Barack H. Obama is the Greatest President of Modern Times

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It is difficult to compare presidents outside of a narrow context of time. It is like trying to compare baseball players, like Ruth and Aaron, or football players, like Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning. For athletes, the games they play were different then; and for presidents, not only the country, but the world is different.

There is no way of knowing how a president today would have fared when faced with the prospect of the First or Second World War, or how they would have handled the advent of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. These are answers we can never have answered, and speculation is pointless. Despite any internal similarities, the external contexts cannot be ignored: Korea is not Vietnam and Vietnam is not Iraq.

What we can do is judge them by their accomplishments, by how they faced the challenges of their time. Coming off arguably one of the most disastrous presidencies in our history, that of George W. Bush, who cut taxes yet involved us in two un-paid for wars, and crashed our economy and that of the rest of the world as a result, we found ourselves with our nation’ first black president.

Not only did Barack H. Obama face the deeply entrenched racism of the nation that elected him, but a Republican Party determined to obstruct his every move, to make him a one term president and that term an utter failure. All the while, he had to face his real work, that for which he was elected: digging our nation out of the hole into which his predecessor had dragged us.

And it was a deep hole. Hated by the world, our economy in shambles, two wars continuing and with no real end in sight, let alone any idea of what, exactly, would constitute victory, Barack Obama stepped up to the plate, and like Babe Ruth calling his shot, made his play. Like Ruth, he hit it out of the park. This is not hyperbole. The facts prove it.

The wars are over, the economy is booming. Unemployment, like gas prices, are dropping and we have seen record levels of job growth. By any measure of success, including that of Republican candidates in 2012, his presidency has been a success. Even businesses and Wall Street agree that Republicans are killing the economy, and the evidence proves that the economy grows more under Democratic than Republican presidents.

And not only did he end the wars (and without getting us into any of the new ones proposed by Republicans) and restored the economy, but he helped speed along social change by embracing marriage equality, kicking DOMA to the curb and ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; he has supported women’s rights, including equal pay and the right to manage their own reproductive rights; He has fought for workers and for a living wage; battled on behalf of the environment; and fought for the rights of immigrants. And with the Affordable Care Act, known fittingly as Obamacare, he has given all Americans access to healthcare for the first time in our nation’s history.

His list of accomplishments, even minus any opposition, would be staggering. Considering the odds against him, they are truly monumental. In all these areas, he has made life better for Americans. Not just for the rich, but for all Americans.

Right off the bat, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. This was a measure of the world’s relief at being rid of President Bush as much as anything else. The world heaved a sigh of relief. And that alone spurred the much-needed cycle of healing. But it is what President Obama did as himself, rather than as not-Bush, that has really sealed his legacy.

We have just seen that he has been named by Americans as the most admired man in the world for the seventh straight year. There is good reason for that. And it is not because he is FDR or JFK or even Abraham Lincoln. It is because he is Barack H. Obama, and that is no small thing in itself. He was, like so many other great men in our nation’s history, the right man in the right place at the right time. And he answered the call.

He may not have been as liberal as some of us would have liked, but neither was he as far left as Republicans imagined. That he seemed to them to be a Marxist shows not how far left Obama was but how far Right they had moved. In many respects, Obama is a Republican out of the past, embracing many policies once embraced by the GOP. These make him much more of a centrist than someone to the far left of the political spectrum. But that might have been exactly what we needed in 2008.

Some have complained and continue to complain that Obama did not bring the change he promised, but he did bring change, and a great deal of it. Republicans have asked if we miss Bush yet. No, resoundingly, we do not. We can quibble, but it would be wrong to judge him according to what he did or did not do from our own personal lists of things we wanted done. What matters, and what alone matters, are the results.

And the results, as I pointed to above, are spectacular. Despite a steadfast refusal to do their jobs, despite every roadblock Republicans could put in his path, President Obama has persevered, with class and with style, holding his head up proudly like the American he is, sharing credit for his successes and accepting responsibility for his failures.

