Protester Confronts Fox Affiliate Over False Story That Claimed She Said “Kill A Cop”

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In response to a story Baltimore news station Fox45 ran Sunday, activist Tawanda Jones appeared on a news broadcast Monday evening to set the record straight and take the station to task for deceptively editing a video to make it appear she said “kill a cop” at a protest. In their original story Sunday, Fox45 aired a piece that framed the national protests against police brutality as being anti-police. In an effort to drive the point home, they showed a YouTube video of Jones leading a protest chant in Washington, D.C.

The reporter for the story claimed that you could clearly hear the protesters chanting “we won’t stop, we can’t stop, so kill a cop.” However, the reality is that the protesters were actually chanting “we won’t stop, we can’t stop, until killer cops are in cell blocks.” When showing the protest video, the station cut it off right after Jones says “cops,” making it appear that she says “kill a cop” instead of “killer cops,” while simultaneously taking away the context.

Below is the edited video in question:



And here is the actual footage from C-SPAN showing the protesters’ full chants.


The following day, after news of their deliberate misinterpretation went national, and Jones responded herself via Facebook, the station posted the following message to its Facebook page apologizing for the “error” based on an “honest misunderstanding.”



During the interview, Jones took the station to task for deliberately editing the video to make it seem as if she was calling for people to kill cops. Jones, who has been tirelessly advocating for social justice since her brother was killed by Baltimore police in 2013, pointed out to the interviewer the irresponsibility of their original report. While the interviewer said she and the station both apologize for the error, Jones stated that you “never have a second opportunity to make a first impression.” The activist and school teacher explained that she’s now concerned that there might be a “crazed-out cop or a crazed-out supporter” out there who thinks she wants to kill all cops.

Below is video of the interview, courtesy of Fox45:

While the station should be given some credit for giving Jones the opportunity to set the record straight and allowing her to tell the truth about her activism and feeling towards police in general, they still should be reprimanded for the deliberately misleading story they originally aired. They ran with a false narrative and used deceptively edited footage to make their story stick. Also, it was obvious that the interviewer was not the reporter from the original story. Perhaps it would have been better if Jones were allowed to confront the reporter and ask why the piece was edited and presented a certain way.

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  1. The Goebbels Channel is ecstatic over the Ferguson/ Garner events. The Reich Wing is going to push this nation into a race war and then blame it on REAL Americans.

  2. Sue them for deliberate defamation of character. Fox has gotten away with their bullshit long enough. Make them pay.

  3. It’s an affiliate… why in the world would a Fox affiliate try the same crap Fox News does on a daily basis?

  4. In fact, they appear to be instigating a race war with a view to justifying genocide. Herschel Grynszpan, q.v.

  5. Video cameras in every cell phone along with social media spreading information at light speed may well be the tools that break through gate keeping media.

    Cops being caught on film more and more as well.

    Our own videos, spread instantly countering the edited crap the power base wants us to see is changing everything.

    Let’s keep it up. In addition, like the brave woman, us “little people” must be willing to risk jobs and reputation and call out their bulls***t.

    Whitey doesn’t like this development… all.

  6. Actually Rupert Murdoch is socially Liberal while being savvy yet conservative in business and finance. In an interview Rupert said the reason he chose a strong conservative agenda and bias is because the Republican Conservative people are more gullible and easily led and the conservatives have the lions share of the wealth. And Roger Ailes is who assembled and wrote the mission statement for Fox News along Josef Goebbels guidelines. Although Rupert did not make that confession in the words I used, he couched the real meaning in a more subtle way as to not offend the ignorant masses that Roger Ailes and Fox caters to. Rupert in an also subtle way said that Democrats, Progressives and Liberals are too smart and discerning for the brand of conservative bias…in other words… LIES!!!

  7. Wonder if fox news is playing the phony, chopped version. Id sue their asses if they are still inciting their Nazi propaganda using my edited voice. That is violating MY Constitutional rights.

  8. This was neither an error nor a misunderstanding, as Fox lamely tries to explain away. Video with audio doesn’t haphazardly edit itself, especially with this sort of result.
    How can such an “apology” ever stand?

  9. this is why America is so goddamn polarized. organizations like fox news, hate radio with rush Limbaugh, and all the evangelical zealots and phanatics have been misinforming, lying, dividing, deceiving, and actually editing video footage like cowards to demean and harass minorities because they are blatantly racist and bigoted and are full of so much hate, for themselves and others. it is these people who I mentioned above who are dividing and polarizing this nation along not only racial lines, but also along economic lines as well. the republicans and the conservatives are truly treasonous monsters who sold the country down the tube because of their hatred for a black president, a president, by the way, who will go down as one of the greatest presidents this nation has ever had. this rightwing is a delusional group of haters obsessed with tearing this nation apart at any costs in order to blame our president. pathetic and despicable.

  10. Thank you mdag252,I could not have said it any better than you. I certainly don’t expect violence against cops or everyday people in a civilized society. But the amount of young unarmed black men killed by the Police in America is totally out of control. It started long before Trayvon Martin was killed. That incident at the hands of a cop wannabe, made people take notice. Then you have Ferguson,the WALMART incident in Ohio, Eric Garner in NYC, and the 12 year old in Cleveland. Sadly there are a host of others that don’t get much print. These incidents alone have literally pissed off a lot of people. But the bullshit perpetrated by that St Louis prosecutor is what makes my blood boil, that is what is tearing this Country apart.

  11. “We honestly did not believe that anyone would call us out for our deliberately deceptive, hate-fomenting editing job.
    After all, FOX News does it all the time.”

  12. Fox news should be sued for defamation and charged with trying to incite people against the protester and irresponsible journalism. They should not get away with it.

  13. Sinclair owns that network?

    See, the only reason I’ve heard of Sinclair is for two reasons:

    1. They own a network in the Des Moines area
    2. They broadcast Ring of Honor wrestling.

    That’s it. Didn’t realize that the people who run the company are psychotically right wing.

  14. No wonder the Canadian government refused a license for Fox ‘news.’ They have this rather novel idea that news entities shouldn’t lie.

    Thank you, Canada.

  15. The GOP/TP and Fox News are so obsessed and self-righteous that they never bother to think about the consequences of their actions and words.

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