Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press

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Chuck Todd explained that the mainstream media has sold out facts for access. Todd said that he allows guests to lie on Meet The Press, because if he didn’t, politicians (Republicans) would refuse to be on his show.


During a roundtable discussion with several comedians Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd made excuses for why he lets Republicans get away with saying things that aren’t true.

Lewis Black asked Todd how he put up with guests who babble on with their talking points without barking at them, and Todd’s answer revealed why people don’t trust the media. The Meet The Press host said, “We all sit there, because we all know, the first time we bark is the last time that they do the show. You say something, and sometimes it is last time they will ever come on your show. There is that balance.”

One never hears stories about Democrats refusing to on non-Fox News shows because they are worried about the interviewer. It is common practice for Republicans to avoid any outlet that will challenge their falsehoods and talking points. Republicans have Fox News, so unless they are treated like they would be on Fox, they avoid mainstream media interviews.

The corporate media, like Chuck Todd, go easy on Republicans because they need access to guests for their shows. In other words, the mainstream media regularly sells out facts and truth in order to keep the access that they believe that they need. What people like Chuck Todd don’t understand is that by letting guests get away with saying things that aren’t true, they are permanently damaging the credibility of the press and fueling distrust of the media.

No one is suggesting that mainstream media should be attacking guests, but their first responsibility should be to facts not access. Politicians need the media. They need national platforms. Todd’s excuse for why the mainstream allows Republicans to lie doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

Since the news became a corporate for-profit enterprise, the mission of informing the public has taken a back seat to the idea that not rocking the boat is better for business than telling the truth. Chuck Todd is a symptom of a much larger disease. His explanation perfectly sums up why millions of Americans don’t trust the corporate media.

117 Replies to “Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press”

  1. Then let them refuse to do the shows, instead of being all mealy-mouthed and caving to their BS! They won’t refuse for long, because they’ve got to get publicity from outlets other than Fox News, or they won’t be around for long. Let them refuse, don’t back down, and watch them come crawling back with their hats in their hands. Grow a spine, Todd!!!

  2. MTP was once regarded as a credible news source. Misconceptions, lies, and propaganda should be confronted by journalists. Obviously Mr. Todd has decided he is not one the members of true journalism. I no longer watch MTP.

  3. the point Chucko is missing is that if all the politicians get called out for their misleading statements of outright lies and then refuse to come back on the show is that eventually they’ll all end up on Fox News and no informed person would be watching them…

    someone should remind Chucko that Rachel Maddow does just fine without Republican guests… even tho she is always inviting them…

  4. The media doesn’t mind barking at the President. Jumping on him and being disrespectful, interrupting and trying to interject their (media)version of the truth.

  5. So what if they won’t come on the show again, Chuckster?

    Now someone needs to ask why on earth he would want someone on the show who is going to lie, lie, and lie some more, and spout talking points only, as opposed to engaging in actual discussion?

    You might just as well invite a toddler on the show to recite Mary Had a Little Lamb.

    What Todd is saying is that the only way people will come on his show is if they are allowed to use it as a news conference with no questions permitted.

    Why would anyone bother watching?

    What a lazy, useless waste of a microphone he is.

    How about just announcing each week that he invited Senator Bloviator on the show to defend his vote for/against whatever, but the Senator refused, so while we are disappointed that the senator is unable/unwilling to discuss his vote, we will proceed as planned and will discuss his motives and reasoning without him. Let’s see how long they refuse to appear on the show.

  6. Hey there. If the MSM wants to have a huge hit on their hands for a change. Try getting on politicians that are not conservatives. You just might find that more viewers would watch the show. If you have guests on that have positive ideas that will help the USA.
    The TP/GOP has already shown that they are not interested in helping the country recover.

  7. Absolutely amazing. Having access to a guest is more important to Todd than educating the public. Todd’s attitude is one of the reasons I have stopped watching MSNBC and other news programs. I have seen other moderators do the same thing as Todd, letting guests get away with incorrect statements.

