Rachel Maddow Blasts The Media For Trying To Turn Liberal Democrats Into The Tea Party


rachel maddow democrats not the tea party

Rachel Maddow called out the mainstream political media for trying to turn liberals like Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi into the tea party.



Maddow said,

One of the main most basic reforms. One of the most necessary things that we did to protect ourselves from another total collapse of the financial system to insulate taxpayers so that we didn’t have to pay for what the banks did wrong, finally. That is what they just undid. That is why Democrats got so mad. It’s a really simple idea. It’s called Section 716 of The Dodd-Frank Act, and the banks hate it. Of course they do. Who wouldn’t want the United States taxpayers to promise to come and rescue you if you lost money? You can keep all the upside, but if it goes south, the taxpayers will pay. Who wouldn’t want that?

But that simple thing. That’s the basis of the giant fight in Washington that took the whole Beltway by surprise. And because that’s what the fight was about, that’s why the headliner in the Democratic Party leading the fight was seen to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. It’s not just that she is a liberal, and Democrats like her, and everybody knows her name. It’s subject specific. This is her wheelhouse. This is how she came to Washington in the first place, right? Elizabeth Warren first became known as a public figure because she was tapped by President Obama to oversee the bailout. I mean, her outrage over the banks screwing the taxpayers is the whole reason why she got into politics.


This is a substantive fight about a specific thing. This is not just liberals blowing off steam.

The Beltway has been saying oh, look liberals blowing off steam. That’s not what this is. The Beltway wants the left and right to be mirror images of each other. What’s the lefty version of the tea party? They want the center to always be correct, and they want the ideological edges to always be equally crazy and impractical in just the same way. But it’s almost never what’s going on, and it’s not what’s going on here.


The people who revolted inside the Beltway were not, HEY BELTWAY, were not the Democratic equivalent of Michele Bachmann, and Steve King, and Louie Gohmert. The people who revolted inside the Democratic Party. It’s not a mirror image. They weren’t the fringe of the party like the revolters on the right….This wasn’t the Louie Gohmert fringe of the Democratic Party. This was the leadership and most of the Democratic Party, who all said no against the wishes of their own White House.

Maddow made two points. The liberal Democratic pushback is based on policy, not ideology. The Democrats who revolted aren’t a fringe movement. Beyond what Maddow said, I would add that what is going on with the government funding bill is the physical movement of the Democratic Party to the left.

The people who are standing up against the policy riders in this bill are going to agree with their party probably ninety percent or more of the time. The Democratic Party is not divided like the Republicans, but Democrats are signaling that the party is moving to the left. The same behavior occurred when President Obama teamed up with congressional liberals to kill a bill that would have given hundreds of millions of dollars in permanent tax cuts to corporations.

The mainstream press is now saying that Elizabeth Warren is the new Ted Cruz, but this comparison is completely wrong. Cruz is a self-serving grandstander, who is trying get elected president by opposing everything and causing chaos. Warren and the Democrats are fighting because they disagree with something in the government funding bill.

Mainstream media laziness is one of the main reasons why the public is poorly informed. When journalists who are supposed to be political reporters insist on painting by the numbers instead of thinking, the result is poor coverage that misses the point of the issues of our day.

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  1. The media is making that comparison because Warren and the Democrats stood up against their pimps, err, hmmmm, financial backers, and now they are venting. There is no such thing as the MSM, even MSNBC isn’t liberal, check, they have Scarsborough on, that outta tell ya something!

  2. I’m so old, I remember when everybody used to think it was a really bad idea to force taxpayers to bail out big banks. The way the media makes it sound, is that idea is now just a left wing radical idea that’s equal to the GOP having to swallow Obamacare funding in the bill. Well, I for one am not buying that equivocation. Anybody with half a brain could figure this one out, but most people these days don’t think for themselves. They let right wing talking points (which are almost all lies) rule the day. It makes my blood boil.

  3. When we allow Citibank, or any other lending institution, to write legislation, we have reached a new low. And it just goes to show how dependant the right is to their puppet masters.

    We’ve already had to bail them out once to the tune of appx $21B according to the CBO. But we still keep on giving.


    And now they want it to be made legal for them to play their games with our money? I say “HELL NO”.

  4. Liberals Warren and Pelosi are working *FOR* the people to guard against us from bailing out the banks AGAIN. It WILL happen if this junk is left in the spending bill.

    Tea bag Cruz and others were/are working AGAINST the people by attempting to block affordable healthcare. They are THE death panel and DO NOT care about anyone else.

    Liberals are FAR, FAR and more humaine from being the tea bags.

  5. I heard a pundit (forgot the name) on an NPR show the other day, perhaps it was ATC, referring to the Extreme Right (the tea party) and the Extreme Left (clearly referring to Warren and other progressives who sided with her opposing the riders in the bill). Well, pardon me, but I”M extreme left, me and Noam Chomsky–they aren’t, and that’s a good thing, becaus the real Extreme Left would go nowhere in today’s politics; Warren is a wonderful but classic progressive/liberal, and the policies and values she adocates used to be mainstream until a few decades ago and few billion dollars from the Kochs, Fox, and their ilk won the narrative. Extreme left my ass. It is lazy reporting, it’s not true, and it was disappointing to hear no one on that NPR show challenge that designation. But then again, I rarely hear anyone on NPR challenge the false equivalencies from commentators and insane sound bites from the Cruzes of the world.

  6. Calling the mainslime media “lazy” is accurate but laziness is the least of their sins. They willingly enable lies and hatred by uncritically repeating Rethuglican talking points. Laziness only partially accounts for that. I prefer to think it’s evil.

  7. This is the corporate media that has their marching orders from the corporations. These shills have no idea what journalism is and are doing what they have to and need to for a pay check, shameful.

  8. It’s not always laziness… today’s media is owned by megacorporations, sometimes investors completely detached from the entrepreneural spirit of journalism.

    Those investor/speculators care nothing for journalism and truth. They care about profits.

    They have gutted journalism with staff cuts. Not laziness by the journalists remaining. They don’t hardly have time to go out and dig.

  9. POLITICUS has this WRONG.

    There’s no move, and they didn’t write this Maddow Reprint to suggest Dems want to turn Liberal Dems into Tea Partiers. The headline is utterly MISLEADING.

    I Saw Maddow’s peice and watched it again today. Who but banksters and those they bribe wouldn’t agree with her? And Elizabeth Warren?

    EVERYONE but those bribed should support Elizabeth Warren’s effort to get the crooked bankster legislation out of the spending bill.

    Who put that in there at the 11th hour? How much have the banks paid them during the last elecion. WHO ARE THEY? BY NAME. Anyone, Anyone? Dig, journalists, DIG.

    Maybe the Justice Dept should look for a conspiracy…bribery… even RACKETEERING between banks, front groups which launder campaign money, and lots of Congressmen!

    Tea Partiers, wanting lower taxes, presumeably also more middle class than 1 percenters, are on the wrong side. Who funds them? Libertarians wanting less regulation so more profits for m…

  10. It wasn’t so long ago that Republicans, Democrats and the new Tea Party ALL Hated and Railed The Bank Bailout!!! The Congress sold ALL of US OUT.

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