Tennessee Woman In Body Armor Shoots Up Suburban Neighborhood

julie shields

A middle-aged Tennessee woman is under arrest after she drove around a suburban Chattanooga neighborhood, inexplicably shooting at people and vehicles. Julia Shields, 45, has been arrested and faces multiple felony charges, after she terrorized her neighborhood on Friday. Shields faces three counts of attempted murder and seven counts of aggravated assault. She also faces charges for reckless endangerment, evading arrest, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.


The woman fired shots randomly at vehicles and continued to aim her gun at vehicles even while she was being chased by police. She also pointed her firearm at police officers, but she was eventually arrested and taken alive.

Shields resides in the Hixson neighborhood in the North part of Chattanooga. The shootings took place in the same area. Hixson is a predominately white, upper middle-class neighborhood, where the household median income is well above the state average.


So far, neither the police nor the media have identified a motive for why the woman went on a shooting spree. Nor has any information been released regarding whether or not she has a prior criminal record. Until more information is known about the alleged shooter, it will be difficult to determine what motivated her to drive around turning her neighborhood into a free fire zone.

The suspects behavior clearly menaced the community and the police officers who pursued her. Were an African-American male to act in this manner, he would no doubt be labeled a thug by bloggers and conservative commentators. Under identical circumstances, it is also likely that a young black male would have been shot rather than apprehended unharmed by police officers.


Shields is being held in the Hamilton County Jail. Bond has not been set yet. Shields is scheduled to appear before Judge Gary Starnes on January 5th.


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  1. what? white privilege?

    Billo will ask the REALLY important question about this…

    do blondes really have more fun?

  2. We all know, if that was a black woman, she’d be laying dead in the street for hours. I hope this bitch gets life with no parole or a death sentence for terrorizing a neighborhood. Domestic terrorists are killing us, not isis. Hey, nra ya really think every whackjob should have a gun? nra members are ignorant and many have severe mental conditions that render them incapable of situation assessment. Therefore, dangerous to society.

  3. So I guess they cannot deny white privilege on this one so many charges, if she were Black or Latino she would be lying in the morgue right now. and all of you white s know it , like they are so fond of saying if you point a gun at the police you should be shot. I know now that is code for if you are Black.

  4. It has yet to be determined what motivated her to go on a shooting rampage, she was mentally ill. No such excuses are allowed for black people are there? The police do not even care., they just shoot. Bet you won’t hear about this on fox for long, if at all. Can’t have white people viewed as thugs can we.

  5. They shoot 12 year old kids and not this bitch. This must be the reverse racism fox talks about. Oh wait, its not.

  6. I am more concerned with why the police did not shoot her. All of the criteria for shooting a Black person who would be unarmed were met and exceeded yet no shots were fired at her and she shot at police. Hmmmmmmm Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm

  7. The rule for black suspects: shoot first, thats it. What happens if I stand my ground and kill a white person threatening me (bet I go to jail for murder).

  8. Wow, that is truly the bimboification of fox “news”.Old guys love a stupid woman.

    It would be funny if it wasnt so sad that someone that stupid is giving people

  9. You forgot to mention that if she were an Arab she would be called a terrorist and be put down like a dog without a forethought.

  10. I thought all neighborhoods in Tennessee were free fire zones. The guy that lives behind me shot his penis extender all day long today. Just 5 seconds from the city limits

  11. Had she had been a black woman she would now be a dead woman. That’s the difference between policing the different races. There is a difference, racism dose exist.

  12. Looks like she is a bottle blonde and yes a white privledged thug. Thugs afterall come in all colors and ethnics groups. She is just another thug who happens to come from an upper middle class family.

  13. Well, whadda you know? The cops can actually arrest someone for a crime involving a gun. Miracles never cease. [WIKN]

  14. I’m waiting for someone to blame President Obama or Attorney General Holder for this one. After all, she pointed the gun at the police.

  15. To the cops, white lives matters even if they point a gun at them. For some strange reason, they didn’t fear for their lives. White privilege – even when you are a danger to the public and the cops.

  16. 2 drunk white guys shoot bb guns at a Wal~Mart and live, of course.

    According to Idaho police, the two intoxicated men walked into the Post Falls Walmart and proceeded to remove BB guns from boxes, before loading one and firing it four times while in the store.
    In a report to police, Walmart store security contacted them saying the two men “started shooting the gun in the store and made comments that they were going to shoot the store up.”

    – – – –

    The two men exited the store before police arrived, but officers and sheriff’s deputies were able to set up a perimeter and take them into custody without incident.


  17. No thanks to the NRA lovers in congress, these shootings and killings will only increase. Congress needs to set rules for guns, but they are too afraid of the NRA. We need congressmen with guts to do something to stop turning our country into Africa. The gangs over there are killing without regard, and soon the “privileged” gang will be doing the same here. Too bad the NRA doesn’t just blow itself up and leave the rest of us alone. There are too many guns in too many hands in too many places. Hope that Congress will banish them in public buildings of all kinds, but need to get rid of the NRA lovers in congress before that can happen. They should be considered a terrorist organization.