    The ethics of getting the story right and holding a guests feet to the fire when making an incorrect remark during the times of Morrow, Conkrite Huntley, Brinkley no longer exists today.

    What we have now is the dumbing down of America by the MSM.

  8. We MUST cover our own tracks, ain’t that so Chuckie baby…. It will all come back and slap you in the face sooner or later Chuck. Those hard ball republie-cons don’t care WHO they throw under the bus and you will find that out sooner then later.. You haven’t made good enough friends during your time “on air” and you don’t have the pazaz Rachel has to carry your own show so I guess you better fix the holes in the soles of your shoes so you can walk the beat again.. {WINK}

  9. Chuck Todd is a gutless parcel of excrement. (we can’t call him a piece of chit, that would be politically incorrect) Some righteous christian conservative would accuse me of violating his religious sensitivities and the Supreme Court would invoke Papal Law against the use of disapproved language.

  10. If they won’t come on your show because you call them out on their lies then let them stay home. Sounds pretty simple to me Chuckie…

  11. I agree. The cowardice is everywhere. First I was dismayed by the cowardice of some of our so-called Democrats when they distanced themselves from President Obama and then paid for it at the polls. Now we hear first hand about journalistic cowardice that we knew all along was there!

  12. Mr. Todd has found a viable excuse for not challenging those who espouse bold-faced lies. If he told the truth – that he actually agreed with the far right – he would be out of a job. Television news (with a few exceptions) no longer gives the ‘news’. They only have their version of the news, leaving us as a non-informed public. It is too bad that they don’t believe that well-informed viewers are able to be given facts, and decide for themselves where the truth lies. That is part of the reason no one trusts the information anymore, and why there is such a huge divide between the parties. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and my professors stressed truth above all else. The change was so slight over so long, that we didn’t realize how distorted the political picture has become. I miss the likes of Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert. Surely there are newscasters out there with some integrity. Somewhere… I hope.

  13. Meet The Press is entertainment, not news. One look at the corporations that buy commercial spots will tell you which way the wind is blowing. The networks are beholden to those corporations who yes, corporations are now a who, spend millions supporting right wing dogma disguised as news.

  14. Chuck has to do what his masters at Comcast, which owns NBC and a gazillion other things tell him to do. Have you ever heard a decent word from Comcast? Most any other show would have been cancelled already due to only having 17 viewers, but what this show provides is a platform for the BS to be spread on something other than Fox and this is supposed to make it seem real. Try again.

  15. I would have to side with Todd on this one. If he required guests to tell the truth most would not show up. I think a better approach is to ask tough, pointed question and then get the lie, or incriminating comment (a la Dick Cheney) on the record, then move on. That’s a happy medium.

  16. I couldn’t agree more, WHY would anyone tune in to MTP to listen to obvious LIES NOT being challenged by the moderator, WHY?

  17. Jeff C,

    I think you do have a point. What they should probably do is go back AFTER the interview, show their audience what the person said, and then show the (correct) evidence to the contrary, or evidence that shows that they are correct.

    a la “The Daily Show” or “Colbert” or “John Oliver.”

  18. That is just disgusting, and irresponsible.

    The media is very different in how it treats proposed liberal policies vs conservative policies. The media always ask Democrats how they’re gonna pay for this & that (a valid question of course). But they never ask Republicans how they’re gonna make up for the lost revenue resulting from a tax break/cut/elimination, or how they’re gonna mitigate the effects of ending a government program. Those too, are valid questions. But for the sake of “access,” they won’t ask those questions.

    The allegation of the media being liberal has become a dangerous myth, that many media figures (outside of Fox News & Talk Radio) are overcompensating to counter a bias that doesn’t really exist.

    It’s okay to be “biased” if one side is completely wrong.

