President Obama’s Cuba Surprise Sends John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Reeling


President Obama’s December Cuba surprise has sent both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell reeling as the president has again demonstrated his tactical superiority over the Republican congressional leadership.

Speaker of the House John Boehner reached deep into the empty bag of Republican talking points and pulled out the old Obama is caving to dictators line.

Boehner said, “Relations with the Castro regime should not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom – and not one second sooner. There is no ‘new course’ here, only another in a long line of mindless concessions to a dictatorship that brutalizes its people and schemes with our enemies. If anything, this emboldens all state sponsors of terrorism, as they now have an even better idea of what the president meant when he once told Russian leaders he would have ‘more flexibility’ after his re-election. We have seen this before, and I fear we will see it again. Despite these reservations about the president’s changes in our policy toward this communist regime, we all feel great joy and relief for Alan Gross and his family. Americans do not forget our own, and we speak out today because we have a moral responsibility not to forget anyone anywhere who longs for liberty and dignity.”

Soon to be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had even less to say. McConnell would only say that agreed with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), “Sounds like the correct response to me. I think he knows more about this than almost anybody in the Senate if not everybody in the Senate and I wouldn’t differ with his characterization.”

Rubio’s response consisted of a temper tantrum where the Florida Republican compared Obama to Jimmy Carter.

After causing chaos within the Republican Party with his immigration executive actions, President Obama has exposed more fractures and divides with his announcement of a change in policy towards Cuba. The end result has been Boehner disagreeing with Chamber of Commerce, House Republicans disagreeing with each other, and Mitch McConnell looking like a stooge by offering up a variation of yeah, what he said as a response.

Republican control of Congress has unleashed President Obama, and if the last two months are any indication, Boehner and McConnell are in for a very difficult two years.

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  1. Funny how actual policy making throws GOP into frenzy. The obstruction policy enacted by the GOP is the most destructive in my lifetime. They hate their constituents that pay them. This was the agenda from BO’s 1st day in office. McConnell’s only job was to screw Americans in his effort to satisfy his racist beliefs .

  2. When will the GOP get it thru their heads , that Obama is their DADDY ?
    ( father knows best )

  3. I have said it before but it bears repeating
    Obama is playing chess while the rethugs are playing checkers.

  4. Mitch McConnell sh** on himself and John Boehner, yelled out, “kiss my a**” as he took a drink of scotch.

  5. Le Speaker The Boehenevator has no problem punishing the Cuban people. Why? Because he has no valid response to anything.

    Let those stinking brown skinned people lay in their filth because of Castro from years ago. Sounds like a republican to me.

    The tea bags and boehner are far too stupid to see the good that can come from changing the relationships for the Cuban people and Cuban business.

    Republicans. Too stupid to be in leadership positions

  6. Boehner said, “Relations with the Castro regime should not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom.”
    Laughable! We “enjoy”,relations with China, they are a commie country. And it is amusing that Boehner is worried about the freedoms of the people of Cuba,when the right is chipping away at ours.

  7. Wait a minute what terrorism has Cuba supported? Do you mean when they gave aid to the ANC in its fight against Apartheid?

    No they couldn’t mean that. Maybe when they supported the Angolan rebels against the Portuguese and after that the madman who was Savimbi who was our bagman?

    I wish for once someone in the media would call these old bullshit artist on well, their bullshit

  8. Guess the GOP doesn’t remember Nixon opening China, Reagan talking to Gorbechev. Ollie North selling weapons to the Iranians.

    But they have to say something against Obama.

  9. Is that the same Jimmy Carter who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering a lasting peace agreement between Israel and Egypt?

    If it was meant to be an insult, I think he blew it.

  10. Love, Love President Obama!! He is SO SMART!! He has the opposition at every turn. They never catch on though!!! ha ha

  11. Boehner, McConnell and Rubio all failed to mention their BFF, Vladimir Putin, is probably shitting himself over this.

  12. Well played, Mr. President. If we can recognize Russia and China, if George Bush can play kissie face with the Saudis, we can certainly accept the Cuban people. It’s like one of those family rifts where after years, nobody’s talking to each other and they don’t know why.

  13. Maxie,
    that quote also caught my eye…just maybe this action by President Obama and the Pope will actually lead to freedom for the Cuban people. The republicans could never imagine the possibility of freedom for the Cuban people’s as a result of American statesmanship.

    These next two years are going to make the rebublican party earn the wages that they stole from the U.S. taxpayers last year.


  14. Remember when St. Ronnie told Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall? Had there been a prerequisite that the Russian people be free? Remember Tianamen Square? I believe China was granted Most Favored Nation status within 2 years. Now Boehner says the Cuban people must first enjoy freedom? Come on, man.

  15. No, it was when Cuba offer to send Medics & help to New Orleans during the Katrina fiasco! That was definitely Terrorism!


