The Insane Republican Reaction to Obama’s Cuba News

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

Cue the trailer to Sony’s new film, The Interview, where James Franco, told he is to assassinate the leader of North Korea, says, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?”

Right. That’s the sane part of the Republican response to President Obama’s announcement yesterday. It’s all downhill from there.

The catalyst for crazy is that the President of the United States, the guy who took out Osama bin Laden, has now ended the U.S. isolation of Cuba. In the bargain, he has freed both a Cuban who had spent 20 years in prison and an American, Alan Gross, who had spent 5 years in prison.

Former Republican Party House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says President Obama “surrendered” to Cuba. That he did it to help his “socialist friends.” This is so vague a complaint, he might be unhappy Obama helped a neighbor keep his libraries open, or his highways operational. All these are familiar elements of socialism in our own country.

But no. DeLay is unhappy that Cuba, that communist thorn in America’s side, might suddenly be friends. If Obama goes around and makes friends out of all our enemies, who are the poor Republicans going to be able to attack? Conservatism, as a defense of the status quo, needs “Others” to demonize. Cuba has been a “cherished” other for many decades, and worse, DeLay has a personal bone to pick:

“Steve, this is really bad news. I have a personal bias against Cuba,” DeLay told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg. Because that’s what this is all about: personal biases. We wouldn’t want to do anything as a nation that might offend Tom DeLay.

This is just, this is just beyond the pale. I am so upset that this president is going to open up and even put an embassy in Cuba without any sort of concessions from Cuba. This is surrender. This is a president who is a socialist to begin with reaching out to his socialist friends and opening up relationships with one of the most oppressive regimes in the world. The only worse one I can think of right now is North Korea.

DeLay went on to say,

I don’t know what will happen in the next two years in Congress. I know they won’t try to stop Obama in empowering the Castros in Cuba. And the oppression goes on.

Yes, it’s so oppressive to bring an end to a period of unreasoning hostility between two nations.

Malzberg, the good straight man, was right there, of course, to give DeLay the opening he was looking for:

Malzberg: it’s ironic in a sick way that the one group of strong Hispanic support for Republicans are Cuban Americans, and now if they don’t stop this, or if they capitulate and go on the record as saying it’s a good thing, they will then alienate the Cuban-Americans that are hardcore Republicans, no?

DeLay: Most definitely. Now, the younger Cubans that have been born here in the United States are moving towards normalization with Cuba. I have to say that. But most of the Cuban community in especially Florida have been trying to put more pressure on Cuba, not give into them and surrender to them. Yeah, the politics in Florida are going to be very interesting to watch, and frankly, I think this could also be payback by Obama to those Cubans who normally support Republicans.

Yes, Republicans, it’s all about payback. It’s all about you. They all say they are happy to see Alan Gross returned home but they don’t act like they really mean it.

Alan Gross thanked President Obama but told him from prison that he would not change places with him. Few would, as the Republican backlash mounts. Sen. Marco Rubio led the predictable Republican whinefest over Obama’s new Cuba policy, but he has been far from alone.

Mitch McConnell thought whining was the proper response, saying that he agreed with Sen. Marco Rubio:

Sounds like the correct response to me. I think he knows more about this than almost anybody in the Senate if not everybody in the Senate and I wouldn’t differ with his characterization.

Speaker of the House John Boehner said Obama is caving in to dictators. I’d say that if anybody knows about caving its Boehner, but that doesn’t address the real problem: the GOP’s continued hostility to anything Obama. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Jeb Bush who stirred America to yawn when he announced he was looking at running for President, essentially agreed, posting on Facebook that,

Cuba is a dictatorship with a disastrous human rights record, and now President Obama has rewarded those dictators. We should instead be fostering efforts that will truly lead to the fair, legitimate democracy that will ultimately prevail in Cuba.


Interesting how President Reagan was sainted for opening up Eastern Europe and Russia but President Obama is “rewarding” dictators by doing the same in the Caribbean.

Tom DeLay took it a step further, of course, because that is how conservative opposition to Obama has always worked: a game of increasingly severe, and often crazy, accusations.

Which brings us to that Cuban anarchist, Ted Cruz (R-TX), who claimed it was “‘one more very, very bad deal.”

Make no mistake…the Obama Administration has entered into with the Castro regime has done nothing to resolve the underlying problem. Indeed, it has made it worse.

Yes, isolation and embargo have worked so very well for Americans and Cubans both. For a more nuanced view of what all this could mean, see the New York Time’s appraisal.

And Lindsey Graham, who is afraid of his own shadow, no doubt began seeking for beds to dive under, whined on Twitter that “this is an incredibly bad idea.”

