Lynching Obama

I’ve written about racial animus toward our first black president many times, and I can’t let a situation which took place this past week go by without saying something about it.

On Wednesday, as Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch reported it, “a small group of right-wing demonstrators gathered in front of the White House at a rally scheduled to coincide with the visit of a number of sheriffs who were in Washington, D.C., to protest President Obama’s executive action on immigration.”

One activist spoke to some of these “good old boys” who expressed a desire to lynch President Obama, and it was all captured on film, including the punishment for high treason: “death by hanging.”

Some of the other “gems” you will hear are:

“Hang the traitor!”
“Hang the lying Kenyan traitor!”
“We’ve got rope.”
“Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung on one of them trees.”
“Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?”
“Don’t snap his neck, you watch him choke to death.”

“He’s just biding his time until Satan takes him home to where he belongs.”


This isn’t the first call for a lynching. Back in January, as RMuse reported here, “a racist conservative Facebook group, “America the next generation,” created a photo-shopped image of President Barack Obama with a hangman’s noose around his neck that represents the group’s racist hatred of the President” and called it “The Making of a National Holiday.” Facebook, of course, originally claimed that wanting to lynch our first black president wasn’t offensive in any way, shape, or form.

In October of last year, Rep. Larry Pittman of North Carolina told a “joke” about Obama being a traitor from Kenya. When the Freedom and Faith Coalition got together in D.C. to hold their Road to Majority conference, somebody threw a plastic Obama figurine in the urinal so folks could show Obama how trickle-down really works.

You might compare this to how liberals felt about George W. Bush – and some conservatives have – except for the fact that former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh got upset that a radio station wouldn’t let him use the N-word, and Republican North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis says white folks are the only “traditional” Americans, and hell, even Santa and Jesus are white, right Megyn Kelly?

I mean, not like Native Americans, who were here first, and especially not like black folks.

Liberals hated Bush because he was a criminal, not because he is white. On the other hand, Republicans have sometimes not even tried to hide the racial animus behind their hatred of President Obama.

Based on things conservatives have said, this is more or less how their thinking goes:

“I mean, we did them a big favor and all by making them slaves (for which they haven’t properly thanked us, by the way) but they’re not, you know, “real” Americans.”

No, it takes a well-armed white man like Cliven Bundy to know all about the “negro.” Or Rush Limbaugh, who says blacks should just get over having been oppressed already and that whites shouldn’t feel bad about slavery, even as he is complaining that the GOP is not racist enough toward the president.

As Rush’s words, the ones coming out of his other mouth prove, blacks are still being oppressed.

Republicans keep telling us we live in a post-racial country even as the racial epithets fly.

You remember this tweet from the RNC sent out last year at this time, right?

Except racism didn’t end in 1955. Why, if racism ended and you are black, must you “assume the position”? A subsequent tweet attempting to clarify the message just served to make Republicans look even more foolish.

As did Rick Perry’s “pre glasses make me look smart” claim that there is no racism in America’s justice system. No Rick, we can certainly see that in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and Eric Garner. No racism at all.

They react with violent hostility to any suggestion that anything they have said is racist in any way. I mean, look at how those nice white folks in Rosebud, Missouri, greeted the Ferguson protestors, with fried chicken and Confederate flags. Which, at least – however repugnant – was less violent than the murderous greeting promised by the KKK.

And I can’t imagine any racial animus was behind the desire of Open Carry Texas – the same folks who say demanding ID from a white man is a felony but gunning down black men is not – to march through a black neighborhood in Houston! Dear me, no.

And if there is racism, they are the victims and they blame Obama. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) pointed to an imaginary “war on whites,” saying Obama “divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things.” Right-wing extremist Mychal Massie took it a step further when he accused Obama of being the racist – even as he called him a “spade.”

Yeah, it must be Obama who is to blame for racism. The man is black, after all. It’s all his fault. And according to Massie, if you weren’t in “in a terminal state of denial based on an Erebusic (primordial darkness) ideology, and color of skin,” you’d see it too!

Of course, a panel on CBS’s Face the Nation has debunked that claim but then look at all the panels that have debunked repeating right wing claims that anthropogenic global warming is not taking place.

They’ll be denying global warming even as rising sea waters are lapping around their necks, a sort of self-lynching, if you want to look at it that way.

Racism is alive and well in America and the justice system is anything but fair. The GOP is Racist to its unreconstructed neo-Confederate core. It is proven again and again to be true.

Republicans claim they are persecuted, but that is only because we don’t let them get away with their racist rhetoric, with their desire to make anyone who isn’t white enough assume the position so they can show us all just how manly they really are.

And that includes a bunch of good old boys reliving the “good old days” as they talk about lynching the black guy down the street who is where he doesn’t belong.

23 Replies to “Lynching Obama”

  1. Why do these old, white elitists always look and speak like stupid idiots. They are unAmerican and unChristian. We dont need their brand of hate and Nazi mentality. I bet they’d vote for Hitler. They’re suckers who fell for the NRA’s buy our guns, ammo, gold and silver cause you have been suckered in by the gop(group of pigs). Run and put on your camos so you feel like you are a cop or soldier without the balls to actually be.

