Editorial Cartoon: Scale of Injustice

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3 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Scale of Injustice”

  1. The republican led military racist state needs to end. All of us can protest with our VOTES! We cant breathe up in here. My hope is body cameras help at least some but still need prosecutors to do their job sworn to protect all of its citizens. You can vote people into office that are concerned about you. Do your homework before you vote for some radical lying teabagnutjob.

  2. For this history to be repeating it’s self is of no surprise to those of us who have studied the early half of the last century. The conservatives did send Nixon to Europe in 1949 to recruit ex Nazi operatives to help shape the message for the Conservative party. The genius is in the way they packaged their hate exactly like Goebbels and Himmler did and it works as well now as it did for the ignorant fearful German populace in the 1930’s. We are living in the early days of the Conservative 4th Reich and we must be vigilant and prepared.

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