Black Democratic Strategist Rips Fox Host For Saying Obama’s Making Things Worse For Blacks

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During an appearance on Fox & Friends Thursday, Reverend Jacques Degraff, a Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor, shredded host Elisabeth Hasselbeck for arguing that black Americans lives have been made more difficult by President Obama. Hasselbeck had Degraff on to ostensibly talk about a recent story in People magazine where the First Lady and President spoke in detail about how they’ve dealt with racism in their lives. The conversation then shifted to the White House’s policies, and later, Hasselbeck wondered if the Obamas were doing harm to America by talking openly about race.

The former reality show contestant told Degraff that she thinks Mrs. Obama may have misrepresented an incident at Target where she was mistaken as the “help” because the First Lady had previously joked about the incident with David Letterman. In Hasselbeck’s mind, Mrs. Obama was just “being normal like everybody else” when she spoke with Letterman in 2012, but now she appears to be race baiting by speaking about it in a different context. Degraff pointed out to Hasselbeck that African-Americans “have learned how to deal with our pain and put a smile on irritating, annoying or downgrading situations.” Hasselbeck, playing dumb, asked if the First Lady had time to realize the incident was racist, leading to Degraff saying African-Americans in general all have similar experiences of dealing with ignorance.”

It would only go downhill for Hasselback from there. The ex-View co-host then tried to get Degraff to agree that President Obama has made things “more challenging” for blacks in America. Hasselbeck used the tried and true Fox News tactic of ‘some people say’ when she said, ”Some would make the argument that it has become more difficult for black Americans under this president.” Degraff’s response was pure perfection and completely exposed Hasselbeck when he retorted with the following:

“Someone white would make that argument. The issue is being black in America under a Democratic president and a Republican president. It’s difficult dealing with ignorance if you’re black in America.”

This seemed to have taken Hasselbeck aback, but she persisted nonetheless, as the purpose of the segment was to prove that Obama was making things worse for not only blacks, but all Americans, by having the audacity to talk about race. While she said it is possible that the First Couple may have had to deal with some bias while in the White House, she still wondered if they were making things worse by openly talking about it because it didn’t represent all (i.e. white) Americans. Once again, Degraff just used the opportunity to show everyone what an ignorantly racist person Hasselbeck is by telling her they do represent all Americans and they are trying to humanize the office by “talking about what their life is like.”

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox News:



In the end, Hasselbeck came out looking like person so fully ensconced in white privilege that she has absolutely no clue why black Americans think this society is inherently racist. Instead, she just wishes blacks, especially well-known African-Americans, would just stay quiet about the issue because it just isn’t doing any good to talk about it. In other words, she is the perfect host for Fox News.

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  1. if anyone is responsible for the state of racial affairs and the polarization of blacks and white in this country, it is primarily conservative media like fox news, hate radio like rush Limbaugh, and at the pulpit in church. these racist and bigoted and sexist cheerleaders have given endless air time and radio time for these peddler’s of hate. it is disgusting and despicable. the worst part is how jut how blatant, outright, and unapologetic fox news and other rightwing whacko birds have gotten and how they actually try to blame the left for their own hatred and racism. it blows my mind. are these rightwing degenerates that insane??? do they not see their utter hypocrisy??? republicans, conservatives, and the religious right have severely divided this nation along skin color and economic status. divide and conquer is the plan from the republicans. don’t fall for it.

  2. the Fox news hosts are afraid that their racism will be exposed if someone talks about race. This is exactly what happened here. if we don’t talk about race, then there are no issues correct? let’s just keep everything under wraps and not let the people know what’s going on. After all, we dont want the white people in this country to know what it’s like for a black person to live in this country. if the white people knew, it would be far too difficult for us to bash the black people.

  3. …Some people say that Fox News “hosts” are vapid clueless hacks that demand compliance from their guests while deflecting all logic that would prove them wrong….and one of those some people are ME!! Frau HasselBLECH! is a disgrace to women all over this world and a heroine to those women who have given up and resigned themselves to patriarchal theocratic rule.

