Payback Time: Obama Plans On Punishing All Of The Republicans Who Obstructed Him


It is being reported that President Obama is planning an active agenda for his final two years in office, and part of his plan is to punish all of the Republicans who have obstructed him during his time in office.

According to Politico,

Obama’s turnaround in recent weeks – he’s seized the offensive with a series of controversial executive actions and challenges to leaders in his own party on the budget — can be attributed to a fundamental change in his political mindset, according to current and former aides. He’s gone from thinking of himself as a sitting (lame) duck, they tell me, to a president diving headlong into what amounts to a final campaign – this one to preserve his legacy, add policy points to the scoreboard, and – last but definitely not least – to inflict the same kind of punishment on his newly empowered Republican enemies, who delighted in tormenting him when he was on top.


“‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose’ — Barack and Bobby McGee,” says former Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry. “President Obama is free to take the risks and use executive authority that will either make him a much more popular president with rising approval rates or get him impeached by a Republican Congress that won’t be able to control itself. We can contemplate the possibility of each result while smoking a Cuban cigar.”

Republicans didn’t really think that President Obama was going to let slide their years of obstruction did they? The odds are that the president’s first act of punishment could be a veto of the bill to authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. During his press conference on Friday, the president said, “On most issues, in order for their initiatives to become law, I’m going to have sign off. And that means they have to take into account the issues that I care about, just as I’m going to have to take into account the issues that they care about.” In other words if Republicans think that they can unilaterally jam their agenda down the president’s throat, they are going to be in for a big surprise.

Unless McConnell and Boehner can pass legislation that contains some of what the president wants, the American people can expect a lot of vetoes. House and Senate Democrats have already pledged to hold firm and give Obama the backing he needs to make sure that his vetoes are upheld, which means that the Republican controlled Congress won’t be getting much done without the help of Democrats.

The shoe will soon be on the other foot, and Republicans are about to pay a heavy price for their years long campaign of obstructing Obama at any cost.

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  1. Good for him.

    The GOP/TP have proven that they care more about themselves and their bank accounts then this country.

  2. Punish Republicans? Really? Punish? How about support the citizens of the US as the Republicans continue to support only the 1%. The only ones being punished are the middle class and low income as the Republicans continue to widdle away at the few benefits left and the Supreme Court continues to look to the Corporate agenda. It is not punishment the President cares about. It’s acknowledging the people who elected him TWICE to make CHANGE! Get over the need to attach petty labels and intentions to our President.

  3. YES – Obama has some breathing room and his actions were very well played. I hope he understands that the American people can’t survive without help. He has options. He can get the Fed to rain money – or credit cards on the people. He can issue a titanium coin in the amount of $1,000 per man, women, and child every year. This money would come back in taxes – relieve 90% of us and restart the economy quickly. This is especially true because Republicans will not let us increase Social Security and establish Medicare for all and has cut food stamps increasing the rate of hunger in the US. This is the time his DOJ must go after those that are writing laws that are against Human Rights. Obama must find a way to overturn KILLING LEGISLATION! Where in the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the dictate that the Welfare of the Rich and Corporations supersedes/trumps the Welfare of All the People? There is hope!

  4. How about the Republicans should have done that first…instead of making it their agenda to “make Obama a one-term president?” Obama has had the middle class in mind with everything he has done. The Republicans, on the other hand – well…let’s just say 47% of the people Romney pretty much wrote off had an increase in support simply because Romney insulted them.

    Republicans are dicks…all they want is money – and where do they go looking for it? Wall Street. And they get it. And they’re happy.

  5. The President can have the DOJ bring the teabaggers, especially Ted Cruz, on charges of seditious conspiracy. There is proof that Cruz participated in a rally calling for PBO’s overthrow.

  6. Wall St. and large banks should have been the target of his vitriol, but that “rabbit hole” already closed.

  7. GOOD! It’s way passed time that Republicans are held to account for obstructing the progress of the citizens of this country – even if said citizens are too dumb to realize what’s happening to them (hence the 35% turnout in last election – a pathetic turnout).

