Obama Turns The Tables On Republicans By Arguing That Gitmo Is Too Expensive To Keep Open


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During an interview on CNN, President Obama used one of the GOP’s favorite arguments against them, but arguing that Gitmo is too expensive to keep open.



The president said,

I am going to be doing everything I can to close it. It is something that inspires jihadists and extremists around the world. It is contrary to our values, and it is wildly expensive. We’re spending millions for each individual there, and we have drawn down the population there significantly. There are a little less than 150 individuals left in this facility. We are continue to place those who have been cleared for release or transfer to host countries who are willing to take them. There’s going to be a certain irreducible number that are going to be really hard cases. We know they’ve done something wrong and they are still dangerous but it’s difficult to mount the evidence in a traditional Article three court so we’re going to have to wrestle with that, but we need to close that facility and I’m going to do everything I can to do that.

Obama was correct. Taxpayers are currently spending $2.8 million per person per year to house the detainees at Gitmo. In contrast, the most expensive Supermax prison in the country costs taxpayers $78,000 per inmate per year. Without considering the moral, ethical and legal issues, Gitmo is an expensive and inefficient way of housing the detainees.

President Obama turned the Republicans’ favorite argument against them. Republicans love to argue that taxpayers can’t afford any spending that they disagree with. Taxpayers can’t afford extending unemployment benefits, improving care for veterans, infrastructure spending, job creation programs, grants for higher education. Pick any program, and you can be certain that a Republican member of Congress has argued against it based on cost.

Gitmo is a true waste of taxpayer money that Republicans and many Democrats will never speak out about. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being wasted on an annual basis because the politics of post-9/11 fear are alive and well. Obama is on a mission to close Gitmo, and he was not shy about using “fiscally conservative” Republicans own argument against them.

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  1. You know that Republicans consider two million dollars to torture someone a bargain, but twenty dollars to feed them an extravagance.

  2. sorta makes one wonder about the old cliche…

    that it would be cheaper in the long run to just give each one the $2.8M and buy them off and send them to the country of their choice…

    co-opting the opposition is a time honored process… just ask all the people in Congress who came in vowing to not be part of the problem and swear how they are going to change things…

  3. There’s always money for war and multi-billion dollar planes that don’t work and torturing brown people.
    When a Republican wants to do something, “deficits don’t matter” in the words of Darth Cheney.
    That’s why Republicans in the House are pushing $400 billion in unpaid-for tax cuts.
    the PAYGO statute expired after 2002, at which time the Republicans passed the Medicare drug plan and cut taxes by $440 billion without cutting spending elsewhere. Republicans controlled Congress in 2003 and could have reauthorized the bill, but did not.

  4. The GOP have given me a headache. Everything is too expensive if it involves the 98 percent. I’ll just sit back and see how this works out.

  5. Why would you state in your story that “Obama was correct….” Is that not assumed? Is that not a little condescending, implying that he usually isn’t correct? I think the writer would show a little more respect for the most informed person in the U.S.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this since ’08 and knew he would get there eventually.

    Proceed, Mr. President.

  7. HOPE CAREING KINDNESS and CONSIDERATION…Maybe one day we can ALL have AMERICA be “THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” once again.

  8. Plus using it for a prison violates the lease.

    Since the prison was not an authorized use under the Guantanomo Bay lease, and one usual remedy for using a property for a purpose that violates a lease is to revoke the lease and retake possession, the Executive (without approval by the Legislative) could simply hand the keys over to Cuba and walk away. . . .


  9. Republicans, specifically the Bush Cheney administration, sullied the good name of America and left us to live with the consequences. They trashed the economy (after being left with a surplus by President Clinton) and left President Obama to pull us out of a near depression. And he did that magnificently by growing jobs, bringing back manufacturing to the USA, and raising the DOW dramatically. I have every confidence he will close GITMO. What we will never be able to do, however, is remove the stain of Bush Cheney from our nation’s name.

  10. There was zero disrespect in the article. You’re looking for slights that aren’t there, especially on this website.

    If the author had written “As shocking as it may be, the President was correct!” or “Did the sun rise in the west because the President was actually correct about something!” then yeah, that’s disrespectful and suggests the President is always wrong.

    What was written in this article though? Not even close.

  11. I’ve been chuckling a lot lately while watching and reading the news. President Barack Obama is indeed, playing chess while the GOP-controlled Congress sits there with its thumb up an orifice on their backside!

    These guys are spinning, watching a master who has perfected the game of politics. The utter helplessness of rabid republicans to stop the President is stunning to watch.

    Indeed, I have already stocked up on popcorn for the next 2 years. It’s going to be a bloodbath on the right side of “the aisle” while their heads explode.

    Go for it President Obama — he’s going down historically as one of our best!

  12. How is this, “turning the tables on the GOP”? The Republicans have been saying all along to send these terrorists to a military tribunal and try them, Obama is the one who has been delaying and keeping them there forever without trial.
    So Obama finally agrees that just holding them without trial is stupid…and you’re trying to spin it into Obama making points against the Republicans?

  13. The US has tried people in Military tribunals. Both Bush and Obama have tried some ion regualr court. How do you try the ones who were guilty of no crimes?

    Sorry, Fox and breitbart screwed you again

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