Conservatives Can’t Find Their Way to the Future Because They Can’t Understand the Past

Jesus Constitution
Jesus Constitution

I find myself at year’s end reflecting on the months past. It is that time of year to take stock of where we are and where we must be. Republicans are busy tallying up the year as well, of course, and their own analysis can be enlightening. I am struck by many things as I peruse conservative sites, but the Republican capacity for self-deception is, as it is every year, a source of wonder. In reading the end-of-year commentary from World Net Daily, I found many examples.

Joseph Farah took the opportunity to attack not Congress’ but Obama’s work ethic in “The Obama Lifestyle“; Curtis Ellis attacked The Sultanate of Brunei (and Obama and Boehner in the bargain) for embracing Shariah Law, hypocritically ignoring his own party’s desire for imposing (an albeit bastardized) Mosaic Law on our own country; Matt Barber, indulging in pink swastika fantasies, implored readers to “stand your ground against homofascism“; while Larry Klayman, who has tried repeatedly to bring down the Obama administration through displays of decidedly limp public protests, denounced Obama’s immigration action in “The emperor’s political Christmas present.”

But it was Star Parker, I think, who really epitomized the conservative capacity of intellectual overreach in her “For 2015: More morality, less politics.” But perhaps one should not hope for much from a black Republican female who thinks blacks were better off as slaves. Here she introduces the subject matter as being “social justice,” a timely topic no one can deny. But she proceeds from the false premise that “Americans originally aimed to build an other-worldly ‘City on a Hill.'”

It is as though she doesn’t realize there were other colonies with other aims and other religious beliefs. The Jamestown Colony wasn’t after cities on hills and they got here before Winthrop and his city on a hill gang, way in 1607. And they were after gold and other riches, which is hardly a surprise given they were founded by a corporation, the London Company:

They got so busy looking for loot that they forgot about feeding themselves, with predictable results. And we could point to Lord Baltimore’s Maryland Colony, which also wasn’t after cities on hills. They had tobacco in mind. The list goes on.

We can probably nail that proud owner of a degree in Christian Education, David Barton, as the source for that. But as Republicans will tell you, they are big believers in personal responsibility, so Star Parker must take her share of the blame for her ignorance.

So while some early colonists did aim for a ‘City on a Hill’ Parker willfully ignores all those who did not. Puritan John Winthrop did not speak for all colonists everywhere, then or later, when he told Massachusetts Bay colonists that their colony would be that “city on a hill.” And he didn’t get here until 1630, when the “let’s make money” set had already established itself on these shores.

She asks if Americans have “made good their audacious claims,” and I would answer that the corporate-minded have certainly had a long history of success on these shores (tobacco has had a long run) though shining cities on hills have been in decidedly short supply unless you’re talking about corporate office buildings.

And while admitting that the “stock market [is] surging to record highs, a sense prevails that something is very wrong in America.” She points to “today’s black sense of vulnerability” but doesn’t blame it on rampant and pervasive racism. No, she points to “police operating in a nation where legal reality is increasingly dictated by politicians and unions rather than moral and constitutional clarity.”

“Constitutional clarity.” Well, that’s a mouthful. But this is what catches my eye: Unions are to blame for police murdering young black men? How does Tea Party racism get ignored? The KKK? Race-baiting Fox News? The increasingly ethnic nationalism of the Republican Party itself?

She does admit that “specific issues of police behavior need to be examined” but claims that “local law enforcement arbitrariness must be seen as symptomatic of arbitrariness at higher levels.”

You see where she is headed, no doubt.

That’s right. She is pointing a finger at “our president [who] waved a magic wand and made 5 million individuals who arrived in our country illegally legal.”

She points to the IRS, “whose job it is to collect taxes, has been turned into a political tool by those in power to pursue those they wish to harass,” even though the IRS did not actually pick on conservative groups as Republicans claim. Even though the so-called IRS Scandal was just another hoax, like Benghazi.

Then she proclaims that “America was founded as a nation under God” even though the Constitution actually founds our nation as an act of “We the People,” not “God” and not the GOP’s precious corporations, which she significantly fails to mention.

She claims,

When the job of government is no longer to protect you but tell you where you can send your child to school, what that child can learn, what kind of health insurance you can buy, what employers can pay you, who you can hire and fire, where you can live if you are poor and how to save for retirement – you have already lost control over your life.

Interestingly, it is her fellow Republicans who want to tell us where we can send our children to school, what our children can learn (the Bible), what health insurance we can buy (corporations decide), what employers can pay you (as little as they want without minimum wage), where you can live if you’re poor (nowhere, as it happens and we’re not allowed to help you), and how to save for retirement (you don’t; Wall Street gets to steal it).

She says that “When you give power to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, we reap what we sow” and there at least I can agree with her. We gave power to Republicans and now we are paying for it. But if all her complaints seem contrived it is because none of her complaints are real, and if consumers are feeling a desire for real “in an increasingly staged contrived, mediated world,” how is this less true for voters?

Our solution must be based on actual, not imaginary problems, and it is, in fact, necessarily political, as the U.S. Constitution demands. Our solution lies not in handing control over to Churches but in taking control ourselves, as the Constitution also demands; it lies in We the People asserting our control over the political process, kicking Church and corporations alike to the curb where they belong and get on with the Constitution’s avowed purpose, which is government of, by, and for the people.

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  1. Right wing extremists – they are NOT “conservatives” although they love to think so – seem to base their concept of the USA on 1950’s cowboy movies rather than on actual history.

    It is very sad that they have been so successful in dumbing down out country…but that’s how they get new voters.

  2. The columnist S. Parker has a detailed history of over-statement and less than stellar or even satisfactory research. I am still amazed that anyone would take her seriously. Her last column to catch my attention was almost three years ago. If there is a God in heaven may it be twice as long before I hear of her again.

