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After N. Korea Called Obama A Monkey Their Internet and Mobile Networks Were Shut Down

After the N. Korean government called President Obama a monkey, and blamed him for the release of The Interview, the country’s Internet and mobile networks were attacked and shut down.

According to the BBC, the N. Korean regime said in a statement,

In a statement issued on Saturday, North Korea’s NDC spokesman denounced the US for screening the “dishonest and reactionary movie hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK [North Korea] and agitating terrorism”.

President Obama, the statement said, “is the chief culprit who forced the Sony Pictures Entertainment to indiscriminately distribute the movie”, blackmailing cinemas in the US.

It added: “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest.”

Perhaps it was a coincidence, but the Internet and 3G mobile network has been paralyzed by an attack. NBC News reported

, “Analysts at global Internet performance firm Dyn Research also reported that North Korea appeared to be suffering another countrywide online blackout. ‘This time, there wasn’t the hours of routing instability that presaged the outage like last time,” said Doug Madory, Dyn’s director of Internet analysis. “If an outside force took it down again, it did it more efficiently than the previous incident.'”

The U.S. government has said nothing, but it is a striking coincidence that after the N. Korean regime called the President Of The United States a monkey, their Internet, and mobile networks were shut down. These are either some very patriotic hackers, or the United States isn’t playing games.


The N. Koreans made a big mistake when they hacked Sony, and threatened 9/11 style terror attacks. The Interview has since been released. Their attempt at censorship backfired. The Interview has been released, and someone is determined to smash North Korea’s ability to engage in cyber attacks ever again.


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    • Oh, please. I'm not saying your comment is stupid, it just looks stupid on the page.

      Your comment is "reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest."

      Not that you are a monkey. You just act like one.

    • What the hell difference does it make? President Obama has had to endure disgusting remarks from white bigots in this country without assholes like you playing semantics. Or are you one of them?

    • So I hear you saying, if I said you act like an ignorant goof, I'm not calling you ignorant or a goof, Right? What about if I said you're acting like a bitch! It's okay because I'm not really calling you a bitch? Right! Oh do they have a lot of jungles with monkeys? I guess I need to watch more animal planet..

  • Why does the usa media like to strike all the negative buttons of the usa public? President Obama was not called a monkey, his behavior was likened to that of a monkey's not the same thing!

    • No, there's absolutely no reason at all why anyone should feel that comparing the President's behavior to that of a monkey might be considered disrespectful...

      Are you for real?

  • This whole thing is like a bad comedy. It's so stupid, you have to wonder if NK really acts so irrational. And if they do, this is quite worrisome!

  • I guess Obama ISN'T actually such an ineffectual leader when compared to the right wing's new love object, Vladimir Putin (he of the expanding man-boobs and shrinking ruble).

  • Act like a monkey, is a monkey, it sounds stupid all the same. The fact that Kim Jong Un is willing to start a war over a movie just shows that he lacks maturity and needs to stop acting like a whiny little baby. See, his father was scary. Kim Jong Il was clearly too busy being atrocious to have taught Kim Jong Un to be just as frightening. He's a joke.

    • Nope...the Prez saw the comment and said, "Oh no he didn't...Malea, sweetie, come here show me how you did that delete-alt-thing key again..."

  • North Korea's dictator, the Republicans, all referring to the President as a monkey. Who knew they all had the same talking points writers.

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