Bernie Sanders Will Decide By March If He Will Run For President In 2016


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced that he will decide by March 2015 if he will run for president. If Sanders chooses not to run, Hillary Clinton may not have much of a challenge for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

The AP reported, “Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders says he’ll decide by March whether to launch a 2016 presidential campaign and, if so, whether he’ll seek the Democratic nomination. Either way, Sanders says he wouldn’t run just to nudge the debate to the left.”

With Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) looking like a solid no for 2016, progressives may not have a candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016.

The fact that several progressive groups have chosen to chase the delusional dream of forcing Warren to run could be souring Sanders on a potential candidacy. Unlike Sanders, Warren has shown no signs of running. She is not raising money, hiring staff, or building a campaign operation.

It is likely that Sen. Sanders would happily welcome the support of the progressive groups that are trying to draft Warren to run. Sanders has been visiting the early 2016 primary and caucus states to gauge the level of potential support for his candidacy.

Sen. Sanders would have to take substantial time away from the Senate in 2016 in order to challenge former Sec. of State Clinton for the Democratic nomination. The odds are good that if no one emerges that could seriously challenge Clinton from the left, Bernie Sanders will run.

Democrats will know in March, but the most likely challenger to Hillary Clint on from the left remains Bernie Sanders, not Elizabeth Warren.

5 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Will Decide By March If He Will Run For President In 2016”

  1. I like Bernie, but he won’t win the nomination in 2016. He’s anti too many of the groups that are needed to donate to his campaign. Hilary, if she decides to run, will have those donors aligned with her, not Bernie. Sanders doesn’t stand a chance of winning

  2. I disagree Maxie. I think that money in politics will be a huge issue for the 2016 election, and Bernie can run with that as a platform plank, and win with it. He can make it so that the more money you have for your campaign can be a detriment instead of assuring a win.

  3. I think he would make a good president but I also think we need him more in the Senate. I really hope he doesn’t run. I think it would just hurt his ability to get things done that he believes in so fervently.
    Really like him but I hope he stays in the Senate and keeps on riling everybody up.

  4. We can’t afford to split the Democratic vote, not with a GOP controlled congress. A Repub POTUS with this congress and this country is doomed. I love Sanders, but vote for the sure win. The GOP needs to be kicked in the ‘nads until they move more towards the center again.

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