    I will be looking forward to President Obama’s two last STRONG years in the White House. If he stands as strong as we hope he will in obstructing the Koch Bros Party’s disastrous policies, he will endear himself to Liberals, Independents, and Democrats to the point that he’ll reach that rock-star status that he so rightfully deserves.

  8. “Smash the enemy… crush the enemy. See the enemy driven before you and hear the lamentations [at FOX News]!”

  9. It’s BIG TIME punishment for Republicans in the Senate and House who have invested lots of insider-trading money in having that thing built, and for the Koch Bros who have paid handsomely to get their lackeys into positions of power so they can make a killing should the Pipeline be built.

    Best business deal evah. All profit goes to them while all losses, including any leaks that will take hundreds of millions to clean up, are deferred to the American taxpayer. A great gig if you can get it done. Good thing they’re not going to with President Obama waiting in the White House with veto-pen at the ready come January.

    Money trumps common sense in the selfish minds of Republicans…down to their equally (but less intelligent) faithful voters and supporters. This is where President Obama will hit them hardest – their bottom line.

  10. And so it begins.. 6 long years of nastiness and obstruction.. 6 years of blocking everything that would have gotten the economy moving…9 senators need too jump ship to assist in veto overrides AND 2/3rds of the house.. Time to pay the piper…

  11. I say good. It`s high time that what`s been going around starts coming around. They believe there own b.s that he is a weak leader. I think they are in for a big surprise.

  12. karma – when it comes back to bite you it bites twice as hard – so the republicans thought they were winning but in the end – they will be the losers !

  13. No the American citizens are the losers because there is not a sane opposition party to put forth an agenda that would move the country forward

  14. You know what the good Book says? It is better to give than to receive.
    It also says God loves a cheerful giver! The President will be cheerful in his giving, I bet!

  15. How? You can’t reign in Wall Street without legislation and Congress won’t pass a damn thing. The “rabbit hole” has never been open.

  16. PBO should come out and say…

    “Republican’s have all forgotten what HE SAID:

    “Whatever you have done for the least of you…You did it for me”.

    Why are Republicans ignoring the least of us…while enriching those who have the most”!

  17. Because they are getting paid by the 1% and 64% don’t bother to show up to vote them out. Its really that simple

  18. I say we should kick them while their down. Kick’em hard right to the nuts. Meanwhile put the ISIS, oil, and Republicans on hold while we ready for war with Korea. Cyber warfare has finally gained the attention it deserves. Welcome to the 21st century.

  19. I’d be more inclined to listen to Republican congressmen when they get their snouts out of the public trough, give up their lifetime pensions (even if they’ve only served a single two year term), their free lifetime medical care, and their free lifetime postal franking privileges.

    Republicans would also have more credilbility if they stopped choosing candidates with double digit IQs. Pomade Ronnie Blockhead, Spellin’ Dan Quayle, and the Bush Crime family come to mind — the kind of people who let a fat loudmouthed draft dodging OxyContin addict with a radio show do their thinking for them, as little as that is.

  20. Go Mr. Obama! The Republicans are like our Conservative Party up here in Canada. They don’t care about the people, they just care about themselves and their rich friends. President Obama is trying to better things for you Americans. Support him! We should be so lucky to have a leader like him up here in the Great White North.

  21. I’m still hoping that somewhere along the line during the next two years PBO makes a PSA about the dangers of eating the yellow snow. It’d be hilarious to watch all the dumbass righties following the huskies around!

  22. To the GOPTea, lying, cheating, and stealing to get what they want is “strength”. Being willing to do anything to “win”, that’s how they define strength. So yeah, to them Obama is weak because he is thoughtful, sincere and generally trying to do right by all.

    With all the words the GOPTea create definitions for, they really should come with Clift Notes. [WINK]

  23. President Obama needs to have those prosecuted who engaged in torture and sullied the name of America. I like this president and I support him. But if he allows those who tortured captives, many of them innocent, to go unpunished then his time at the helm of this country will be scarred by the likes of Dick Cheney and his pride and protection of torture as a template for this country. President Obama needs to condemn the use of torture by prosecuting those who committed those heinous war crimes in the name of America.