  4. Why give a lightweight “Host” a heavy duty topic such as “Race in America” ? In Particular, the Race issues in America and as the President and his wife sees it in America today, to discuss with a guest who is Black and above her in the knowledge and debate on this topic?

  5. Though the one incident could be just a case of a shorty asking for help, the many depictions of the Obama family as chimpanzees, the obscene screeds about the First Lady (frequently involving fantasies and threats of gang rape and forcible sodomy), the allegations that she is a man, the depiction of the young and sheltered daughters as barflies and sluts, and the frequent calls for violent overthrow and lynching of the President could not be plainer. In all of that, the smirking likes of Hasselbeck are fully complicit.

  6. When a White person admits they are “trying to understand” in a race dialogue sittings, their white privilege thought processes are being disrupted by what they are hearing how Black people fill inside regarding encounters with prejudice white people because they do not experience the same prejudice events in their own public lives simply because they are White. She became frustrated with herself that she could not get the five (5) second “divisive” sound bite from a Black Democratic Strategist. Who occasionally appears on FOX News. Oh to bad she failed. Wrong Brother this time. I would suggest better luck would have resulted with Brother Cain. Preach Rev. Jacques Degraff!…If she had opened up and really listen to that Brother and let him speak he would have changed her white privilege thought process. That would have caused a career shift for her to perhaps anchoring an MSNBC news show…

  7. Yes, because it’s a proven fact that ignoring a structure fire is the most effective way of extinguishing it.

  8. Remember always that we are blind to our own hypocrisies. Everything you say is true, but in the WASP world, minority subjugation is just a perk. It’s the natural order of things. When superiority and entitlement are perceived as inherent, it’s impossible to pierce the social mechanisms that perpetuate discrimination. To them, it’s not discrimination, it’s a right.
    BTW, I’m a WASP, and I can see this, but I admittedly had to work at it. Most won’t work at it because it takes them out of a comfort zone and facing reality brings with it the burden of responsibility.

  9. They ARE doing worse, but not because of Obama. It’s because, during his tenure, the religious right, FOX and the haters have made a loud and transparent attempt to completely discredit Obama, which has brought latent racism to the surface. They’ve found willing accomplices in the conservative media and so have a larger pulpit to speak from. Throw in a GOP House that refused to do anything, anything, to help the economy and it takes a real toll. The most disadvantaged are hurt the soonest and hardest. Really, start with Roger Ailes if you want to know why people of color may be worse off now, but don’t blame Obama.

  10. she is a palin lover and an Obama hater. she voiced her negative opinions on the View and whoopi always gave her a “fact” check.


    In the pass Army accepted black enlistees but created separate black infantry regiments and assigned white commanders to them. The Army Air Corps’ black fighter wing was completely separate, training at an all black university at Tuskegee, Alabama. The Navy segregated black units and gave them the most menial jobs on ships. The Marine Corp, at least initially, didn’t even accept black Americans. At every training base, black and white soldiers were kept apart! My father was in the Korean War” he told stories of how a black man could be first in the “Chow Line” but last to eat! How blacks were made to sleep outside if the white barrack over flowed. How coward lazy whites were promoted over blacks that did their job! FAST FORWARD TO TODAY!!

    Do you understand that in the 13 years America been at war ( Iraq & Afghanistan) blacks fighting and dying will return with less rights and freedom? The “Bo…

  12. When she compares the unemployment rate of blacks to whites she is being deceptive because this gap has always existed and is nothing new under Obama. Starting in mid 2007 black unemployment steadily rose along with whites, reaching a peak in early 2010 at 16.9% for blacks and has dropped over the last 4 1/2 years by nearly 6%. Why didn’t she show this? Because it wasn’t the spin she was trying to put on things. Fox News=BS!

  13. I’m so angry with myself. I once upon a time use to defend her on The View. She fooled me. I thought she was sane.

  14. NEWSFLASH to Fox bimbo: It was the Republicans who blocked the Americas Jobs Act that would have employed millions of more workers ( workers) on infrastructure projects. Workers who would have in turn spent their wages on goods and services increasing demand resulting in companies hiring even MORE workers. Just imagine how much stronger the economy could have been if the Republicans weren’t out to sabotage everything Obama did. Republican solution for black unemployment: The failed policy of corporate tax cuts & trickle-down. Same old..same old BS.

