Darrell Issa’s Report Blows Up In His Face and Destroys The IRS Scandal


As one of his final acts as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a 226-page report that debunks his own claim that the White House was coordinating the IRS scandal.

Issa released a 226 page “report” that contained cherry-picked excerpts from interviews, guesses, assumptions, and conspiracy theories.

The big takeaway from the report is that Issa found no connection to the White House in the IRS scandal. Here is a sample of the kind of guesswork and assumptions that fill the report. On page 161, “Other documents suggest that the IRS may even have aided Democrat legislators in partisan policy initiatives. For example, as Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) engaged in a lengthy correspondence with the IRS about section 501(c)(4) organizations in 2012, IRS personnel assisted his staff by providing information for some of the letters. In one e-mail, with the subject “[w]orking on the next letter,” Senator Levin’s staff sought answers from the IRS about its treatment of six applications, including Crossroads GPS, American Action Network, and the Club for Growth.”

The documents suggest that maybe the IRS could have been working with Democrats.

Issa’s report is such a failure that the main takeaway from it is that California conspiracy theorist Republican couldn’t find any connection to the White House. The New York Times reported, “An 18-month congressional investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s mistreatment of conservative political groups seeking tax exemptions has failed to show coordination between agency officials and political operatives in the White House, according to a report released on Tuesday.”

In over 200 pages, the Republicans could not find one piece of concrete evidence that the White House had anything to do with IRS’s behavior. Issa rejected all evidence that progressive groups were also targeted, and he continues to ignore the reason that the IRS targeted the 501(c) groups. The conservative groups were breaking the law by asking to tax-exempt status despite the fact that they were engaging in partisan political activity.

The IRS should have been targeting the groups because they were trying to get out of paying taxes. Issa’s own report confirms that there was no White House conspiracy. Obama wasn’t using the IRS to hold down conservatives. Issa was lying. He refuses to release the full transcripts of the interviews. The full evidence reveals that there is nothing to the IRS conspiracy theory. That is why Darrell Issa refuses to make all of the interview transcripts public.

Darrell Issa spent two years as chairman of the Oversight Committee trying to get Obama. In the end, Issa fell flat on his face, and his years of conspiracy theory went up in flames.

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  1. This cost the taxpayer how much $$$? I’d like to know what the GOP define as “fiscal conservative.”

  2. Issa. Failure even before he started. He was going to investigate everyone of Obamas illegal actions before Obama supposedly did them.

    Issa created the IRS scandal and it did pay off in one way. The great compromise to keep the govt open insists the IRS cannot investigate any conservative 501c groups. So he did win in a way. Now the field is wide open for the money to laugh at us

  3. this Issa guy is a tool. deceptive liar who is a pawn of big power brokers trying to rape this country. He’ll now move on to dismantle the postal service so they will know everything you do. proves people in california are stupid for electing him

  4. I tried to post a comment with a slightly different take on the article only to have it rejected, for no reason other than holding an alternate view. Interesting that the comments are only to be an echo chamber for the like-minded and alternates are flatly denied.

  5. Issa is CA-49 also known as “behind the Orange Curtin”
    I’m in 76% democratic CA-28 with Adam Schiff, so don’t blame me.

  6. No it was deleted because it was a bunch of nonsense. Now if you posted on how republicans gutted the IRS for their ability to go after said cheats that would be one thing but to ignore what the republicans have done because you are a typical kochsucker who are undermining our country with unlimited money which BTW you will not benefit from then to the trash you go.

  7. Because unlike you CONS we don’t do stupid. Now if you wish to remain stupid there are plenty of sites where you can go to with other simpletons

  8. Listen: I for one have let a lot of dissonant views through. We’re not Moonfront Republic, after all. But when the tone is not one of expounding a viewpoint but of jeering at or abusing those who hold differing viewpoints, the toilet gets flushed.

  9. No you CONS have been insulting the American people with this farce and spent millions doing it. That’s the insult

  10. So, presumably a comment like “Because unlike you CONS we don’t do stupid. Now if you wish to remain stupid there are plenty of sites where you can go to with other simpletons ” would fall in that category and therefore get flushed?

  11. And the next scandal the GOP will waste years investigating and blowing money on will be…?


  12. The use of the term “Democrat Legislation” instead of “Democratic Legislation” is telling of the ridiculous extreme right echo chamber it obviously is trying to appeal to. Wow, that Issa is a hack. Eyes roll.

