Americans Will Pay For Republican-lite Democrats’ Compromise “At All Costs”  

Danger of Compromise
The idiom, “at all costs” means that no matter what expense, dangers, or damage is involved, a task or goal will be accomplished regardless of the price. For the second time within a year, in order to keep the government running for a little over nine months, Congress is forcing the American people to pay a heavy price because like Republicans, about 50 Democrats, are doing the bidding of special interests to satisfy the greed of a band of oligarchs. It is really unclear if it is more important for many Democrats, including the President, to say they reached a compromise to show Washington is not completely dysfunctional, or to keep the government funded by giving the Koch brothers and Wall Street the means to satiate their greed and take complete control of the government. Whatever the reason, the so-called compromise appropriations bill is an affront to the American people, and revealed that many Democrats are what Howard Dean labeled “Republican-lite.”

The budget itself may indeed be a compromise in that the Affordable Care Act is funded for another year, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security still exists, and food stamps were not abolished, but that is about the only good news in a horrible budget. A budget that saw well over half the $1.1 trillion going to the military, including extra money for “overseas operations” to enrich foreign economies with American military bases in peace-time. There are also ‘additional’ billions to re-fight George W. Bush’s progeny ISIS in Iraq and Syria. It is a sad state of affairs when this country’s infrastructure lags the rest of the developed world, and many developing nations, and a quarter of the nation’s children live in poverty, and yet over half-a-trillion dollars is available to enrich the military industrial complex and the oil industry under the guise of “national security.”

Within the so-called compromise, Republicans and about 50 Democrats slashed the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget to neuter its ability to enforce clean air and water regulations, but apparently the ability to breathe and have safe drinking water is just the price Americans have to pay so politicians can say they compromised. Also in the compromise, the Internal Revenue Service budget was slashed in a counterintuitive attempt to prevent the agency from collecting revenue to keep the government running. To add insult to injury, Republicans inserted a “rider” that has nothing to do with funding that prohibited the IRS from investigating or regulating lobbyists and political campaign organizations posing as 501(c) social welfare charities as a gift to Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Wall Street, and special interest groups.

What makes this “appropriations bill” an affront and insult to the American people, and an abomination of epic proportions, are the riders that have nothing whatsoever to do with keeping the government running. That many Democrats voted for it is telling about their willingness to just say they compromised; including President Obama. To his credit, and it is tepid credit at best, he did say, “There are a bunch of provisions in this bill that I really do not like. Had I been able to draft my own legislation and get it passed without any Republican votes I suspect it would be slightly different. That is not the circumstance we find ourselves in. And I think what the American people very much are looking for is some practical governance and the willingness to compromise, and that’s what this really reflects. So I’m glad it passed the House and am hopeful that it will pass the Senate.” However, part of the reason it passed the House, and will pass the Senate, is the President and Wall Street’s lobbying effort.

For example, what in dog’s name is a provision gutting the financial reform law’s (Dodd-Frank) restriction on derivative trading doing in a government funding bill? Did any of the 50-plus House Democrats not remember it was Wall Street’s derivative scheme that caused the financial meltdown the entire world suffered? The bill passed in the House by one vote, and if even a tenth of those 50-plus Republican-lite Democrats had a memory they would have forced Republicans to either shutdown the government or remove that Wall Street license to rape and pillage the economy.

That rider, like giving Wall Street authority to cut Americans’ retirement benefits at their pleasure, will not reduce the debt and deficit, increase revenue, create one stinking job, or repair the decrepit infrastructure any more than a provision for long-haul truck drivers to drive for longer shifts with less time for rest in between will. And, what were the 50 Democrats thinking by voting for an appropriations bill with a rider that allows wealthy oligarchs to increase their campaign donations by tenfold? One wonders, seriously, how many Democrats would still have voted for the “compromise” if it included riders criminalizing liberals, Islam, birth control, minority voting, women in the workplace, secular education, or walking while Black?

It is curious that President Obama is “glad the bill passed the House and hopeful it passes the Senate” when it contains provisions that are a preview of Republican attempts to “undo everything he did accomplish until his presidency vanishes from history.” Is that a price he is willing to pay just to say there is “some practical governance and the willingness to compromise?” It is true, the CRomnibus does represent “some compromise,” but on balance it is a monumental gift to special interests that have nothing whatsoever to do with funding the government. It is a compromise “at all costs” that the American people, not Republican-lite Democrats, will end up paying for.

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    Gutting part of Dodd-Frank and robbing the pensions of Americans???

    NO…A thousand times NO.

    I cannot believe this is happening in America…Robbing people of their retirement.

  2. As Robert Reich says: This ends in one of two ways: Fundamental reform that gets big money out of politics, resurrects Glass Steagall, and breaks up the big banks, or angry populist revolution. Which will it be, and when do we reach the tipping point?

    12-12-14: Congratulations chumps! Your $1 Trillion spending bill just put you on the hook for $303 Trillion in Derivatives – there is no hope for this nation and the people.

