country by outrageously powerful moneyed interests is not “liberal”.
    It is essential, basic, common sense.

  22. I’m mot convinced that Hillary actually IS any better than the alternative.
    As soon as we get to foreign policy, you could exchange her speeches with any of Condi Rice’s, and nobody would know the difference.
    It gives me no pleasure to say that, but keeping my eyes shut doesn’t make me feel good either [WINK]

  23. I wish we would stop swinging altogether and decide on common sense instead. Swinging isn’t healthy when both extremes are so destructive.

  24. If Hillary were not on the Monsanto board of directors, I might vote for her. But she is, so I won’t. I would vote for someone who would take down Monsanto.

  25. Bernie- you are my kind of politician. We even need you here in England. As an American who lives in England I am voting for you!!!!

    Please run!!!

  26. she worked for a law firm that worked for Monsanto. (Rose something). But indeed never was on the board of directors. But there is some tie.

  27. There’s NO WAY that you “…personally don’t think she will.”

    If you really don’t, then PAY ATTENTION!

  28. Big shock, “independent” Bernie Sanders promotes the Democrat agenda. Democrats rejoice, and Bernie still keeps up the charade of “Independent”?

  29. but never in history has there been such an expertise in manipulating marketing techniques to create political opinion in the public. people keep acting as if this rightward drift is just a historical occurance. it has been created through marketing manipulation of the public so it is not the same as the last several hundred years.

  30. Bernie IS running under the Progressive Dem Party! We’re done with Centrist Dem’s and moving to Lean Left Prog Dems. Join us

  31. This is tremendous!!!! Anyone who thinks Clinton can’t be beaten from the left needs to see the political revolution going on in Western Europe. The establishment all over the world has pushed its luck and is going to get overrun by the true champions of the people.

  32. To lean farther left you have to be left to begin with. She should run for the Republican nomination because that is where she belongs.

  33. While Hillary has the experience to run I am not sure she would be in our best interest. Hillary has much political pay back to wall street. Like her husband and Barrack Obama she is also a moderate. While we had a majority in the house and senate we seemed to have missed the boat on reigning in wall street. The robin Hood tax of .01% on all stock transactions could have easily paid for the deficit among other reforms that could have taken place. While the ACA was a great achievement it also fell short.

  34. Not sure that we need someone with “experience” right now. We just need someone who will actually put the needs of the people ahead of big business needs. Its not that complicated. You just need someone who is willing to do it.

  35. I agree, I am starting to get tired of the Damn Oligarchy that is this nation it is vary sad considering that we are outspending every other nation in military spending, i also think that the infrastructure of this country is terrible and we need to be like Japan and Europe and have high speed rail be our min way of domestic transport. [WINK]

  36. Take an econ class to learn how jobs are created if you want to help the middle and lower classes. Idiots like Warren and Sanders will keep the poorest poor for lack of opportunity.

  37. But how will they do this? You neither tell us why they will do it and who you think will create jobs. Are you capable of telling us why you dont agree with Warren and Bernie?

  38. “Sanders has already announced that he will be voting against the government funding bill that the Senate is currently debating, but from his leadership position on the Budget Committee, the Vermont Independent will have the power to give a voice to the 99% of Americans who aren’t wealthy enough to buy access to our political leaders with campaign contributions.”

    Perhaps something should be done about being able to “buy access to our political leaders”. Sanders is pro-big government just like everybody else in Washington. Democrat, Republican and even so-called Independent. If you’ve been in the system for as long as a lot of these guys have been – and yes, even Bernie Sanders – you are part of the problem. There is far too much reliance on the government. It simply can’t be everything for everybody. And it really should stop trying.

  39. Big government isnt the problem. Small government surely would be so easy for the private sector to run it.

    The reliance on government is tea bag speak for you must be against the government. The government does what it needs to do for its citizens.

    Sadly you have been brainwashed to be against the people in this country.