    I think the root of this problem is the fact that our politicians these days are constantly campaigning, which means that every media visit is an opportunity to score political points, …

  19. That just shows you how much the “media” is part and parcel of the “conservative agenda.” All the squawking of the supposed “liberal” media bias is nothing more than a diversion from the true nature of the beast. Until the media reclaims its 4th estate status by ridden itself of “play-along journalist,” of the hate mongorers who claim to be news analysts, of the partisan pundits who promote the bigotry, the fear factor and the outright war on womenhood, the media will be nothing more than tabloid material and will in time cease to be relevant. There’s always room for tabloids, however tabloids should never be the majority of informational sources. Sadly that is the case these days. Like a diseased plant, the media needs to be trimmed and cut down to its roots for it to grow once again in a healthy form. Perhaps, this is what is needed for the media to reclaim its once exalted status and perform as it should, to be the eyes and ears of the citizenry.

  20. When Chuck Todd runs his show as if it was a Fox affiliate, he does a great disservice to everyone who tunes in hoping to hear facts that matter, and earnest attempts at finding truths stemming from those facts.

    If he can’t do that, maybe he should just move himself on down the line and go directly to where he really wants to be.

    So what, if Republicans refuse to come on unless they are given free reign to lie and spout talking points with no relation to reality? Isn’t it about time that there is a program that has a majority of liberal and progressive voices somewhere in the mainstream media? There surely doesn’t seem to be one so-called news program that isn’t overladen with Republican guests.

    Chuck Todd’s show is just another venue for the plutocrats and the banksters and the religious right and the war hawks with all the propaganda they want to spew at us.

    He is a facilitator for the GOP agenda and he’s fine with that. But it’s not with me, and I won’t be wat…

  21. Nonsense. If they refuse to come on simply have representatives of the other party on who are willing to answer the tough questions. It won’t take long for tne no being represented on MTP to come crawling back.

  22. MTP is little more than a propaganda outlet for the GOP and their mouthpieces. Chuck is pretending he has some control of the show. Wake up Chuck, you say what they tell you to say. Having your own dressing room and wardrobe does not make you a real journalist.

  23. Well….there’s a pretty dramatic and sorry example of the ‘ROT’ in our culture.

    The acceptance and even preference for lying demonstrated in our supposed ‘news’ establishment.

    We are not exceptional if this is SOP. We are so far from exceptional it’s sad. Where are ethics, honesty, truth, knowledge and patriotism now? When will the scales be tipped so far into the ‘ROT’ that we will not be able to pull ourselves out?

    Will we never learn from history? Are we doomed to repeat the past?

    I always felt this ‘vibe’ from Chuck Todd – that he was not genuine…and he has admitted to being a cardboard and paste person. Worth nothing!

  24. So, in this lackwit’s mind, it’s better to give politicians access to spread lies on television than to call them on those lies? Wouldn’t everybody be better served if he didn’t give those known liars a platform to spread their disinformation? He’s a failure at his job and a disgrace to his entire profession. He needs to go.

  25. I guess he does not realize that it is better not to hear all of these lies that confuse Americans and have caused them to vote against their interests. Todd does not seem to understand that you can have guest who tell the truth and more people would watch.

  26. Todd just does not get it. All the lies that he has allowed to be told have destroyed the credibility of the show.

  27. Why not admit the truth Todd, you are a Republican and are afraid to admit it. We saw though it way before now. We no longer watch your Sunday morning show.

  28. This should disqualify Toad from being on the TV, he was always pathetic, but to have a show where people come to tell lies because they know they will not be challenged is ludicrous.
    For God’s sake get rid of this cruel joke!

  29. What Chuck conveniently leaves out is that Meet The Press has far more Republicans on than Democrats and Independents… There are certain Republicans like McCain and Giuliani that are there again and again and again spewing the same garbage.

    Unless you’re a hard core Republican this and the other Sunday shows just can’t be stomached. There is no there there. It’s the same right wing talking points you’ll see on Fox.

    I’m not interested (and apparently a lot of people agree with me) in watching lies being spun and gibberish being offered as truth.

    The rating continue to fall because only a very few are interested in lapping up the same lies being told by the same people. Watching the echo chamber is inherently boring.

    Todd would be better off if he offended some of these professional guests and started looking for some new guests with some different points of view.