  3. I think the angry populist revolution is how this ends up, and the enemy sees it that way as well. Why else would they be militarizing the police so much?

  4. This Nation and its people turned their backs on this President. They call him every name but a child Of God, and vilified him at every turn and not one person, no one called them out on it, they threatened him and made all kinds of jokes at his expense, and he still did what he could do without Congress, they screwed people out of their voting rights yet no one took up the cause. No one fought for their right to vote, as if it just took care of itself. Every body jumped ship just as they did for the last six years of his term. Congress did nothing, so sit back and watch the chaos, Americans have got to get up and fight, the President asked, Americans didn’t listen, and continued to demean him and are still calling him names and blaming him, while they themselves stood in the corner and watched America go down in flames. If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing…

  5. Easy – it’s ONE thing, a certain kind of derivatives, and it’s ONE set of pensions that ALREADY were headed to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. This reduction is disgusting but has been in place since LTV in the 80s. This deal was supported by some unions seeing it was better than what is already LEGAL.

    Now is the time to lean on Dems. Even James Clyburn, no fan of Wall Street, wanted to pass this particular budget extension for all else it contains.


  6. Dear Mr. President,

    You are willing to gut the very things you once stood for just to show you are willing to compromise? THIS lack of backbone on your part is NOT “practical governance”.

    It is allowing special interests to rob the people blind. By promoting this travesty you and you alone will be responsible for the loss of peoples pensions and the
    recession/depression that will occur by banks playing fast and loose with taxpayer money. Because with this legislation it will happen again, if it already hasn’t started.

    There is a whole slew of other things, but I only have 1000 words and that is not enough to express my anger and disgust at your actions.

    A really pised taxpayer

  7. As incredibly angry as I am at this bullsh*t bill, it’s going waaay too far to say the President is NOT for the people. Face it, if he could strike those riders out of the budget, he certainly would simply because they erase provisions he championed when Democrats controlled Congress. Remember, if a couple of House Democrats didn’t vote for the bill, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Republicans would have caved and struck those riders to avoid a shutdown. Be pissed, but be pissed at the idiots who voted for it; it is something I’m going to impress on the author of this piece.

  8. The president could have said I will not sign these bills. Instead he told Pelosi to pass them with no argument or debate. He wanted this garbage passed. The dems, the republicans and the president have sold you down the river. He wants this passed when he could stop it. Same as the TPP

  9. Patricia, it’s easy to point fingers and complain, but you TRY doing his job. He has to make hard choices. These choices suck.

    People did not turn out to vote. Now the disgusting repubs will make life hard.

  10. I, for one, am sick and tired of the excuse “people didn’t turn out to vote”. That is becoming extremely old. There were enough Democrats to hold this bill up, but they caved, just like Obama asked them to.

    Remember where the buck stops? He and he alone will carry the responsibility of what will happens in the future. Yeah, the government will be funded, but at what cost?

  11. Kudos Ruby Andrews. I still wonder what trap has been set or may be set for the GOP. No, I don’t think Prez Obama has cashed in his chips on this one. Even though it looks very bad on it’s face. He has, always had something unexpected for the GOP, AKA Roaches.

  12. What people are referring to when they complain about people not coming out to vote is about the last election.

    By not coming out to vote, they gave the republicans 2/3 control. We now have a democrat President, with a senate and house controlled by the republicans for the next 2 yrs.

    All President Obama can do is executive orders, veto their bills, find comprimise or make deals.

  13. This is going to give me nightmares for the next two years. How they could willfully ignore what happened in 2008 and why and what caused it is beyond me. Why? The collapse, if and when it happens–and more than likely it will because we are dealing with ‘people’, will be even worse than 2008. How many times do we have to be hit in the head before we learn? This is one of the reasons why Dodd/Frank was put into place. This is one of the reasons why Glass/Steagal should have remained in place. All I hope is that we survive through 2016, with no catastrophes, to remove the Repubs and put these regulations (even more stringently) back in place. If they want to gamble, let them do it with their own money.

  14. Let’s see the list ofDemocrats who willfully joined the GOP (GET OUR PROFITS) to denigrate, again, the American way of life.We, the 99% keep losing jobs, homes. food stamps, clean air & water, consumer rights, government being sold to the highest bidder,and a lot more. TWO years is a Congressman’s term of 0ffice just in time for the Presidential election. DEMOCRATS remember what Roosevelt said upon the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “this is a day of infamy.” The same can be said if the Senate endorses the KILLER bill!

  15. Don’t you guys get it by now?

    It’s the old “Good Cop. Bad Cop” routine that the Democrats & Republicans have been playing on the American people for years.

    Democrats aren’t “spineless, republican-lite or inept”.

    They’re in the game with the Republicans and just as corrupt.

  16. I’ll bet there are a lot of people who wish they had turned off the TV and voted. One vote matters even more if only 30% of the people vote.

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