  16. How do any of the above know that the people of Cuba will be “free” to live as they should? Americans will send (or spend) money to Cuba and will the people benefit or will the “government” do as they have been known to do for years.. fill their coffers while denying their citizens of the most basics of living?
    Did obama send Beyonce and jz there to test the waters?

  17. This will benefit Cuba by Americans going there and spending money in business’s and create jobs
    Cuba is not socialist, the government doesnt own the business’s
    Canadians and m,any others have been going there for ages, Cuba still exists. DOnt get in the trap that everyone is repressed

  18. Obama just buttfucked the GOP leadership again.

    These clowns don’t know what hit them because they’ve been playing make-pretend for so long that they forgot how politics work in the real world.

    Go Obama – keep them off-balance and keep fucking their shit up until the GOP can’t do any more damage to America!

  19. Have you been to Cuba? I have. From what I saw, Cuban citizens are allowed to keep money they receive. Granted, it is a poor country, but ALL of their basic necessities are met (university covered 100% for Cuban citizens; Cuba has the highest literacy rate in the world – 99.7%; all health care is covered; life expectancy is approximately seven years higher than US; every Cuban citizen receives coupons/rations for basic food each month — not gourmet food, but don’t starve either; Cuba trains and exports more doctors throughout the rest of the world, including the US, than any other country; basic housing met, although crowded conditions). The problem is the Embargo and what it has done to their economy. Young people, especially women, are leaving because the jobs are not available for them in Cuba. They are very well educated, but their economy doesn’t support the jobs. Declining population because many of the younger generation are choosing not to have children

  20. Wait until it dawns on the (R)s that by normalizing Cuba, we remove it from Putin’s sphere of influence.
    Of course, they want President Obama to FAIL and although they LOVE a shirtless Vlad (although they won’t say why)I suspect they would rather he not be so close to the USA’s shores. But I could be wrong on that last part.

  21. Boehner and McConnell are in for a very difficult two years. And I get the impression that Obama is just doing pre-game warm up drills such as lay-ins and shooting jump shots at different points on the floor. The real game starts in January. As a Latino, I am extremely proud of my president.

  22. So we should only have diplomatic relations with countries without a dictator? Guess that lets out China, Russia, and many more. They’re laughable.

  23. Thank you. Yours was the most intelligent post in this whole thread. Lazy minds and selfishness never bother to know or care about facts. People should read the true story about WHY there was a revolution in the first place. I applaud the Cuban people. They are examples of the people taking back what was theirs from terrible crooks and even after 50 years are examples of what this country could be if people would take back what is ours from the few that has and is stealing our very air and water. Ted Cruz are Rubio are perfect examples of “Working for the Man”. The 1%.

  24. “Republican congressional leadership”?
    Give me a break.They are not leading,they are doing what they are told to do by their corporate masters.

  25. I saw an article that said this had more to do with a Cold War communications complex in Cuba which Russia and Putin want to bring back online. I wish I had a link but it was so late after work last night I didn’t bookmark it. Hoping we don’t have another Bay of Pigs catastrophe.

  26. I don’t think you mean the Bay of Pigs. I believe you are thinking of the Cuban Missile Crisis. They were linked solely by the semi-secret plan to invade Cuba and overthrow its government.

    At the time, I lived near Homestead Air Force Base. Long before there was any alleged missile crisis, the arms being shipped by rail to HAFB and the exercises being carried out there made it clear that an invasion was imminent. Suddenly, the missiles popped up. After a good deal of brinksmanship, they disappeared, and there was no invasion. Since real missiles in any quantity are hard to sneak around, I suspect half the things were mockups, placed to secure a quid pro quo for their removal.

  27. I remember, but for those who don’t , please refer to that scene in The Godfather, Part II, where Batista was cutting up a Cuba-shaped cake for American mafiosi.

  28. One of the reasons Republicans won’t enact legislation is they need a boogie man to keep Americans scared.

    Since the old Soviet Union fell, military hawks need a new enemy.

    Republicans found Muslims for that.

    Republicans also use gays, women, Democrats, “scarey black men”, unions, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, immigrants and Benghazi to name a few to keep us scared. All to avoid discussing Wall St. and 1%.

    Those walls are falling fast and Republicans either agree with human rights, or become obvious in their schemes.

    But you watch, Republicans will find another “enemy” soon to pound the drums of fear. Just becoming harder to do it with brown people.

    Go Obama go!

  29. Yes “docker” I see it (Cheshire Cat smile), it is apropos. Once again he has beffudled and outmaneuvered the Republicans. He sees the big picture while they play the instant gratification games, to no avail. Example: Shutting down the Government is their antidote for getting what they can’t get, looking foolish in the process. Saying NO instead of passing and agreeing to reasonable bills and laws. Their only goal, it seems, is to thwart the President. But the President has other ideas, he has alternatives, secret routes to by-pass the checkpoints. He speaks softly and carries the proverbial “Big Stick”. No wonder the Republicans are sputtering and looking confused and befuddled. Ha!