  13. Been there done that. The next “scandal” will be the war on white police who in no fault of their own guns down unarmed people and that the President didn’t recognized their right to do that

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  15. So, the IRS officials were lying, they were targeting groups opposed to the president’s agenda, but there was no “smoking gun” to link their crimes directly to the White House. Hmmm. Just imagine how much easier and less costly this would have been if the IRS hadn’t lied and delayed for so long.

  16. Have you been asleep or just plain stupid. There was no targeting of you CONS grifting in fact they all got their exemptions even though they were not a social welfare org but you do know who got their exemption denied?
    Meet the group the IRS actually denied: Democrats!

    Although Tea Party applicants got unfair IRS scrutiny, only one known group had status revoked. They’re Democrats

    That sound you hear is the stupid bubble being pop

  17. There is only one party, the big government party. It has two wings, the Republicrats and the Demicans. They fight over control of the wheel as they drive towards the cliff. All the while,our circle of liberty shrinks. And they keep everybody divided and fighting. Congratulations.

  18. Sadly, it’s the people who show up to the polls who vote for these asshats. Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for the Republican takeover of the Senate. Democratic candidates should have welcomed President Obama’s support, and Democratic voters should have showed up at the polls.

  19. So what? you think facts motivate GOP platforms?
    Every chairmanship is now GOP ,what do you think they will Gavel-in ? Torture report? Ha! nope ,Cheney is safe, Benghazi not so much,got to subpoena Hillary,Fast and Frivolous (gun running creates jobs). We must eliminate Food Stamps it will free people to feed themselves,freely(huh?). yup ,free!! Defund ACA then “have a conversation” about Health Care, free. Eliminate Education, not just the Dept.of but education is dangerous. EPA is ding ding costs jobs. So I guess we’re left with tax cuts for the rich, corporations are People, Money is Speech. The Roberts Five made those things Law ,unbelievable, how did this happen,what now?

  20. I would so appreciate it if someone, anyone, would point out that the IRS was doing its JOB. They vet 501-c-4 organizations that are tax EXEMPT if not tax deductible. That bears scrutiny. If they are political fronts, they need to be outed as the liberal groups WERE.

    Actually, prior to seeing what they did with the c-4 status, ONLY liberal groups that admitted they were courting Dem candidates were dismissed. But prior to ACTIONS in contempt of the c-4 status, no one should have been denied. NOW, however, the actions must be pursued – did the conservative groups engage in partisan conduct? If yes, then yank the exemption and sue them!

    The IRS did nothing wrong other than to quiver when someone suggested that lumping all the apparently political groups together was somehow…wrong. It wasn’t. It was fair, and it was what they were supposed to do.

  21. OK It’s 2am here and I really need to get some sleep and probably clean my glasses! >_<

    I thought for a moment you said :

    "And the next scandal the GOP will waste years investigating and blowing MONKEYS on will be…?"

    I will now have nightmares when i get to bed on this Christmas Eve!! [WINK]

  22. I was all a smoke screen put up by Republicans to stop the IRS from investigating those groups. They know there was no targeting of right-wing groups for political purposes but they were more than willing to use their power to protect their dark money sources, that is the only way they can win.

  23. That would be in the top #5. My money would be either Iran (dead-line very close) or Cuba.

    Confirmation AG (Lynch). I believe they are going to show their a@#$# on a number of issues.

  24. agree with churchlady 4044, I want the IRS to do it’s job and make sure everone pays their fair share of taxes, I pay mine and no
    political groups should be exempt.
    And don’t get me started about churches, most of them should lose their exempt status!

  25. I have something to say and one side will not like it.

    ALL Tea Baggers are liars, hypocrites, and are out for themselves. They do not care about anyone else. They only care about the very wealthy and Big Oil. They love pollution, controlling women, hate facts and science. They are ultra-religious fanatics that claim they “love god and Jesus,” yet go against everything Jesus taught. They claim they LOVE the Constitution, yet want to make religion as part of the nation. Go figure on that one. The Constitution says SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE, NOT Church goes with the State!!

  26. “So, the IRS officials were lying, they were targeting groups opposed to the president’s agenda, ”
    No, they were not. They were doing their job, making sure that the US people were not cheated by groups trying to illegally avoid taxes. They checked all groups, republican and Democratic. The only group that did not receive their exemption was a Democratic group.

    Those are the facts. So you are either lying or purposefully ignorant.

