Obama’s New Muscular Approach Boosts Democrats While Painting Republicans Into A Corner


President Obama’s decision to use executive actions immediately after the election sent the spirits of those in his party surging, while splitting his Republican opposition before they could take power.

According to The Hill, the flurry of executive action is part of a broader strategy, “The last month has provided a glimpse of how President Obama plans to maintain his relevance in Washington while facing lame-duck status and a Republican House and Senate. Wednesday’s surprise announcement that the U.S. was seeking to normalize relations with Cuba was the latest example of a new, muscular approach on executive action that has highlighted how Obama can enact change without Congress, while enlivening a dispirited liberal base.”

With two moves, Obama wiped away any bad feelings among the Democratic base that were leftover from the outcome of the 2014 election. President Obama revived and refocused his party by providing a clear agenda and acting on it. Democrats who have spent years caught in the quagmire of Republican obstruction and gridlock are overjoyed to see their agenda moving forward.

The president has also made sure that the incoming Republican congressional majority will not enjoy a honeymoon period. Obama’s actions have reopened a deep divide among Republicans. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had to promise to pick a fight with the president over his immigration executive orders in early 2015 in order to get enough support to avoid a government shutdown.

This was not how Republicans thought it was going to work. McConnell promised his supporters that when became Majority Leader he was going to break Obama and force the president to do his bidding. The exact opposite has happened. The president has demonstrated his ability to fracture the Republican congressional caucus in order to create divides that Democrats can exploit.

It is being reported that Obama feels liberated by no longer having to protect the Democratic majority in the Senate, “Obama feels liberated, aides say, and sees the recent flurry of aggressive executive action and deal-making as a pivot for him to spend his final two years in office being more the president he always wanted to be.”

A liberated Obama is bad news for Boehner and McConnell. With the government funded through September 2015, the president has taken away the Republican Party’s main weapon against him. The government shutdown has all but evaporated, which means that there is precious little that Republicans can do to stop this president.

President Obama is sending strong signals that he is going to be spending the final two years of his presidency making full use of the powers of his office. Republicans thought they could stop Obama by winning the Senate, but they will soon realize that their victory has empowered him.

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  1. Trying to support the Dem Senate had to be a drag on anyone.

    The only bad part is if we get a republican president all that he does that’s good will be gone.

  2. Remember when conservatives were in awe and high praising over Putin for taking bold unilateral actions and calling him a “leader” for it?

    Think they will now praise Obama for doing it…?

  3. Speaking about Cuba the food fight between big money and the movement teahadist is about to begin. Well played Mr.President. The popcorn is on me
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  4. The Republicans, behind closed doors are saying: What the Pluck is going on! ?????
    We have awakened the sleeping Giant guys. Tone it down or we are going to look consistently befuddled and toothless for the next two years. The train is leaving the station and Obama does NOT care if we are on board.
    (Yeah!) ;)

  5. President Obama Make my Holiday!
    Now that President Obama has stalled any budget fights for 2 years… time to figure out how to get money in the hands of 90% of Americans that are still suffering from the recession, without Republican approval1. Time for The Fed to Rain Money on the people, just like they did the banks! http://www.nationofchange.org/even-council-foreign-relations-saying-it-time-rain-money-main-street-1409641381
    2, Time for President Obama to issue a platinum bullion, which is legal, each year that would cover $2,000 a month for every citizen over the age 18. http://www.alternet.org/economy/yes-we-can-pay-increasing-social-security-benefits?akid=12348.277680.WVXIu_&rd=1&src=newsletter1022638&t=21&paging=off&current_page=1#bookmark
    3. Obama can cap the pay of Executives under Government Contracts and Yellon can cap the pay of Bank and Wall Street Executives; Please Help Rein in Runaway Wall Street Pay.

  6. This kinda drives me crazy… The Man behaved liked he was walking on eggs for 6 lost years, got to the point where a majority of Democrat Senate and House candidates didn’t want the President campaigning for them. (Hereinafter to be known as the Losers.) So now that the Pressure of Belonging to a Wimpy Party is off, he can Be the Man? Oh well, so far, so good. Can he order by executive action the investigation and arrest of Wall Street crooks and Big Investment Bank criminals that his Justice Department refused to prosecute?

  7. ‘The Hill’ and other writers need to stop writing in bureaucratize.

    What they write: “It would appear than the perceived intentions of the Executive branch have provided a neutralizing influence on the incoming Congress.”

    What they should go a spine and write: “The President just kicked the GOP train off the tracks.”

    Using weasel words and butt covers to protect your views sucks. They aren’t helping define, they are hiding opinions. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

    If I, a lover of precision verbiage, can knock it off, so can these third rate word-smiths.

  8. How can you prosecute someone when everything they did was not illegal? I can understand your anger but keep it real

  9. Like you I wish people would educate themselves on the laws that are on the books.This is what is so wrong with people they think the President can fix every thing.If the Democrats had been Smart they never would have been by his side.We now will pay the price.

  10. Glad to see the President finally take the gloves with these morons. That`s one of the FEW complaints I had of him. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  11. No, repubs will never praise PBO for anything. In fact I have a dream that on his last day, after President Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office, he turns and gives the repubs the “finger” prior to his getting on the helicopter.

  12. I still have a problem with this new bill, in spite of all of this. As for the GOP, the buck stops with the POTUS. No matter how many bills pass, they will be neutralized by the Presidential veto.
    The Republicans are in no position to lead, as their division shows. Obama knows it to, that’s why he is exploiting this weakness within the party.

  13. Some how I don’t believe anyone would object to his having this power on the members of Congress. Except the members themselves.
    The voters, on the other hand would quite frankly(I think) cheer.

  14. It just took pres. Obama a long time to learn.. NICE does not work on rethugs.
    Being NICE MEANS you get kicked to the curb, but when you crawl out of the mud in the curb, you have a junk yard dog ready to fight……

  15. You know, Cuba was exactly a good move. Russia cannot drill for oil and the war will have to end in Ukraine…now if the Republicans are against building ties with Cuba, then it will, by default, show that the Republican Party supports…(I’m gonna write it…) SOVIET-UNION COMMUNISM!

    There, I said it. [WINK]

  16. The trick is – he had to try and preserve the conservadems. He was constantly pushed from within the party to moderate, govern center-right, etc. He still did a lot – but now, the conservadems lost after he and we did EVERYTHING possible to reelect them, even when we didn’t always care much for them. Now he can run things as a Liberal for 2 years – and the biggest danger to the GOP – the party of my youth – is that the people will actually like it — in fact all the studies that actually look at what people think about ISSUES as opposed to words says they will love it — he may do more for the Dems long term this way than he would have if he preserved the Senate by being bounded.

  17. no way will they do anything to make Obama look good they are green with envy and their heads are exploding mostly because Obama is doing the right thing Pesonally I say he should have become an activist president much sooner than later

  18. We must not allow a Republican President, no matter what—the SCOTUS is at risk, and if it gets anymore Right leaning, our kids futures , their rights, their privacy, is all gone.

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