None of them can say exactly why they hate it, or why Cuba is such a threat to the United States. They just know they hate it, because Obama did it. Therefore, it must be bad. There is an election coming up, after all, and they are going to be jousting at Obama’s ghost for many elections to come.

48 Replies to “The Insane Republican Reaction to Obama’s Cuba News”

  1. They live in the past and they want us all to continue living in the past.

    NOTHING has changed during the last 50-60 years that we’ve had these policies against Cuba. NOTHING.

    Clearly, this isn’t working. Time to do something else.

    We cannot keep doing the same thing with no results. Nothing will change if we do not change.

    And Tom Delay? Really? He can go…well, never mind.

  2. Castro and Che were outspoken critics of racism and apartheid. They sent troops to support the ANC and defeat an oppressive regime in Angola. They helped black people. Is this the real reason for the GOP hysteria? Just sayin’…

  3. In “Conservatives Without Conscience”, John Dean essentially characterized Tom Delay as a political psychopath.

  4. This is about making MONEY!!!!

    Our country shook China’s bloody hands, and opened up factories in that country. Vietnam shot and blew up American servicemen fighting in that terrible war, and guess what??? They have become business partners in the global economy.

    Like my money hungry co-worker loved to say, “All ’bout tha money…”

  5. Republicans just don’t seem to be able to do anything but whine after the fact. They are bereft of any ideas about how to live in the modern world. The only strategy they have is to criticize President Obama and Democrats for just about everything under the sun. Oh yeah, and cut taxes for the top 2%, forgot that one.

  6. I’d say that President Obama, as always, has seen the writing on the wall in regards to Cuba and is getting our foot in the door in a positive way. I’d say big changes are in the offing for Cuba and President Obama is on top of it.

  7. one reason that it’s terribly important we open relations with Cuba, is that they are now entering into relationships with China and again with Russia. neither relationship bodes well for Cuba’s people. with America opening up to Cuba, opens up trade and it opens up tourism. And that is 2 things that China and Russia don’t offer.

    the Republicans would do well to look to Cuba’s future as our neighbor. Do we want to have Cuba that will be pretty much under Chinese or Russian rule again, or do we want to have a Cuba that is friendly to the United States and not being used as a Chinese outpost.

    something else the Republicans might want to think about. Cuba is a Catholic nation and our Supreme Court is a Catholic court. Catholics are wielding a great deal of power in this country at this time as they are taking over our healthcare systems in many areas.

    But then again Republicans are not noted for their ability to think, just their ability to hate

  8. Tom Delay a political psychopath? I feel we can drop the “political” part. He’s just flat-out a psychopath……

  9. That’s the way civilized countries works for peace and prosperity in the world, buckeyewill.
    We also fought wars with England(Revolutionary), Mexico, Spain (partly to free Cuba), Germany (twice), Italy and Japan.
    Can you imagine what a world we would be living in if we never put hatred and misunderstanding behind us?
    “An eye for an eye will end with a blind world full of heathens.”

  10. Well, conservatives are afraid of everyone and everything that doesn’t exactly conform to their narrow little worldview, so, no, they won’t have any ideas. They’ve become knee-jerk reactionaries, responding, but never initiating.

  11. “He did it to help his socialist friend.” As opposed to helping his capitalist friends, aka Wall Street, as this new bill does.
    Socialism is good, it helps ALL the people, the exact opposite of capitalism, which helps only the few at the top.

  12. Conservatives are right about one thing only–when they question if a private contractor is gouging the government.

    They know their own kind.

  13. Rubios melt down about improving relations with Cuba is all about protecting his Sugar Cane “sugar Daddys” ,his loyal $$$ source.
    That and the tried and true idea that Palinesque, bratty jabs at Obama influence conservatives and win elections.
    Fox and the Kochs have two years to polish this turd.
    Rubio/Benson 2016

  14. I don’t even know how bratty kid Rubio ever got into the senate, he really is clueless, remember when he came out really strong for an immigration bill.He got slapped down for that and now is trying to be the leader against it, he knows nothing and is trying so hard to be relevant!

  15. Tom DeLay, why aren’t you in jail? And why do you care whether Cubans support President Obama in an election? There’s so much wrong with that. He’s probably not ever running in another election, and Cubans can’t vote in the USA. Now, if you were talking about “Cuban Americans” I might understand, but you clearly don’t recognize brown people as Americans so, whatchutalkinbout, Tom?

  16. The GOP’s anti-immigration platform just sank somewhere between Miami and Havana.

    Any move the GOP Congress makes against opening Cuba will be deeply, deeply resented. And useless.