It is impossible not to compare Bush and Obama: the man who got us into war and the man who got us out of it; the man who destroyed the economy and the man who restored it; the man who alienated the world and the man who makes friends of enemies, including Cuba.

But ultimately Obama must be judged for who he is and not for who he is not, and according to those standards, he is a great man indeed. He is, I will assert here and without any hesitation, if not the greatest American president ever, the greatest president of modern times.

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  1. President Obama is certainly the coolest cucumber in the country. Considering all the racism, ugliness & redneck politics that have fomenting treason against him.

  2. I am grateful for President Obama. He is the MAN!! My wife and I now have health insurance for the first time in 6 years. And the rethugs want to take it away.

  3. And he brought down Osama bin Laden when George got tired of looking for his family friend. He didn’t think of him anymore. He didn’t think. period! Thank God we have Obama to clean up his mess and make us a better country. In spite of the GOP putting up road blocks every step of the way. Two more years to make the GOP look like fools. And they are talking about running another Bush. They just don’t learn. Thank you PBO!

  4. I don’t know enough about other presidents to state I think this is true. Bush II was terrible. I resided in London during the Reagan/Bush I Presidencies, and was a kid during Carter’s presidency.

  5. I truly believe Obama will end up the greatest President America EVER had! He has managed the hatred and outright lies about him, he has accomplished more for the people of America than anyone I can think of. They couldnt even buy him out of office with 1 billion $’s. He is still schoolin the gop, just wait – they’re gonna get a crash course in how to govern through obstruction. Hes just getting warmed up.

  6. I was hoping for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren! LOL

    But, yes, I have long thought about Obama’s Presidency. He has made history. Now, he can do his thing.

    Minimum Wage
    Overtime for any hours over 40.

    I have no idea what to do about gender and race issues, but I do know work needs to be paid for being done. To be totally fair, pay rate should be based on ability not race or gender.

    I have worked may jobs in my life and they were all difficult in one way or another. They were all work.

    At any rate, if people don’t need more than one paid job to survive, that would be nice. Why should two parents have to work two jobs. Children happen. Families happen. Work happens.

  7. To the naysayers and critics…hope you learned your lesson…YES, a community organizer can be a great President.

  8. To swipe a tagline by wingnuts meant to mock Pres. Obama, I’m going steal it and say it with full force of my gratitude:


  9. Well, things would be better if his own party would stand behind him. I expect disgraceful behavior from Republicans, but I DO NOT expect the whiners from the far left to complain, “Oh, he hasn’t done enough. He hasn’t done so and so, he’s so disappointing.”

    It’s almost embarrassing to be a life-long Democrat, but I am. Let’s stand together and talk about what good this president has done.

  10. I am 66 years old and I believe President Obama is the best president I have seen. I don’t agree with everything he has done, but I trust him completely. I could feel comfortable with a third term!

  11. I have to say that I started out as a Republican many years ago. That said, I soon became a staunch Democrat when the Republicans began making absolutely fools of themselves and embarrassed this country. They lost sight of what was good for the country but rather what was good for themselves and their cronies. Nothing has changed, they are still a bunch of crooks! They are an embarrassment to our country. What I cannot understand is how there are so many people out there that have also forgotten that they are there to “WORK”! Not build roadblocks. What a shame they cannot stop throwing stones long enough to remember that.

  12. While I don’t deny that President Obama has proved quite successful I do take issue with a couple of your examples. “Not only did Barack H. Obama face the deeply entrenched racism of the nation that elected him…” You do see the irony in that statement, right? And as for the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama’s receipt of the medal for having accomplished nothing other than giving a speech cheapened the legacy of the award.

  13. Seen from abroad in Norway, USA made the right choice twice, electing Obama for president. Whoever is nominated next, please show you have learnt a lesson.

    And let’s hope Obama can return to Norway to say thank you for the Nobel Peace Prize proper.

  14. He’s tired. Another term with a Republican Congress now would just be too much. I disagree with him on the TPP but hope that he says no to Keystone.

