US Probation Office Recommends Ten Years In Prison For GOP Ex-Governor Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell

The U.S. probation office recommends that former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell spend at least ten years in prison for the eleven counts of corruption he was found guilty of committing. The probation office calculated a recommended sentence of between ten and thirteen years in prison for the disgraced public official. U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer is not required to issue a sentence within the guidelines. He can exercise discretion to decrease or increase the penalty. However, legal analysts have pointed out that Spencer has typically given sentences that fall within the guidelines suggested by the U.S. probation office.

About a year ago, McDonnell turned down an offer to take a plea agreement that would have cost him no more than three years behind bars. He could have pled guilty to a single count of lying to a bank and escaped with probation or a much shorter prison term. However, McDonnell rejected that deal. Now having been convicted of eleven separate charges, he could spend over a decade in prison for his crimes.

The ex-Governor is scheduled to be sentenced on January 6th of next year. His wife will have her sentence handed down on February 20th. McDonnell was once viewed as a rising star within the Republican Party. His name was floated as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012, and at one time, he was listed as a potential future presidential candidate for the GOP. As Governor of a large swing state, Republican operatives expected him to have a favorable resume for winning a national election. However, that was before his star power unraveled in the face of serious corruption charges. Now Robert McDonnell can look forward to spending time in prison. If the judge follows the sentencing recommendations, McDonnell may spend the next decade behind bars.

24 Replies to “US Probation Office Recommends Ten Years In Prison For GOP Ex-Governor Bob McDonnell”

  1. Yes, this was the golden boy of the GOP. “christian, loving husband and father, the dream politician, family values, home-schooling, etc. etc. “man of god”.

    A standard bearer for “new GOP”. Than he got careless, selfish, greedy, and thought that he was beyond reproach.

    “What goes around comes around”. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

  2. Ha, ha.

    I look forward to many other Republican governors and congressthings following in his hoofsteps.

  3. We all know that corrupt Republicons don’t do jail time!!!!
    The judge will let McDonnell walk with a wrist-slap. He’ll be featured on FOX as another expert commentator. Just wait and see.

  4. You might want to correct this Keith. After a conviction McDonnell is even more of a gop candidate. He can do his presidency from behind bars

  5. Since I live in Virginia this is very good news. He will get 10 years and spend maybe half in prison and I expect his wife will get 3 years and be out in less then 2. Real prison time will make some of the GOP wackos wakeup to reality.

  6. This guy gets 10 years and Cheney and his sidekick get O years for starting a war on lies which killed a 100,000 civilians.

  7. While he may spend some time incarcerated, he will most likely spend it playing tennis and bridge with some old frat brothers. Prison for the wealthy hardly resembles Folsom or Sing Sing.

  8. Not much of a man who wouldn’t protect his wife from prison. If the marriage wasn’t on the rocks before, she should certainly divorce him now. My husband passed away this year, but he would have done anything to keep me or the children from any harm. The GOP’s example of a loving family man it’s sad for their family that greed and power went to his head. I wish they all had a price to pay for their crimes. The Palins have gotten away with a lot more. Todd is accused of being a pimp for the secret service and I didn’t doubt it.

  9. I am sorry for your loss. GOP men are not known for giving a damn about women. Track record shows it plain and simple. They fear the vagina with a brain.

  10. It will be heartening to see McConnell and his wife spend some time in prison for their crimes. In this country of late we seem unable and unwilling to call politicians to account for their crimes. Let’s hope this is a good beginning for a change in the cavalier way we as citizens and the legal system deal with leaders who commit crimes.

  11. So this guy gets 10 years, while the drunk who killed my daughter gets 4. It’s all about the money. Our government doesn’t REALLY care about who kills whom, just as long as they can keep track of who gets the money and they can get their share of it.
    There is, of course, one exception: if the government can use a death to further an agenda, they’re all over it.
    I’d be willing to bet that nobody who reads this has ever heard of my daughter, because she was blonde, a decent, kind person and it was an illegal Hispanic who killed her. Who, other than her family, would care about that.
    No, somebody needs to grab some money before the government really cares.

  12. Indeed. ‘Tis a shame that the likes of Dick Cheney and his puppet GWB are not made to answer for their decision to send so many of our brightest and best into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. If this guy gets ten years, what should be their penance . . . perhaps a lifetime behind bars?

  13. Im so very sorry for your loss of a beautiful life. Our whole justice system needs an overhaul. Too many decades of change this, change that has got to come down to one system that is fair and not dictated by the NRA. When a guy selling some pot gets more time than a killer or sex offender, theres a problem. Our privatised prison system is nothing more than landlords looking to keep the rented rooms filled. Money talks, killers walk. Affluenza brat shoulda got execution!

  14. He’ll never spend the FIRST day in prison ! He’ll spin doctor his way into some cushy house arrest or community service probation program, watch and see. People like this with money never go to jail they buy their way out of it.

  15. While I believe justice has been served, I think there were previous articles that said much of this was due to his greedy witch of a wife. He buried his head in the sand. Doesn’t absolve him, but the wife did a lot of the soliciting and “legwork”. The primary snake in this garden may be her.

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