  30. So basically all shows just allow Republicans to lie to the American people, even encourage it…Chuck should just go work for Fox

  31. The consequences after Reagan allowed TV to redefine what constitutes “News”. TV journalism has been bought, bitten, and transformed into a species of zombie with better makeup.

  32. There is a link between political and religious fundamentalists. Trying to argue with this kind of politician is as futile as arguing with a religious fundamentalist of any given stripe. The best journalistic approach is to diffuse their arguments by weeding out hate.

  33. Access to what? More lies? How about you forget about “access” and do some investigative journalism? But then, that would mean you’d have to work at your craft. On the other hand, if you’re looking to programs like MTP for your news, you’re a big part of the problem!

  34. I didn’t appreciate Tim Russert in the beginning but I certainly miss him now. He didn’t let anyone get away with any bs.I believe he had a Republican bent but was as hard on them as he was on Dems. If NBC is ready to concede to the Republicans then why even have a host at all, just line up the liars and give them a couple of minutes each and be done with it, rename it “Meet the A##holes”. The “Press” part of this show departed when they gave in to Republican demands. Don’t watch this show anymore.

  35. Tim Russert is spinning in his grave! Dump Todd and give the show to Rachel Maddow – yes she is an unashamed liberal but she has proven herself as a fair interviewer.

  36. Chuckie is the quintessential example of the old saying of.. “if one don’t stand for anything they will fall for everything”. To take it a bit further, one with no proverbial balls to stand up against a liar, is the same one that stands in front of the line with all their lying proverbial balls. In Chuckie case there are two delusional exceptions.. he had been castrated by his own assumption that those that he accepts lying from truly accept him as one of them. Secondly, if he challenge them with the truth, they won’t come on his owner’s show is delusional indeed. Politicians, if he has not noticed, , most all lies so much they don’t know or do the truth if it slap them off their feet.

  37. So Mr. Chuckie prefers to have them come on the show and lie because he’s afraid they wouldn’t come back. We already know they are liars, now Chuckie is veryfying it. Idiot!

  38. Tim Russert never had this problem and he always had guests. He didn’t let anyone get away with dodging his questions or telling lies in response to hi questions.

    Moderators of MTP since Tim’s death have just not been true to the function of the media in a democracy.

  39. So… maybe if everyone started holding their feet to the fire instead of ENABLING them, they’d have to start opting for truth or not being able to do their self-promotion anywhere but Fox?

    Just a thought, Chuck.

    Seriously, what a first class A-HOLE. “Waah, I HAVE to promote their propaganda or I don’t get to have a show! Waaah”

  40. Todd needs to mansplain to us what he thinks his job is. ‘Ratings whore’ and ‘Host’ are 2 different jobs.

  41. What a bunch of bunk! Thank the gods for social media where you can fact check for yourself to make certain a news item is true or false. Sometimes a headline in a social media newsfeed may be misleading. It’s really necessary to read the article if you’re interested in the story at all before commenting on it. I’ve found a couple of misleading headlines that had me defending two people I’d like to see thrown in prison: Sen. Paul Ryan and Supreme Court Justice Scalia. If I want misleading news stories I’ll watch television.
    Aside from a few misleading headlines, social media is a blessing compared to television news programs.
    When major news programs did away with serious journalism that was the end of the truth. Even if a journalist submitting a story to the media is telling the truth, that story might be watered down, changed, or completely ignored rather than giving the public what it needs to know. But like everything else in this country, even the truth has been shipped ov…

  42. And the overriding message is he’s a corporate tool. Meet the Press is an infomercial for the Republican Party.

  43. It seems to me that to call out liars on their lies would eventually only leave those who tell the truth and can back it up. To cow down to guests who lie is to disseminate those lies as truths.

    I really believe it should be illegal for a politician to lie. Yeah, I know. Pollyanna and all… But, their lies are taking our government (and the people) on the wrong path and thus should be tantamount to treason.