  15. People like Cornel West (he has a new book criticizing the President) and Tavis Smiley have never fully taken into account the forces aligned against him from the night he won in 2008. They continue to make the dubious at best allusion of “Presidents as Kings”, and he can issue proclamations and royal edicts. It’s as if they want the “tyrant, etc.” behavior that the Right mistakenly charges him with.

    They also fail to account for the behavior of the Congressional Democrats. They aren’t set up to fall in line with the style of politics and policies that they favor. Why they won’t even acknowledge that is another fatal flaw in their criticisms. They have a fantasy world that doesn’t even deserve engaging by now.

  16. At that moment, not being George W. Bush would have gotten him the Peace Prize, but he has gotten us out of far more conflicts than he has gotten us into.

  17. That’s crap.

    Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for work and accomplishments BEFORE he got elected.

    For God’s sake, WHEN will people drop the requirement that this particular Black man must achieve twice as much in order to get half the recognition?

    Progressive, my ass!

    P.S: If you think I’m making some kind of statement about sentiments expressed in your post, you’re right.

  18. Obama is the worst American president ever!! He should be impeached over and over. This article is wrong. Get your facts straight.

  19. How about you provide some arguments in favor of your position instead of just contradicting what is offered here?

  20. The Executive Branch can only do so much.

    What if Sanders was on the Senate Armed Forces Appropriations Committee? The people who approve the defense budget.

    We need congressional reps who aren’t afraid. Not afraid to call ‘bullshit.’ not afraid to stand up and introduce bills that make the GOP wince.

    The bills don’t have to pass, just be introduced over and over. Just to keep the GOP on edge.

  21. The majority of haters will not take the time to agree with anything. They have been quite adamant when it comes to President Obama, “they were for it, before they were against it” attitude. A black man just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t go any further than the color of his skin. It is like beating a dead horse. Sad situation.

  22. I fail to see where you have a problem with that statement. The nation did elect him, and it is suffering from deeply entrenched racism, all directed toward him. Do 100% factual statements bother you?

  23. Dumb A$$ comment. Proving once again that your Republican, Far off the edge Right wing mind is wrong, wrong and wrong again. You close your eyes to Obama’s accomplishments with foolish, childish and ignorant assertions. No wonder Republican’s are on the wrong side of history during Obama’s history changing years—-despite Republican tantrums, attempts to block, destroy, impeach, sue, entrap, embarrass, pull him down, nasty name calling, spitefulness, scandalize, poo-pooh, snicker, smirk and howl—OBAMA has stood tall, takes a beating and keeps on ticking. And oh, yea….where’s your BENGHAZI shout? {{{ Tsk, tsk }} You guys can’t beat him so, the only thing you got left is to apply vindictive name calling. Geeeze.

  24. Obama is on the right side of History, while Republicans sit in the corner, wailing and pulling their hair out.

    Where’s your Benghazi shout? !!!

  25. …President Obama is a centrist; Wall Street has record growth,Main Street not so much…he didn’t get much for We the People…but he friggin’ TRIED!!! I don’t see even ONE Republican politician I would invite into my home…if the President showed up, he’d get the best chair, and all the courtesy I am capable of…the thing about THIS POTUS is when he talks to plain people, we who don’t have much…he LISTENS…I served in the US Navy from 1982-1985 under the Reagan administration, became a veteran off the coast of Beirut Lebanon…I thought then he was a royal POS,{Obviously I wouldn’t have invited him to my house} but kept it to myself because he was the Commander in Chief…{Side note, at the recommissioning of the ship I would soon be transferred to, the USS NEW JERSEY, BB-62, not only was Reagan there, so was Ollie North!!!} so President Obama heads my list of Best President Ever!!!

  26. Facing entrenched racism? Obama was voted in to office by a majority of white voters determined to show the world how unracist they actually are. Most of whom realized the mistake of their act by 2012 and refused to vote at all. Which was OK with the progressive left because it is extremely difficult to knock out an encumbant. The plot worked and Obama remains in control.

