Al Franken Didn’t Support the Funding Bill Because It Gives the Wealthy Even More Influence

al franken

Although Democrats managed to get 24 of President Obama’s nominees in the Senate as the Senate passed the Cromnibus government funding bill due to Senator Ted Cruz’s messing around, not all Democrats were pleased.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) issued the following statement condemning the gutting of campaign finance reform and putting taxpayers on the hook for another Wall Street bailout:

“I didn’t support this spending bill because Minnesotans deserve a government that helps make the economy work for the middle class and those aspiring to be in the middle class—not a government that puts U.S. taxpayers on the hook to bail out Wall Street,” said Sen. Franken.

“This bill reverses important rules that were put in place after the 2008 financial crisis, putting tens of millions of Americans back at risk. And this bill further erodes our nation’s campaign finance laws by giving wealthy individuals even greater influence in our election system. After closely studying the legislation, I could not in good conscience vote for it.”

Conservatives try to falsely equivocate the stand that liberal Senators like Warren, Sanders and Franken have taken against Wall Street giveaways with what Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has done with his confused stand against “amnesty”, but there are huge differences. It was Republicans who added this give away into a totally unrelated bill, proving once again that they are the party of corporatist tools. They deliberately chose a must-pass bill like the government funding bill and put the rider in at the last minute so there would be no/little debate.

Democrats were caught between tough choices, but it would be inaccurate to paint the Democratic Party with the same brush as the Republican Party. Had the Republicans not attached the rider to the bill, this would not even be an issue and that matters.

Citizens are left with yet another reason to check the money behind their purchases, to make sure they aren’t funding a government that is stealing from them and destroying democracy. It would behoove liberals to download something like the Buycott App and use it with every purchase. The Republicans are trying to hand this country to the wealthy, but that only works if the wealthy pay no price for harming the majority of citizens.

16 Replies to “Al Franken Didn’t Support the Funding Bill Because It Gives the Wealthy Even More Influence”

  1. What burns my ass is WHY republicans thought this was a good thing for the American people! They bitched loudly over the bank bailouts during the recession crisis that they had such a huge part in…….yet now……no problem, they deserve bailing out again.

    They are despicable hypocrits.

  2. They bitch about everything that they have already done, blaming it on President Obama. You know that.

    I don’t think republicans thought this was a good thing for the American people. I think they don’t care. It’s a good thing for their campaign coffers. That is all, American people be damned. They will still get their paychecks and benefits when the banks fail again, because they will. And these contemptible asses will get re-elected.

  3. Yes Bonnie, i think you are right. It’s just hard for me to fathom, much less accept their dirty dealings.

  4. C, nothing good can be expected from the Republicans, but the disappointing thing is why more Democrats did not oppose the bill as Al Franken did.

  5. Reading the Guardian – by the headline ‘senate passes spending bill’ is a picture of Ted Cruz, I am afraid that Mitch McConnell has a competitor, this should prove interesting.
    I think we should just refer to Cruz as the leader of the senate, that should get under McConnell’s skin.

  6. Cruz would like to be the de-facto Speaker of the House, and the real leader in the Senate. He’s power mad: needs to be locked up.

  7. I wonder if Obama has some plan in mind to negate the obnoxious parts of this bill with signing statements, the way Shrub used to do?

  8. If ever the pres does something I do not understand or like I wonder what his reason is because I have usually found that he has his reasons which make sense although I am
    unable to make sense of this one.

    Perhaps he is giving the rethugs what they want and when people scream about it they will (should) know it is the rethug agenda and democrats should have come out to vote during the midterms.

  9. I think people should send a big thank you to Franken. Wish we had more like him and less(way less of the Cruz type) Looks like Cruz is going to run the whole Senate and House all by his little self. Wonder what that has to say about our freedom? AND who the hell is Cruz???? Where does he get his power from? Dominionst to the core…evil little slimy man, greedy, ambitious, vulgar, with way too much power.

  10. That’s my Senator. I called his office along with Sen. Klobuchar and my House Rep. to speak against this Teathuglican rider in the omnibus bill.

    I am so glad that he came out with this statement. He has cajones, which most of the Dems do not.

    He got re-elected by being a progressive and not backing away from all of the good things that have happened under this President.

    Our country is in some sorry shape and would be worse if not for people like Senators Franken, Sanders, or Warren.

  11. Is it just me or does every else think that Cruz is trying to get the rules changed so he can become Emperor? I mean he does liken himself to a God.

  12. 12-13-14: #CRomnibus Passes 56-40 The vote that sold American to Wall Street, Fossil Fuel, and the 572 US Billionaires which will result in millions dying in American and Worldwide. Next the approval of the Trade Agreement TPP – where our elected leaders will sell America and the World to Corporate Rule. World feudalism! Are we on the verge of a World Revolt?

  13. I hope he does!
    I hope he deletes all the “poison pills” in the bill. But I doubt it. He crafted this bill with boehner :(

  14. America has been SOLD to the highest contract bidder, and the WE THE PEOPLE are to poor and stupid to stop it.

    We the people can no longer speak through our one option we have, because the voting box is rigged just like, places like CHINA(Hong Kong),IRAN, Let the people believe their voting.

  15. YEP, he is he leader of the de-facto leader of the Senate.
    McConnell had better put little Cruz in his place quick before he losses all control. Because Little Cruz has his eye on the big prize.

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