  44. Maybe the ratings would go up if Mr. Todd started asking the tough questions and pressing the politicians when they give b.s. answers.

    I think he’s wrong that no one would come on his show. If he would push these people, the show would get the reputation that Todd is asking the toughest questions out there, and the ratings would go up. Once the ratings are up, it would become a negative on politicians to NOT go on his show. They’d be labeled as afraid to answer the tough questions.

    But they’re not interested in that, so their ratings will continue to drop and they’ll continue to wonder why and they’ll continue to do things to the show – change hosts, etc. – trying to get viewers to watch…when all they really need to do is act like the journalists they’re supposed to be.

    It’s just a thought. :)

  45. Let me get this straight. . . He lets them lie because otherwise they won’t come on his show and lie.

    Why does this asshat even HAVE a show?

  46. Where I live, Mr. Todd’s “defense” would be called stuffing “20 pounds of mule crap into a 10 pound bag”. Try selling that steaming pile somewhere else Chuck, we ain’t buying.

  47. “Tim Russert never had this problem and he always had guests. He didn’t let anyone get away with dodging his questions or telling lies”-???

    Do you mean like the time(s) Tim Russert had Darth Cheney on his show to help him sell the Iraq war lies which war criminal Cheney had already planted in the so-called liberal New York Times?

  48. f*ck you chuck todd. you are one of the reasons the GOP took the senate. shame on you. you are a backstabbing degenerate.

  49. I am baffled and disgusted to learn that Meet the Press is now just a platform for Republican lies.

  50. Chuck, you are rationalizing. Tim Russert made his mark (and ratings) by challenging his guests. “Meet the Press” should fulfill it’s very title. Instead it cows to the powerful sponsors that surround the show. “Challenging” interviewers like Jon Stewart seem to have no problem acquiring a stream of Republican guests: Michael Steele and even Grover Norquist have made repeated appearances on his Daly show. Politicians (especially those promoting their books) crave media exposure. Both street wise and educated viewers see right through corporate media bias. We do not want to watch some republican strategist (Mike Murphy for one) put a right wing spin the previous week’s news. When ratings are high due to real journalism, sponsors will flock no matter their bias because they want exposure.

  51. Pathetic excuse, Chuck! You have to call out those lies because not doing so will eventually make them truths in the eyes of gullible right wing believers and those independents that are still hanging on the fence. Don’t normally watch your show and now that I know this little bit of information, I doubt that I ever will.

  52. Change the format of the show so the viewers can to the job of host. A call-in .
    Viewers can do the challenging and there will be no need for a so called host.
    Picket the host when he is doing live outdoor feeds…NH primary is coming up in a year. Signs in the background do get attention, and he comes here often.

  53. Todd is playing the game …. because he likes having a steady gig and the nice fat paycheck that comes with it. In a highly competitive field, he’s fortunate — VERY FORTUNATE — to be sitting where he is …. and he knows it. So he just goes with it. Simple as that. [WINK]

  54. Jon Stewart is not on his way out, they would like him to be, but he’s not. I get my news from many sources, but it’s the Daily Show that grounds me and brings together what I had been reading through out the day.
    Jon will not let someone lie, he has a way of politely calling BS on them. It’s probably the “Comedy” format that lets him get away with it. Politicians also know they have to be on the show to get any exposure to a lot of the youth of the nation.

    I would watch MTP if it had real debate and the pure obvious BS was called out. I gave Todd a chance, he’s failing big time; especially after he made it his duty to say Alison Lundergan “Disqualified herself” …I didn’t like Lundergan, but why can’t Chuck Todd call out lies, but has no problem stating an opinion that someone isn’t qualified? Chuck Todd is a fake.

  55. It is possible to challenge GOP lies in a polite manner, e.g., if they say that X% of people on SNAP cheat, the host could ask where that number came from. Much gentler than saying, “That’s not true.”