  30. The next big thing is going to be (my wild guess): Getting Iran to stop all work and efforts for a Nuclear weapons goal. Then having the Ayatolah, send Iranian troops to Iraq and Syria to wipe out ISIS, afterwards inviting Obama for a visit, and asking him to open up their embassy there in Tehran. Is this dreaming enough? ;)
    Well the way Obama has been operating I wouldn’t be surprised that SOME of what I mentioned comes through before he leaves office. The Republicans will pull their hair out their heads and chests and FINALLY kiss Obama’s ring. Heh-heh-heh.

  31. It’s funny as Boehner said, “Relations with the Castro regime should not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom – and not one second sooner.” He must forgot about normalization with other communist countries such as China, Vietnam, Russia, etc. The people in those countries don’t even smell what freedom is and yet we have normalization with them. I guess Cuban haven’t got enough money in Boehner and other crooked-corrupt politicians in DC yet. [WINK]

  32. And what does all the Putin A$$ kissers have to say now. The Castros and Cubans feel better with Americans on their side than that $$hitty Russian Government sending crap to their shores. Putin’s country is under an embargo now (Punishment)and is slowly sinking….he will be crying NO Mas soon. Cuba is going to kick Russia to the curb soon is my guess…within a few years. America’s influence will be the thing to watch develop. By the way: Marco Rubio and Belart and all the whining, Arse kissing Republican Cubans should: STFU ! And be grateful their country is / will slowly thrive with an influx of American dollars, goods, investment, tourism, etc. I think they are Jealous of Obama. Oh, didn’t Reagan reach out to the Russians and in effect end the “Cold War”, so what’s wrong with Obama doing the same with Cuba, Huh? !!! ;)

  33. Makes you wonder when Upchuck Toad said Grimes was unqualified he never brought this up to the turtle

  34. Something the media has never mentioned. Before ISIS got a toe hold in Syria President Obama wanted to use strategic military strikes to help the then moderate fighters. Congress said no and ISIS flooded into Syria and we have what we have now.

  35. It doesn’t surprise me. Both Boehner and McConnell won’t do anything in fear of people hating Republicans. Both are terrified of a good political fight. Expect more actions like this from Obama who considers himself above the U.S. Constitution, rule of law and especially the American people. He knows he won’t be challenged and will continue to dismantle America.

  36. You really are a dumbass
    Paul: Trade with Cuba ‘probably a good idea’

    Polls show shift in favor of US-Cuba relations

    And if you look at the local press, you get the impression that it’s backed by Iowa agricultural interests. Here’s a story about the policy change from the Ottumwa Courier:

    … Bob Bowman said Iowa farmers stand to benefit, along with several other Iowa industries. And Bowman should know. He’s a DeWitt farmer, chairman of the Iowa Corn Promotion board and serves on the Corn Board of the National Corn Grower’s Association. He also has firsthand experience in Cuba.

    But what about Cubans?
    68 percent of respondents favor restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba.

    — Among younger respondents, 90 percent of respondents favor restoring diplomatic ties.

    You need to pull your simple mind ass out of the fox bubble and join reality

  37. Their newest enemy is smart women. They fear binders of them. That is why GOTP women are dumb as dirt, the ones that fall for the big man, stupid woman propaganda/ ideals of the 1950’s. Modern, thinking women are terrorists tothese wimpy GOTP men. Their male leaders call for war, yet, most of em dodged the draft in the most cowardly way.

  38. The republicans in Washington are lazy, constant vacationers living on the govt dole to the tune of $175,000/year. Obstructing and protest are not jobs. If so, we owe the protesters all over America lots and lots of money. Not doing your job to a republican is doing your job. rethuglican welfare for the Koch addicts.

  39. Louis, are you a Constitutional scholar? You listen to too much propaganda. Obama has a Juris Doctorate in law and graduated magna cum laude. He is considered an expert in Constitutional Law and taught it in a lecture series for 12 years. He in no way is trying to dismantle the Constitution. Everything he does is based in Presidential powers given in the Constitution and precedent by former Presidents. Presidential Executive actions have always bypassed Congress. Obama has written less than 200 EOs while FDR wrote over 3000 of them. He also writes memorandums like the one he wrote on immigration and those don’t have to be published like an Executive Order. It’s on the White House site for everyone to read. Those that state Obama is overstepping should be concerned more about the GOP that is trying to cut everything for people who are not the 1 percent and of the poorest segment of Americans; the seniors and the disabled. They should do their jobs instead of obstructing daily.

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