The Incomprehensibly Stupid Things Said by Republicans in 2014


When you see a headline like, Limbaugh Rants Against Idea Of A Black James Bond, it’s only because Limbaugh has run out of other things to rant about. There is literally nothing Republicans did not attack in 2014, and to recount such a list would take up too much space to post here.

In fact, one could make a list of such lists, which are popping up everywhere. The sad thing is that these are not your good old fashioned lists of political disagreements of the sort the country used to see. No, these are paranoid-ridden, conspiracy-laden, jaw-droppingly, catastrophically stupid, lunatic fringe outbursts.

And in case you’re worried, Fox News even managed to get another one in before New Year’s Eve: Anna Kooiman out-Hasselbecked Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she suggested Sunday on (yes) Fox & Friends, that the metric system was to blame for the loss of yet another Indonesian airliner. If you’re drinking something now, put it down.

According to Kooiman, we should be looking at the “different way other countries train their pilots.”

You know, because, Pssssst, they’re not like us.

“Even when we think about temperature, it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius. It’s kilometers or miles. You know, everything about their training could be similar, but different.”

Just listening to it, I think a part of my brain died. Maybe my soul.

I think we can safely pin the Air Asia loss on the fact that, as Deutsche Welle tells us, the airline does not meet international aviation safety standards.

There are literally millions and millions of flights to and from countries that use the metric system, because pretty much the entire world uses the metric system except for the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar (though some elements of the old Imperial System are still used in the United Kingdom, Canada, and elsewhere the British Empire once reigned).

The point is, of course, if the metric system was to blame, planes would be falling out of the sky far more often than crossing it.

I could give up here, because I’d like to say there is nothing more stupid than what I just detailed here, that it would be impossible to top that, but we all know that would not be true.

I think this Elisabeth Hasselbeck tweet speaks for itself:


Because yes, NFL scandals have everything to do with Benghazi.

But even that was not the epitome of Republican stupid in 2014. There is the idea that President Obama was somehow responsible for Ebola. That the Ebola outbreak was deliberate. Despite these assertions, we find ourselves inexplicably alive today. And here Obama had all those handy FEMA coffins standing by…

Media Matters for America calls this “the year on the fringe” but I think this might be overly generous. Ebola fever infected the entire right end of the political spectrum: There was Michael Savage and Alex Jones, true, and the ubiquitous World Net Daily columnist, but there was also Alan Keyes, who regularly runs for public office (and now that one-man-kook-fest Gordon Klingenschmitt has shown it can be done, could actually succeed at long last), and Keith Ablow at Fox News, which is as mainstream as it gets. Laura Ingraham also got into the act (In fact, our Headley Westerfield devoted an entire Fox Follies to their coverage of Ebola).

All that stopped right after the midterm elections, showing how serious about it they were. But the fact remains they still said it. And there is that whole personal responsibility thing Republicans like to harp on. Of course, that doesn’t apply to them, only others, just like religious freedom, that other thing they like to harp on, applies only to them, and not to others.

If you want an ecology-themed list, Media Matters also has that, The 6 Most Ridiculous Attacks on Clean Energy In 2014, which mostly involved simply making stuff up. You know, like Benghazi and Ebola (above). My own favorite is Rush Limbaugh’s claim that “Mass transit is total control. It is the way the government can totally control the movement of the population.”

Imagine how upset Neanderthal Rush must have been over the domestication of the horse. Heck, I’m not certain at this point if Republicans entirely trust the invention of fire.

Not only have Republicans told some whopping big lies this past year in the furtherance of their agenda against humanity, but they have been, well, just plain mean. And another list at Media Matters that might interest you is their Worst 2014 Smears From Right-Wing Websites. Number One on the list is a typical example of thoughtless mud-slinging:

Daily Caller Columnist Blamed Gay Service Members For Rise In Military Rape. A Daily Caller columnist claimed that the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which allowed LGBT soldiers to serve openly, was responsible for an “uptick in same-sex rape” in the military. [Media Matters, 8/28/14]

Because THAT makes sense.

If we’re thinking about the third big issue of the year after Benghazi (a best-seller since 2012) and Ebola, Obamacare, Media Matters takes a look at how none of those dire predictions about Obamacare came true (oops).

Right-Wing Media’s Catastrophic ACA Predictions Still Haven’t Materialized. You know, like all he horrible events that would ensue if we abolished Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I know this is a shock, because none of us ended up dying from Ebola either:

MYTH: ACA Will Eliminate Millions Of Jobs
MYTH: Obamacare Won’t Reduce Number Of Uninsured Americans
MYTH: The Affordable Care Act Is “Failing The Public”
MYTH: “Millions Will Lose Insurance” As Companies Drop Health Benefits
MYTH: The Affordable Care Act Creates “Death Panels” To Ration Care
MYTH: Health Care Premiums Will Rise Dramatically Thanks To Obamacare

You can see how similar these are to the Ebola frenzy. It’s like Fox News just has some sort of plug-n-play system where they have headlines with handy blanks and they just fill those in depending on the subject. They’re tried and true after all, and they’re going with what clearly works. Can’t fault them for that, as far as business models go, though you can certainly call them on their complete lack of journalistic integrity and moral compass.

In that, this year just past has been no different than any other year since 2009: endless lies and each worse than the last. Worse, they are lies seemingly only an imbecile could believe. And believe them they do. Which says far more about Fox News and its audience than the people about whom those lies are told.

While Indian journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary is saying “Journalism has to become everyone’s business,” Fox News is apparently embracing the belief that journalism is nobody’s business, including, especially, their own.

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  1. It was obvious that GOPer idiots were only concerned with using the ebola ‘threat’ for their fearmongering purposes when they continued to block the confirmation vote for a Surgeon General candidate that had been before them for a freakin’ year. The NRA scared them more than ebola ever could.