    America was never more or less hated by the world because of Bush’s wars. He did, however, infuriate Progressives who want to use islamists as unofficial “brown shirts”. These Progressives happen to be in political control of the west. And it is these who’s opinions made the progressive owned mainstream media, not those of our allies who are no longer in political control. That is changing, however. The People are waking up. World wide. And even Muslims are not falling into line as predicted. Take Egypt and the UAE as minor examples. Even in Saudi Arabia there is opposition to Wahabbist control

  27. Emmm….listen…it’s clear religious fanatics are being used as Brown Shirts, but not the kind you think and not by whom you say. And now, you can go back to intimidating people at gunpoint in Kroger.

  28. David, go study the Presidency of GWB. Then give your opinion of just who should have been impeached also just who could be arrested be the World Court,if he tries to leave this country.

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  30. I’m letting you through this once, you Serbian cretin, to tell you your scurrilous spam is unacceptable. Try again, and the battle of Slivnitsa will look like a picnic.

  31. Thank you PBO !!!! How in god’s name will we be able to move on without you. You never stopped , wavered , or expressed remorse. Instead you just moved on to the next issue, and there were many. You and this administration have been extraordinary from day one. But ironically the one moment that stands out for me, was when you were alone. You literally kicked the dogshit out of the entire GOP at their retreat in Baltimore. They really thought they had you in the Lion’s den as the main course. The reaction was priceless. That event ought to be saved in the archives for history. I KNEW YOU WERE SPECIAL, BUT DAMN THAT WAS CLASSIC!!!. If there are folks that are unaware of what happened that day in Baltimore, please google it. Thank you again, PBO truly one of the greats.

  32. Shadowolf. We need more people like you to school this country on why Reagan was garbage. All we hear, from the Right, is Benghazi!, Benghazi!, Benghazi!; except their hero was directly responsible for leaving all those Marines at the Beirut Airport, defenseless, even after Cap Weinberger and the Marines commanding officer plead with his dumb-ass not to do it. As a result 241 marines were killed, and over 300 all together..What did he do?..Basically all he did was issue a strong condemnation statement, put the rest of the Americans, (left in Beirut) onto ships in the Mediterranean, and ordered shelling into Lebanon, indiscriminately killing villagers, from there. A REAL Cut and Run, and they want to know about Benghazi???!!!…Why don’t we hear about that??!!….Hell, It wasn’t even acknowledged, by anyone on the Right, on the 30th anniversary!…Yeah, they care about the Military…PINO’S….Patriots In Name Only….Oh yeah…Obama is the best President in my lifetime. I’m 58.

  33. You Obama boot lickers are hilarious.

    You can’t name one Accomplishment yet you still blindly support what will undoubtedly be seen as the WORST president in history.

    Ignorant left wing moonbat inbreeds…

  34. David Luscomb

    Tue, Dec 30th, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Obama is the worst American president ever!! He should be impeached over and over. This article is wrong. Get your facts straight.

    Everytime one of the right’s most loyal zealots posts something like this… and I just gotta ask…

    David… assume for a second I am as stupid, as you think.. I want you to tell me –> ANYTHING <– you think the GOP got right at ANY time since GW Bush was elected. Here's your chance to educate a democrat… Seriously.. lay it on us… ANYTHING GWB got right, and anything you think the GOP is right about now..


    I was gonna ask you a second question, but, I know how easily it is to confuse a republican..

    c'mon man, quote some facts and lets hear why you think the current president deserves to be impeached..

    I cant wait to hear your reply..

  35. There is no such thing as perfect but overall I am satisfied with my vote for our POTUS. He did offer up WAY too much trying to compromise with those tea party idiots. However he learned from that and later on told Boehner you snooze you lose after he realized that there was no compromise that would ever be acceptable to the tea party. Plus there is all the overseas accomplishments. As far as the nobel prize, he did many things to open up goodwill between nations in a short time, especially with the Iraq war. Maybe it was a little premature but, either way the NPP was warranted. There are just many things that people refuse to see…. even as it is happening in front of our eyes.

    Support dish network in their fight against fox extortion as well. Fox is not news it is propoganda or else they would have accepted that Obama has done good things for this country.

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