Another Win For Obama As President Gets High Approval Rating For His Handling Of Cuba

A new CBS News poll released today found that the American people strongly approve of President Obama’s executive action to normalize relations with Cuba.

According to CBS News,

In the wake of President Obama’s surprise announcement of an agreement to normalize diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, 54 percent of Americans approve of reestablishing both diplomatic and trade relations between the two countries, while just 28 percent disapprove. Democrats and independents support reestablishing relations with Cuba, while Republicans are divided.


Evaluations of President Obama’s handling of relations with Cuba are mixed: 44 percent of Americans approve and 36 percent disapprove. Even though the question of renewed relations with Cuba divides Republicans, they overwhelmingly disapprove (67 percent) of the President’s handling of the matter. Most Democrats approve (72 percent), while independents are divided.

The poll reveals that public opinion is business as usual when it comes to Obama. Americans strongly favor the decision that he made, but Republicans skew the president’s approval numbers by refusing to approve of anything that Obama does. The president has previously seen his immigration executive actions poll very well with the American people. Republicans have been trying to label the president a dictator, but it turns out that a majority support the president’s executive actions.

This poll is another blow to the Republican idea that they can win by opposing everything that the president does on the basis that they flatly oppose all things Obama. From the White House’s point of view, the CBS poll reveals that executive action is politically beneficial for the president. The polling should embolden the president to take more executive actions. Republicans will always weigh down the president’s approval ratings, but this Obama is making decisions that the majority of Americans support. Even if Republicans never give Obama credit, the president is taking the country in a well-supported direction.

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