CNN Dumps Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham For Coverage Of Missing AirAsia Plane

CNN AirAsia Flight 8501

CNN was the only Sunday show to dump interviews with Republicans Sen. Lindsey Graham and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in order to cover the breaking news surrounding the disappearance of an AirAsia plane.

According to The Hill,

CNN bumped its normal political coverage on Sunday morning to cover the missing AsiaAir (sic) flight.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) were both scheduled to appear on the channel’s flagship Sunday political talk show, “State of the Union,” but their interviews did not air to make room for coverage of the plane.

A CNN spokeswoman said that both interviews will be posted online.

CNN was supposed to host Graham’s latest tantrum about President Obama trying to close GITMO, while the Perry interview was another segment to push his 2016 presidential campaign. Jokes about CNN’s obsession with missing planes aside, this was a smart programming decision. Graham and Perry have absolutely nothing new to say that they haven’t already said on other Sunday morning shows. The disappearance of the AirAsia flight that had 162 passengers on board is actual breaking news.

Listening to two Republican presidential wannabes babble on about the dangers of Barack Obama’s presidency for the billionth time isn’t anything that everyone who pays attention to politics hasn’t already heard for the last six years.

It isn’t a coincidence that CNN’s ratings shot up once they stopped trying to be Fox News lite and started to focus on breaking news. Of course if the AirAsia story lingers, CNN will stick with it for way too long and overcover it until viewers are sick of seeing that red breaking news graphic, but for a corporate media that firmly believes that Republican guests equal ratings, CNN’s decision as the only Sunday morning show to dump their GOP interviews and focus on the news was a welcome change.

14 Replies to “CNN Dumps Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham For Coverage Of Missing AirAsia Plane”

  1. The Palin faithful think we shot it down as we did Flight 17. Another Obama commie plot, “you betcha.”

  2. Now if we could only dump them the rest of the way….out of a space shuttle comes immediately to mind.

  3. CNN is smart. They know Graham wining about Obama is nothing new and Perry’s going nowhere. A plane gone missing with 162 people is a big story. The story I read said they were in bad weather, not good.

  4. O!
    Poor Ricky!
    & he had his glasses all polished
    up & shiny just for the occasion!
    And Lindsay…
    He spent all morning practicing his
    trademark look.
    Yea, you know the one,
    that hateful + angry + I smell butt
    look he always has while he warns
    us of the latest impending DOOM!
    Don’t worry fellas,
    you’ll always have Fox………..

  5. Who gives a flying fu-k what Palin and/or her flying monkeys think? She’s an apex loser nut case who’d make more of a contribution to humanity sucking Koch in an amateur porn shoot or robbing convenience stores for beer with a “Born To Lose” tattoo over her left tit.

  6. Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham were planning to talk sh/t about the President on the Sunday programs today, as they have for the past 308 Sundays. Not to worry – they’ll be back next week.

  7. Rich Perry’s Glasses are really some new-fangled Transmitters! No more Opps-moments on this next run.

  8. sunday morning stupid republican parade ; interrupted for some real news; saving the lies for next sundays “lets look at how stupid republicans are”; presented by the bought off press.

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