chuck todd meet the press

Chuck Todd Defends Not Challenging Republican Lies On Meet The Press

chuck todd meet the press

Chuck Todd explained that the mainstream media has sold out facts for access. Todd said that he allows guests to lie on Meet The Press, because if he didn’t, politicians (Republicans) would refuse to be on his show.


During a roundtable discussion with several comedians Meet The Press’s Chuck Todd made excuses for why he lets Republicans get away with saying things that aren’t true.

Lewis Black asked Todd how he put up with guests who babble on with their talking points without barking at them, and Todd’s answer revealed why people don’t trust the media. The Meet The Press host said, “We all sit there, because we all know, the first time we bark is the last time that they do the show. You say something, and sometimes it is last time they will ever come on your show. There is that balance.”

One never hears stories about Democrats refusing to on non-Fox News shows because they are worried about the interviewer. It is common practice for Republicans to avoid any outlet that will challenge their falsehoods and talking points. Republicans have Fox News, so unless they are treated like they would be on Fox, they avoid mainstream media interviews.

The corporate media, like Chuck Todd, go easy on Republicans because they need access to guests for their shows. In other words, the mainstream media regularly sells out facts and truth in order to keep the access that they believe that they need. What people like Chuck Todd don’t understand is that by letting guests get away with saying things that aren’t true, they are permanently damaging the credibility of the press and fueling distrust of the media.

No one is suggesting that mainstream media should be attacking guests, but their first responsibility should be to facts not access. Politicians need the media. They need national platforms. Todd’s excuse for why the mainstream allows Republicans to lie doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

Since the news became a corporate for-profit enterprise, the mission of informing the public has taken a back seat to the idea that not rocking the boat is better for business than telling the truth. Chuck Todd is a symptom of a much larger disease. His explanation perfectly sums up why millions of Americans don’t trust the corporate media.

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