  2. Mass transit is total control????

    Here in Cleveland, Ohio we have a transit system that rivals New York City and Chicago. The rapid transit was the first in North America to have connections from Downtown Cleveland to the city’s International airport.

    Of course, the Tea Party people here bellyache about public transit.

  3. This topic has already sprouted, on Google +, the expected “both sides do it” routine, and dreams of lists of stupid things Democrats have said (it would be a much shorter list). I should get popcorn.

  4. While it is true that the right wing and Fox in particular spread total lies that are so unbelievable that the minions believe them, it is effective.

    Right wing morons are living on every word that drips from sources like Fox. For instance, yesterday I followed a thread on Facebook and all of the people involved blamed Obama for not getting the best help for Vets. Not a one of them knew that the GOP House was at fault for not funding that help. They just didnt know.

    So while we have the fox and friends featuring the nearly naked girl in the middle, there are people out there sucking up the stupidity

  5. *Brings the popcorn*

    This ought to be a laugh riot, man. Let’s see how many of them get smacked down by facts.

  6. I owe Elisabeth Hasselbeck an apology. I did not believe there could be ANYONE else with a brain smaller than gnat.

    Where does Roger Ailes find these people? Does he have some kind of aptitude test and he picks the ones with the stupidest answers?

    And Shiva, while I understand what you are saying, IMO, they really don’t want to know. If you tried to point out any facts, not one of them would be willing to listen and, in fact, would call YOU the liar. That is how bad it has become.

    And they are being elected to legislatures and congress.

    I realise that the pendulum swings back and forth. I can only hope it has reached its apex in stupidity and will start to swing back. If not I despair of what will become of this country.

  7. I agree! I grew up in Lakewood and the rapid transit was the way to go. Just looking at a map was impressive seeing the straight line from the airport out in Strongsville to downtown Cleveland. The bus lines were pretty darned efficient too in my day.

    As far as Rushbo’s silly-ass squawk, for many people freedom means not having to deal with parking and being trapped in rush hour traffic for a significant part of your waking hours when you could be home with friends and family. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. :)

  8. Here is an example of a clever rebuttal on Google +

    “i heard the fine ‘journalists’ at MSNBC wear tampons in their ears.”

  9. Question: How do you know when a Right-wing talking head is telling the truth?

    Answer: I’ll tell you as soon as they start telling it.

    If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. ~ Adlai E. Stevenson

  10. Two days ago on the radio, this guy was selling food that would last 25 years by making you think that the Ebola virus was running out of control in America.

  11. Took me a minute to parse that, but yeah, there are plenty of rips out there ginning up disasterphobia so they can sell survivalist carp. For example, they sell packs of open-pollinated veggie cultivars for a C a pop, and you can get the same damned thing for a third of the price from Burpee or Pine Tree.

  12. May I explain? ‘Dennis the Menace’ hits puberty. The GOP is using the ‘High School Football Team’ dialect of Mantalk.

    Tampons are funny because they are scary and only weak, inferior ‘girls’ need them. ‘Feminine products’ and the entire subject of menstruation is too icky to know about.

    Suggesting that someone would actually display the offending objects as ornaments is their idea of calling someone a ‘girl.’

    And these are the people who control our tax monies.

  13. The Metric System is to blame??!! I remember back in school, they were trying to switch over to the metric system and I’m retired now!!!
    Only 3 countries do not use the metric system…the US, Liberia and Myanmar!
    But then again, I would love to see the Fox and Friends trying to learn the metric system!!

  14. Thanks to O’Care. My premiums for Jan have gone down (although only a little). I did not sign up through the exchanges. I purchased a qualified health plan directly from from Kaiser so I don’t have to re-enroll every year. the new bill I received for January was about $10 lower for the family.

  15. I thought long and hard about responding to your comment.

    You might want to be a little careful in blaming white voters for what happened in the election. Not all of the entire 18% of the people that voted were white. There ARE Black, Hispanic, Asian and others that are Republicans and voted Republican. You should be blaming EVERYONE that didn’t turn out to vote, not just Whites.

  16. I cannt believe , though I should , the news clip about the air disaster. She was just plain stupid and the guy on the phone was too to agree with her.

  17. Incomprehensibly Stupid is what you get when you ask Village Idiots a Question.

    They Don’t know Anything. Under normal circumstances that would be a Big Problem.

    In this case, it Doesn’t Matter. The Morans
    in the Audience are just as Stupid.

  18. Google Melissa Harris Perry tampons and you’ll see she wore them as earrings to protest abortion restrictions. Pointless and embarrassing, if you ask me. Well maybe not since I still remember it. But that’s surely the tampon reference.

  19. Oh, come on … of course the blonde on Faux is right that the metric system is to blame!

    Haven’t you ever seen those road signs on the Interstate that will say, for example:

    Chicago – 10 Miles
    Chicago – 16 Kilometers

    Now anyone with two working neurons can see that SIXTEEN is a LOT further than ten.

    So I bet that pilot ran out of fuel thinking he was traveling in “Miles” while really he was flying in the much larger – and further – “Kilometers”.

    [OK – I don’t see a “snark” tag, so I’ll just have to trust you get it]

  20. I wish we had decent mass transit here in Tacoma. With buses running on 30 to 60 minute intervals, peak, and 90 to 120 minute off-peak, needing to get places, especially when disabled, is an all-day affair. I can’t afford to take 2 to 3 hours to cross town for a doctor’s appointment, then another 2 plus for shopping, or a haircut, because NOTHING here is close together.
    I would LOVE a good public mass transit system at an affordable price and get rid of my minivan.

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