  24. Mr. Rooster: Is your real name John “give me a war, any war” McCain?

    We dont go to war because a Japanese company doesnt adequately protect their internet security.

    Idiot. Your war hard-on needs to go down.

  25. Exactly! I have seen so many rants about peoples rights and freedoms, and how our government needs to attack N. Korea and I consistently respond with your exact statement. Sony is a corporation, not a government entity, although if the Republicans continue to get their way- the interests of corporations trump the individual while the corporate welfare machine continues to stuff money in their accounts and pockets to the ultimate ruin of the individual. Sony doesn’t care about “terror threats” they want to avoid further exposure of their underhanded tactics!

  26. Lets not forget Cheney the puppet master of George Bush, one with an IQ problem. The better to take control of.

  27. What makes you think Obama is any different? This is nothing more than an attempt to make Hillary Clinton remotely palatable to progressives (she is nothing more than a Diet republican with a (D) next to her name)?

    Obama spent six years rolling over like a dog for the repukes, and now we’re supposed to believe he was just kidding?

  28. Here’s the deal just Do whats right for the most citizens of the USA and if that happens to be at the expense of the republicans and the 1%ers so be it.

  29. What do you think every military conflict since Aug. 1945 has been? We have not been at war since then. Wars are declared. Bullshit conflicts are all we’ve had since then. There is no such thing as an undeclared war in the US.

  30. djchefron: I invite you to try to force me to go away. The problem with the garden-variety progressive is you have no fight in you. Same problem with Barack “Koch” Obama.

    Please die.

  31. The mid-terms are over. The votes have been counted. The people have spoken. The deck has been reshuffled and the president has been dealt the Obstruction card.

    The squealing has already begun.

  32. I will not say I have been happy with every move President Obama has made, HOWEVER, the Republicans have dug their own grave. From day 1 they have vowed and kept to the fact no matter what the President will do, they will oppose it.

    You know what they say about KARMA – She’s a “B”

    And the Republicans will get every last bit they deserve.

    You get ’em Pres…….they deserve it!

  33. I agree wholeheartedly with the notion of giving the Republicans some of their own back. They deserve it. So here’s my question: What can we as ordinary citizens do during the next two years to make every working day of Boehner and McConnell’s lives (and the rest of the Republican Congresscritters) as freakingly hellish as possible? How can we make them wake up in the morning positively dreading the fact that they have to go to their offices?

  34. I agree that the President now has open season on the GOP and should take every waking moment to make them squirm, but in doing so, he must keep his options open to helping the middle class get not just equal pay, but a living wage for familes and secure social security and Medicare/Medicaid programs. Also, do something on gun control and infrastructure jobs fixing our decaying roads and bridges by partering with public/private ventures with states and local governments.

  35. What about the ethics of Boehner and others who pushed for Keystone because THEY ARE SHAREHOLDERS IN Canadian OIL??Should they have recused themselves from any discussions about that??What happened to thejobs bill. Get after the greedy GOPers who are more interested in maintaining their seats ; the USA be damned!!

  36. it is called prosecuting criminals for crime fraud perjury conspiracy not congratulating them and offering them free money.

  37. this guy has spent 6 years grabbing his ankles throwing his legs in the air and just signed a bill stripping away bank rules again and cutting food to the world’s already poorest hungriest children as hungry as 3rd world children right here in the usa: the guy who pays back white christián terrorist cop killers by the most brutal suppression in USA history but not of home grown terrorists but of a pacifist unarmed nonviolent Occupy cuz they are against those banks who threw millions of families out of their homes into the streets.

    so now he is gonna pay them back? sure!

  38. Hold it. Hold the damn phone. Every thing you named President Obama has addressed, flew all over the country talking about. Hell. He gave King John his Infrastructure Jobs bill Years ago that’s probably still sitting in his office under a stack of books. The President was the only one talking about and pushing for all of these things and you say he should… The nerve. No wonder he couldn’t catch a break, because you all wouldn’t give him a fair hearing. Lord, but he’s going to be happy to see the back of us by the end of his term.

  39. What in holy hell are you talking about? No wonder people clown on you idiots, it’s because of the lies you ingest like manna. Lord have mercy, but you make me despair.

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