As Economy Grows and Gas Prices Plummet, Obama’s Approval Rating Surges To 20 Month High


With gas prices on a record low decline, and the economy experiencing its best quarter in 11 years, President Obama’s approval rating has reached its highest level in 20 months.

According to the latest CNN/ORC Poll, “Improving views of the economy have helped hike President Barack Obama’s approval rating to a 20-month high…More Americans still disapprove of the job Obama is doing as President. But at 48%, Obama’s approval rating is at its highest point in CNN polling since May 2013. The gains were driven by newfound backing among women, independents and millennials — groups where Obama’s approval numbers jumped 10 percentage points from a month ago.”

There are two developments that fueling Obama’s approval ratings. Gas prices are on a record decline. According to AAA, “The steady decline in gas prices this autumn is now longer than any period AAA has previously tracked. The national average price of gas has declined for 88 days in a row, which is the longest consecutive streak on record. Gas prices have fallen every day since September 25 to today’s average of $2.39, which is the lowest average price per gallon since May 2009.”

The other factor is that the economy has experienced its best quarter of growth since 2003. Sprinkle in two popular presidential executive actions on immigration and Cuba, and you have a recipe for a jump in President Obama’s job approval ratings.

Even though, the president doesn’t control gas prices, I suspect that the decline in the price at the pump is having a collective psychological impact on the perception of the American economy. Americans feel better about the economy because they are getting squeezed less when their fill up their tanks to go to work. This translates into a more positive feeling about the job that the president is doing.

Obama’s job approval rating may never be an accurate measurement of what the country thinks of him because Republicans and conservatives will always react negatively to everything that happens during this president’s time in office. An example of this behavior can be found in the CNN poll where the highest percentage of Republicans (40%) called the condition of the economy very poor.

Record economic growth means nothing to hyper-partisans who hate all things Obama, but the rest of the country is taking notice of the job that this president has done. Barack Obama is finally getting a bit of credit for a presidency that has been full of accomplishments and benefits for millions of Americans.

As 2015 begins, President Obama is beginning the with a momentum that could carry him through the final two years of his presidency.

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  1. I continue to be in awe of the president’s accomplishments, when the republicans left him with a country facing ruin, losing 800,000 jobs per month, banks ruining the economy etc I felt sorry for him but he has tackled all the problems he was given, alone and with obstruction from the GOP, he battled ebola while they vacationed, also ISIS,the country is looking up – of course the rethugs want it back now to give all that he worked for back to the wealthiest in the form of tax cuts.

  2. Great news! It’s about time. With all his hard work, PBO deserves a vacation break.

    Of course– Neo-Cons like a well-known national talk radio host says that he “could not remember an U.S. president ever taking a 17 day vacation.” And then he announces that he’s taking a vacation and won’t be back on the air until next year on January 5. Amazing!

    Short memory he has as W. used to 6 week breaks throughout most of his presidency. They have such little respect for their audiences. With no accomplishments, lying is all they have.

  3. This is great, but as usual, the ignorant voters gave the Republicans both houses of congress. It seems every time we get going in this country, the right-wingers get a chance to come in and screw it all up.

  4. It is really amazing that our President has been able to do and make such a difference with all of the Republicans being so against him. He has to be the greatest can you imagine where we would be if the Republicans had worked with him!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Too late for the elections, though. The spin will be either (a) he didn’t have anything to do with it (ignoring how he would have been blamed for the opposite), or (b) this is in anticipation of Republican control of Congress to check him.

  6. “..the highest percentage of Republicans (40%) called the condition of the economy very poor.”

    Of course they call the economy poor. They would rather have us in the same condition as Kansas where all the tax breaks went to corporations. They would rather see us bankrupt.

  7. This is bad news for Republicans.

    Republican’s warped view:

    Bad is: GOOD
    Good is : BAD

    Blame Obama for all the BAD stuff.
    Ignore or don’t give him credit for the GOOD stuff.

    Republicans are really plucked up.

  8. Giving the president high ratings now is not giong to help him or the country. In November the American people were so impatient with the progress of things and too lazy to vote so they gave the keys back to the crazy party that crashed the economy in the first place. So all the good news and progress is about to be rolled back to the point if destruction. So prepare people for the worse economic crash
    ever….in the history of this Nation.

  9. One can see how Tom Delay’s brainworks,thank goodness he’s gone
    Tom DeLay said, “Frankly, I think this could also be payback by Obama to those Cubans who normally support Republicans”..
    he should have gone to jail for past offenses. Why he didn’t we well never know..just like the rest
    of them in his timeline.

  10. Thank you Joan, others should do the same. Can’t get the Conservative Media or NewsPapers to tell all the good that this President has done..and the Liberal media and newspaper don’t have the …nerve to speak up for the President.
    All should send in an editorial, flood the papers with our support for our President

  11. Fox has already made their comments as in Ed Henry and Howard Kurtz, the rats they are.
    They are false claiming the poll nos are not possible.
    I read on other site O’s numbers are being compared to Reagan’s. This news will really turn Fox upside down and sideways Just wait.

  12. ccc3 No,Get ready for 2016, get out of that easy chair and get people “registered to vote” don’t let the Republican Supreme Court take away your voting rights, not this time around
    Send emails, editorials,”let your voice be heard” Do it for the country, do it for your children, do it for yourself.
    Do it for “jobs”
    Don’t say “no” get the work done.

    Happy New Year 2016

  13. So congrats on those accomplishments… Seriously, its OK to like the guy but take the rose colored glasses off. He doesn’t control gas prices, job creation or economic growth. In fact we prosper in the face of all the hurdles elected officials place in front of us, from either party. The fact you all idolize this guy as your golden calf is really, really sad. You are exactly like the Bushes of 2006 but you don’t see it. Clearly most of America doesn’t like him… He’s lost every midterm election possible. Even in 2012 he lost seats in congress so it ain’t Gerry meanderingas ppresidential choices went he was the best out if really bad choices. Wait, you’ll see after the next crisis hits… He is just as bad as any of them. BTW, the crisis was started when Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, period, its a fact, deregulation wasn’t the cause, got it?

  14. Most of America don’t like him? Don’t you mean most of the racist like yourself don’t like him because how dare a Blackman is smarter that you fuking rednecks

  15. He Scott! You do realize how wishy-washy your comment is right? What if the economy was in the tank, job creation in the dumps, gas prices way over your pickled head, wars raging, banks failing, auto industry in tatters, etc.—YOU and your spiteful, hypocritical, hating bunch would be castigating the President with your vile language and thoughts. So, here is my suggestion to you. Look in the mirror and ask yourself—why do I lie to myself? Why do I not see the good the President has brought forth to the country?
    Why? The answer lies in your contemptible hate for the man. Without any logical reasoning behind it.

  16. Patricia, of course they will call the economy poor. They are either too dumb to realize that it is in a good place right now, or are just hateful partisan who will NOT give credit to the President for this. BUT, BUT if the economy was in the dumps, who do you think they would be blaming? I call it the Obama derangement Syndrome: Because if it is good and feel good—deny that it is, because its on Obama’s watch. If it feels crappy, looks bad—Praise the Lawd and point fingers at the White House…blame Obama, that makes them feel good. Those people are NUTS!

  17. Most of us are volunteers. We get here when we get here. And meanwhile, that ugly screed of yours, which was deposited in the trashcan, was identical to one repeatedly posted over at SPLC before the poster finally went way over the line and apparently got himself banned. There was nothing at all original in that abusive canard you tried to launch in the duck pond.

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