  2. The guy in the top pic doesnt even realize that hes a walking contradiction. Hold a flag that symbolizes freedom and a country of people made up of immigrants and at the same time carry a sign that is racist based . What a complete tool. Stupid is as stupid does. Sometimes, just ignorant. Maybe not a high school graduate. Sad for him.

  3. They are disgusting, ignorant, unChristian and unpatriotic. They are an embarrassment to America and hideously stupid. In England you would probably be arrested for inciting racial hatred. Free speech??? Ignorant speech more like.

  4. Anyone notice that these idiots look like they need a bath and a shave and haircut,
    or maybe they don’t use baths where they come from.
    Why were they not arrested?

  5. I especially like this: “Racism is alive and well in America and the justice system is anything but fair. The GOP (rethugs My word) is racist to it’s unconstructed neo- confederate core. It is proven again and again to be true”. I will also Add: regardless of it’s claim to a family values party or the party of being Christian. I see none of this.
    I do see greed, perversion, judgment and hate.
    Now I know there is this in the other party too but more so, way more so in the rethugs.

    The picture is a perfect example…

  6. They werent arrested because they have the right to be assholes. We dont have to like it but its their God-given right to be as stupid as they want.

  7. They have the right to be assholes, but threatening the President or the President’s family with death or great bodily harm is a federal felony. Practically, prosecutions occur when the threatener has the apparent intent and ability to act on his threats; in the case of a mob assembled in front of the White House, I’d say these guys were clear and present paddywagon bait.

  8. Bebe — They are exactly the same as the folks who voted Hitler into office. Hatred of anyone “not like us” was the hook, and the Jews, the Roma, the gays were the victims. History has a tendency to repeat itself, albeit in other formats and other countries, but it’s not surprising that these thugs have adopted Hitlerian tactics — after all, it worked for Adolph. Ugh.

  9. You know, it’s shameful to see this side of the country come out like this.

    You would think that electing the first black president in our country’s history would be a milestone towards everyone getting along.

    Instead, the racist past this country has tried to hold back since the end of the Civil Rights movement has roared back with extreme gusto. I can’t tell you how much hatred that has been spread all because a black man is President. No way in hell would this happen if he was white.

  10. We should at least hear them out, I mean, they took time out of their Walmart jobs, which are obviously underpaid workers, to come out and show the world that it never really was bout race!

  11. The Freedom and Faith people obviously don’t know that “trickledown” is an invention of the GOP. Reagan tried it and it failed; George W. tried it and the economy tanked.

  12. Let me summarize your comments about getting rid of president Obama.

    Liberals did not hate the past past president because he is white but because he was less than smart. Being surrounded by shadowy guys like Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc. made Bush less than an effective president.

    Obama on the other hand, nobody will say he’s been good 100% but he is effective, he has kept the country in good standing, created jobs, raised the minimum wage, improved immigration. He will be one of the great presidents this country has ever had.

    But, his smarts have also earned him the extreme right’s hate. That hate now we see, come from people who never wanted the betterment of our country. They just wanted to see a white man in the White House and seeing how Obama has done for you and I, the so called Christians, the Tea Partyists and and other stupid and ignorant individuals have thrown all their venom against our president. But, that is their problem not mine. Sorry guys.

  13. This is the work of the Religious Right in the South who are still fighting the Civil War. The State Department should have these people locked up for unwarranted threats to the President; un American activities, etc. Certainly their hate sites on the internet should be shut down. Freedom of speech only goes so far and threatening someone’s life is not freedom of speech but criminal.

    It’s very sad these supposed Christians are so naive and ignorant to fall for radical talk show hosts and the Koch Brothers setting up the Tea Party and other organizations with their big money to dupe the RR into voting against their own best interests such as low wages and poor school systems. They believe anything they are told and don’t even know whose setting them up.

    How dumb can these people be. The old saying applies: You can’t fix stupid.

  14. republicans are CINO’s Christian in name only. Their nazism hate and constant lies will come back to bite em in the ass. They’ll never win another Presidential election with the group of nitwits they have on tap.

  15. The farther the TEAliban goes, the close we are getting to Fascism.

    Oligarchy merging with the religious nuts almost always leads to a dictatorial type of government. That is what happened in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

    The bigots never learn.

  16. RACISM IS OVER! That will be the headline in the year 3500, until then the @$%ing bigots will be with us.

    I’m “white.” I voted for Obama twice. I do not always agree with everything he does, but he is MY president.

    It fries my bottom when I hear people calling him a Kenyan. They don’t give a crap about the fact of his birth in the United States nor do they care that even had he been born in Timbuktu, he would STILL be a natural born American because his mother was an American citizen.

    The CINO assholes, aka the religious right, are neither Christian nor are they right.

    I could care less about the color of one’s skin or ethnic background of an individual. With the exception of a few here and there, they are fellow human beings, entitled to equal rights and respect with the total exception of militant Muslims and other terrorists…like the people who want to lynch ANYONE.

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