GOP On GOP Violence: Marco Rubio Slams Rand Paul For Agreeing With Obama’s Cuba Policy

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During an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File Thursday night, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) criticized Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for agreeing with President Obama’s decision to normalize the United States’ relationship with Cuba. Rubio told host Megyn Kelly that Paul “has no idea what he is talking about.” This came after Paul told a West Virginia radio station that the Cuban embargo hasn’t worked and that President Obama’s decision to resume diplomatic relations with the country is likely the best course of action. Paul also said that the only the Cuban people have been hurt by America’s actions towards Cuba and a new direction is needed.

Rubio, who is considered a potential GOP Presidential candidate in 2016, has used the White House’s announcement as a way to jump back into the limelight. Immediately after Obama declared American Alan Gross had been released from a Cuban prison and the two countries would start working together after 50 years of non-communication and sanctions, Rubio assailed POTUS and claimed that he would do everything in his power to prevent Obama’s actions from taking effect. In regards to the prisoner exchange with Cuba to bring Gross home, Rubio called the president “the worst negotiator that we’ve had as President since at least Jimmy Carter, and maybe in the history of this country.”

While speaking with Kelly Thursday evening, Rubio not only criticized Obama and Paul for wanting to normalize the relationship with Cuba, but also claimed that the embargo was necessary to affect change in Cuba. One would think that after 50 years, with no regime change and only the citizens feeling the true impact of the embargo, that it might be time to go with a different strategy, but that isn’t the case with Rubio. He said the following to Kelly:

“I would expect that people would understand that if they just took a moment to analyze that, they would realize that the embargo is not what’s hurting the Cuban people, it’s the lack of freedom and the lack of competent leaders.”

It’s as if Rubio is saying, “Just give it a little more time. It will finally work. I swear!”

Below is video of Rubio’s appearance on The Kelly File, courtesy of Fox News:



It is somewhat understandable why Rubio is taking this position. Besides using it as an opportunity to make some political hay and get his name back in the public sphere ahead of the 2016 GOP primary, Rubio is the son of Cuban immigrants. Like many Cuban-Americans, Rubio sees this as essentially rewarding the Castro regime for 50+ years of human rights violations and oppressive government control of Cuba. From an emotional point of view, it is a somewhat fair argument to make. While it seems obvious that a new direction needed to be taken and the embargo had to go, many Cuban-Americans still have an extremely negative view of the Castro government.

Meanwhile, Paul is positioning himself as the GOP frontrunner in 2016, and much of that comes from his opportunistic statements on policy that could potentially appeal to moderates and liberals. Besides agreeing with Obama on Cuba, Paul has said that the country’s prison system and judicial policies is racially biased due to the focus on illegal drugs, even working with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) on the issue. He’s even pushed back against conservative media at times, specifically when Sean Hannity tried to paint ISIS as representing all of Islam.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. Paul is a far-right conservative whose economic policies consist largely of ‘eliminate all taxes,’ and his ideology is squarely in the Tea Party vein. (Heck, his father is the godfather of the movement.) However, he and his staff and savvy enough to realize that appealing just to the old, white base of the GOP isn’t going to win you a Presidential election. Therefore, you see Paul taking every opportunity to get on the other side of a number of issues that he knows the other GOP candidates will be on the losing side of, such as Cuba.


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34 Replies to “GOP On GOP Violence: Marco Rubio Slams Rand Paul For Agreeing With Obama’s Cuba Policy”

  1. Rubio, the Cuban, Non-Cuban does NOT know what HE is talking about, much less talking for the Cuban-Americans and Cubans in Cuba. He still sees Castro-Cuba as his parents’ enemies. Get over it you little whimp. The people of Cuba need a breather. And no thanks to you and the hard core Republicans they will be getting it. The consequences of this move MIGHT be a softening of their Government towards their livelihood and civil freedoms. Does Jr., wet behind the ears, Non-Senator, Senator knows this? He should sit down and shut up. Plus NOT even think of running for President. Calling the President names is all he seems to have in his repertoire. The REAL Cubans should shout him down and Explain things to him. He seems to be seeing things with a jaundiced eye on this Cuban thing. PLUS he says what he is TOLD to say by the leadership.

  2. Rand Paul is on the right side of history with this—Marco Rubio is NOT. And will live to regret it. The young Cubans should and will turn against this non-Cuban, Cuban. As far as I’m concerned, they SHOULD turn their backs on him.

  3. djchefron: I am with you on this also.
    And will add my voice shouting at the snotty Rubio: Sit down and STFU !!! Ahora mismo.

  4. To be honest, they’re both are losers, one is on the side of the polls (50-60% Cubans approv. of Pres. Cuba deal) and the other have no credibility w/the Hispanic community (he sold them out at every turn).

    My hope is that they be so busy fighting each other, that they can’t undermine the progress that was gained.

  5. Rubio:”…the embargo is not what’s hurting the Cuban people, it’s the lack of freedom and the lack of competent leaders.”

    Ok Rubio, this is your time to get back to Cuba and show them what a competent leader can do for Cuba!
    It would be a win-win, we get rid of him and he get to be ” a competent leader” elsewhere…

  6. I think the votes are there to overturn the Embargo. Big Business has spoken that they want the embargo lifted. Now the question is will the drunk one bring it up for a vote or will enough paid and bought republicans join the democrats in a discharge petition to force a vote

  7. Rubio is just afraid that, if normal relations are established, he won’t be able to find even one Cuban national who will verify his totally BS story about his family and how they got here.

