Americans Love Their Obamacare: The ACA Is On Pace To Smash 2015 Sign Up Target



The latest estimated enrollment numbers show that the ACA is on pace to blow past the Obama administration’s goal of 9.1 million enrolled Americans by 2015. These numbers demonstrate that Americans love their Obamacare.

Politico reported, “ appeared to withstand a surge of consumer traffic ahead of Monday’s deadline for Jan. 1 coverage amid growing confidence that the administration will meet or surpass its scaled-back goal of having 9.1 million people covered in the exchanges in 2015…Consulting firm Avalere Health estimated Tuesday that 10.5 million people would be enrolled in the exchanges by the end of 2015, with some fluctuation during the year. As of mid-October, 6.7 million people were fully enrolled, meaning they had chosen a plan and were paying their premiums.”


The Obama administration’s goal was to have 9.1 people enrolled in 2015, but it looks like consumer demand will smash those goals by roughly 1.4 million. According to the website, 4.5 million more Americans have gotten affordable healthcare coverage during the 2014 open enrollment period. 3.38 million of those individuals purchased their coverage on

December 15 was the deadline for enrollment using the federal ACA website, but states that set up their own exchanges have different deadline dates for 2015 coverage. This is all bad news for Republicans who are still dreaming of killing the Affordable Care Act. It should come as a shock to no one who isn’t a Republican, but Americans want access to affordable healthcare.

The numbers for the January 2015 deadline reveal that Americans love their Obamacare. This development will also put political pressure on the Supreme Court when they hear arguments in a case that challenges the constitutionality of the federal subsidies for residents of states that didn’t set up their own exchanges.

The Republican fight to destroy Obamacare is only serving to make the party less party with mainstream voters. The Obama administration will be thrilled that the president’s signature policy achievement is popular with the millions of people who are gaining access to health insurance. Republicans turned Obamacare into a slur, but the popularity of the Affordable Care Act will make it nearly impossible for Republicans to legislatively kill.

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  1. I sincerely wish Chief Justice John Roberts reads this article, or any article relating to the fact that Americans like the ACA, use the ACA and NEED the ACA. Let’s all hope he doesn’t want his legacy on the court to be that he and the conservatives on the bench took healthcare away from the millions and millions of people that utilize the ACA. Does he really want people with pre-existing conditions to be turned away again? Does he want children with cancer to be refused insurance and health care?

    Sometimes I can’t help but think that Republicans won’t be happy until the poor lie dying in the streets from hunger and lack of health care. That they want to turn America into something like North Korea. There, I said it.

  2. what really irks me is the fact that I have a few friends who are R and they despise the president and how they would never accept ACA, or any aid etc while he is president and yesterday I found some of those bashers posting pictures of their phone time waiting for ACA renewal. the president is showing his true leadership while the republicans continue to try and stop him and dog him while accepting what they can get. hypocrites !

  3. Even if the immoral catholic mafia in the SCOTUS strikes down the law I fear the teahadist will not pay any price because Americans are too lazy to vote and too stupid to connect the dots

  4. My sister recently lost her job and if this happened before ACA came along, a big concern, since she has a chronic health condition that requires regular visits to a specialist along with several medications, would have been the loss of insurance. She would not have been able to buy a private plan or get coverage with COBRA because it’s too expensive.

    Now with ACA, she will have insurance January 1st – a PPO plan that will cost her less than $50 a month with the credits she was able to get.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take this peace of mind away from her and the millions of Americans who now have health coverage at an affordable cost.

    It’s unconscionable.

  5. Hmmm, I wonder how many of them are Republican voters who spent the past 5 years screaming about death panels, or didn’t sign up before because their racism interferred. I will never understand how individuals are against all Americans having healthcare insurance! Prevention is always the better choice.

  6. It’s unconscionable.
    Americans celebrate killer cops, they love them some torture, taking away healthcare that’s child’s play to them

  7. I have health issues and if it weren’t for the ACA, I would be out in the cold. I have been denied treatment even after the ACA because of the nature of my illness and whether or not the treatment would be worth the cost because I am in stage four liver disease, not cancer, but cirrhosis. Without the treatment my chances of advancing to liver cancer are much increased. Fortunately today, I got news that I have been approved. The medication alone is $108,000.00 for the treatment period. Thank goodness for the ACA!

    One point I’m making is that my right-wing evangelical brother said the reason I was originally denied was because of the ACA. I just had to say WHAT! We wouldn’t even be talking about me being denied if not for the ACA because without the ACA, there would have been nothing to deny, I would have been left to just get sicker and die. The Republican plan, dontcha’ know.

  8. Alternet’s Adam Lee has a theory about why Republicans want to destroy the safety net for America’s poor and let church charities deal with them instead: putting millions of Americans under a new theocratic state is exactly what they want.

    Cutting government charity on the scale that Republican Congresses propose would be Armageddon,” according to local charities and food banks. But I think there’s an explanation that runs deeper than indifference. I suspect many religious conservatives are well aware that what they propose would mean throwing millions of people into destitution. In fact, they may be counting on it.

    Do Right-Wing Christians Want People to be Destitute?
    The anti-government rhetoric of conservatives would mean throwing millions of people into destitution — and they’re counting on it.

  9. The idiots that want this from the general population have no clue the money for the churches to help you will come from their taxes. Damm tea bags are dumb

  10. Yes and now Thom Tillis and the multimillionaire Purdue who bragged about outsourcing jobs and the awful woman from Iowa Ernst have vowed to eliminate food stamps in 2015, I think I will write Tillis and ask if he plans on offering our young military families a discharge from service, because many of them get food stamps, also perhaps they could force companies to pay a living wage so that people would not need food stamps.
    I just participated in a food drive for food for children who during the christmas vacation from school will get no meals from school and go hungry over the holidays.
    Republicans are evil, I am disgusted with democrats who did not get out and vote in the mid terms, in NC they are gradually making it impossible for dems to vote, that is a fight we need to have.

  11. Send this article to all your Die Hard, Religious Right Republicans friends. Tell them they need to sign up for the ACA instead of waiting for everyone else to pay their way……poor babies are so naive and dumb to think they will get rid of ACA and deprive Americans of health care for all. It’s the law, bubba!

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