Republican Rebranding Fails As Mitt Romney And Jeb Bush Lead GOP Field

Romney and Jeb

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Mitt Romney leads the pack of GOP hopefuls for 2016, with Jeb Bush running in second place. The survey of Republican-leaning voters finds that Romney claims 20 percent to 10 percent for Jeb Bush. Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Ted Cruz are the next most popular Republican choices.

Since 2012, Republican leaders have often said they are “rebranding” to improve the party’s image and attract a more diverse range of voters. However, GOP-leaning voters appear to be sticking with the same old ideas hat cost them the 2012 election. Not just the same ideas, they want to run the same candidate.

Mitt Romney is the GOP frontrunner, and if he decides not to run, Republicans would like to nominate yet another Bush family member to be their candidate for president. That Republicans are eager to rerun Mitt Romney for president is a testament to just how awful the other GOP candidates are. If Romney declines to run, the fact that Republicans first choice would be to put a member of the Bush family back in the White House, is equally revealing. The Republican field is so uninspiring that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush are viewed as their top options going forward.

The 2016 election is still nearly two years away. With a splintered Republican field, other candidates could pull ahead of Romney and Bush as the election draws closer. However, at this stage, Republican voters appear to be saying they prefer the party to stay the course and avoid trying anything new. The republicans have run a Bush or a Romney in five of the last seven presidential elections. Republican voters say they would like to make it six out of eight. If this is an attempt to rebrand the Republican Party, it isn’t a very convincing one.

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  1. That just shows how bankrupt the G.O.P is on any new ideas.Just spray fabreez on the same old turds and hope it does not ware off before election day.

  2. If democrats let republican win the white house or even any more seats in congress we are the crazy party. After what they have shown us the past 6 years, it’s too scary to contemplate.

    Dems need to VOTE!

    Even if you have to hold your nose for Hillary, you had better vote because the alternative is republican control.

  3. “Rebranding to improve the party’s image and attract a more diverse range of voters.”

    I must have fallen asleep and missed the “rebranding” part. It would appear that, silly me, I also fell asleep when the GOP were seeking to “improve their image,” and were seeking to “attract a more diverse range of voters.”
    All I ever witnessed were the Republicans trying to suppress the votes of black and brown people, attack females, defend white cops that murder unarmed black males, side with rapist, try to eliminate the safety net for our most vulnerable, while attacking immigration reform, and supporting the pimps, err, rich white folks that they whore for, umm, I mean, err, prostitute, no, the rich white folks whose asses they kiss. There, much better.
    If this is the GOP’s idea of “reprimanding,” they need a fresher course

  4. Romney and Bush lead?

    Proof that the so-called ‘rebranding’ was PR written crapola because even a sane person can’t fix stupid.

  5. I find it hilarious that Palin thinks shes going to run for pres. That would solidify the RW mental illness. Jeb and Willard are just more of the same – hypocrite Christians on the dole from NRA and Cocks. Mitt the liar
    Jeb the patsy.
    Sara the douch bag idiot
    Cruz thanks for the confirmations(doesnt understand govt)
    Paul a twitch.
    Huckabee hypocrite Christian, fearmongerer, liar
    Christie corrupt mob boss
    Cruz Canadian Cuban, not elligible according to Trump
    Trump bankruptcy king
    Rubio pointless, inexperienced

    Clinton/Warren ’16 ALL IN
    Class, experience, proven record with actual policy experience

  6. Actually Trump is very rich. The Casino that went bankrupt only had his name on it, he wasnt involved. But he is dumber then his toupee

  7. Romney will be a 3 time loser and after 2 Bushes we do not need another, Bush does not inspire at all, in fact apparently he has some Romney problems, like offshoring his money!

    Another point, I have not heard of FOX drooling over their boy Putin lately, I wonder what happened there!

  8. Another point, I have not heard of FOX drooling over their boy Putin lately, I wonder what happened there!
    Maybe the collapsing of the Russian economy has something to do with it

  9. Now that’s a choice?……another Bush or a Mormon who is a 1%er who will do nothing for the 57% moochers……this is laughable…..ha ha ha. Good luck Republicans!

  10. Their “brand” should be SOS – Same Old Shit, and put out an SOS for the economy and social progress if they get in.

  11. You think they are failing now just wait for the insane clown posse when they hear this from the President

    The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the first time in more than a half-century after the release of an American contractor held in prison for five years, American officials said Wednesday.

    Lame Duck President my ass

  12. Do not underestimate the GOP propaganda power. Their weapon is lying 24/7 and they know how to do it in order to make people vote against their own interest.

  13. I with Diane, do not underestimate the dirty playing repub party, look what happened last election, i could not believe it.

    Also don’t expect the voter id bs to stop or the possibility for ballot counting fraud in counting machines and vote flipping in machines.

    The repubs plan ahead in order to tip the scale in their favor. They are not to be trusted.

  14. Charles Pierce nails it again
    Jeb Bush And Terri Schiavo: The Ghost Of Jebbies Past

    It was wonderfully predictable, and I hope it gets repeated, over and over again, until The Smart One gets run out of politics.

    “If you want a government that’s gonna intrude on your life, enforce their personal views on you, then I guess Jeb Bush is your man,” Schiavo explained, adding, “We really don’t need another Bush in office.” Felos described Bush’s actions interference in Schiavo case as, “An egregious example of the fat hand of government inserting itself into a family’s medical decision and the obtrusive hand of government trying to override their decision.”
    Read More

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