    I might also suggest that it might behoove the MM to occasionally mention that “So-and-so” declined our repeat invitation because they didn’t like that we disagreed with their perspective…

  56. Easiest solution, replace him with Soledad O’Brien. When those politicians don’t want to be interviewed, call them out and say why. Watch how fast being called a political coward will give them some backbone to be interviewed. Or conduct an interview like Clint Eastwood did at the Republican Convention, ask the questions and then film clips of what heir answer would have been. Watch for their begging to come on the show.

  57. so he doesn’t care about the truth being told, he just wants return guests. that’s one of the things that is wrong with this country. too many media outlets only care about rating and not the truth. he might as well be on fox news.

  58. gawd—I find Todd’s answer to be totally depressing. I think he has no business being an anchor on MTPress if he doesn’t have the cajones to ask tough questions.
    if the only people that are willing to come on the show are Dems and others, he should make that known and maybe shame the rethuglicans into coming on the show.
    he is doing a deep disservice to the country by operating under this excuse.

  59. I guess he has to lie or his viewers will tune him out. What is the point of having them on the show if we aren’t getting any real information? I would rather have the truth and not have them at all.

  60. I just went on his Facebook page and sent him a message, calling him an idiot. Before, I’d just call him a GOP shill/ GOP sympathizer and false equivalency parrot. I also wrote that he needs to retire.

  61. Free Clue for Village Idiot Chuck Todd:

    NOBODY cares if a Lying Scumbag Politician
    doesn’t want to be on your TeeVee show.

    Have a Public discussion with HONEST People
    and watch what Happens.

    The Lying Scumbags will either have to
    start telling the Truth or they will be Voted OUT of Office.

    That is the Whole PURPOSE of the Sunday Talk Shows. That is YOUR Job.

  62. Let me see if I understand you, Chuckie. If “I bark” (meaning “if I question and investigate!”) the liars and partisan panderers won’t come back to your show to let you question and investigate! (which is what you just told us you won’t do because you are a candy ass!)

  63. Then, who can you trust? Since knowing the Republicans lie how come are they allowed to use the regular media?

  64. That asshole does not know the truth because their truth is his true. My question is why does NBC continues to pay/play the fool?

  65. Lets not forget that FAIR recently awarded (The)Best, Smartest, Whitest, Malest Award: Chuck Todd, NBC
    “Asked by the group Media Matters (10/22/14) why 62 percent of the guests on Meet the Press were white men, host Chuck Todd suggested it was out of his hands:
    I can’t control, sometimes, the fact that 90 percent of the generals and the military experts out there–you know what I mean? Some of this stuff is out of your control. At the end of the day, you want to put the best people on. You want to put the best, smartest people on.

    Todd did not offer an explanation as to why the show finds 62 percent of the “best, smartest people” to be white men.”

  66. I think the M and the T in MTP must stand for Milk toast! How boring and condescending it must be to have a bunch of talking heads on the show that just repeat crap they want people to believe. No wonder people are getting so dumb about the elections and what the people running for office really stand for.

  67. There was a time that I would watch meet the press, each show. What Chuck Todd gave as an excuse was very, very lame and unprofessional. I wouldn’t have told anyone that sh@t. Why does he do it, becase in the real world, they don’t care about their audience. May as well watch those fair and balanced-lies on FOX. $$$

  68. Not only does that position cause the people to not trust the media, but worse, it results in the lies gaining credibility because they were repeated on what is supposed to be a credible news organization. That makes Chuck Todd’s MTP far worse than Faux News.

  69. The Networks ARE Corporations. Look up who owns all the networks. Look up Chuck Todd, Dick Gregory, and the majority of the worst actors with their orders. Check out Andrea Mitchell and what she helped her husband, Greenspan do to this country. And she gets an award over someone honest like Rachael. Honesty is honesty it is a CHOICE and very rare now.
    Look up who owns those Corporations you are talking about. Look up who controls Wall Street and the banking industry. Just look at the damage they have done since Reagan.
    It is what it is, and it is very plain to see. And no amount of excuses or whitewashing can change the facts. I have always liked Black, watch him when I can. Not enough to suffer Chuck Todd if that is the price of admission. Now I respect him even more for calling one of his own out.

