Ferguson Protesters Spend Christmas Night Rebuilding Vandalized Michael Brown Memorial

mike brown memorial

After midnight had struck and another Christmas had passed, activists and protesters in and around Ferguson got word that a memorial in honor of slain teenager Michael Brown had been run over by a car and basically destroyed. Though it was late at night and cold, and many had spent a long day with family and friends celebrating Christmas, a group of activists made their way to Canfield Drive to get to work rebuilding the memorial that had stood since Brown was shot and killed by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in August.

There are actually two memorials to Brown on Canfield Drive. One memorial, which had remained intact since August and was the one damaged early Friday morning, is built on the spot where Brown’s dead body laid for 4-1/2 hours. Another memorial is on the side of the street at a light pole. That memorial was rebuilt after a fire destroyed most of it in September. In both cases, local residents and protesters feel the memorials were deliberately destroyed.

Just before 2 AM local time Friday, word started to spread on Twitter that a car had driven right through the heart of the display. After a couple of activists had arrived on the scene, they sent pictures of the destroyed memorial and asked for assistance to help restore it.


After the pictures were posted, a couple of well-known protest leaders with heavy Twitter followings then put the message on blast to help get people to the memorial ASAP to help repair it.

With a decent number of protesters, mourners and activists on the scene, the clean up and restoration happened swiftly. Using both new materials and undamaged pieces of the destroyed memorial, the display was completely restored by roughly 4 AM local time.

It has been a busy past few days for the local activist community. Late Tuesday night, an 18-year-old black male was shot and killed by a white police officer in a gas station parking lot less than three miles from where Brown was killed. While surveillance video was released apparently showing the deceased pointing a gun at the officer, and a gun was retrieved at the scene, local residents and protesters have been hesitant to fully accept the story from police and elected officials. Protests took place both Tuesday and Wednesday and more are expected in the coming days.

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  1. We had a Jr Hi Principal living at the end of our block with a triangular intersection where he had a pretty flower bed. Well, some kids thought it was a hoot to run over his flower bed on a regular basis. It came to a sudden stop when he placed some rather high boulders behind some shrubs and not visible to the drivers! Tearing up the bottoms of their cars discouraged their fun real fast! He never had it happen again. Perhaps a few boulders behind some of those cute big teddy bears might put an end to this happening again. Repairing the undercarriage of a car is quite costly.. even to police cars! Some firecrackers hidden amongst the stuffed animals might make arsonists think twice about throwing a match or torch into the memorial. They don’t like to draw attention to their misdeeds! Eyes and cameras everywhere now!

  2. Karma might have gotten them anyway. In the pics it looks like quite a bit of motor oil and water running down the street. Maybe it busted the oil pan and radiator. It would also be easy to spot a car with stuff hanging out the grill and the undercarriage.

  3. The racial devide will never end,as long as you keep blameing whites for the problems you cause yourself.nothing changes because you don’t change.if you dont want your children growing up in poverty try not having childern you can’t afford.

  4. You are just too ignorant for any person to try and have an intelligent debate.
    SOME whites ARE the problem, and I suspect you are one of them.
    the racial divide (its spelled with an “I”) will continue as long as there are people like you that don’t see racism in anything that happens.

    Poverty has nothing to do with the fear of your kids getting gunned down on a suspicion, something that I doubt that you have to fear from.

  5. Shame these individuals were not equally as enthusiastic about rebuilding the shops and other buildings that were vandalized, looted and burned during their demonstrations!

  6. Ignorance is using racism as a way of life,you protest lies,your kids don’t get gunned down on suspicion its because they don’t obey the law ,you can’t debate that.

  7. Ignorance is using racism as a way of life,your kids don’t get gunned down on suspicion its because they don’t obey the law,you can’t debate that!

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