    As a follow up shot to the released torture report, the CIA now has a lot of ‘slaining to do about their adventures in Central and South America. Without the Castro fig leaf to hide behind.

    And lest we forget, Gitmo squats on land they rent from the Cuban government. Hmmm…

    Give the Executive branch a cigar! Cuban.

  17. Enemies! The Republicans have so many, while their friends promise to be loyal as long as the money holds out.

  18. —–“Interesting how President Reagan was sainted for opening up Eastern Europe and Russia but President Obama is “rewarding” dictators by doing the same in the Caribbean.”——

    Republicans are a bunch of Hypocrites. Whiners and haters. What’s wrong with elevating the standard of living for the Cubans who have lived under the yoke of Communism for so long, they don’t know what it’s like to have money to buy “Stuff” like even the poorest Chinaman in China can do? Why are Republicans against that? And why can’t they see the silver lining in this cloud that’s about to appear on the horizon 90 miles from our shores?

  19. Buckeyewill, $$$$
    Yes…you are correct. The Florida oceanfront land developers are lining up planing vacation/home paradise’s, not to mention the charter fisherman boats. The Florida coast is overbuilt and it’s ocean has dead zones due to pollution.
    Hopefully, the Cuban government will be able to effectively manage the invasion of greedy American developers/sportsman coming their way.

  20. Republicans are definitely the opposition party. there is absolutely nothing a Democrat proposes that they won’t oppose.

  21. GOP: God Over People. All they do is bash Prez Obama. Who by the way, is always, always out thinking those lying fakeassed roaches. They continue to preach hate and fear among the masses. Why are they still in the political process? Because of the frightened of their own shadow supporters. They depend on fear and lies to continue their assault on the real taxpayers. Keep them in a state of confusion and hate. Very stupid, leading the stupid.

  22. Rooster. He simply waited til the case went to a full on GOP judgeship, all three were GOP judges and they threw the conviction by two other courts out. I guess they knew it would be a waste of money to go to the SCOTUS, just to get a 5-4 decision.

  23. But the Repubs don’t mind closing factories in the USA and out sourcing jobs to Communist China. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  24. Those who yearn for the government of Cuba’s past yearn for rule by the Mafia. They were the beneficiaries of Mafia rule. Given a choice between communist rule and Mafia rule, I would choose communism. At least communists talk about ideals as Mafiosi do not.

  25. You know who else preaches hate and fear? Terrorists.

    The GOP has become the Terrorist Party. Their party policy is to make people afraid, tell them who is responsible for the things they’re afraid of, and convince them the Republicans are the only ones who can make the scary people go away.

    Years ago, there was a political leader who used the same tactic. He told the citizens that a particular group of people were responsible for all of their problems. Marginalize these people, eliminate them, and all of their problems would go away.

    Anyone who thinks it can’t happen here is fooling themselves.

  26. Who allowed that rabid skunk (my apologies to skunks) DeLay to speak in public. I’m pretty sure I saw the foaming at the mouth.

  27. We also eventually normalized relations with Japan and Germany, too, after having been engaged in conflicts with their governments – it is about the money, but it’s also about peaceful global co-existence. Times change, people change, why perpetuate an unnecessary disagreement?

  28. From what I have seen the last several years, I no only agree that it can happen here, I think it could happen very quickly because a lot of the groundwork has already been done. That is why I sincerely hope that the good people of this country wake up and vote these fascist SOBs out of office.

  29. Rey,

    John W. Dean is the only Republican I have ever liked, much less admired. Been a big legal fan of his since he testified at the Watergate hearings…admitted guilt…served time…went on to become a great legal writer and exemplary lawyer.

    I have read every book he has written and suggest them often. His books on conservatism truly open your eyes.

    Should be required reading.

  30. The Top are for the free market/ capitalism when they benefit financially. When they do not profit, it is socialism, and socialism is evil! The right is just as petrified of a U.S-Cuba alliance as they are of the AHA: it benefits the 98%, not the 2% they limp for. I see all sorts of financial opportunities for the American middle claw. That’s not what the GOP want.

  31. Tom Who? Come on, this buffoon has to go on “Dancing With the Stars” to appear relevant in his post-congressional life. He should stick to pest extermination and STFU.

  32. “The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.” – Che Guevara

    But don’t let the facts get you down, believe as you will.

  33. Sadly, you will find very few Black people of African descent with pure DNA without going back over 100,000 years.

  34. As someone posted elsewhere: “It’s a tough decision to normalize relations with a country that tortures and whose police force routinely murders civilians, but Cuba made the right choice…”

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