  15. Every time I hear someone on the right pretend to care about black unemployment, I wish I could reach into the TV screen and slap the hell out of them. Blacks are worse off because of Obama, really?

    In 1954, the earliest year for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has consistent unemployment data by race, the white rate averaged 5% and the black rate averaged 9.9%. Last month, the jobless rate among whites was 6.6%; among blacks, 12.6%. Over that time, the unemployment rate for blacks has averaged about 2.2 times that for whites.

    Yep,it’s Obama’s fault, since 1954.

  16. This is just another day at Fox “News”. That ANYBODY takes them seriously is even more disturbing than the race issue they were talking about in this ridiculous interview. Her whole line of questioning is so beyond stupidity, I really just found myself laughing through most of it. I realize all the scared, old, white, male viewers were eating it up. Ignorance is alive and well in 2014 America.

  17. If President Obama is responsible for racially dividing this country, why is only the republican-tea party, Fox News and their followers from The Stepford Village 99.999999% White people?

    I see the democrats true colors shining through. Beautiful, like a rainbow.

    The republican party is blank. Like a white sheet.

  18. Fox is not a news channel, but is a propaganda machine for GOP big donors. Kinda like you see in communist countries. Call it Putin Propaganda Chanel. They adore him.

    Palin can see him huntin bear from her house.

  19. Typical old school conservative strategy of trying to take the load of black Americans problems off their shoulders. You know it’s the black president who has made the problems worse not any of us.

  20. Republicons, the devil’s people, offer nothing but lies, distortion and deceit. They sure do him (the devil) proud. Thankfully, Almighty God, created a place where they can spend eternity comparing notes…….

  21. People of color have been playing catchup ever since slavery. Yes, slaves were set free but with no education, no money, no home and no where to go. Nothing was given to help them succeed in a world where they were treated less then human. What they did get to keep, after slavery, however, was discrimination, racism and hatred which up to this day has made their journey to equality almost impossible.

  22. “The former reality show contestant”…..

    Thank you, for saying all anyone needs to know about her. She’s a photogenic SOCK PUPPET for Fox’s racist, shithead agenda.

  23. Elizabeth was on the View because of her connections not for her “Talent”. She made known her conservative ideologies often and that’s why she was taken off. Finding her on FOX News was not a surprise. She’s Cuban American and can now be added to the Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio gang. An interviewer she is NOT!

  24. There is another Hassellbeck on the View, only a little bit smarter, or appears to be,who was and is on FOX.She has a sharp tongue as well.Don’t know why they have her on, don’t watch it like I did before,bring back the “red head.”

  25. bingo! couldn’t have said that better m’self. if the prez is guilty of anything, it’s his letting the gop push him to do their dirty work as “compromise,” when he has bad habit of pre-negotiating everything before the actual negotiation with them. and that’s further compounded by their continually race-baiting white america into voting against their own interests. racism is SO baked into the ethics & systems of america that real fairness won’t happen until whites feel that pain as sharply & COMPLETELY as the african-american. it’s a shame that the ignorance runs so deep that it would have to go to such an extreme. african-americans have been SO incredibly gracious despite the injustices, but really, just how long can they be expected to remain stoic & honourable? whites don’t seem to get that when the lives of blacks are dealt with & restored after 300-400 years, we will ALL benefit. it’s a trickle up kinda thing, something we never really try to embrace…

  26. The problem with Fox News and the GOP/TP is that they’re clueless and believe in the existance of a “Alpha Black” that black people blindly follow that they think is Obama and try to create their own “Alpha Black” like Alan West and Ben Carson, but can’t figure out why black people aren’t or haven’t blindly followed them, which is probably because they’re too concern about their children’s safety and have this ability to think for themselves.

  27. So, you do not represent ALL Americans unless you talk like you represent only white Americans?

  28. The “rev” should stick to “spiritual” misleading topics and not MISrepresent black America … church and state!

  29. What do you know about black America? Hell I am black and I don’t know about black America because it is a different experience across the country you condescending twit

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