  27. Like most “conservatives,” this narcissistic jackass sure loves to spend other peoples’ money on bunny trail speculations: ours.

  28. How do you figure it “blew up in his face?” The then-Deputy Commissioner Steven Miller knew about it and considered including that information when he testified before Congress. He purposely withheld it.

    Just because there is no “smoking gun” as to actions between the White House and the IRS does not diminish the demonstrated fact that the IRS DID target groups it considered “icky.”

  29. You will keep up this farce to the bitter end. Every group that filed for the exemption was investigated and the only group that was denied was a liberal group. But facts don’t get in the way of your simple mind because you are a home schooled bagger who thinks the baby Jesus rode on the dinosaurs

  30. The IRS investigated all groups equally. There was never any indication the president had anything to do with the IRS that was following the law. The report that came out was at the behest of Issa, and it only contained conservative groups. The real report released later showed all groups being looked at.

    The IRS followed the law. Issa didnt and should be held accountable

    You can figure it blew up in his face simply by the millions he spent, the lies he told, the actual facts withheld from the committee. Think about it

  31. and the Benghazi investigation that lasted two or more years, costing millions and millions of more tax dollars. the rightwing lies were exposed with this witch hunt too. these republican clowns deserve to be investigated for severe abuse of power and corruption and fraud, let alone sabotage and treason.

  32. these disgraceful and gutless republicans have been embarrassing and damaging the reputation of this great nation domestically and abroad for far too long now. these conservative clowns have to be stopped.

  33. I am not particularly happy with either party right now. They continue to play tit for tat politics which seems to include the executive office as well. But I am curious to know how this irresponsible writer can make a matter of fact statements (“The full evidence reveals there is nothing to the IRS conspiracy theory”) when just before that statement he claims that the full report has not been released and immediately after the statement says that is “why Darrel Issa refuses to make all of the transcripts public.” That by definition is also a conspiracy theory. I would love to see a politician, ANY politician for that matter and a political reporter, ANY political reporter actually write and speak the truth without the spin. Can I please get an article written with honesty and without bias?!?!?!

  34. They were Bush appointees in a local field office in Cincinnati. The process was slow which is understandable given the fact they were getting flooded with applications.

    But no applications were denied. Zero. Zilch. And these same Bush appointees said under oath the White House had nothing to do with it. Can’t get any clearer than that.

  35. So Jeh you feel insulted because the moderators wont give credit for conservative views that have been PROVEN to destroy. I am curious as to what you said but I can live without it. Complimenting stupidity only makes it legitimate and acceptable.

  36. I read a few months ago that the ACA hearings, Benghazi hearings the IRS hearings, Jonathan Gruber hearings etc etc have cost the tax payers over 150 million dollars, to prove NOTHING. Republicans will lie through their teeth to satisfy their agaenda. Anyone who thinks that the republican party cares at all about the middle class and poor they are delusional.

  37. What another Issa goof? He loves to see his name in the press. Too bad HE DOESN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY LAWSUIT HE HAS INSTITUTED WHILE chairman. The GOPers talk about the deficit, yet they don’t stop this egomaniac…Issa spelled backwards ASS I !!!Nuf sAID!.

  38. AND YET ANOTHER ISSA GOOF. He must THINK that the taxpayers are his private bank account. He should be forced to repay the Treasury for all of his witch hunts!!!!!

  39. JEH. I hate calling people stupid, so I will just call you an idiot, ok. This place lets right wingers post that aren’t completely crazy. Take Charlie, she posts ignorant shit on here all the time, but she isn’t blocked for having a different viewpoint. My discus account has been banned from nearly every right wing site out there simply because I have a different viewpoint. I think they should block numbskulls like you who don’t want facts, truth and a rational dialogue.

  40. I am banned from conservatives for palin for just saying I didnt think she would run. No name calling no nothing. 1 sentence.

  41. I so sorry for so many people who believe that the lies are just for “others” you know, conservatives and Tea Party folks. When the Elite, who care so much for the disenfranchised, have all the votes they need from the incoming layer of south Americans, you will be trown under the bus so fast your head will spin. Wondering how you could have fallen for the “progressive love.” You’ll be as heartbroken as a child left at at border with no one but a kind border Patrol person trying not to cry as they witness such abuse from the powers pulling the strings on all the puppets. There may be many republicans right next to you also. It’s damn shame more people can’t follow the money uphill to see who’s agenda is being forwarded now.

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