  70. Can anyone tell me where Chuck Todd mentions “Republicans” in this segment, or is the author just lying to fit his agenda (and yours)? Look at the clip… two lefties from the Colbert/Stewart shows and another far-left comedian, hosted by the former aide to (D) Sen. Tom Harkin (and whose wife Kristian Denny Todd happens to be a Democrat operative). And you all call it a “right-wing echo chamber”. Unreal…


  72. But he pretty much explained that this WON’T happen. It’s the dirty little secret, and verifies what liberals have been claiming for YEARS: the repubs continue to lie on the TeeVee machine with complete impunity because they know they won’t get called on it. And they won’t get called on it because the people lobbing softball questions would be out on their arse and have to get a REAL job if they ever held feet to the fire.

    Chuck Todd accidentally told the truth. This is the definition of a “gaffe”…

  73. Chuck Todd should be ashamed of himself. All he is worried about is himself and his ratings. Russert never behaved like that and that is why he was so successful. I will not watch Meet the Press again as all it is is a showcase for Republicans, which by the way I’m sure Todd is one of. Boycott that show folks.

  74. Todd is a sleeze ball from way back when he declared on MSNBC that the Clintons were “pimping” their daughter, Chelsea, during a political campaign, to curry voters. Todd disappeared from TV for months. Should have stayed gone! He’s at it again in his own stupid way. I still can’t watch him. Dump his rump!

  75. MTP has always leaned right. If you don’t like it, there are so many other sources of all-encompassing mass left media outlets to choose from. I agree he should ask the tough questions, on EVERONE…Not just the conservatives. Make it interesting and bring on point/counterpoint style Tv and have left & right duke it out! That would make it more interesting, you certainly would hear the lies come out then! At least there would be answers instead of more questions! This show has been on for longer than I’ve been alive (well close) and It’s always been a staple program for Politicians. The Truth can be construed by our bias/perception from either side. so…There is a very simple way to handle this- if you have a problem with it, just don’t watch!

  76. Chuck Todd is a coward AND he takes his orders from NBC News, who take their orders from whomever owns them. This was predicted when he was selected to replace David Gregory. The number of ethical, courageous journalists have diminished dramatically over the last decade or so. There’s no one left with Tim Russert’s gravitas, intellect and cojones. If he’d been “forced” into this position, he would have resigned and gone independent or with someone like PBS. This is why I don’t watch Meet the Press anymore. Todd is a politician’s journalist; that is, in their pockets.

  77. That is why I have quit watching all except BBC news. The level is not worth the watching and it is not entertaining to watch grown people tell stories my grandkids would know was a lie and then claim they are Christians.

  78. Right On, Man! Soledad O’Brien is the fiercest interviewer I’ve ever seen! I wish MSNBC would pick her up to do her own show.

  79. It’s no different than what goes on in sports. If a star player gets in trouble or behaves badly. The Team tries to cover it up or minimized the seriousness or lies about his involvement so he can still play so they can win games, and sell more tickets and merchandise. The do it protect their bottom line.

    The Political shows tolerate and put up with the lies of the GOP “bad boys”, because without them they have no show, and no money gets made. The bottom line ALWAYS determines how the game is played.

    Tolerating and accepting “bad boys” has always been practiced in business and in sports if holding them accountable will have a serious effect on the bottom line and the success of the show or team.

  80. This is a great reason not to watch Meet the Press. Bill Maher confronts his Republican guests and he comes back. What’s the point of providing Republicans with a national platform on which they can spread their Zombie lies? Comedians are the only moderators with any backbone.

  81. Perry Thomas: Except for context. Rusert could not have known at the time that cheney was lying. It’s been proven over and over again since. And cheney keeps telling the lie. But it’s not fair to say Russert was complicit when he was duped like everyone else.

  82. Journalism? Isn’t it about finding the truth? Asking the hard questions? Chuck Todd seems to care more about his staying on TV than anything to do with real journalism. And his Obama book is weak, very weak.