  3. It is very obvious that from Creation, God intended us to have the values that I kind of think I should have. Certainly not the values that our grandparents had. And tragically not the values that our grandchildren have.

  4. Funny how those who “know God” and or believe in God always share God’s values.

    God seems to always support their value system.

    Oh what’s the point, you can’t get through to people who have the sky daddy in their back pocket.

    They’re special, divinely so or so they say.

  5. It makes one wonder where these people will be if a republican president is elected. Will they still be bashing the government or will their opposition be restricted? Will they go along with what will be far worse then the democrats time?

    Its very true that no god had anything to do with this country. This was pure profit. If you read up on the original banks here, the Revolutionary war was spurred on by them. For profit

  6. These FAKE CHRISTIANS need to be called what they are. Pathetic hate filled slime who live in delusional world they have created.

  7. The Roosevelt’s, Lincoln, Eisenhower… must be spinning in their graves. The party of Lincoln has traded places with the Democratic Party and become the party of white supremacists. The word Grand should be delete from the party name, it’s an oxymoron

  8. Love the picture. Seems to be what they think, at least what they say they think.

    Who’s the guy with his head in hands? A liberal judge learning the error of his ways? Looks like a Union soldier doing the same (in the back to left)–because he fought for the wrong cause? And is that Cheney (just behind the judge on right) on the phone not paying attention?

  9. Well, you see,
    that’s the thing.
    Republicans make up the rules as
    they go along.
    When the Democrats have ‘the ball’,
    they’re not allowed to this & certainly
    not allowed to do THAT! IMPEACH!!!
    But when THEY have ‘the ball’, everything
    They won, deal with it!
    The ‘People’ have spoken!
    If they don’t like a rule, they
    simply change it…..
    It’s the ‘hypocrisy of democracy’

  10. If the GOP knew history, they’d not embrace these ideas. All colonies operated under principles of creating a ‘moral economy’. Oh, the rich had riches – but they did not then rule anything. Towns were the fount of law and especially embraced control of prices, tough regulations on access to markets to sell, standards by which goods were produced, and putting the poor, esp. widows and orphans, at the head of the line for access to essentials at the ‘just price’ they could afford. Women in colonies had control of their own money and land – widows were guaranteed one third of all marital property with the rest saved for the children. It was a system the Victorians HAD to quash to free up the economy for individual male gain. But were we to go back to those ‘godly’ days, capitalism COULD NOT exist. The well being of the community trumped even the gain of the riches merchants. That was the law. That was the practice. I can’t see the GOP loving it at all.

  11. Is that the same god who ordered genocide, slavery, stoning of adulterers and execution of homosexuals? The same one who flooded the earth and, in doing so, aborted countless unborn children?

    I sincerely hope you don’t get your values and morals from the bible.

  12. Fear. They fear change, so they latch on to a mythical past and try to hold on to it as tightly as they can.

  13. I think that suggesting conservatives “cannot understand” the past is giving them too much credit for trying. The fact is they don’t LIKE the past, or more specifically, how the past paints their ideology, so they really have no choice but to pull a Barton on history and alter it to try and make themselves look better.

    Revisionism isn’t occurring for a lack of understanding, it’s a concerted effort in the service of conservative branding.

  14. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. In the beginning god told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and these people have been ignoring knowledge ever since.

  15. I’m also a creationist;
    ****I believe MAN created GOD.
    Religion was created by men who felt superior and needed a way to keep the masses ignorant and scared shitless.

    Hatred, racism and bigotry are values you aspire to?

  16. I knew from the beginning that obstructions was a strategy, from the beginning, by the GOP to regain power.

    It took longer than they hoped to work, since they hoped it would defeat Obama in 2012. But it worked enough to gain them back control of Congress.

    The strategy was simply this…

    1. Do everything to make sure Obama & the Democrats get nothing done.

    2. Pay no attention to the harm your obstruction will do.

    3. When the American people get fed up at a lack of progress, blame the Democrats & Obama and their policies (even if said policies are actually helping)

    4. Wait until the American people are so fed up that they decide to just say “screw it, here you go.”

  17. Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive republican and, of course, Franklin was a very progessive democrat.
    Eisenhower was a liberal CLOAKED as a republican because he taxed the living daylights out of the wealthy and corporations :)

  18. Since Eve came from Adam, they had an incestuous relationship, right?
    Since Adam and Eve “had” Cain and Able, and no girls, how did Cain and Able have children?

  19. YOU said they didn’t have any girls; the Bible says otherwise: “Adam lived 800 years after the birth of Seth and had other sons and daughters.” -Genesis 5:4 Cain and Seth did have sisters to marry, and marriage between siblings and half-siblings was a common practice at least as late as Abraham, and God did not prohibit the practice until Leviticus, which was given to Moses after the Israelites left Egypt.

  20. It’s a picture of euro-Jesus, the white male, holding the new Sacred Words – The Constitution of the US. Only the ‘saved’ can interpret it for us peons and atheists.

    Euro-Christians and the KJV translation of the bible have managed to make quite an impact over 400 years, but the party is over.
    White males are not demi-gods. They hate being told that….but the Mayans weren’t happy about it, either.

  21. @AndrewPatton: So God changed his mind? But he doesn’t change his mind about anything else, I take it.

  22. If you understand breeding, you’ll understand that if you start breeding with perfection, little by little imperfections start occurring. When you inbreed after these imperfections set in, they compound over time. This would explain the change in attitude toward incest. If you started with only one man and one woman, incest would have been necessary to create a population. Eventually inbreeding would have to stop or he would have eventually bred himself into extinction. Now whether that has anything to do with religion, I have no idea. Just using logic in this case.

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