Petty Republicans Throw An Epic Senate Temper Tantrum Because They Are Mad At Obama


The government funding bill likely has enough votes to pass the Senate, but the problem is that several Republican senators are holding up a vote on the bill unless they get to vote on undoing Obama’s immigration executive orders.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) threw the Senate into chaos because they want to vote on stopping President Obama’s executive orders.

According to The Hill, Cruz and Lee are going to force the Senate to move as slowly as possible,

Sen. Ted Cruz, the firebrand conservative freshman from Texas, has blown up the Senate leadership’s plans to have a peaceful weekend by forcing round-the-clock votes on President Obama’s nominees and the $1.1 trillion omnibus.

Cruz took to the floor late Friday to castigate congressional leaders for trying to pass the 1,600-page spending bill after only a few hours of debate and questioned the resolve of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to fight Obama’s executive order protecting five million illegal immigrants from deportation.

“Even though millions of voters rose up just one month ago to protest how President Obama and the Senate Democrats were running Washington, business as usual is continuing inside the marble halls of the United State Congress,” Cruz said in a fiery floor speech.
Because of objections from Cruz and his ally Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), the Senate will begin slogging through procedural votes on nominees starting at noon Saturday and vote to end a filibuster of the omnibus spending package at 1 a.m. Sunday morning.

The final vote on the government funding bill might not happen until as late as 7 AM on Monday morning. Cruz isn’t gumming up the works because he objects to the government funding bill. The Texas senator has no problem with the massive gift to Wall Street, and the rider giving the Koch brothers more power to buy elections.

Sen. Cruz is angry because he didn’t get a worthless show vote on President Obama’s immigration executive orders. Cruz and Lee didn’t get enough of the spotlight, so they are creating drama and chaos. Ted Cruz is trying to build a 2016 presidential campaign off of Senate grandstanding, so this is no surprise.

His behavior demonstrates the pettiness of Republicans who more interested in making anti-Obama gestures than governing. There are lots of good reasons to object to the government funding bill. Throwing a temper tantrum and abusing the power of a senator over not getting enough of the spotlight isn’t one of them.

Even as the least productive Congress fittingly limps towards the finish line, the Republican Obama hate remains the fuel that drives their obstruction. Republicans aren’t going to suddenly grow up and begin legislating when they take over the Senate, so the country should prepare itself for two more years of drama and chaos.

24 Replies to “Petty Republicans Throw An Epic Senate Temper Tantrum Because They Are Mad At Obama”

  1. When it comes down to it what else is new from these morons. They seem to like wasting the tax payers time and money.

  2. Ted Cruz just threw away any chance that he had at being elected president.

    Momentum is building – the protests over the Eric Garner and Tamir Rice shootings are only gaining steam – despite Fixed News Megan Kelly and Bill O’Reilly thinking and wishing otherwise, and America is moving away from cops-can-do-no-wrong capital L and O Law and Order to support for lower case law and order.

    Secondly, banker bailouts are anathema to the overwhelming majority of Americans, the angst over them transcends party lines and this angst over banker bailouts in 2008 (and the near-certainty they will now happen again) will not set well with Americans.

  3. 12-12-14: Congratulations chumps! You are now on the hook for $303 Trillion in Derivatives – there is no hope for this nation and the people.
    EMAIL , FAX, CALL YOUR Senators “NO DEAL” :
    Petition: URGENT! Let’s put an end to the globalist billionaires’ attempt to seize our democracy!

  4. If they don’t like what every President has done the solution is simple. Pass a bill to negate the executive action you so abhor. Oh yea, I remember now. They can’t pass a bill. That’s why Boehner has been sitting on it. What a surprise the R
    epublicans refuse to do their jobs then blame someone else.

  5. Since this bill is terrible, I want him to throw a tantrum. Wall Street does not need a bailout, and pensions do not need to be raided by the Koch Brothers. I am shocked that I agree with Cruz wanting to throw a tantrum, but, please proceed, then only the GOP can take the hit for a government shutdown.

  6. Your article, Jason, is on point, as usual, but can I be the Grammar Police, please?

    Ted Cruz is trying to build a 2016 presidential campaign off of Senate grandstanding, so this is no surprise.

