Fox News Condemns President Obama Over Ferguson Protester Attending DOJ Meeting

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During Wednesday morning’s episode of Fox & Friends, Peter Johnson, Jr. and Tucker Carlson said the Department of Justice investigation into Michael Brown’s death was discredited because they “sought advice” from radical Ferguson protester and livestreamer Bassem Masri. On Christmas Eve, and hours after another black teen was shot by a white cop in the St. Louis area, the two conservative pundits decided it was a good time to demonize the protest movement and run a hit piece on Masri in such a way to tie him to the White House and DOJ.

Masri has become a somewhat notorious figure and a convenient boogeyman for the right due to his unapologetic nature and inflammatory comments about police. Whenever a conservative blogger wants to criticize protests against police brutality, they tend to turn to Masri and point to an anti-police statement he has made. To many on the right, Masri is THE FACE of the current movement, and they feel his actions completely discredit all of it. This was essentially what Johnson and Carlson were doing on Wednesday morning.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


The timing of the hit piece is somewhat curious, considering Masri tweeted about the meeting with the Department of Justice in early November.  


Based only off of a handful of tweets from Masri in early November, conservative bloggers, such as the ‘Dumbest Man on the Internet’ Jim Hoft, labeled Masri a ‘consultant’ with the DOJ. One of the sites that reported on the meeting in a negative light was Carlson’s own The Daily Caller. Perhaps Fox News decided to do a segment on Masri and the DOJ nearly two months later is due to an InfoWars article earlier this week that featured Masri saying “pigs in a blanket” at a protest.

Regardless of the reasons or timing for the segment, it was apparent that Johnson and Carlson not only wanted to disparage Masri, but intended for their viewers to believe that Obama and Eric Holder sympathized and were perhaps in cahoots with the Palestinian activist. The tone of the segment was something you’d expect from Alex Jones or a late-night basic cable conspiracy host, not from the largest cable news network in America. Of course, this is how Fox rolls and their viewers lap it up.

So, it appears that Masri was invited to attend an organized meeting by the DOJ early last month. From him attending that meeting, he has now been declared a consultant to Obama on police reform. Therefore, the White House really needs to answer the question, “Why are you engaging with anti-cop terrorists to assist with policy?” Yep, that sounds about right.

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  1. When there are active protests happening on something the DOJ is looking into, we’re not supposed to hear what the protesters are saying? Gee, way to make those protesters REALLY understand that the Right doesn’t give a rats ass about their opinion! After all, the protesting MUST be (according to Fox) just a reason for “teh blacks” to go looting, right? SMDH

  2. Of course Fox news objects, none of the people murdered by the food have been white. The residents have every right to be there. Only they can tell The DOJ their side of the story. Wilson told his side to the corrupt Grand Jury, now allow the residents most affected tell their side to a impartial DOJ.

  3. If there is a war between the Police and the people who, if anyone forgets it IS the people who pay YOUR salaries and you answer to the people.

    The police works for us. They will answer to us and if you are an real American I dare you to down vote anything in this thread because if you do you are not an American who loves this country or the constitution but you are an enemy of the state.

    For that cesspool of rats urine that is fox you better pray the revolution don’t come because your asses will be the first to hang from the gallows . Your crime. SEDITION

  4. Ironically I have never heard of any conservative demanding that MSNBC be shut down. Then again, no one watches MSNBC.

  5. Hathen? Typical uneducated , ignorant , teabagging idiot who fox caters to. Fox should be proud that they have the audience of inbreed simpletons like you

  6. Where is my initial comment? You really should put a disclaimer out that states that only FAR LEFT comments will be posted.

  7. Since being a dummy I will help you out. As much as I didn’t want to post that nonsense I did just to show the public how stupid you are

  8. Actually you did NOT post my original comment that explains why misguided lefties like yourself hate Fox News. Its all because of jeolousy over FNC’s unbridled success and scorn for the fact that FNC routinely embarasses and damages Lefty ideology.

  9. I see someone else saved you from the embarrassment of your idiocy. Please flying spaghetti monster post this bovine excrement

  10. Johnny, why would you want MSNBC shut down? It has rwnj Morning Joe ranting three hours every weekday morning.

  11. “Never heard”

    Argument from ignorance. Just because you “never heard” doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

  12. Insanely jealous? Nah, but nice try. You keep talking about ratings, which is argumentum ad populum, because there is zero correlation between Fox News’ ratings and whether it is telling the truth.

  13. I love how Fox News apologists like to talk about the ratings, as if there is any correlation between the popularity of something and its veracity. The same apologists crow about ratings and how *we’re insanely jealous* but they’re the ones showing up on our websites and pages to troll, claiming that we’re the ones lying without showing where we’re actually lying.

  14. We’re not. And that sounds like SOS to me. Think of something original if you’re planning to comment further.

  15. Are you aware that Rupert Murdoch does not even believe the stuff he peddles, but he peddles it because authoritarian followers are such simps? And that Roger Ailes therefore set up U.S. operations on the model of Göbbels’ propaganda machine? If you insist, I’ll come back with the cite.

  16. If you have nothing but jeers and invective to offer, you’re ripe for the flushing. If you want to be treated like a serious man, don’t talk carp.

  17. Fixed News Channel???

    The channel that demonizes Black people???

    The channel that applauded the illegal and useless war in Iraq???

    The channel that will try to convince Senior citizens that privatizing Social Security and Medicare is the right thing to do???

    NOPE. Don’t watch it.,

  18. Radical to Fox News is anyone who doesn’t live up to their idea of America and/or doesn’t shut up and know their place.

    The protesters are there because they fear for their children and not a bunch of savages trying to spread chaos.

  19. Johnny sounds like a typical TeaBagger to me, ie he kant spel. As far as reporting on stories that are extremely embarrassing and damaging to us “libtards,” he’s so right. Solyndra, Fast & Furious, IRS, Benghazi all were Sooo damaging and embrrassing…to you. LOL.


    Even the watchers of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show were better informed than Fox viewers.

    Fox news more skewed than MSNBC

    Ok, I’ll stop. However never forget that Faux Noise viewers are the most misinformed and dumber than MSNBC viewers.

  21. Rather than stifle public opinion, the DOJ decided to hear it out.

    Not sure why Fox is so threatened by that. :)

  22. It’s not that too few people watch MSNBC as much that people are dumb enough to watch Fox and stupid enough to refer to it as a news station. FN is not a news station, it’s a propaganda station, you know, just like the ones Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, A min Pol Pot, Castro, and all the other Communist political groups had. The purpose is to espouse the political ideology of the dictator, err, leader of that regime, err, umm, the ideology of their leader, who felt his way was the right way, everybody else’s way was wrong, and stripped people of their civil rights, and their ability to think for themselves. You know, just like Fix, opposition, Fox News does with idiots who think those employed by FN are bona fide journalist.
    You probably also believe Cheney has a kind heart, Palin deserves a Doctoral degree, and O’Reilly and Hannity understand Blah culture better than the blah people do.

  23. Amazing how many posted. Even though they “did not” like Fox News. [WINK]Me, I always thought if you do not like something you DO NOT watch it. Then if rating is too low it goes away. You keep watching it just stays around.

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