  83. This strikes me as a self-correcting problem. If the more newsworthy Republicans won’t show, invite some of the less luminescent bulbs. By the time the show gets down to Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin the Republican National Committee will likely step in to staunch the bleeding.

  84. You say that you let them lie because if you didn’t they would only lie on Fox News???

    Then let them !!!
    If only we could corral them onto one station, it would prove how one sided and corrupt Fox News is.

    You are just giving platform to lies and misinformation.
    So what you are saying is, if we don’t allow lies you wouldn’t have a TV show. How do you live with yourselves.
    You are NOT a public service.

  85. Not sure why people who stick to talking points and lie are that valuable as guests on the show. Also, why is it important to give people who lie a voice on a national program? There must be a great number of people who are interesting, intelligent, and are willing to tell the truth who would like to be on Meet the Press.

    Is it more important to you to have a guest return than give us a truthful program?

  86. Republican politicans need the press as much as the press needs them. If the press challenged them, called them out and stood up to their lies, Republican politicians would eventually have nowhere to go to tell their version of events except for Fox. Meantime, the public would be wiser and smarter. Chuck Todd insults the public, demeans journalism and stands for nothing by mocking the very institution he represents.

  87. Chuck Todd, is a College drop Out Republican Hack. He is lying about Republicans, not coming on his show if he force them to tell the truth. When he interviewed the President, every time the President made a statement that was true, and he followed up with fact. Chuck Todd, would forced the point, with questions like are you sure that is the way that really happen, are you sure you want to make that statement. Look it up Chuck Todd, is a BIG LIE, that is why I never watch him.What is the point of having a guest on if they are going to LIE. No wonder the public have no faith in the Media.

  88. You are WRONG Chuck Todd. All you are doing with that is destroying the credibility of the Meet The Press. It is up to you to make the show an honest truthful show that people knock down your door to be on it. And you are doing the exact opposite.

  89. I am astonished that any journalist true to his or her profession would say or think this. I always enjoyed Mr. Todd’s comments before meet the press, but this is a very disheartening comment by the host of a very important show.

  90. Feeding lies and untruths to the American people is wrong, ungodly and down right sinful,shameful and evil. It’s like selling your soul to the highest bidder…..

  91. Todd is a disgrace to himself, his profession and the guy who gave him his first break Tim Russett who must turn over in his grave when he sees how Todd has destroyed his brain child, MEET THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Does this man know he is in the same network as Rachel Maddow? He purports to be so influenced by fear that they will take his job if he has an opinion, but MSNBC from 7 PM to 10 PM presents three bright (in Maddow’s hour, brilliant) presentations of events with scholarly research (amazingly made palatable for the ignorant) and it does not apologize for finding the idiots on the fringe right being idiots! This is the stuff of journalism. To be a great journalist, one must be brave and one must have integrity to admit when one is wrong or misguided. Chuck Todd looks like cow dung next to Rachel Maddow.

  93. You may be content to sell yourself out, but stop doing the same to your viewers.
    Don’t go away scared Chuck, just go away.

  94. take this one step father. If the GOP liars don’t come on the show, MTP would be forced to have more Dem guests, telling the truth. The GOP certainly wouldn’t stand for that – they would come up with some new lie that couldnt be proven for the lie it is in a quick time frame

    the GOP slimes would be back in a coordinated effort

  95. Why does Chuck think that soooo many people spoke out against David when he continually allowed the lies to spew, and continually had on more Republicans than any other political contributor? And the other issue with Meet the Press, when they do have a progressive person on the show, there is a strong tendency to invite those who will not be bold, will not cut off the Republican when he or she is lying. We need to have our rights stood up for just like those in that right-wing base get their ideas held up. Lies or only a portion of the truth should not be tolerated. Period. Any journalist with ethics knows this. I would have liked to have seen people such as Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman, or Matt Taibbi taking over the Meet the Press show, and getting it to a place of actual fact based sharing of ideas. Now that would be a great Meet the Press.

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