  18. How in the Hell did she make out alive? When unarmed Black men are dying within seconds of police contact!! I am hearing
    of too many cases where armed white folk are
    being talked down and going home alive while
    this doesn’t apply to persons of color. Killed while being Black in America! Badges to commit murder and protected under banner
    of White Supremacy aka Grand Jury!!

  19. Nice try. Everyone knows all cops are not bad.
    Everyone knows the good ones are not rooting out the bad ones.
    Everyone knows they are no longer trained to handle situations

  20. We will never know. Even if she had actually shot someone..it will be covered up until the scrips are written convincing everyone “Obama made her do it” she will be a guest on Fox the next day after she is realeased with profound apologies. And God help the property clerk if her body armor is dusty.

  21. According to the blogger and many commenters, then, young black men involved in violent crime never get arrested when pursued, just instantly shot dead even when it is possible to capture them alive. Do facts matter?

  22. Everyone knows all cops are not bad.

    Based on the gist of this thread, it doesn’t seem so. The cops involved in this case have been immediately suspected of having treated this offender differently because she was white…judging them to be “bad” racist cops without knowing anything about them or any details of the case.

    There is on average, somewhere around 14,000,000 arrests made per year by police. The CDC reports between 1999 and 2011, 2,151 whites were killed by police versus 1,130 blacks. In 2012, 326 whites died along with 123 African-Americans. (Although the lack of a national clearinghouse for fatal police shootings/deaths does make these numbers hard to know for sure.)

    But in any event, it seems the police do actually somehow manage to arrest violent offenders more than 99% of the time with no fatalities.

  23. Not every black male is a thug. Cops who treat these young citizens as if they were a threat need to be stripped of their badges and guns. Because they have broken their oath of office.

    One bad apple spoils the barrel.

  24. Vey true. A mentally ill woman in MI had a knife, when cops saw it–instead of tasering her, they shot her dead. She should have been a blond.

  25. Charlie the CDC (Center for Disease Control–the only one I know) posted those stats you quoted–please post that address so I can read more–I can’t seem to fine these kinds of stats on their site.

  26. patricia minor

    You can download the spreadsheet here:


    Or just read the stats in the Daily News here:


    Robyn Ryan

    Not every black male is a thug.


    So who’s saying they are? I certainly haven’t seen/known anyone that believes such a thing.
    One bad apple spoils the barrel.

    But only when it comes to cops, right?
    Wait…maybe the Tea Party too, right?

    But we shouldn’t judge the entire Ferguson “movement” based on the actions of a lone gunman who assassinated two cops.

    Got it.

  27. “The cops involved in this case have been immediately suspected of having treated this offender differently because she was white”

    Actually, I have no idea how these individuals cops would have handled the same situation if the suspect have been a black male. But I do have a clear idea, based on empirical evidence, that all other things being equal, cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white ones.

    I would say these officers did the right thing. I would also say that racism is not as much about individual bad cops (though there are some) as it is about an entire system of institutionalized racism where stereotypes about African-Americans make it more likely that cops will view an unarmed black man as a threat than an armed white person.

  28. The argument isn’t that black suspects “never” get taken alive, just that they are more likely to be shot and killed. This is one of those types of situations where they would stand a good chance of being killed.

  29. Keith Brekhus

    based on empirical evidence, that all other things being equal, cops are more likely to shoot black suspects than white ones.

    Some researchers say that race triggers shootings by white police officers because whites feel more threatened by black faces than white faces. Other researchers say white officers are no more likely to shoot armed blacks than armed whites, and that police shootings relate more to the level of gun violence in the area where the shooting occurred, more so than the race of the suspect. This factor was seen as more important than race or the poverty of the area, although the areas where firearms violence was the highest were also heavily black neighborhoods.

    Something I think we can all agree on is that a national database on police shootings is long overdue. Proper reforms can start from there.

  30. I can see it now, fox anchors dancing around her in a circle chanting “you are great, you are rogue, you hate Obama, we think you should be president”. Just like they hailed cowboy coward Bundy.

  31. DO we notice that the WHITE woman who fired at POLICE is STILL ALIVE…No we don’t have white privilege at ALL….. NOT AT ALL!!!1

  32. OK, the father of my boys was shot and killed by police. He was white! A sad as I am of his death, he made a choice to break the law and put himself in a situation that could end badly. Instead of blaming the cops, I decided that the best thing to do is teach my boys that breaking the law and not listening to the police has consequences. I am raising them to honer their dad by being good, honest men, who don’t break the law. Cops are not psychic, they don’t know if you are hiding a weapon or what else you might do. Don’t break the law and listen to their demands. When you go out and break the law you are putting yourself out there for the consequences.

  33. Black people just look so much more “tactical” to cops apparently. Luckily she wasn’t carrying a pellet gun…

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