Obama Adds To His Historic Achievements By Ending The U.S. Isolation of Cuba

Obama makes history on CubaPresident Obama began dismantling one of the final relics of Cold War foreign policy today by announcing the historic decision that his administration is ending the U.S. isolation of Cuba.



The president said,

In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cuban people, and begin a new chapter among the nations of the Americas.

There’s a complicated history between the United States and Cuba. I was born in 1961 — just over two years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba, and just a few months after the Bay of Pigs invasion, which tried to overthrow his regime. Over the next several decades, the relationship between our countries played out against the backdrop of the Cold War, and America’s steadfast opposition to communism. We are separated by just over 90 miles. But year after year, an ideological and economic barrier hardened between our two countries.


I believe that we can do more to support the Cuban people and our values through engagement. After all, these fifty years have shown that isolation has not worked. It’s time for a new approach.

The embargo will remain in place because it has been legislatively codified. Congress would need to pass a bill lifting the embargo before fifty plus years of U.S. policy towards Cuba could be fully reversed, but the president used his executive powers to do something that is an historic shift in approach in relations with Cuba.

Obama has taken a step that a majority of Americans have been in favor of for decades. Gallup has polled on the support for normalization of relations with Cuba, and in every year since 1999 at least 55% of Americans polled supported a normalization of relations.

The president was correct decades have demonstrated that the policy of isolation and embargo has failed. If anything, the approach that the US government adopted has strengthened the Castro brothers’ hold on power. If the United States wants a democratic Cuba, it needs to open the door to democracy.

Previous presidents have thought about Cuba, but Obama was one who was bold enough to take the step. What the president announced was history being made, and it could represent the beginning of a new phase in U.S./Cuba relations.

11 Replies to “Obama Adds To His Historic Achievements By Ending The U.S. Isolation of Cuba”

  1. The right wing is freaking out, and promising to block any embassy funding for Cuba. The right wing is the worst enemy to America, and the American people.

  2. Cuba is in dire financial straits, and the beginnings of capitalism have already started. This is a very smart thing that the President has done.

  3. I cant see how we can contribute to democracy in Cuba, when the Reich wing is in the process of destroying democracy in this country, and will fight this tooth and nail, starting with Faux news and all their political lemmings

  4. Rubio ought to be ashamed of himself. It appears that towing the party line means denying who/what you are. This embargo has been in place, since, the early 1960’s? What has it accomplished? Is Cuba any worse or better now than it was over 50 years ago? In some ways, Cuba has advanced, and we have gone backwards, thanks to the GOP.
    This could be an economic win for us and the Cuba. Think of the tourist $$! Course, the GOP are against living the embargo because they and their limps won’t profit from it. The embargo should have been lifted years ago, it accomplished nothing.

  5. I would say GOP paymasters like the oil industry as always, but the sugar and coffee bean industry are probably tooling up their lobbyists, and they have already reached Cruz, Rubio, Graham and the rest.

  6. Plus the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, idiots they are, also support the President’s move, as does the Farm Bureau. It’ll be fun to see rubio, graham, etc backtrack once those lobbyists get ahold of them.

  7. Obama hits another home run. Gives the GOP another heart attack. Not to mention enlisting the POPE to help negotiate the deal. Pretty soon Obama will have made so many moves the GOP won’t be able to remember what they want to de-fund and not fund and stop the funds on anymore.

  8. I am all for the normalization of relations with Cuba. Our closest neighbor and we can’t get along.

    But why was it done in secret for over 18 months? This only leads me to believe that there is more to the story that is not being told or maybe the government doesn’t want us to know.

  9. It seems as if the principles of the Monroe Doctrine, which are to protect the United States’ backyard from any nation establishing a military foothold in the Caribbean has become obsolete.

    In my life time the Monroe Doctrine was enforced in 1962, by Kennedy’s face-off with Russia in Cuba, and again at the time when Reagan’s conflict with Cuba in Grenada, in 1983.

    The United States’ improved relationship with Cuba is long over due, especially today with CHINA, a communist nation, establishing an economic stronghold on many of the Caribbean Islands.

    Now, the US needs to allow the Virgin Islands to do business with the Caricom Nations.

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