    I would be very appreciative if every journalist and even writers of novels refrain from using the two words in bold print in conjunction; preferably deleting the word “of”, or substituting “from” or some other appropriate word.

    Thanks. Other pet peeves are “phase” instead of “faze”, “rein” vs. “reign”, and “tow the line” instead of “toe the line”.

  7. Turtle is going to have to consider some drastic rule changes to have a functional senate. He won’t do it for obvious reasons, but allowing one “senator” to hold governance hostage isn’t going to sit well with most Americans. Cruz is not only going to lose any presidential bid, but is on his way out the door of national politics. Even the crazies can see crazy…

  8. Does Mrs Cruz work for Wall Street, I thought I read that awhile back, the article
    said he gets an unreal health care package
    from her job wort5h something like $40,000
    per year!

  9. If this bill somehow fail to get enough Republican support in Senate, Cruz would hilariously blame everything on President and Warren-led Democrats.

  10. To think our government is being brought to it’s knees, by a Cuban born in Canada, to a refuge father that only became a US citizen in 2005, because his son wanted to be a Texass(intended) senator. Only in America.

    What a shame, what this once Great “UNITED” Country has come to.

    Stand by for part II, of this sordid chapter in our “HISTORY BOOKS”, the way our “new history” will be written.

  11. My God. Didn’t these people’s parents teach them not to jack off in public? Tiptoe carefully around Cruz and Lee; the DNA on the floor will stick to your shoes.

  12. I’m just as happy as a clam to see these 2 take a stand. The elections made it clear how the majority of the country feels & apparently these 2 are the only ones that got the message. I think the entire lot should have to work up until noon on Christmas Eve & go directly back to work the day after Christmas. Not that they could fix all of the issues that they are responsible for in that short amount of time, but it’s a start. If you don’t want to work, don’t run for any office.

  13. Sorry, but all cruz wants is publicity for a Presidential run. He doesnt care about anything else. He never has.

  14. Is that so? The turnout for the midterm was 38% which means only 10% of the voters voted for the catastrophe you worship. Run off and wipe your chin.

  15. anyone remember this past summer? specifically the cliven bundy debacle??? remember what righties were saying about the police back then… the police that showed up with the feds on the bundy’s ranch that resulted in some wild west stare down??? remember that? remember what fox news and righties were saying about the police then. they were out of control. they had to much authority. they had military weapons. they were the bad guys then. NOW??? after the stories about mike brown and ferguson, garner and “i cant breathe”, the 12 year old black child killed by police over a toy gun??? well, boy do the rightwing opinions change. now police are the heroes and the minorities are the bad guys. folks, this is some delusional, insane, hypocritical sh*t going on here. these rightwing degenerates are destroying our America!

  16. Come January 2017, be it President Clinton, or President Warren, or any of a small handful of other Democrats, we can only hope that the American electorate comes to its senses in the 2016 elections and votes for Congressional candidates who actually want to do something in conjunction with the new president.

  17. I vote for hanging. A padded cell we would still have to pay for the roof over their heads and food. And the way the US works under the people that bought it for pennies. They would eat steak for breakfast while people like me had weak gravy and a biscuit if anything at all.

  18. You are exactly right…Now look these people up one by one and see who and what they really are. Who controls the government they bought with greed and money. Who owns the media that “allows” us to know only what we are supposed to believe.
    I watched the Roosevelt series on PBS recently. I was kinda surprised to see that only the names change. I actually thought the country had gone forward. We have bigger and better toys. And the money changers have to work harder to control us. But it is still the same ole same ole.

  19. A little off topic, but not really it is all the same thing, total control of America.
    Speaking of PBS, I like that channel. Frontline is one of my favorites. I have wondered more than once how some truths slipped through. I remember well the war against PBS. Hard to ignore Jesse Helms, a leader of the fight if you live in NC. I saw from the state level how he was kept in power and why. The day we were free of him was a good day. Better if we could ever be free from who and what he sold his soul and America to.
    I happened to see one of the Koch’s was a big sponsor on PBS now. The penny dropped. Last week I started to see more little pieces of light. And I saw a pundit somewhere mention some I had missed. The people that control almost everything else have used the same methods and the only GOD they really believe in, money, to control PBS enough they can start to take credit for another nail in America’s coffin.

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