  8. Former President Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the lasting peace between Israel and Egypt. Comparing President Obama’s negotiating skills to Carter’s is a compliment not an insult.

    I wouldn’t expect an ignoramus like Rubio to know that.

  9. See what happens when they get a taste of power. All-out war within, just wait til the primaries, its political suicide.

  10. Castro brothers have been a good business for cuban politians in florida they try keep the status quo because its business but all things in life we like it or not will come to an end and this is one of them so “el tabaco es fuerte pero hay que fumarlo” may be the tabacco its strong but you Rubio better smoke it.cuba it trying to survive and out there are things they can’t control as soon most of the people be better informed how things are out there they wont setted for less and who ever happen to be in power chenge is inevitable for reasons out of their control small economies do not have to much room to play in a regionalized or globalised world…

  11. LMAO!!!!
    Jeb Bush (finally) quits bank that violated Cuba sanctions

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush blasted the Obama administration’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba in a Facebook post Wednesday, but in an example of why Bush’s ties to private equity and Barclays could provide fodder for opponents and critics, Barclays (which reportedly pays Bush more than a million dollars a year) had to settle criminal charges for violating sanctions that included Cuba. […]
    Bush’s ties to Barclays have caused some to raise the alarm about his potential candidacy.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  12. Wasn’t it put out that Rube lied about his family and their exodus from Cuba? Didn’t they skidoodle 2 years prior to the overthrow?

  13. Marco Rubio has the mentality of a six-year-old. He wants to try to talk tough, like a man, but he’s just a little kid. Fifty years of this embargo have done nothing, so what do we do? Give it 200 more years?

    For a young guy, Rubio has very old, stale ideas. And he’s called the GOP’s bright, shining star? Uh, yeah.

  14. Anchor baby Marco’s parents left Cuba in 1956, a good three years before Fidel’s revolution had succeeded.

    He wants what he wants for him and his, screw everyone else.

  15. The only certainty is that economic sanctions against Cuba have failed:
    to bring down the regime
    to spark a second revolution
    to liberalise the system
    to free any political prisoners
    to initiate open elections
    to shift the Castros’ allegiance from Moscow, Caracas, and other anti-American regimes
    to win the return of nationalised assets
    to prevent foreign investment
    to transform the economy
    to isolate Cuba
    to achieve much of anything useful

    For 50 years or more…

  16. 1972 ~ President Richard Nixon goes to China. Ends 23 years of suspicion and animosity between U.S. And world’s biggest Communist power.

    The world cheers.

    1986 ~ President Ronald Reagan meets Mikhail Gorbachev at Reykjavik. Signs pact with Soviet Union. Leads to eventual dissolution of Soviet Union.

    The world cheers.

    1995 ~ President Bill Bill Clinton normalizes relations with Vietnam, officially ending belligerence and suspicion between the two nations. Embassies established, trade begins, tourism extended.

    The world cheers.

    2014 ~ Barack Obama negotiates end of animosity between U.S. And Communist Cuba, following half a century of failed, costly American policy towards the island nation. Diplomatic ties to be reinstated, embassies established on both nations, trade discussions to begin.

    The world cheers.

    EXCEPT … Republicans vow to fight normalizing relations. FauxNoise has collective apoplexy in insulting Obama, and the entire RWNJ blogosphere passes out K…

  17. wow. the most dysfunctional party in decades, this modern republican, tea party, conservative monstrosity is an absolute disaster and walking embarrassment for every single American. these rightwing clowns are a disgrace and and couldn’t legislate their way out of a wet paper bag! congrats America. this is who you voted for to take control of the congress and senate. god help us.

  18. China tortures and kills more of its citizens than Castro could ever dream of and we’ve partnered with China. The Vietnamese were responsible for thousands of American deaths and it’s now a vacation destination. I don’t see what is so special about the Cuban regime other than Cuban-Americans are considered a Republican voting bloc.

  19. Well what Republicans like Rubio and Cruz are worried about is that by 2016 this new normalization of relations with Cuba will be a success. Just like the health care law that is working so will this Cuba issue. But by the time 2016 rolls around Republican will have eaten themselves up.

  20. Rubio wasn’t even born until 1971, 12 years after the revolution; he was all of FIVE years old when Jimmy Carter became President.

    In one way, I guess he’s blessed because he looks young for his age; sadly though, he still looks and ACTS like a foolish, stupid and immature kid.

    One who will never, ever be President, and he’s really too stupid to know how stupid he is.

  21. You’re absolutely correct on the dates. Remember though, when he was running for his Senate seat, he clearly lied about his parents, claiming they were in the “exodus,” fleeing Cuba to “escape” Castro’s revolution!

    Nice, heroic story Marco, but absolutely not true!

  22. Um, Maranon? Marco was born 12 years AFTER the Cuban Revolution.

    Marco has apparently been to Cuba only ONCE — and he spent zero time talking with the Cuban people.

    This kid (who resembles and talks like a teenager) actually thinks the American people are stupid enough to vote him into the White House.

    As Marco said this Sunday morning on Meet the Press, he IS clearly running for the GOP nomination. I have already stocked up on popcorn to watch the next two years of the clowns tearing each other apart.

    Can you say “Madame President?” This is going to be fun!

  23. I had to chuckle — old Jebbie announced his intention to run for the GOP nomination on Facebook last week too! Went over like a lead balloon.

    The next two years are gonna be so much fun to watch! It wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP screws up governing (or THEIR version of it) so badly, we end up with a Dem White House, Senate an House of Reps. It’s going to take decades to undo the damage these morons have caused!

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