  40. Good Lord, this is ridiculous. Have Jeff Sessions or Judd Gregg been thorns in Harry Reid’s side these past eight years? No? Then how about we stop hyping this stupid role. It’s a no-power soapbox on a no-power committee.

  41. Let’s see. A capitalist hires someone who can create more value for the owner than they demand in a wage. That leads to profits for the capitalist and income for the individual providing the value. No magic here.

  42. So sad. I’m the brain-washed one?
    “Tea bag speak” – that’s a good one by the way. I am not against government. I am against big government because it is a money pit. I do not belong to the Tea Party.
    How is promoting self-reliance, personal responsibility and people-helping-people on a local and personal level so as not to have a big and ever growing government being against the people. I believe in not selling people short. You and people like you do.

  43. Yes, brainwashed. Government grows as the population grows. Governem,nt has nothing to do with “promoting self-reliance, personal responsibility and people-helping-people on a local and personal level ”

    Thats simply more stuff to make sure you say what you are told.

    To be sure, there is nothing in this world wrong with “promoting self-reliance, personal responsibility and people-helping-people on a local and personal level” Nothing at all. But you are trying to use it to replace government. As the tea party and the gop tells you that you must.

    What you have lost site of, is that people use self-reliance and personal responsibility daily. Everyone does to stay alive. You however have been convinced that anyone that isnt rich is not using them. You dont understand that most of the poor are working poor and require the help they get. If you want to rely on local help for these people, thats a giant joke. Really? Someone is just going to throw money at them? That was a long time ago. Get your head out of the tea bags and the gops arse.

  44. I’m looking at the appointment of Sanders, Warren and Brown into positions that are of maximum possible annoyance to McConnell, Boehner, Cruz and others in short succession is interesting.

    Add that to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama’s written and spoken statements on the bill, and something feels really odd. Maybe someone should do a forensic reading of the bill, and watch Administration moves with care in the next few days.

    My suspicion is that the Administration is quietly moving left, and it’s important that as few GOP types as possible notice.

    I could be completely off-the-wall about this, but we might be getting the tiniest whiff of a long game.

  45. Won’t ever happen. I love them both, but Wall Street hates them. Wall Street will spend any sum of money to see them defeated. Noe, if there was public campaign funding . . .

  46. I hit the link and read the story, but I am still a little in the dark about he whole thing. I would have to ask the same thing as one of the commenters asked, “If it isn’t really a big deal, why did Citigroup push so hard for it?”

  47. But 10’s of million of people would have a reason to vote! Recently there has been little reason to, with only Wall Street and military industrial lackeys running for office. 10’s of millions of people will vote for them even if not one cent is spent on their campaign.

  48. I’m not voting for anymore men. Sorry to say white men had their opportunity in this country and it’s time for the majority of our population to be represented by the majority. WOMEN! That’s democracy. Obama is a huge disappointment and I realize that the GOP are evil doers etc but he has not stood up for the people. I’m done with all of those empty promises.

  49. Nick, while you have a point in that Hillary is better known, the facts are that she is solidly on the Wall Street/Banking side, is a Bilderberger, and opportunist who would only give lip service to the populace. This would result in the U.S. sliding further into recession/depression. That said, it would of course be a steep uphill climb for Saunders and Warren, they are becoming known as champions of the people, and that may draw supporters.

  50. Bernie Sanders To Intro Bill to Break Up Big Banks
    “Enough is enough,” Sanders said. “Today, almost all of the too-big-to-fail banks are bigger and even more powerful than they were before we bailed them out. The six largest financial institutions have over $9.8 trillion in assets — the equivalent of more than 60 percent of GDP. They issue over half of the mortgages and more than two-thirds of the credit cards in America
    “If Congress cannot regulate Wall Street, there is just one alternative. It is time to break these too-big-to-fail banks up so that they can never again destroy the jobs, homes, and life savings of the American people.

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